Sut: The Exhibitionist part 2

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Sut: The Exhibitionist part 2Slut: The Exhibitionist (Part Two)??The reworking and updating of an earlier story.Hubby had left for work early that morning. I spent what seemed like an eternity in the bathroom, showering, pampering my skin, doing my hair and sorting my make-up. I was going to Jen’s shop to discuss my new Stripper career with her and some strip club owner. Maybe I would have to audition for this guy, so I decided that whatever I wear would need to be extremely sexy and enhance my curvy figure as much as possible. I knew Jen would have plenty of costumes and lingerie but I wanted to make a good impression when I walked in. Looking at my naked reflection in the full length mirror, I decided to apply just a little more rouge and darken my eye makeup, so I would have a more smokey and slutty appearance. I went in my bedroom and opened one of my underwear drawers. Everything I looked at seemed tasteful. Very sexy, but very tasteful, which was not the look I was aiming for. I needed the slut look and I needed it badly. I opened my saucy lingerie drawer and took out a PVC ½ cup bra with matching high waisted garter belt. I sought out a pair of shiny black seamed stockings which I would wear with my Spiked Heeled Ankle straps. I opened my wardrobe and took out my tight pencil skirt and the waistcoat that matched. They were in a soft shiny fake thin leather material and looked very slutty when on.A spark of inspiration went off in my head as I went back to my drawers and fished out a pair of black satin opera gloves. I sprayed myself with some Michael Kors Perfume then began to place the seductive garments on my body.With the Stockings, shoes, garter belt and ½ cup bra in place I looked wonderfully erotic and sensationally slutty if I say so myself. I was in limbo whether or not to wear a thong, panties or just bare pussy?The idea was that I was going to be a Stripper and having the goods on display at the beginning seemed to defeat the purpose somewhat.I looked in my drawer and opted for a tiny black Lycra bikini thong I’d wore on holiday and teased so many men. The thong was tight and tiny with a little zip running from the top of the thong to just below where my camel toe would begin. The thong was as shiny as the rest of the PVC underwear and it would cover my tan lined bald pussy perfectly. Pulling the thong into place, the instant it rested on my shaved mound, my memory recalled the night in the disco when the five guys had different levels of sex with me.All the different fingers touching my pussy and ass, sucking the two cocks, being fucked up the ass by two cocks and remembering the awesome feeling of trying to impale myself unsuccessfully on that monster cock. Three cocks had parted my pussylips that night, but none of them fully entered me, so in my weird logic, This cheating slut had remained faithful to my husband.My juices immediately began to flow and my pussy fizzed with sexual delight.I was tempted to lie down on the bed, get out my Rabbit vibrator and bring myself off, but I decided to use my sexual arousal for my introduction to Stripping.My tan really enhanced the effect of the shiny erotic lingerie as I placed the tight pencil skirt over my stockinged thighs. Placing my arms through the waistcoat, I began to button the lower buttons first. It was nice and tight at my waist, and as I button the other four buttons, the waistcoat emphasised my narrow waist and large breasts. My cleavage looked devastating as I sprayed a little more Michael Kors body spray on my breasts.Taking the opera gloves off the bed, I ran the soft, snug fitting Lycra up my arms, finishing just above my elbow. Forsaking any jewellery except for my ear rings and nipple bolts, I went downstairs to gather my Handbag, my Black PVC Raincoat and my car keys. Setting the alarm system, I closed the front door and got in my car for the short drive to Jens.I parked my car in the multi story car park just round the corner from Jens. As I got out of my car, a man and his wife were walking past. Taking the opportunity for a little tease, I ran my gloved hand up my stockings on the pretence of straightening my seams. The guys face was a picture. Mission accomplished!I headed out of the car park and straight to Jens. Jen was at the till serving a customer, when she looked up, smiled and nodded toward the back shop.“Bob is in the back room waiting for you!” she stated, with a wide grin across her face.“Bob?” I mouthed quizzically.Jen finished with the customer and took me through the back room. Sitting at her desk was a very dark skinned well groomed man of about 40. He was wearing designer jeans with tan brogues, a White shirt and a dark blue jacket. He was Italian looking with a totally shaved head. He stood up to his full six foot height and offered out his hand as a greeting.“Hi I’m Bob!” he said with a voice that sounded like syrup being poured into your ears.Shaking his hand I softly said “Pleased to meet you Bob, I’m Becky!”Jen looked at both of us and said “I’ll leave you both to it!”Smiling she closed the back room door and went back into her shop.Bob looked me up and down the way a farmer would with a prize b**st.“Well Jen certainly has a good eye for hot ladies, but this time I think she undersold you. You are absolutely stunning!” Bob complimented with his rich deep tone.Blushing ever so slightly, I giggled a little and said.“Why thank you Bob, you’re quite the handsome man yourself!”Bob smiled and said “If you’re serious about Stripping and lap dancing I’d need to audition you first, though judging from what I can see that would be no problem at all. Would you like to book a time you can come over to my club for an audition?”“When would suit you best Bob as I’m available most days!”“Are you available now?” he enquired with a mischevious look in his eye.“It just so happens Bob, that today’s diary is completely empty, so if you want to do it today then I’m all yours!” I giggled, the innuendo not lost on me.It would seem that we were both teasing each other using every sexual innuendo available.“Well if you’d like to audition right now my club is just round the corner!”I nodded in agreement to Bob, and then he opened the back room door and offered me to walk through first. I went into the shop and Jen asked.“Going for the audition?”Bob took the lead.“Yes Jen this lovely lady is going to make my morning and dance provocatively me!”He almost purred when he spoke.I giggled at his remark and we set off on the short walk to his club. All of the lighting and neon signage was turned off as Bob took out a huge ring of keys and began to unlock the front door of his club. We stepped into the dark lobby as he disarmed the alarm system. Switching on the lights he closed and locked the front door. He opened the doors to the main area and the size of the place impressed me. Everything was Purple, Silver or Red.There were booths, Tables, bar stools; a small stage with a pole in the middle and at the back of the room was a bigger stage next to a DJ booth. Both stages had spotlights glaring down on them. There were erotic black and white photographs adorning the walls. Bob asked if I needed a drink for Dutch courage or was I ready to audition now.I looked him in the eye, smiled and said I was ready whenever he was.Bob said we’d go down to the bottom stage and he put some music on for me to dance to.He turned most of the main lights off in the club except for the Stage spotlights and the front of stage lighting.I placed my coat and handbag on one of the tables facing the stage, climbed onto the stage and asked Bob what he wanted me to do. I’d watched a few videos online in the past couple of days of Strippers and had been mimicking their moves at home.“Feel the beat of the music and slowly remove your clothes! Feel the mood as though you were stripping for your sexiest lover!”There was a chair in the middle of the stage, so holding the back of it I started to grind my hips to the pulsing beat of the music. Walking around the stage, one step at a time, I began to feel more comfortable. Bob was smiling at me as I began to unbutton my waistcoat. I unbuttoned the top two buttons, displaying all of my tanned cleavage. I then undid the bottom two leaving me with just one button concealing my breasts. I leant forward and curled my finger in a come to me motion. Bob stood at the front of stage and I offered the button to him to open. As he began to open the button I gyrated my hips. The Waistcoat opened exposing a flashing glimpse of my large tanned breasts and hard pierced nipples. I threw the waistcoat to the back of the stage exposing my huge breasts and pierced nipples. Bob whistled approvingly and returned to his seat. He stared at me as I continued the sexy dance. Moving almost to the edge of the stage, I bent over and with my back to Bob, I slowly slid my tight pencil skirt up my seamed stockinged legs. My thong was separating my ass cheeks and my pussylips as I unzipped the skirt, stood up straight and let the skirt fall to the floor around my feet. My back was arched thrusting my firm breasts upward and displaying my taut ass to perfection. Stepping out of the skirt, I kicked it to the back of the stage beside my waistcoat. Turning round now, I faced Bob with my tits on full display. The track stopped playing and Bob came to the foot of the stage and said“Congratulations Babe you’re hired as Stripper, but on normal nights the thong will come off and you will show some pussy. Now let’s see if you can Lap dance?”Taking my gloved hand and escorting me off the stage, he took me over to where he sat and asked did I need any music for this or would I be able to do it without the music.“If you have to keep getting up to change music we’ll probably be best with none!” I suggestedBob sat back in his chair and said“Time to lap dance baby!”Standing in front of Bob with only my opera gloves, ½ cup PVC bra, Garter belt, seamed stockings, spiked heeled shoes and the tiniest of tight thongs. I felt magnificently sexy as I caught my reflection in the mirrors that surrounded this area.I strutted around his chair three times, rubbing my gloved hand on his tanned shaved head. Standing to his left, I d****d my left leg over his thighs and lowered myself on to his crotch. Surprise! Surprise! Bob was erect and quite an erection it was. I slid my thonged crotch back and forth along his impressive covered cock. My mind was startled as his cock felt almost as big as the guy in Tenerife. I kept sliding back and forth feeling his cock twitch and throb. Placing my gloved hands around his neck, my pierced tits came into contact with his firm chest.“Are you enjoying the show honey?” I whispered.“Mmmm” mumbled Bob, his cock still twitching and throbbing.Placing my soft lips next to his year I softly blew “Would you like to see my tight shaved pussy?” I whispered sensually.Bob just nodded. I stepped away from him and lay on the floor. Holding my right ankle I raised my right leg straight up, opening my legs as I did so. My gloved right hand slowly moved down my stockinged leg and eventually began to rub the thin material of my black shiny thong. Looking into Bobs eyes, I brought my right leg back down and opened both quite wide. My hand was still rubbing my mound when I decided to grab the material and pulled it tightly between my pussylips. Rubbing the thin strip of material between my slit I masturbated in front of Bob. Standing up, I turned my back to Bob, bending over slightly I arched my back and slid the thong over my butt cheeks. Letting the thong fall around my feet, I got down on the floor and parted my legs displaying my pussy to Bob. I rubbed my gloved fingers over my bald pussy and rotated my hips as though I was fucking my hand. I moved into a kneeling position still gyrating my hips, I placed one hand on Bob’s knee and lifted myself off the floor. I sat on Bob’s knee thrusting my breasts into Bobs face. I placed my left arm behind his neck and lifted my right leg high and wide showing him my pussy and my opening up close and personal. Grabbing the back of the chair I swung myself off his knee and straddled his thighs landing my pussy softly on his crotch with a nice slow slide back and forth along his rock hard bulge.My 36-24-38DD figure, encased in konak escort the erotic PVC lingerie was now on full display for my new boss. The lingerie enhancing the sexy sluttyness of the event with my breasts and pussy naked to my victim“Young lady we can safely say that not only will you be stripping for our clients you will also be lap dancing for them also!”Smiling I gave Bob a kiss on the cheek or that was my intention, but he turned his head toward me at that exact moment and my lips brushed against his.In a flash his hand was at the back of my neck holding my mouth onto his, swallowing my lips with unabashed passion. Responding to his kiss I felt my hips rock back and forth involuntarily pressing down onto his bulge. I could hear myself moaning with pleasure as the passion heightened.His tongue and my tongue performed their own erotic dance as he cupped my breasts and began to stimulate my pierced nipples. I pushed harder down on his bulge as I began to feel it twitching against my naked pussylips. I slid myself slowly back and forth, feeling his straining cock against my naked pussy. I continued to slide back and forth against his huge boner bringing my state of arousal to a point of no return. His cock felt enormous crushing against the material of his jeans as it tormented my soon to be unfaithful cunt. It really was as big as the guy in Tenerife’s. I didn’t want to be unfaithful to my hubby and wanted to keep my pussy just for him in my weird logic, but my curiosity and burning desire were stronger than my need for faithfulness. His cock was going to be inside me or at least I was going to try. Bob lifted me slightly; just enough to undo his fly and start rolling his jeans down his thighs.His huge cock sprang forward and hit my stomach. I moved forward so his cock was resting between his shirt and my lingerie. I began to unbutton his shirt as he removed his jacket. “Is that true that you’re married?” Bob drawled with a huge grin.“I am married!” I smiled feeling his cock through his jeans.“Is he gonna be OK with his wife stripping and lap dancing?” Bob said his eyebrows raised.“He’s fine with me Stripping and lap dancing!” I declared.“Will he be OK with me fucking you once a week or some of my friends fucking you! Cause honey when they see this outrageously sexy body they’re all gonna want to fuck you!” He smiled confidently.His cock was thrusting upward as I began kissing him deeply. I could feel the heat of his monster cock on my stomach. I began to slowly gyrate. I rubbed my pussy up the length of the shaft of his massive cock. The cock was so big that sliding up the length I unhooded my clitoris. His cock was now directly at my pussy opening. The heat from his cock was burning my cunt with untold desire. I placed my hand on the meaty shaft. Stroking the length slowly I looked into Bob’s eyes and mouthed “Fuck me!” When I reached his bell end, I smiled at him and kissed him softly as I opened my pussylips with both hands and began to lower myself on to his rampant cock. The entire area was floor to ceiling mirrors and I delighted in watching my hungry pussy slide over this opulent cock. About three inches were inside my cunt when Bob placed his hands on my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. My pussy juices were running down this enormous veined b**st as I slid all the way down on his cock. Full to the brim now his bell end banged at my cervix. I’d never been so stretched or full before. Staying perfectly still to allow myself to get used to this incredible sensation, Bob then twitched his cock inside me. I’ve no idea where it came from but I made the sound “Whoooo!”I slowly bucked against his cock as the most wonderful orgasm swept through me. Panting furiously I began to ride Bob’s huge cock as he pawed at my breasts.“Take it bitch!” He enthused.I didn’t need any dirty talk to enhance this occasion but somehow Bob’s words worked wonders.“Fuck me!” I screamed “Fuck me with this huge cock!”“I’m going to fuck this pussy every night you work bitch!” Bob ordered.I was delirious with lust as I fucked the best cock I’d ever had. The heat in my pussy that this cock was generating was bringing orgasms at a rate of knots. His finger entered my ass and I could feel it furrowing away as his cock pulsed inside me.My juices had run down this cock and were now beginning to foam on my pussylips.“Eventually whore you’ll take this up your ass!” He said with an air of authority.That was me gone completely. I almost fainted with sexual frenzy as he held my PVC clad waist.“Fuck me Bob, fill me with this cock!”“You love this cock don’t you?” Bob bellowed.“Oooh god! I fucking love it!” I screamed.“Is it better than your husband’s?” He teased.“It’s almost twice the size; I fucking need your cock!”“I may even let my friends fuck you, are you up for that?” He stated.“Hell yeah!” I panted as another mind blowing orgasm burst through me “Wearing my trashy lingerie whilst being fucked by big cocks! Yes please!”“I’m going to cum you slut, where do you want it?” He roared.It only seemed right that this cock should come inside me.“Squeeze my tits and cum inside me!” I panted.“When I do cum inside you I’ll own this pussy!” he taunted “This cunt will belong to me!”“This cunt is all yours Bob!” I wailed.At that moment I would have done anything to have Bob unleash his cum deep inside me.Bob held me tight as his cock began to unload. Hot spurts of cum surged up his pipe and flooded my cunt. My cervix began to open to accept the superhuman seed. My orgasm was severely primeval. Forcing his cock almost into my Cervix I fucked him with wild abandon.Kissing his mouth and rolling my tongue all over his, I continued slowly fucking his now deflating cock, wallowing in the after thrill his beautiful cock was providing. As his monstrous cock slipped out of my now gaping pussy, a deluge of spunk and pussy juice followed, filling the air with the sensual aroma of lustful sex. My cunt was raw and on fire. I slid my pussy back and forth on the deflated but still impressive meat, sending small electric impulses through my pussy. I wanted this cock again and I wanted it soon. Bob ushered me to my feet, holding me close to him, he looked me in the eye and said“Becky, you are the hottest piece of ass ever. No woman has ever taken all of my cock first time and no woman has ever fucked me like that. Maybe we shouldn’t let you strip but make you a hooker!” he smiled.“Make your mind up!”I laughed, stroking my erect nipples.“You’d make an absolute fortune as a hooker!” He enthused.“No I like fucking too much to do it for cash, I want to strip and I want some more of that cock!” I demanded.“Your wish is my command. Sorry for some of the dirty talk but you sent me wild and I got carried away with the moment!”“I enjoyed being called a bitch, slut and a whore; it turned me on almost as much as that huge cock of yours!” I got down on my knees, took Bob’s semi erect penis in my gloved hands and began to lick and suck this miracle of nature. As I slurped all over the veiny throbbing shaft, I recalled bob saying that I would take this up my ass! The prospect of that was terrifying to say the least, but getting it back inside my pussy, now that was a different matter. As I sucked the eleven inch cock, I began to run my gloved hand over my raw pussy. My love lips were swollen and puffy from the stretching Bob had administered, but thankfully my hole wasn’t gaping. Bob started to remove his shirt; his jeans had already been discarded along with his brogues. Standing in only his socks I reached down and slid his socks off his feet whilst I continued licking and sucking this glorious cock.Bob tapped my head and winked at me, indicating that I should stand. He held me close and kissed me softly. Sitting back down in his chair, I straddled his thighs once more. His cock parted my excited labia and glided inside me effortlessly. All eleven inches were embedded deep in my womb. I orgasmed instantly and was moaning softly with desire, when this giant of a cock filled my grateful hole. Placing both his hands on my ass he began to cup my buttocks and spread my ass cheeks. My little pink puckered ring was clearly visible in surrounding mirrors as my pussy flesh was stretched to its limit. His cock slid in and out, drawing my pussy down and pushing it back in. This view was unbearably erotic and another orgasm screamed through me. How could I live without the pleasure this cock was providing. He lifted me still impaled on his cock over to a huge purple sofa. Laying me on my back, my stockinged legs wrapped around his broad muscular back as he rode me slowly, allowing me to enjoy every inch of his wondrous cock. We were fucking ever so slowly and kissing each other passionately, it was almost like making love. I caught my reflection and watched as his sexual snake drilled into me. We looked awesome together, as though our two bodies were destined to meet.I would strip like hell for this guy, but I must have this cock regularly.Bob fucked me in this position for what felt like an hour. Chewing my nipples and playing with my breasts expertly, I have no idea how many orgasms I encountered during that time, suffice to say there were multitudes. As Bob told me he was about to come, he lifted me up off the purple sofa, still impaled on his cock and carried me over to the stage. Laying me on my back he removed his cock and rested the pulsating b**st on my red lips.I opened my mouth just as the first splash of spunk hit my lip. My mouth encompassed his purple head and took every drop delicious spunk straight from his manhood. Bob was standing panting with his cock still in my mouth, his balls emptied and pleasure zones siated. I licked the head of his cock and gently caressed his balls with manicured nails.Bob smiled again and said in a very business like tone.“Right here’s the deal. You get £50 for every strip and I expect at least one full strip a night. Anything you make on lap dancing, you keep and I’ll waiver all performances charges, but that’s our little secret!”“So I’m really hired?” I teased, stroking my just fucked slit.“Babe I’ve got to have that pussy regularly!”“You know I’m married don’t you?”“Yes I know that!”“There is no way I’d leave my husband and I do feel guilty about what we did here, but I needed to have your cock!”“Well it’s here anytime you need it in the future, but I would like to fuck you a couple of times a week, either after hours or we can come here a few mornings a week. The cleaners don’t get here till 3.00pm so the place is all ours!”“So I could be your little Stripper fuck whore?” I smiled “I quite like my new title!”“Good!” he said “Cause I’d like to have you as my little stripper fuck whore, but I’d expect one of your slutty outfits when we fuck!”“I’d need that to get me in slut mode for fucking or we’d be making love and that’s not going to happen. You can be my tester for all my outfits!” I teased.“Great you can start on Friday. Be here for 8.30 and bring a few outfits. The girls will show you the ropes but no mention of our deal. And if you can arrange the time away from hubby, the club closes at 2.00am and most of the girls are out of here along with the staff by 2.15am. I cash up and usually get out of here by 3-3.30 depending on what kind of night we’ve had. I’m sure I could make time to fuck that fabulous pussy of yours!”“Looks like I’ll not be getting home till about 4.00am!” I confirmed.Bob took me to the changing rooms to freshen up. Once I’d done that he gave me a little tour and showed me the entrance to use on Friday night.Taking me to the front door he unlocked it, kissed me and said “Can’t wait for Friday!”“See you then!” I said as I blew him a kiss and walked back to Jens shop.My face was still flushed from the vigorous fucking. I walked inside Jens empty shop.“I got the Job!” I squealed with excitement“By the look of your face and the way you walked in I think you got more than the job!” she giggled knowingly.“Good god! The man is a fucking machine. His cock his enormous!” I exclaimed“So I hear!” she giggled “Come through the back and tell me all about it!”I regaled the tale of my recent sexual experience in finite detail. Jen giggled and gasped throughout my story.“Shit girl I’m dripping just listening” she konak escort bayan laughed.“I do feel a bit guilty about hubby though!” I blurted, guiltily but not remorseful.“You do what you need to do. I’ve got a few things I’m working on for you if you pop back on Friday morning they should be ready. I’ll see you then.Leaving Jens shop I returned to my car in the multi storey, paid my fee and left for home.I parked the car on the drive, went inside my house and traipsed up the stairs to my bedroom. I removed my coat, then my waistcoat and pencil skirt. Looking at my image in the mirror I got aroused all over again at the memory of what Bob and I had just enjoyed and how this is what made Bob horny enough to fuck me! Removing my thong, I examined my pussy. My lips were swollen and puffy but not horrendously. I placed a finger in my hole and it didn’t feel that it was gaping or any different. I didn’t even smell of sex I’d freshened up so well. I looked over at the alarm clock and didn’t realise the time. Hubby would be home in a matter of minutes. How was I going to play this? He did give a free pass sort of but with conditions but I’d broken most of them. I let the guy fuck without a Condom and I’ve agreed to fuck him again! The only rule I hadn’t broken was the anal sex rule, but if his cock hadn’t of been so huge who knows if that would be intact. I had to let him know how far I had gone at least to rid some of this guilt. I could always say we used condoms, he’d never know as there wasn’t a drop of spunk inside me.Hubby’s car pulled up the drive. Hearing the car door slam, I heard the front door open next then hear Hubby close it after him. My heart was pounding and my mouth was dry.“Up here honey!” I hollered.Hubby raced up the stairs and sped into the bedroom. Seeing me in my sexual attire he grinned and said“So how did you get on? Did you get the Stripper Job?”“Actually babe I got more than that, much more than that!” I exclaimed“What else?” he enquired innocently“The guy auditioned me as a Stripper, so I did a full strip for him on a stage with music and everything. It felt so good. Naughty but good! He offered me the stripper job on the spot. I was standing almost naked in front of this stranger and it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Next he said I could audition for the lap dancer role. He sat in a chair and I danced around him for a bit then I straddled him and ground myself in to his crotch!”Hubby looked a little flushed but seemed quite aroused by my story so far.“What happened then?” he asked“I kept grinding into his crotch and he suddenly got an erection. I know it’s wrong but I was so pleased that I’d turned him on. I then lay on the floor and held my legs open. I stood up and removed my thong, turning to face him, I showed him my pussy! I then straddled his thighs again and continued to dry hump him. His cock was huge and I was getting turned on now!”“C’mon it didn’t end there did it? You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?” Hubby quizzed with a cheeky grin.“I kept grinding away and it was turning us both on so much. There was no one else in the building so I thought I’d let him have a little feel and if he needed he could jerk off or I could jerk him off. He unzipped his cock and it was so big honey. I was still grinding when it accidentally went inside me!”“Fucking hell you let him fuck you?”“I didn’t let him honey, honestly it just slipped inside, I couldn’t help it. It just slipped in. I was so turned on that I just continued and thought he would come soon and we’d both be satisfied!” I girlishly teased.“Did he only fuck you once? You fucked him more than just once, didn’t you?”I could tell that this was not upsetting hubby, humiliating him slightly maybe, but it was also turning him on massively.“If you’d seen his cock you’d understand why. We fucked on the chair and I lost count of how many times I came. He came inside me, which again was an accident as we were so both horny. Fortunately as I was sitting up being fucked all of his come slid out of me. We discussed the job and business arrangements, but we were still post coital. He was naked and I was wearing only what I’m wearing now. I was still aroused and couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. When it started to get hard again I needed to have it inside me. The second time we fucked, I slid on his cock much easier than the first time. This fuck was a bit slower, where we got to know each other’s body a bit better and when it came time for him to orgasm, he finished off in my mouth. I swallowed every drop!” I revealed quite proudly.Hubby’s cock was evident now and he was aroused beyond reason.“So are you taking the job?”“If you’re OK with it? I can’t believe how much Stripping and lap dancing turned me on. I was sexually aroused before I took a single item of clothing off. The boss picked up on this and asked me if he could fuck me a couple of times a week if that’s OK.” I giggled softly placing my gloved hand on Hubby’s hard cock.Unzipping his fly I removed his pants and held his rock hard cock, looking in his eyes.“It was really horny babe and I’m still horny now. I need your cock inside me!”“You were born to do this babe!” hubby enthused “If he wants to fuck you again then so be it, but try not to get emotionally involved! And don’t forget you have to tell me everything and always be honest with me!”“Babe I love you and only you. The stripping will be exciting and edgy and the extra marital fucking will be slutty and naughty also, but it’s you I love and always will!” I declared.“So he wants to fuck my wife a couple of times a week?” Hubby smiled, proud of his hot slut trophy wife.“He most certainly does and he asked if he could fuck my ass also!” I smiled, indicating to hubby that the boss’ cock would be gliding in my ass eventually.“OK I’m cool with it, you fucked your boss and will continue to do so, but now that you’ve confessed to this you can tell me what exactly went on in that Disco in Tenerife!”Startled somewhat by his question, I needed to get control back so I held hubby’s cock and whispered.“Mmmm. So you’ve always known something happened. Would you prefer to hear it now or while your cock is inside me?” I smiled stroking his erect cock.Pulling me toward him, he kissed me passionately as his cock slid inside my pussy. Riding his cock slowly I began to breath erotically as I started to regale the Tenerife tale. His hands played with my pierced nipples as I started telling him how, without his knowledge, I’d been flashing my pussy at them teasing them terribly and then the first guy asked me to dance and was fingering my pussy on the crowded dance floor, making me come in the process, exciting me to realise I was fucking a strangers finger with you only yards away. Then the Second guy with the huge cock was fingering my ass on the dance floor and I placed my hand inside his fly and I felt his huge cock. We sneaked over to a private area where he was almost fucking me, I gave him a blowjob and he came in my mouth. Then the third guy finger blasted me on the dance floor and I came like crazy, then he took me outside and took photos of me, even taking a few with his fingers in my pussy and ass. Then the fourth guy took me outside, lifted my hem up, bent me over and was sliding his cock inside me and was just about to fuck me but I said he couldn’t fuck my pussy as it was my husband’s pussy, he then slammed his cock in my ass and fucked me till he came in my ass.The last guy took me across the car park to a Winnebago camper van, he removed my dress leaving me naked. I’d never been naked and alone with a man since we married and this was exciting. I sucked his cock, he licked and fingered my pussy, he finger blasted me also but this time naked and my legs wide apart, he also slid the tip of his cock in my pussy but I said that was my husband’s, so he also fucked me in the ass and came on my face!He gave me a hairbrush for me to fuck myself with as he took photos of me naked and masturbating. I stuck the brush handle in my ass and he took a few photos of that, then he put his cock in my mouth and photographed that.I’d got the last words out of mouth still riding hubby’s cock when he came so forcefully.“Fuck sake Becky. I never knew you could be such a slut!” He smiled “Can’t wait till you start your new job!” he laughed.“You really don’t mind me having a little unfaithful cock fun then? Even when it’s a bit dirty!”“The dirtier the better! As long as you tell me, always!”“So I can have some cock fun then?” I enquired “I do have my eye on a few I’d like to fuck my pussy!”“It will be my pleasure as long as you tell me!”“Well as long as I’m getting fucked and licked it will be my pleasure also!”I smiled looking into my husbands piercing blue eyes.“I may as well tell you everything that happened on the second night we met the guys in Tenerife!” I smiled, blushing at the memory.“I forgot we met those guys twice!” Hubby said, a look of shook on his flushed face “I got really drunk that night!”“I know!” I smiled “While you were getting hammered I was enjoying the best night of sex of my entire life!” I declared, shocking hubby even further.“Tell me everything that happened!” Hubby said with a stern but jovial look.“If you remember I was wearing that tight black corset dress, which barely covered my boobs. The bra cups of the dress were completely see through under the black disco lights, which appealed to my five new friends, as I saw them all watching my heaving breasts every time the black light came on!” I smiled at the memory.“We were all at the bar drinking champagne, which the guys were buying and filling your glass as quick as it emptied. They all took turns in keeping your attention occupied as they systematically took turns in holding my large firm breasts or squeezing my taut buttocks, smiling every time they came into contact with my garter straps. I was wearing fishnet stockings that night to enhance the look of the corset dress. I’d forgone wearing panties or a thong as all of the guys had placed at least one part of their body inside me the last time, it seemed senseless to wear anything at all. The dress was so tight you could see the bumps of my garter straps, which the guys were taking great delight in stroking and twanging at every given opportunity!” I recalled, looking at the dazed expression on hubby’s face.“You were quite well gone and the guy were kissing me and fondling me behind your back. This was getting me so aroused, when two of the guys took me outside on the pretence of a cigarette. We ended up in the Winnebago camper van once more. Hands were all over me immediately as my dress vanished from my body instantly. Standing naked before the two guys wearing only my garter belt, fishnet stockings and high heeled ankle boots. I looked every inch the consummate slut. Both guys got naked in record time, sporting huge erections as I wrapped the fingers of both hands around each cock. Stroking their cocks lightly, they took turns in kissing me and stroking my erect pierced nipples!” Hubby was visibly shaking with shock and lust as I continued to regale my story.“They placed me on the bed and I opened my stockinged legs high and wide, showing my shaved pussy and puckered asshole to my audience of two. One guy knelt beside my head and the other positioned himself between my stockinged legs. I smiled and whispered I can’t wait to feel you guys inside me. I kissed the cock at my head and slowly began to tongue and lick the purple head. As the cock was sliding inside my mouth I heard the distinctive tone of spit being aimed at my asshole. This turned me on so much, being spat on like some cheap slut, I sucked the cock deep inside my mouth. The other cock nudged at my asshole as the tip pushed in my asshole just beyond my tight sphincter. My eyes rolled with pleasure as the guys anally spit roasted me. My poor faithful husband was being plied with alcohol, so his slut wife could fuck and pleasure five strangers cocks. The stockings and Garters in combination with my curvy body, were proving to be too much for these two guys, as I knew they were both heading to orgasm and I would be getting filled with delicious hot spicy spunk any moment. True to form the guy fucking my ass snarled escort konak that he was going to come. I pushed my ass down on his cock, signalling him to come inside my ass. His eyes rolled and his body spasmed as he emptied his entire load deep inside my asshole. The guy with his cock in my mouth indicated he was also about to come. I placed my left hand on his buttocks and pushed his cock as far down my throat as I possibly could. I was about to gag, when his spunk poured down my throat, lubricating the membrionic flesh, helping me swallow his entire load. I lay back on the bed naked except for my garters and stockings when I whispered to the guys!” Hubby was at boiling point. He was so aroused at my antics.“Instead of me getting dressed, why don’t you send some of the other guys. I’m feeling particularly lusty right now! I smiled at them stroking my hairless slit. They both got ready and gave me a gentle kiss, then went back inside the nightclub, leaving on the bed ready for my next victim!”I looked at hubby, his Adam’s apple swallowing harshly, a sure sign that my antics were arousing him immensely. His cock was rock hard again as I reached out to gently stroke it.“Do you want your cock back inside me and I can sit on it and tell you the rest of tale?”Hubby nodded open mouthed as I held the base of his cock and slid his rock hard length inside my well lubricated pussy.“The next guy to come in was the guy with the huge cock. My eyes opened wide as he closed the Winnebago door behind him. We’re coming over one at a time now so your husband doesn’t get too suspicious. He smiled as he began to disrobe. My eyes were centred on his crotch, awaiting the grand unveiling of his colossal cock. He slid his trousers and Calvin Kleins down in fell swoop, revealing the biggest cock I’d ever seen pointing directly at me. I placed the heel of my bots on the bed and raised my legs toward my huge breasts. My pussy opened voluntarily, displaying my pink wetness to the huge cock. He knelt on the bed between my stockinged legs as his enormous cock nudged at my soaking labia. My pussylips opened almost kissing his cock as he eased it slowly inside my not so faithful pussy. The decision was hers not mine. She wanted that huge cock inside her, stretching her, filling her, fucking her!”I was slowly riding hubby’s cock, watching him squirm with humiliation and voyeuristic pleasure as I began to reveal how I let the huge cock turn me in to an unfaithful cheating whore.“My legs were wide open and the tip of his cock was easing its way inside my very tight but very wet pussy. It was stretching me masterfully, providing sensations I knew I needed to repeat. He leant forward and gently kissed me, my tongue slithering inside his mouth as he continued to push his huge cock in to my pussy. His cock was pushing my labia inside my pussy, making me pull my pussy open, to keep my labia in place. I was holding my pussylips, feeling the huge man meat push deep inside me. The head of his huge cock had reached my cervix, banging on the sexual doors as my first huge cock orgasm burst out of me. A gush of female ejaculation spurt from my pussy, leaving me wide eyed and panting.I felt his huge balls rest on my asshole and knew his entire length was embedded inside me.I looked down at my pussy as he withdrew his massive pussy juice coated cock. My cum was glistening on his enormous shaft as he slid his cock slowly in and out of my cunt. I was whimpering and sobbing with sexual delight as I flicked my tongue over his ear and whispered. Fuck me like my husband never could. Give me your huge cock and fill me with your seed. I thrashed beneath him as he began to up the rhythm, plundering my pussy expertly. What happened next was the stuff of fantasies. He whispered he was about to come but want to come up my ass! The mixture of fear and arousal I experienced at that moment would never be achieved again. I nodded my head subserviently as he removed his huge cock from my pussy. My previous assfucking had left me more looser than I envisaged as the tip of his cock slid easily inside my ass. I came instantly as he eased a couple more inches of his agonising length further inside my asshole. I was shocked to feel the force of his ejaculation as hot spicy spunk flooded my anal passage. The look of glee on his face at actually fucking a woman up the ass with his huge cock was a source of pride and achievement that will live with me forever!”Hubby was insanely close to orgasm as I slowly rode his embedded cock.“Do you want to spunk inside me or do you want to hear more?” I smiled caringly.“Tell me more. I want to spunk in your mouth when you finish!” Hubby snarled.“Big cock guy removed his cock from my ass and I had to rush to the small bathroom in the Winnebago. Spunk was pouring from my ass a both loads were evacuating at the same time. I cleaned up with some tissues and then gave my ass and pussy a little rinse in small washbasin. I gave my teeth a quick cleanse with a little dab of toothpaste on my index finger. Flushing all evidence away I returned into the bed area to find big cock guy dressed and ready to return. I was a little disappointed as I wanted another session with that cock. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said he would send the next one in. Closing the Winnebago door after him, I took this opportunity to freshen up a little, re-apply some make up and make my hair look more civilised!”Hubby was listening intently as I continued.“The door opened and two guys entered the Winnebago. It was the young guy who first fucked my ass and the guy who seduced me in the Winnebago.Hi babe the seducer said and pointed at his friend. He wants too fuck you and have me record it. Is that ok with you?I looked at them with a crooked wicked smile and said of course it is, but remember you need to send me a copy. Seducer picked up the camera as the young guy stepped from behind him, stark naked and sporting a very impressive erection.Is that for me? I smiled moving my head forward to take his cock deep in my mouth. The moans of pleasure coming from the young guy convinced me that this would not be a long video. I lay him on his back and straddled his waist. I eased myself on to his erect cock and slid down his length effortlessly. He let out a very loud pleasurable moan as I began to ride his hard young cock. The seducer stood behind, zooming the camera lens into my cock stuffed pussy, watching me ride this young mans cock expertly. A slut always knows when the spunk is on its way and the young guy said through gritted teeth. I’m going to come!I said without thinking, fuck my ass and come inside me.He looked positively shocked as he removed his cock from my pussy and slid it up my unfaithful ass. His cock had only just entered when the first spurt of his hot young seed began to flood my anal passage. I smiled at the seducer as the young guy drained his balls inside my asshole. That was delicious, I smiled at him, time for you to go now and leave us two alone while I get my final length of cock inside me!” Hubby was shaking his head at the realisation of how much of a slut he had married.“The young hastily dressed and left me and the seducer alone. He had discarded his clothing and was standing before naked and proudly sporting a wonderful erection. I gently tapped his cock and whispered, I’ll be back in a second. I nipped back into the small bathroom and cleaned my asshole once more, feeling spent semen seep out of my just fucked ass. On completion of clean up, I returned in to the bed area and held the seducer close to naked form. He smiled and asked where the stockings and garters for him. I said they were indeed and I was so pleased he would be the last one tonight as he was going to feast on all my holes and whatever he wanted to me. He eased me onto the bed, resting between my opened legs as he slid three fingers inside my well lubricated pussy. He looked up at me with lust written all over his face and began to finger blast my pussy. He had placed the camera on a shelf opposite and was recording our sexual tryst. I was panting ferociously as his fingers increased in speed. The orgasm began slowly then built up as the fingers went faster. Female ejaculate was erupting from my volcanic pussy as I moaned deliriously, Fuck me! Fuck your slut! In one very smooth action, he removed his fingers and plunged his erect cock deep inside my pussy. The remnants of my orgasm endured as he fucked me slowly, feeling my pussy walls oscillate and tremble with unbridled excitement!”Hubby was agonisingly preventing himself from spunking, determined to hear this tale to its conclusion.“He looked down on me and smiled saying it feels tremendous to fuck this pussy, especially after the last time when you wouldn’t let me. I kissed him passionately and said. You can come inside my pussy if you want or you can come in my ass or mouth. He looked at me smiling and said I fucked your ass last time, this time I want to come in your mouth and all over your face so the camera can catch it!”I needed to hurry up with this story or hubby’s cock and head were going to explode.“He fucked me deeply, kissing me passionately all the time, as I continuously came on his cock. He was a sensational fuck and I would have fucked him all night, but needed to get back to you in the nightclub. He broke our kiss and said that he was going to come. He pulled his rampant cock out of my pussy and knelt at my head, spraying his delicious spunk all over my face and into my opened mouth. I scooped every dollop of his beautiful spunk up and swallowed every single strand. I then placed the head of his diminishing cock inside my mouth and cleaned the magnificent specimen of all spunk and pussy juice. After that we both helped each other get ready, having wonderful feels of each other’s bodies as we did so. He helped me re-apply my make up, spray a little perfume and dab a little toothpaste on my tongue to disguise the taste and smell of spunk and pussy juice.We returned inside the nightclub to find you absolutely smashed. One of the guys came over to me and said we’ll get him a taxi as I don’t think walking is a good idea. I smiled and thanked the guy as he went off to arrange a taxi. Until the taxi arrived all of the guys spent the entire time taking turns in kissing me and touching me intimately right in full view of you, but you were so intoxicated you never even noticed. I remember leaning back against the bar with my dress around my waist and my stockinged legs wide open, as one of the guys pushed his cock inside my shaved pussy, fucking me wildly, while the others recorded the event on their phones. After coming inside me, he removed his cock, which I delighted in licking clean in front of his friends and their camera phones, then proceeded to finger blast me to a gushing orgasm, as his friends looked on, still recording the action. I was looking over at you, moaning as the guy finger fucked your hot slut wife in a nightclub bar. You were so drunk, you were oblivious to my slut antics as I fucked his finger, moaning like a whore! I must admit it was such a turn on to be fucked and fingered right in front of you and my audience!”I heard the loudest moan ever as Hubby erupted inside my pussy. I rode his exploding cock deliberately slowly, making his orgasm as perfect as I could.“When they poured you into the taxi, one of the guys slid my dress up over my naked buttocks and began to fuck me from behind. My ass and legs were outside the taxi and I was moaning orgasmically in to your sleeping face while being fucked like a dirty cheating slut, which I most definitely was. I can’t believe that you were unaware of me being fucked so publicly!” I smiled “He came inside me and gave me a quick gushing finger blast to remove as much of his spunk as possible!”I looked at my open mouthed, somewhat shocked husband.“It didn’t end there. I had to get the bell hop to help me get you into the room. He placed you on the bed, on your side for safety, then I thanked him by spending the next twenty minutes having my pussy and ass fucked in the bathroom, coming all over my face and tits, licking his cock clean, then him leaving discretely!”“Fucking hell babe! That was sensational!” He panted, sweat running down his forehead.“I’m glad you approve as you’ll be pleased to know the bell hop helped me get ready for the pool one day as I sucked his cock to completion and he very kindly fucked my ass in the elevator early one morning. I’ll be getting lots of cock inside me for the foreseeable future!”

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