Taboo High – The Virgin Part 2

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“Are you ready for what’s next, Buttercup?” Brady asked.“Yes,” replied Jennifer.Brady replied, “Now I need you to listen to me carefully. My bedroom is right over there,” he said pointing the way. Through it is my bathroom. Please go in and clean yourself up. You will find everything you need in the linen closet. Once you are ready, take off the rest of your clothes, fold them and put them on the dresser. You will then need to strip my bed down to the fitted sheet, folding the comforter, blanket, and top sheet and placing them on the floor in the corner. Then go into my closet and bring out the large blue plastic tote you will see on the back wall and place it next to the bed. Open the tote and pull out three pieces of rope and place them on the foot of the bed.”Brady continued, “When these tasks are completed, please sit down at the foot of the bed just like you are right now and wait for me. Do you understand?”Jennifer looked like she was deep in thought before replying, “Yes.”With this response, Brady turned and walked back over to his recliner, sat down and turned the TV on. Drinking his beer, he thought about what was happening. He had a seventeen-year-old girl in his bathroom preparing herself and his bedroom for him to take her virginity. The tote she would bring out was his toybox from college. It contained an assortment almanbahis şikayet of BDSM instruments he had acquired during his prior relationships. If what she found in there did not scare her away, he knew the afternoon would be heavenly!As Brady drank his beer, he tried to watch a little of the game on TV without much luck. His mind was on the beautiful girl getting ready to lose her virginity to him. After about ten minutes he caught glimpses of her naked form moving around his bedroom. A few minutes later he saw her sitting on the floor just as he requested. Turning off the TV and turning on some music he walked into his bedroom.Seeing Jennifer, he was stunned by the beautiful young woman sitting naked on his floor. She had an amazing tan amplified by the pale skin tan lines over her breasts and pantie line. Her breasts were amazing. Probably a large A-cup or small B-cup he thought. They were topped by dark pink areolas and nipples that stood out just begging to be sucked, pinched or teased. His eyes trailed down her body past her flat stomach to a delicate widening of her hips and the patch of dark hair between her legs. That patch gave him an idea of what he would do today, besides fucking that tight virgin pussy.Brady instructed Jennifer to climb up onto the bed and sit cross-legged with her butt about a foot almanbahis canlı casino from the edge. Jennifer looked at him with a glint of curiosity in her eyes as she followed his instructions. Without being told, Jennifer again grabbed her elbows behind her back. Seeing this, Brady leaned down and kissed her as his hands pinched her nipples, eliciting a low moan from her. Breaking away from the kiss, Brady picked up one of the ropes, folded it in half and made a loop in the middle.“Hold your hands in front of you about two inches apart,” Brady instructed as he walked into his closet to get a large wedge-shaped pillow. He placed the pillow behind her before sliding the rope loop over her right hand and pulling it snuggly. He told her not to bring her hands together as he wrapped the rope around both wrists several times before wrapping the rope around itself between her wrists. With her wrists bound together, Brady told Jennifer to lie back on the wedge. Pulling her hands over her head, he tied the end of the rope to the headboard.With her hands tied, Brady came around to the front of the bed, placed his hands on either side of her and leaned in to kiss her.Breaking the kiss, he asked, “You alright Buttercup?”“Yes,” she replied.Brady picked up the second piece of rope and looped it like the first one. He then lifted almanbahis casino her right leg up and slipped the loop over her ankle and about halfway up the calf. Placing her foot on the edge of the bed he looped the rope around her calf and thigh before looping rope around itself in the gap created by her bent leg and tossed the end of the rope up toward the headboard. He repeated the process with her left leg using the third rope. Finally, he looped both ends of the rope around his headboard and tied them together.Coming back around to the front of the bed and kneeling between Jennifer’s spread legs, he looked into her eyes and saw a mixture of fear and anxiety.“Today is all about trust Buttercup. You must trust that I will do nothing to hurt you. And again, I promise when I take your virginity, you will not be tied up like this.”Brady strummed his thumbs over both erect nipples as he kissed her a trail down her belly to the top of her pubic hair.Releasing her breasts, Brady grabbed onto the wedge pillow and her hips at the same time and pulled her toward the end of the bed. This tightened the ropes binding her in place, pulling her knees up and out spreading her legs. Brady went back to strumming her nipples before sliding his hands down her stomach to her virgin opening. He ran one thumb up and down her wet slit as the other massaged her clit.“Buttercup, you are so wet. Do you like being tied to my bed?”Jennifer let out a low moan before answering the question, “Yes.”“I am going to blindfold you while I prepare, are you ok with that?” Again, her response was yes.

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