Surprise at the Convention

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The office was abuzz when Debra Jennings walked into work on what she thought would be just another Monday morning. After unlocking the door to her window office, she dropped her Louie Vuitton purse on the desk and turned to go and find out what all the excitement was about. She’d seen days like this before out there on the main sales floor. “Somebody’s getting married or went and got herself pregnant.” she thought.

Bobby Tunfield, the 25-year-old Junior Sales Rep ran up to her with a big smile and bulging wide eyes and blurted out: “Have you heard the news Ms. Jennings? How cool is this?”

“WHAT Bobby?” She asked, raising her voice slightly over the group.

“Oh! The home office has announced the location of this year’s convention! We’re going’ to Vegas! Isn’t that great? We’ll have a blast! OH MY GOD! Have you ever been I’ve never seen it but I’ve always wanted too and now we’re actually going I can’t believe it this is so cool!” – he sputtered out in one endless rant. The young man was absolutely breathless at the very thought, and waving his hands in the air.

“That’s great Bobby, we’ll talk about it later, but don’t you think we’re a little late for the morning sales meeting?”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll round everybody up!” The latest self appointed office town crier spun around and corralled all the other agents into meeting room


Debra followed the hyper-excited sales crew, semi-patiently waiting in the meeting room which they used every morning to go over any new listings and bank incentives. No donuts, no coffee. All business. Debra ran her meetings in a tight professional way. Each agent got to speak, one at a time, about any properties they were currently working on, and when those deals would close. No excuses were tolerated. Any kinks in the numerous procedures for closing the sale were the responsibility of the individual agent to iron out. It was always a serious and sobering way to start the day.

What wasn’t normal today however, was an entire room full of smiling faces winking and quietly giggling to each other through the otherwise boring housing report. For once it seemed, everyone was wide awake. Debra ignored the fidgeting, knowing that everybody truly needed a break after a back breaking year. And four days in Las Vegas would certainly be a great way to do it. Record breaking sales equaled record breaking paychecks for new cars and down payments on starter homes. The team was clearly enjoying the fruits of their labor. Everyone was rolling in dough, and Debra was raking in more money than she’d ever dreamed possible. She was a natural born leader whom everyone loved and and admired. It was she who led the sales team to such mind boggling success, and they all knew it. Her team worked extra hard. First for her, then for themselves.

She gave her daily five minute pep talk and paused before sending everyone back out to follow up with their sales leads. She stood up and looked around the table at each and every agent, and with a face that meant business, said:

“Look. We still have a long six weeks before the convention, people. And there’s still a lot of business out there waiting for us, and a whole lot of money still to be made. So lets hit the bricks.”

This particular morning brought with it an unexpected distraction however, and once the agents were dismissed, the sales floor once again exploded in happy talk and the occasional squeal could be heard under all the murmuring voices. As it turns out, the National Association of Realtors had indeed announced the location of their annual convention. The home office in New York City, had sent out the emails first thing in the morning, and indeed, they were bringing everyone to Las Vegas. The sales agents who had come in early, opened their laptops, scanned the day’s incoming emails, and after the initial shock, couldn’t wait to spread the good news around the office.

Debra returned to a desk full of corporate paperwork and smiled, knowing that it would take a few more minutes before the sales floor was digging back into leads. She was happy that her team was so excited about something other than the next sale.

It showed her that, at least for now, they weren’t just real estate selling robots but instead, they were real people. She also knew that once the fever cooled down a little they’d go right back to closing sales. She loved them for that.

The HomeTown Realty Co. Inc had pretty much monopolized the market in Andover Wisconsin in the last three years. It took a lot of hard work on the part of her team and thousands of hours both in the office and out on the streets, prospecting for listings, and finally, it had all paid off.

Hiring away the area’s best of the best of local real estate agents from competing agencies was a big expense to take on, but the new young professionals were bringing home the bacon in big profits for the once tiny one room, family owned agency. Their amazing success, got the attention of HomeTown içerenköy escort inc., a national realty powerhouse, who happily paid off the Conyer family for their business, and added them to the HomeTown Family of Professional Realty Services. HT (as they were known around the office) immediately moved them all to a massive office building downtown, and Debra was quickly promoted from supervisor at The Conyer Group, to Senior Office Sales Manager, in order to among other things, aid in, and facilitate the restructure into the HT family.

Her rise to fame was meteoric. Changing her career from high end clothing retail sales, was the best thing she had ever done for herself, she often thought. Well, that and divorcing that deadbeat of a husband she had supported for the four years of their miserable marriage. Shortly after the marriage, he began staying at home all day. He was supposedly looking for work during the entire time she worked full time while also studying for her real estate license.

Getting married seemed like a good idea at the time. High school sweethearts, she the cheerleader, and he the local football hero in a small town, it all seemed like destiny. And early on, sex with him was life changing. One thing Mark COULD do well, was fuck her brains out after a stressful day at work, so she could easily fall fast asleep. She quickly grew tired of kowtowing to the super rich women of Andover, while they spent some of their millions on high end fashion items. She hoped getting a real estate license might be her ticket out… of everything! Meanwhile, all Mark asked in return was the occasional blow job and hell, that seemed easy enough. She really loved sucking his enormous cock, and eventually learned to swallow his cum. That one act seemed so naughty for such a good Christian girl at first. But here in the privacy of their little white house on Jefferson St (A house she alone paid for by the way), she could be a nasty little slut by night and the ultra polished professional by day. She loved her kinky side. And loved keeping it a secret. It seemed like a win-win.

For a while.

She realized that once Mark, the former high school quarterback, found himself a big, comfortable chair to park his ever expanding butt in, he was done looking for work. She soon decided that she hadn’t signed on for this, and their formerly outrageous sex life gradually took a back seat to the stress of her providing for an otherwise, able-bodied man. “Good riddance and best of luck you lazy bastard.”

She’d say that line every single time the memory of his healthy young cock would sneak back into her memory. Usually when she was masturbating.

The good times were hard to forget after all.

There are super stars in every company, and HT is no different. You have those talented men and women who always sell the most, and bring in the biggest profits, while appearing to do it effortlessly. There are the young guns, eager to please, always socializing and laughing a little too loud, and the old pros who usually keep to themselves, are never in the office, and out-sell everyone. There was never a question which group would consistently produce the Salesperson of the Month.

HomeTown Realty continued to out-sell every other agency in the state, making record profits for the home office. There were regular visits from the suits from New York City to present monthly sales awards to individual agents and quarterly bonuses to Debra. Her people joked that it wouldn’t be long before she was transferred to NYC to run the Mothership.

Weeks later, the airline tickets and hotel reservations for The Cosmopolitan arrived by FedEx, and it was all anyone could talk about. The buzz was back on the floor, and folks started to figure out who they could “double up” with at the Cosmo. Most rooms were doubles, except for Debra’s which was, of course, an upper floor suite, as were the rooms for the New York executives.

When she overheard some of the partnering conversations, She thought to herself:

“Shit, and Ill be there alone.” Well, there would be tens of thousands of eligible bachelors in Vegas, as well as the usual naughty married men looking for an affair. “After all, she thought, what happens in Vegas . . .”

She’d spoken to all of the sales agents before, since they were after all, a tightly knit team. She knew some of them better than others, and decided that this trip would be her opportunity to get to know the ones she’d mostly overlooked. One of the young guns pirated from a competitor had just recently joined the company, and was making quite a name for himself amongst the ladies. Debra even caught herself staring at him during his interview, and to this day doesn’t remember what they said to each other during their entire first meeting. Chris Conyer had politely sat there staring directly at her with the most magnificent, piercing blue eyes she’d ever looked kadıköy escort into. His dark, straight hair was much longer than most agencies would allow, but Debra thought immediately that he could easily seduce any female client to buy. Besides, the effect he had on her was seductive beyond belief. She maintained professional decorum, but did find herself daydreaming about the young man at the other end of the sales floor from time to time. She even chastised herself for acting like a smitten school girl when once, she just had to get another glimpse of his muscular arms by dropping off a sales brochure at his desk. “Dear lord, she thought. Look at me! What am I some silly teenager with wet panties stalking the big man on campus?” She smiled.

At least the panties part was true.

By pulling some strings with Human Resources (rank does have it’s privileges after all) she managed to have her airplane seat right next to Chris.

“Wow! what a surprise! she said to the handsome young man in seat 4E. What a coincidence! Look! I’m in 4D! No shop talk now Chris, we’re on vacation.”

“I promise Miss Jennings.” He said, shining those adorable blue eyes into the back of her skull.

“Call me Debra please Chris.”

“Ok miss er. . . Debra.”

“Thats better. Now we can have a relaxing, fun time in Vegas. Plenty of time for all the formalities when we get back. Right Chris?”

“Right. . . Debra.”

She had read on the Personal Data Card that she submited to the personnel department, that he was only ten years her junior.

“Well, she thought, if anything does ever develop, at least I won’t go to prison!”

The three hour and one minute flight from Milwaukee International to Las Vegas was mostly uneventful with both of them keeping a polite distance, sharing an armrest, and trying to keep their legs from touching in the cramped coach seats.

Debra was originally mailed first class tickets by the home office but had them changed to coach hoping to get closer to this beautiful boy. At least for the flight.

Fresh out of college, Chris obtained his real estate license as his parents had done for generations before him. They were naturally disappointed when he went to work for HT believing that he would take over the Conyer family business. But the writing was on the wall. Having twice the number of agents, HT was gobbling up all the commercial and residential real estate sales in town, and his families’ office simply couldn’t keep up. Once the corporate money moved in, it was over. Agents were heading for the door in droves for larger commissions, and ended up working at the same place he was now. His parents retired to their beach house in Florida and were actually proud to support their son’s new direction, seeing how successful he’d become. They’d had a good run, but it was time to relax. . . and catch some rays!

During the flight, Debra dozed off as did Chris, and for just a second, his head fell to her shoulder when he fell asleep. They both awoke with a jolt and he apologized for the sudden shock. She, just for a second, smelled whatever product he used in his hair and felt a chill go through her body. “Clean. she thought. . . Oh my god, so clean.”

Checking into the Cosmopolitan was fast and easy, since they had at least ten people behind the desk checking everyone into their rooms. It was a little chaotic with all the bags getting separated from their owners and needing to go to different floors and rooms, but again this was sorted out quickly by the staff. Debra marveled at the coordination the hotel employees showed in the lobby. Meanwhile, her female team members worked with the desk clerks to arrange who was going to share a room with whom.

The male sales agents did the same. There didn’t appear to be any hanky panky going on in assigning people to the dozens of double rooms.

At least not yet.

“Wow, what a management team they must have, she thought. Oh well, enough management talk for today. Fuck it! Show me to my room, and then to the bar!”

She hoped she hadn’t said that out loud.

Debra didn’t plan on getting too hammered tonight since there was a 9 a.m. sales meeting with all the New York corporate types. She also knew that all conventions are 5% meetings and 95% drinking. So even if she did show up a little hung over, no one would really notice. Besides, there would be plenty of time to party throughout the week, and she was actually getting a little tired. Freshen up, change and have a couple of strong drinks at the bar, then off to bed.

After a quick shower to rinse off the yuk of the airport and the cramped flight, she stepped out into the room to change. She dropped the huge white bath towel, and couldn’t help but check herself out in the full length mirror. At thirty four, she was damn proud of the body that she had maintained since her cheerleading days. It was so easy to do in college, kartal escort but now it took a lot more work in the gym. She careful watched what she ate, and as soon as her jeans felt a little tight, she dieted and worked out hard until they fit her again. A perfect set of 34Cs, tiny waist, and a tight, round little ass that any twenty year old would admire. She did a slow pirouette and rubbed her hands over her smooth as glass ass cheeks. A little fresh makeup, drag a brush through the hair, and “I AM OUTTA HERE!” But not before wiggling into her favorite skinny designer jeans, and a light blue silk blouse with a lacy Victoria’s Secret bra underneath. Slip on the new heels, and off to the elevator. She couldn’t wait to show off the results of all those hours in the gym, and she knew that Las Vegas was exactly the right place to do it.

The Chandelier Bar

Yo! Jennings! Over here! The shouting was coming from five well dressed gentlemen seated at the most beautiful bar in Las Vegas. As Debra walked across the room she was nearly blinded by the millions of dazzling crystals on the enormous chandelier, three or four stories tall, that hung from the hotel ceiling high above the main lobby.

“Do you believe this place?” The loud New Yorker was Phil Antonio, Corporate sales manager for HT inc.

“Guys! Hey guys! Does everyone know Debra? She’s the queen of real estate in Wisconsin.”

“Oh stop it Phil. Hello gentlemen, its a pleasure to meet you and see some of you again.”

“What’ll it be Deb?”

“Actually, It’s Debra, Phil if you don’t mind.”

“Sorry Debra, must be the margaritas that have me forgetting my manners.”

“No problem Phil. How’s the wife by the way?” Asking the favorite question of every single woman who doesn’t want to be hit on.

“Everything at home is great. Thanks for askin!”

“Gentlemen, dis pretty lady heah is really killin’ it out dere in Wisgonsin.” His Brooklyn accent was showing, the tequila doing it’s job apparently.

“I have a great team. Thanks Phil.” She said proudly. Looking around for anyone else she might know, she wondered where the rest of her team had wondered off to.

The young guns had split since this bar was a bunch of old fat guys in jackets and ties. Martinis and margaritas in hand, it didn’t exactly look like a fun place to party.

Not seeing anyone from the home team, she slowly moved to the other side of the bar, away from the drunken NYC bosses and started for the door.

She looked outside at the amazing light show up and down the strip and it all looked like too much to handle for the first night in town.

“My god, the Eiffel tower is right across the street! Holy shit! Maybe I should just order a bottle of champagne and a burger from room service, and turn in for the night.” she thought. So she turned around and headed off back through the ostentatious lobby to the elevator, pressed the up arrow and waited for it to arrive. In a minute or so, there was a pretty little “ding!” and the elevator door opened.


“Oh! Ms. Jennings! I mean Debra! Where ya going?”

“I’m just not up for a late night on the town Chris, so I thought I’d just hang out in my room and call room service.”

“I’m not really into it either. He said. All the other guys are going over to Hard Rock across the street, so I thought I’d just grab a beer with them and go to bed early myself. That nap on the plane wasn’t really enough ya know?”

“I do” Maybe before we leave I could buy you a drink Chris.”

“Oh, that would be great!” His voice sounded a little nervous when he spoke. She thought it was cute.

“Well, they’d sure be talking about us back at the office huh Debra?”

“No Chris.” She smiled sweetly at him and said: “Remember; What happens in Vegas. . .stays in Vegas!”

“Yeah right, he said. Unless you live in Andover!”

“Good point,” she answered, smiling.

“Hey,” he asked as she stepped into the elevator, who did they team you up with?”

“Nobody Chris. I’m in an executive suite.”

“Wow, cool! where are those? The top floor?”

“No Chris, the ninth floor, room 905, it’s far enough away from all the noise down here.”

“I’d love to see a suite like that someday, I bet it’s really amazing huh?”

“See you tomorrow Chris” she said, as the elevator doors closed between them.

Going up in the elevator, she had the distinct impression that young Chris, the tan, muscled, outrageously good looking male model type from her office had just hit on her!

“Yikes! It’s only the first night here and my brain is starting to race already! BAD girl!”

But maybe she just imagined it and the kid was just curious, since he’d probably never actually seen an executive suite in his whole young life.

Room service finally delivered the champagne she’d ordered in a beautiful silver ice bucket. “Life is good” she thought. She downed the first two glasses of Dom, and ravaged most of the huge cheeseburger. She’d slept through the paltry snack service on the plane and realized she hadn’t eaten anything substantial all day.

The third (or was it the fourth) glass of champagne was giving her a buzz, and she liked it. She turned on the radio to a classic rock station and starting dancing around the room, holding the glass high over her head.

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