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StacieMy name is Stacie, and I’ve always wanted to be pregnant. Ever since I was a little girl all I could think about was having a baby inside me that would grow and grow until I just became absolutely huge. I hoped that I would be beautiful so I wouldn’t have a problem finding a guy to help me with my desire. When I turned 17 I was 5’11”, had brown hair and green eyes, measured 38D-28-36, and weighed 120 pounds. My measurements weren’t perfect, but I thought I still looked pretty good. My dad always talked about how he was afraid I’d “go and do something stupid.” Hehe, if only he had known what I had planned. I had guys falling over me all the time. Of course it didn’t hurt that I would wear pants and skirts that were just too tight or short, and that my shirts were always bought from the k**s section. Normally I had to cut a line down the neck of the shirt to make a little (or very big actually) V-neck so my boobies had room. When my parents weren’t home I would let boys that I liked come in to play. I always enjoyed someone going down on my tight little pussy, and then I would let them fill me with their large cocks (only if they were good enough with their tongues of course).When I turned 18 I really started to have fun and didn’t want anything to change that. I mean I still admired and envied the pregnant girls at school, but I WAS HOT! The boys just couldn’t keep off me. I became the schools bed mattress and loved it! It was great being a dirty whore. I fucked anyone I wanted to, and got pretty good at it too. But then this really cute rugby guy asked me out. He was 6’6″ and just couldn’t get enough of me. I would always go watch his matches and then he’d let me congratulate him, sometimes even in the locker room. I just loved craming his 8 inch cock into my tight young cunt. I would ride him so I could watch my boobies bounce around uncontrollably. I would squeeze and squeeze his engorged dick with my wet pussy lips and at the last minute I would pull off and let it shoot down my throat making sure to get everylast drop. Sometimes though, I would get to excited and let him fill me with his hot potent seed. OopsAfter about a month of seeing each other I caught him sleeping with some bimbo chearleader. I didn’t know what she had that I didn’t, but it really tore me up. I couldn’t sleep, or eat, and I was always getting sick and throwing up. I thought he had just really hurt me until one day it hit me. I was getting out of the shower looking over my beautiful body when I realized I looked a little different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I just looked, I don’t know, fuller I guess. I pulled my shorts on, but couldn’t get them to button. No matter konak escort how hard I tried and sucked in, the were just too small. Oh well, I thought, I’ll just put on one of my skirts. It was really tight too, but I didn’t think much of it. Then I tried to put on my bra. It was too small as well. My boobs were spilling out of it, and if I latched it the straps sunk into my skin. I had always been a full D, but suddenly I had grown almost a full cup size! I decided to go without one. Just the same, some guy would be ripping it off soon enough I hoped. But when I squeezed into one of my super tight shirts with the slit down the middle (an orange one with a logo on it that was stretched too thin to read due to my enlarged mamaries) and stretched, the shirt split almost all the way down to the bottom. It finally hit me. I was preggers! OH NO, I thought. I was used to having all the guys fight over me but now I was going to be fat and ugly. But then I realized that it was my rugby player that had knocked me up. I rememered how big he was and realized that would probably mean I was going to have a huge baby! I finally had my wish. I was going to be a huge hot prego sex machine.That was three months ago. I finally had to tell my parents because I can’t keep it a seceret any longer. My boobs have grown from a full D to E cups. My hips have gotten fuller as well. My mom didn’t think my belly would start growing any time soon, but I started to balloon out within 6 weeks. At two months I had a noticable bump, even through my clothes. No that I’m at three months, I look like I’m about to enter my fourth or fith month. I still wear tight shirts, but that’s not on purpose anymore. I try to buy them with growing room, but I’m just growing too quickly to predict what size I’ll be. I like it though. Guys have figured out that not only do I put out, but that they can’t get me anymore prego than I already am. Heh, I guess I can be big and pregnant and still get my fill.I like to waddle around and show off my growing tummy. I don’t have to waddle, but I like to do it anyway. It shows off my engourged middle. Plus, it gets me all the attention I want. My rugby player whose potent seed put this baby inside me told me that babies in his family have never been smaller than 9 pounds. He laughed and walked away but that doesn’t bother me. Maybey I’ll have a 10 pounder! Wouldn’t that be great?I’m at four months and my mom is worried because I look like I’m six months along. She thinks I am too big, but it doesn’t bother me. I enjoy putting on tight clothes that show off my huge middle and watch the boys break their necks trying to get a look at me. I like to go to konak escort bayan the mall and waddle around making my belly shake back and forth. I don’t have to waddle yet, but sometimes my legs have trouble walking right. It won’t be long now. My boobs wobble pretty good as well. I haven’t had to buy new bras yet, but I’m pushing this one to its limit! Even though I’m getting bigger, I can still ride a cock pretty good. I haven’t run out of guys that like being sucked off by a big ole preggo! I let them shoot it all over my belly and boobs if they want to. I hope as I get even bigger they keep coming over. My shirts won’t tuck in now and barely cover up the bottom of my belly, and if I stretch my baby factory sticks out.I out-grew my third wardrobe, and my parents made me go see the doctor. I almost look 7 months gone, and I’m not yet 5 months along. I tell the doctor everything’s alright and I’m just having a 10 pound baby, but he tells me I’m wrong. I’m having three 10 pound babies! (Hehe, atleast I hope all of them are 10 pounds.)Well, I don’t have to pretend to waddle anymore. I’m 6 months far, and look like I’m over due with one very large baby. I can’t wear pants or skirts with buttons anymore, and have to stick to spandex and elastic waistbands. I prefer to wear spandex because it shows off my ever growing belly. My hips have spread really far apart the past few weeks making room for my tummy. They’re already 41″ aroud, and my belly is already 45″! My F size tits are starting to really pull on my bras, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I just like to stand in front of my mirror at home and look at myself as I grow and change everyday. I had to buy a wider mirror so my whole reflection can fit inside it. It’s three feet wide so it should work for the whole pregnancy, but…you never know. I start with my huge tits and play with them. I’ll pull on my nipples and knead my huge young breasts. They’re so big it takes two hands to lift just one of them up! After that, I will explore my engorged middle. It’s so big I can barley reach around it! I like to turn sideways and watch my hand go over my popped out belly button down to my waiting snatch. I’m horny all the time now. I spend most of my time on my back, either with a guy or by myself. I’m almost too big to ride a cock anymore. I’m having trouble lifting this big belly; I hope I’ll still be able to walk in the months to come. All my shirts stay tight on me now. My dad gave me some XXXL button up shirts but I don’t like wearing them because they swallow me whole. Even though I’m going to get huge, they’ll probably stay big on me the entire pregnancy. I hope not.Well, my dad was escort konak wrong. Those shirts don’t fit me anymore. I’m eight months into my pregnancy and look like I’m going to drop huge twins anyday. My doctor thinks that since I’m so tall I’m just able to carry more than most girls, but I know it’s because I’m supper pregnant. He says the triplets are already around 9 pounds! I can’t wait to get even bigger! I love being so massively pregnant. I can’t reach around my belly to button my shirts anymore, so I have to button them and then pull them over my head. Even though the shirts are so big, my belly still sticks out the bottom of them. The buttons are having a run for their money as well. I can’t button the shirt around my huge FF tits. I’ve stopped trying to wear a bra and just let them sit on my swollen tummy. My belly is around 63 inches now and it’s still growing! Guys come to the house everyday wanting to put their cocks inside me, but it’s getting too hard to bend over so they can fuck me. I still like to suck them off and rub their cum onto my belly, but I’m just so tired all the time. I don’t walk very far anymore and spend most of my time laying on the couch eating. I know that will just make me bigger, but I don’t care. I’m hoping I’ll bust out of this shirt one day while I’m just sitting here. Wouldn’t that be great?I’m at 41 weeks now and my reflection can no longer fit inside my mirror. My mom measured me the other day and I was 76 inches! The doctor thinks the babies I’m carrying are atleast 13 pounds by now. I can’t believe I got so huge! I always hoped this would happen, but I never thought I’d get this big. I love being weighed down by my belly so much that I can’t move. It’s hard for me to even walk anymore. I just sit around on the couch all day and eat. My doctor wants me to get exercise to enduce labor, so I waddle outside in nothing but a bikini thong and a very tight bikini top (nothing else fits anymore) and invite guys to come in. I have to bend over the couch, spread my legs way apart, and just let my belly hang down almost touching the floor as my friends shoot their load inside me. These days I need more than one cock inside of me. Just imagine THAT site with all my holes being filled at the same time.I was sitting on the couch eating (like usual) the other day and the greatest thing happened. My belly started to get all tight and I thought I was about to have a contraction until I felt it swelling up and suddenly I realized I was growing! It felt great. I started to thrust and have an orgasam right there! The growth started in my boobs and then went to my belly. The three buttons that still held didn’t last long and shot right off me. Can you imagine me sitting there huge, helpless, naked, and horny? I know you would’ve known what to do with me.I know this won’t last much longer, but I do hope I’ll get pregnant again soon. They say each pregnancy is bigger than the first. I can only hope…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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