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Subject: The Brothers Grim C-10 Please keep this site alive by donating to Nifty. fty Thanks to the Archivist for the story’s title. Thanks to readers who asked for more. Remember this story is fiction and the author does not recommend you try this stuff at home (Unless you absolutely must) Chapter 9 End: Trevor read a text message. “Guys, Max invited us to witness Nelson and Clancy’s slave induction tonight. He said we were the first ever outside the group to witness the ceremony. We are invited because Nelson and Clancy requested that we be present. “Text Max. Tell him we’ll attend. Ask him what we are to wear? Max’s return text came through in seconds. “Wear nothing.” The Brothers Grim C-10 Three whipped boys crashed on the bed in a tangle of limbs after closing the bedroom door. Mom and dad had gone somewhere, thankfully. My brain was too whipped after this afternoon’s activities to do more than snuggle with my brother and my best friend. I curled tightly around Kray and Trevor pushed against my back. His soft boyhood resting in my crack. No sexy behavior tonight. Tommy and Thad had gone home, supposedly to begin editing today’s video. They were anxious to make copies to sell the old man who had a select cliental. “Trevor, are you sure your brothers are able to hide our identities?” I asked my words passing over Kray’s neck. “Krew, they have the latest editing technology from Parker and Andrew. We are safe. I’m sure of it.” As Trevor said this, he waggled his hips getting a better position. He was still soft as he parted my cheeks sighing when he felt himself slip between them. I fell asleep feeling content with Trevor’s answer. “Boys, we’re home. Wake up.” Shit, My dad was hollering at our bedroom door. I did not want to face him, or mom if they were naked. Then I remembered Trevor. Shit, Shit. I looked at Kray wrapped around me with Trevor drooling on my shoulder. We had fallen asleep naked wrapped together. Trevor was no longer soft. I felt his hardness poking at my hole and I wanted him. I kissed Kray as I pushed against Trevor. Just great. If dad opened the door I hated to think what he would see but a part of my brain wanted him to see us. Just as Trevor’s tip pushed inside me, the door opened. “Mary. Look. Our boys and their friend are naked.” I knew we were more than that and were totally exposed, the covers fallen off us long ago. “Mom, get away. This is private.” But she walked over to stand next to the bed. Trevor and Kray were awake. Trevor rolled on his back leaving me rubbing his eyes. His erection was totally displayed. Kray’s boner which moments before had been against mine throbbed as he stretched. My parents were now watching their sons and their friend. I reached for the covers to hide our nakedness and glared at my parents. “Both of you, out. Have some decency and respect for us. Please, I’m asking you.” Mom spoke up, “All right dear. We will let you decide what is proper around us.” She let her eyes roam over our nakedness before I could cover our bodies. “And mom, Please wear clothes when we are around. You might like total openness. I don’t like being that open with my parents. Kray and I love you. But there have to be limits. Please?” We were now covered as I glared at my parents. Mom looked disappointed. However, she nodded and guided dad out of the room and closed the door but not before blowing me a kiss. Trevor was first to speak after he regained his senses. “Your mom is hot. Your dad is not şişli travesti bad either.” He giggled. I shoved his shoulder. “Jerk” Kray and I looked at each other. I could see in his eyes the love he felt for me. Sure we included Trevor in our sex play, but my heart belonged to my brother, not to Trevor. As he had said, “Just boys having fun.” What Kray and I had was more than fun. “Want to finish what we started before your parents interfered?” Trevor asked as he pushed m on my side against Kray. Kray kissed me. “It’s okay Krew. Trevor can be with you as long as you hold me and we make out.” I felt stunned, Kray was giving me permission to let Trevor take me as he and I enjoyed each other. I nodded as I wrapped my arms around Kray and began to love him. I felt Trevor again push at me. I relaxed as he entered me. I pushed against his hardness as I pulled Kray tightly to me in an embrace of passion as I lost myself in Krays, mouth. I wanted my brother. No I loved Kray. Trevor caused me to release every feeling I had and channel them to Kray. In Kray’s arms, our mouths locked and our cocks rubbing, Trevor was a catalyst for the most intense organism I ever had as I screaked my love for my brother at my moment of release. Trevor’s cock throbbed and I could tell he had released as he sucked on the back of my neck. A moment later, Kray stiffened and warmth spread over my groin, his seed joining mine. The three of us lay there afterwards, breathing heavily as we rested in our afterglow, each of us whimpering and giving each other light kisses. We finally left our love nest and showered together still touching and kissing. After we calmed, we dressed getting ready to heads over to Max’s Our parents were cuddling, naked, ewww, and watching TV as we left after saying our goodbyes. We arrived at Max’s house and after ringing the bell, Max invited us in. “Before we go downstairs,” he told us, “you need to understand my brothers and his friends agreed to letting you watch the induction only because Wally and I told them what Nelson and Clancy had done to Krew. You can only watch, not participate, understood?” We all nodded. “You can stay all weekend?” Again, we nodded. “Okay, let’s go.” Max and Wally’s older brothers and their friends shared a house. Max and Wally were slaves but tonight they were off duty except to serve drinks and food to the masters. The basement was dark except for a spotlight. In the center of the cone were my two tormentors. They were naked and their arms were held over their heads by ropes. They knelt on the floor and they both had impossibly hard cocks. We were allowed to walk around and inspect their bodies. I saw a dildo strapped in each butt hole and heard the buzz of a vibrator. Every so often, one of the guys caressed either Nelson or Clancy who were besides themselves moaning with desire and begging to be able to release. Away from the captive teens, Max explained that the two slaves were drinking a potion that kept them from gaining release. Its effects lasted about four hours and that is why that were to keep drinking. Additionally, they would not be released for a bathroom break. If they asked to go, they were told to piss in a jar whose contents were fed to the other boy. “What if they gave to, uh, you know, uh shit,” I asked? Max grimaced. “Well, even though we are not on duty, we have to catch it in a pan, make believe one of them will eat the other’s deposit if they do not accept the conditions beylikdüzü travesti of their slave contract. Oh, what they are drinking produces a strong laxative effect.” The night wore on as the older teens continued to stimulate the victims who could not find release. Shortly after midnight the two were openly humping the air trying to cum and finding no relief. Their pleas were pitiful. They promised they would do anything if they were just allowed to find relief. A loud cry of passion, as if some one was in the throes of an ultimate sexual experience rose from Clancy followed by one from Nelson and both teens were now twisting uncontrolled as the humped and gained no relief. “My brother just upped the vibrations to the max,” Wally told us. “This will go on all night. You three should probably get some sleep. Use Max’s and my bedroom. We have a queen sized bed. You can spread out.” “What happens later tonight?” Kray asked? Nelson and Clancy will be given the opportunity to agree to be used by a four very large teens whose cocks are each over eight inches. That will be a tease as no one will fuck them. They will continue to be edged. and will be made to degrade themselves by providing sexual release for others but they will not be able to get release themselves. The only fluids they will get will be the potion and each other’s piss, oh and any cum one of the older guys feeds them.” “So what are their roles as slaves?” “Here’s the deal, Kray. They agree that whenever they are on duty as slaves, they will be naked and available to perform any sex act with each other for the viewing pleasure of the masters. They also agree to be attached to any of the devices in the basement and suffer any indignities a master wishes. They also agree their sex life is under control of the masters and cannot get relief unless a master permits it. They can also be caged and they must shave their body hair weekly.” Then Max continued. When not on duty and if a master wishes to give one or both a special treat, like going to a movie or a nice dinner, that happens. They also have a safe word that they can use to stop any action. Wally and I get used frequently so our treats do not happen so often. If Clancy and Nelson agree to be slaves, Wally and I will catch a few breaks.” “I thought slaves had to do stuff that degraded them and even in public,” Trevor said. “We are underage so only those who are part of this group can participate. No one outside this group can learn about us. We have older members who come by now and then. Mostly it is my brothers and their friends. That’s why this is a big deal to have you three here.” Trevor, Kray, and I made ready for bed. I knew we were aroused seeing Nelson and Clancy unable to cum as they hanged and humped for the enjoyment of the masters. Kray and I made love while Trevor watched us enjoy each other. Later, we both made Trevor’s night enjoyable. Taking a page from what we saw, we licked and kissed Trevor’s body making him squirm and beg. Every time he was close we held his hands and listened to him plead. When he leaked, we fed him his precum. That only made him beg for more. His body was slim and we could see the outline of his ribs. His cock had to be a rigid six inches and his balls were tight in their sack. We could control his arms and legs and watched as he writhed in passion on the sheets. His hips humped the air providing us an erotic spectacle. Finally each of us began licking his hard penis, istanbul travesti his glans swollen. We had no thought of stopping now and delighted hearing Trevor use a slew of filthy words as he approached his orgasm. He shot so hard and far that he hit his face and hair before settling and dribbling on his belly. We wiped him, and sated, all three of us fell into a deep sleep with Kray and I wrapped in a tight embrace with Trevor hugging us both. In the morning, after attending to the usual which included taking care of our stiffies, we ventured to the kitchen. One of the brothers sat eating a bowl of cereal. “Morning guys. Sleep well? Grab something to eat.” After we helped ourselves to cereal, I asked where Max and Wally were?” “They had a late night. We pressed them into their slave roles. Our candidates lost control of some bodily functions after we tattooed our marks on their manhood and where their pubic hair used to be. We removed their hair permanently. They belong to us. This morning you will see how they look after they accepted their fate. When you see them don’t be startled at how their appearance. They look bad. However, except for the tattoo pain and the hair removal pain, they were not tortured.” I looked at my friends then asked the brother, “What if after all the permanent marks and hair removal, they decide not to continue?” Last night after they were used in ways they had never experienced and did things they never imagined they would do, we offered them one last chance to stop. We told them if they agreed to continue, the next step would be irreversible. Both agreed to continue. They belong to us now. You can go down and see them, even talk to them. They do not look pretty. They are a mess and they stink. After everyone wakes, they will be cleaned and given new lives as our possessions. In return they will receive guidance and direction while still at home and in high school until they are old enough to start their adult lives. Their college tuition is now guaranteed.” The first thing that hit me as we entered the dungeon was the stench. It smelled like bathroom that was never cleaned, Mixed with that smell was the smell of cum. Next, I saw Clancy and Nelson, still with their arms tied above their heads but their bodies were not stretched. Upon closer examination, I saw their cocks were wrapped in gauze and the area where their pubes had been like wise was bandaged. Their faces were snot covered and tear streaked. They looked whipped from lack of sleep but they were grinning as we approached. Nelson’s words were slurred. “We did it guys. Painful as all shit. But we did it. You better hope you never have to have your cock tattooed. They tattooed a Celtic ring around the base.” Clancy barely grinned as he added, “You can see it after it heals. We can’t tell you all the sex stuff we did but I can tell you I learned stuff I did not think anyone ever knew about. They stopped the drinks and when we came I think we both shot hitting that wall.” We waited to watch as the masters, with great tenderness and many hugs and kisses tenderly released and cleaned their new slaves who would be staying until tomorrow night to receive instruction in their roles as slaves. Max and Wally would help instruct them. As we prepared to leave, both new slaves asked one of the masters if they could kiss each one of us. “If the three of them agree, you may. We did and they did, thanking us and telling us they would see us in school. Author Note: Kray and Krew are growing deeper in love. They do not exclude Trevor. The island scene will come later. I hope to include a surprise or two with the island part. Comments and suggestions at: . Please keep this site alive by donating to Nifty. fty

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