The Case Of The Blood Red Moon

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A low moan of pleasure escaped her lips. His head was nestled between her legs as he licked her there. She caressed his curly hair. The feeling of his probing tongue sent erotic ripples through her young body. They were high school sweethearts. The summer moon shone down through the open sunroof on them in the back seat of his car.He captured her clit between his warm lips and gently sucked. Another moan escaped her, and a hot flush spread across her flesh. Into her moist depths, he slid one long finger. Her body gave a small shudder as he penetrated her though he could only go so deep before they touched her hymen. He moved his hand back and forth as he licked at her pussy with his tongue. It sent another shudder through her young naked body.She felt his other hand on the underside of her leg, caressing her, then he lifted it to place it on his shoulder. This pressed her back into the seat. It also opened her legs to his actions further. He added a second finger to the first. He often played with her with them. Sometimes like this while he licked her, and at other times when they were necking. He did not know she secretly wore skirts almost every time they went on a date, just so she could let him fondle her with those fingers. Her breath came in gasps, and quivers rippled through her. His skillful actions were going to bring her to a climax soon. She felt as if she could float up and touch the moon, so bright and full above her. When he took her clit in his mouth and sucked, she exploded.Her orgasm clouded her mind with pleasure, and her body quivered around his fingers.”Darling,” she whispered, coming to earth moments later. Taking his face in her hands, she kissed him. She tasted herself on his lips. “That’s the last time you do that.”Puzzlement at her words showed on his face. Backseat groping and hidden fondles had been the extent of their teenage passion.”Do that to a virgin, silly,” she smiled, a wicked smile. Tonight she had decided things would change between them. “I want you. I want you in me tonight.”***Under that same full moon, a dark and sinister shape watched the two young lovers. In its heart throbbed a different passion, one for blood and violence. It wanted warm flesh beneath its claws, but something held it back. Let them have their brief moment of sweaty lust, it thought. There was still time.***”Put it in me,” she whispered. “I want you so badly.”Standing between her legs, he muttered a soft curse. Sitting up, she looked down. He was fiddling with something in his hands obviously aggravated.”Damned rubber,” he muttered. “I can’t get it on.””I’ve never seen one,” she told him.Suddenly feeling quite brazen, she reached for his hand.”Let me see it.”She took it from him. Putting one finger into near-transparent latex, she saw the problem. In his excitement, he had been trying to put it on backward. With one hand, she grasped his erect cock. Eager to be in her, it quivered at her touch. She centered the condom and unrolled it down the hard shaft.”Maybe I shouldn’t let you have me,” she stroked his latex-covered cock. “Maybe I’ll just give you a handjob instead.”He kissed her as an answer to her teasing. His tongue entwined in hers. With his hands, he massaged her bare breasts. She broke the kiss and moved his cockhead to the entrance of her virgin cunt. She rubbed it up and down her wet pussy, just barely inside the lips. Her excited juices made the tip shiny in the moonlight. He sucked in his breath at her actions.He moved his hips slowly forward and back, letting his cock penetrate her. The tip wormed its way in and out. Pleasure for them both radiated from the contact. Her pussy got even wetter, preparing her for that thrust that would make her a woman.With one arm, he Ankara bayan escort hooked her left knee. Pulling her leg up, he rested her ankle on his shoulder. He did the same with the other leg, then spread her wide. At the end of each shallow stroke, the head of his cock pressed against her cherry. Just a light tap and brief pressure. Waves of pleasure flowed through her, and she sighed, unconsciously relaxing. She was surprised at his restraint.Suddenly he lunged forward. The thin barrier of her virginity gave way with one quick tear. The pain was sharp. He let her recover then feed her two slow strokes. Going deeper each time, he opened untouched depths. That lit her mind with erotic joy. He pushed forward until he was buried to the root.The juices that wet his pubic hairs were tinted pink. In their passion, both ignored that little bit of blood.***The dark and sinister shape had almost made up its mind to seek other prey. Then the coppery scent of newly spilled blood wafted across its nostrils. The smell was a hot iron thrust deep into its brain. Red eyes stared through the tall grass at the grunting couple. It stood and started forward.Perhaps the boy would fight. Long clawed hands clenched and unclenched. Gauging the boy’s strong back and bulging muscles, it smiled. It was always good when they fought. The dark shape glided silently through the grass.Or perhaps the girl would run. It chuckled softly to itself, thinking of past chases. Yes, better when they ran.***The sun had just dipped below the horizon when Detective Sergeant George Saberson pulled into the Precinct’s parking lot. He had his pick of places. The lot was empty except for three other autos and a single squad car.Tonight was the last night the old station would be open. Tomorrow, its doors would be locked for good. The city had consolidated all of the West County departments over the last year into one “mega-station.” Saberson did not care for the new building. It was an ugly block of concrete and glass. Worse, it added twenty minutes to his travel time. Moving had taken less time than planned. The only things left here were some furniture and the phones. Since the date had been publicly announced, the Chief felt obliged to keep a few people here until the old station was officially closed.Saberson, as the newest Detective Sergeant at the Precinct, was stuck with the shit detail of this last night’s watch. With him were Desk Sergeant Gardner and two patrolmen. Of all the luck, he thought, getting out of his car. At least it got him out of Stakeout. Grabbing his jacket, he went inside.”You don’t understand!” someone yelled. “He has got to die before the moon comes up.”Gardner and the two patrolmen were clearly in trouble. Hands high, their pistols lay at their feet. They were held at bay by a dark-haired man in his thirties and wearing glasses. He wore blue jeans and a t-shirt, with a windbreaker over that. He clenched a big silver revolver in a shaky grip.”I’ll shoot one of you if I have to!” The man yelled, clearly nervous. “Take me to him now.”Saberson let the door close softly, careful not to make a sound. Luckily, the man had not noticed his entrance.”Now, let us all stay calm,” a woman’s voice said. “There is no need for violence. I am sure something can be worked out if we just talk about it.”She was standing over by the benches. That is why Saberson had not seen her when he had entered. A tall woman easily six foot, she wore a business suit with a short skirt, glasses, and had her red hair pulled back with one of those large bows Saberson hated. She was beautiful in a cold and frosty way. He did not recognize her.”You’ve got no idea what you are dealing with!” The man kept Escort bayan Ankara moving the gun back and forth. “You think those puny bars will hold him. When the moon rises, he’ll break free and kill you all.”Saberson drew his revolver, stepped up, and put the barrel to the back of the man’s head.”Only going to be one person who might die here tonight,” he growled. “It just depends on how stupid he is.””Oh hell,” the man muttered, lowering his gun.Gardner and the two patrolmen jumped forward, wrestling him to the floor. They cuffed his hands behind his back and began reading him his rights.”Damned glad to see you, Detective,” Gardner handed Saberson the man’s gun.It was a big .44 magnum. Saberson popped open the cylinder. The bullets inside were strange, not lead but shiny and what looked like silver. Saberson put the pistol in his coat pocket. The two patrolmen pulled the man roughly to his feet and hustled him into the back. They would take him to the elevator then downstairs to the basement holding cells.”Who’s the woman?” Saberson asked Gardner.”A shrink from Barnes,” the sergeant answered. “Here to see the Mauler.””Say what?!” Saberson exclaimed. “I didn’t know we caught the bastard.””This morning. The Department is holding him here to keep a lid on it.”The woman walked up then.”Doctor Penelope O’Shay,” she introduced herself. “Are all nights this much fun?”Saberson chuckled, shaking her hand.”Full moon brings out the crazies,” he replied. To Gardner, he said. “Phone Dispatch and have them send a car for the wacko with the gun. I want him out of here.”The Sergeant nodded and went to make the call. It gave Saberson a chance to look over the psychiatrist.O’Shay? Irish, then. She had that classic Maureen O’Sullivan looks. Carrot topped redhead, with the promise of fiery passion. Her glasses were perched low on her nose, and with her hair pulled back, she looked like some prim schoolmarm. The way she filled out that business suit made you think of anything but school.”I came to interview the suspect,” she stated. “Can we get to it? It has been a long day, and this shit hasn’t helped. I would like to get home.”Saberson nodded and lead her toward the back.”What’s the story on the Mauler?” he asked.”The suspect was picked up this morning,” she said as she followed him through the empty offices. “Patrol officers answering a call on an abandoned auto.”There were two ways down to the basement holding cells, the elevator, and a set of stairs. To use the stairs, Saberson would have to get keys from Gardner. He stopped before the elevator and pushed the down button.”What makes them think he is our man?”He turned when she did not answer him. O’Shay was standing there staring at the elevator like it might bite her, clearly nervous.”You okay, Doc?” he asked.His question seemed to shake her out of her daze. The door to the elevator opened, and the two patrolmen walked out.”I’m fine,” she said.They entered together. Saberson punched in his code number to activate the elevator, then pushed the down button. She still looked nervous, but Saberson let it ride.”What makes them think this guy is the Mauler?” he asked again.In the past two nights, nine people had been killed. Every one of them had been literally torn to bits. So far, the media only knew of three, all found together in a northside condo.”The responding officers found him nude, and asleep in the front seat of the car,” she answered. “In the backseat were two headless bodies covered in blood.”Saberson let out a low whistle. The elevator stopped, and the doors opened. A row of cells greeted them, only two with occupants.”You have got to let me out of here!” the man from upstairs yelled. “The moon is almost Bayan escort Ankara up. There’s not much time to act.”Saberson ignored him instead of concentrating his attention on the other prisoner.The Mauler was big. That was his first impression. Two fifty, two seventy-five, all muscle. He sat on his bunk, arms wrapped around his legs. He wore one of those orange prisoner jumpsuits. His head was on his knees. Long blonde hair hung down past his shoulders, hiding his face from their view.”Hello, my name is Doctor O’Shay,” The psychiatrist stepped up to the bars. “What’s yours?””Great, twenty questions!” the other man scoffed. “We’re all going to die.””Shut up!” Saberson ordered.”Thorgenson,” the man sat down on his bunk. “Olaf Thorgenson. Scream that name when he rips your hearts out.””You know each other?” O’Shay asked.”I’ve been tracking this bastard for twenty states, always just behind him,” he said, then laughed. “Now it’s all going to end because the cops are too stupid to see the truth.””What truth?””Thorgenson is a werewolf!”The man suddenly bolted from the bunk, lunging at the doctor through the bars. Saberson barely had time to pull her back.”He will change with the moonrise,” the man yelled. “And he’ll kill us all!”He walked back over to his bunk, laughing softly to himself. Saberson looked at Thorgenson and was surprised to find him looking back. Frosty blue eyes like ice, yet with something else. A great sadness behind them.”Professor Gray is right,” Olaf softly spoke. “You should kill me. Quickly too, the moon comes.”Saberson led the doctor quietly back into the elevator. Neither said a word until the door had closed.”Fascinating,” O’Shay muttered.”Yeah,” Saberson agreed. “The media will have a field day with this shit.”Suddenly the elevator lurched and stopped. The lights went out, plunging them both into darkness.”Now what?” Saberson muttered.A beam of light blazed out. The doctor had pulled a small flashlight from her handbag. Saberson knelt beside the panel and opened the door to the emergency telephone.”Gardner, what the hell is going on? The Doc and I are stuck in the elevator,” Saberson said, once the Sergeant answered. He listened for a minute, just nodding his head. “Well, tell them to hook it back up. We’re not going to spend the night in here.”Hanging the phone up, he turned.”Bi-State Electric is being just too damned efficient. Somebody told them to turn the electricity off tonight, not tomorrow.” Saberson pulled his jacket off and set it on the floor. “Gardner said it will take twenty maybe thirty minutes tops to restore power. Something about the main circuit breaker.””This is not good,” O’Shay muttered.Saberson instantly took note. The doctor’s voice had a raw edge he had heard before, usually just before the person jumped to their deaths off of a high building.”You okay, Doc?””You wouldn’t think a psychiatrist would have phobias. Eight years of schooling should be good for something,” she replied. “Claustrophobia. Had it since I was a child. Never been good in small enclosed places. Reminds me too much of the hole I got stuck in when I was eight.”He could barely make out her face beyond the glare of the flashlight. It had a stark and nervous look. She started to pace back and forth. Not much room for that in the elevator. She was like some caged beast.”It was like this, dark and hot,” she roughly pulled her jacket off, throwing it down in the corner. “Forty-eight hours I spent in that hole. Damn it, why don’t they hurry up.”She went to the panel and started pushing the button over and over. Saberson, fearing she would do herself harm, grabbed her from behind. She was shaking like a leaf.”Everything’s gonna be alright,” his breath ruffled her hair. “We will be out of here in no time.”She spun around in his arms and grabbed him, crushing her lips to his. Saberson’s surprise made the kiss no less sweet.”I need something to get my mind off this damned elevator,” she murmured, looking up at him. “Guess it’s your lucky night, Detective.”***”Why did you come to Saint Louis?”

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