The collapse of a friendship

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The collapse of a friendship… You kept from now until the end of the month when you want to attend one of his parties. It is an old acquaintance, and has invested a lot in me and others like me, but for now do not think. As the time comes I will tell you. Just know that 30. busy you are, you will “night shift” …- On 30. This month there? Danny, I can not! – Men leap on the bed as striketh. – Then there Valio birthday is on 19 and I wanted to just emptying them. – Well, OK! Decision is entirely yours, but only said that to attend this party will be paid as much as you passed the whole summer. – And you know you’re there? – Valerie also creep into the conversation. – Do not know yet! You two were selected from a kind of catalog that I maintain to present you to potential future clients. Not sure if you want me and me. But enough about me … Valio, how you get things cost? Do you think you needed to do it?- Well, I think not! I will do everything possible to earn money … – Super! And with Gaucher where do we stand with “training”? – Danny looked at me and stuck his face was an oily smile. – A good teacher is not it?I chuckled and threw a pillow at him. – Well, well! Obviously not you break … Again he laughed, grabbed his jacket and with a giggle out of the room, leaving us to finish. I was not sure Valerie will want to continue from there, where were we, but it surprises did not stop. He bent his pants and pulled out a box of condoms.- Well? – He said calmly, and seemed so sure of what he does. – You are my first, you or I?I liked the idea that tight ass moved more in that moment, but wanted to see how he will cope with my gazets. Dilemma was great. In the end I decided to set on fire ass hardly digitalbahis yeni giriş fucked me good quality and so let him go first. And pishoka I was dropped and now I needed to recharge amonitsiite. Encouraged him, he still polapah least showed him how to put condoms without hands, brushed his hole with a little lube and have bent my ass up, waiting for me to shine. He hesitated a little, but I turned to him with a smile and predispose it to continue as planned.- Come, relax! I do not bite … at least not much … – and laugh at what muskulchetata of my ass and zasvivaha zarazpuskaha in rhythm with laughter and then it felt exactly how you scored within me, without preparing the ground without soil felt.I was lucky that I had already worked back, otherwise it would be a lot of tender. Vowed his mind back to him for being so rude. Hand it to regulate some slowdown, but it seems as he liked. Banging like an a****l. Definitely had already disbursed to me. Frankly, this rough game I liked, even pretty. I liked how taking control and doing everything possible to my friends and me. He was very passionate and resonant. Groaning, moan and generally issue any sounds, some poludivashki. This further excite me. Only did I know that is capable of this.When the time comes to klaymaks, Valio was like obezomyalo a****l. So strong zablaska me back that I felt that drill for oil. Seconds before you erupt, you remove the piece ran tstseliyat condom and poured on my back. Warm sperm flowed through me and all mixed with the sweat of frantic fuck. Valerie, exhausted and left without air lay flat on my back and severe zadisha to my ear. He kissed me several times on the neck and I felt how his digitalbahis giriş heart was crazy thunder in his chest.- Spasitelche, do you have more power? This is not the end. Come your turn …And as he lay on me, I rolled back and he was on me, but we were face to face. It seemed happy with what had just happened, but there was a shadow of worry in his eyes.- If you do, there is no turning back, right? No. But you can always go forward. f. What do you say?I looked deep into his eyes and could see how his mind pass countless thoughts. Then get an answer to your question. Valerie closed her eyes and slid his tongue in my mouth. Then I felt the same way as I felt in my first hand with my Valio. Understand what goes through Valerie, but the choice was his.Hugged him, shook him hard without him otlepyam of himself and lose his kiss. With mutual efforts we took such a position that he was lying under me, all sweaty and sticky, but so helpless and sexy. Does he just lay there and looked at me. My initial plan to izporya hard for having it do so with me, now seemed inhuman cruelty. In his eyes reading and suffocating fear of embarrassment. Then I decided to first show him what a pleasure.I got him to the hips and I turned so that his ass to my face steep and almost his balls to hit on the forehead. It is a little embarrassed, but I gave him time to react. Wet tongue stuck in his hole and lascivious razvartyah it. Valerie just groaned with pleasure. Twisted under me, kneading chershavite, bit his lip and groaned, panted, groaned. So I was playing with his anus, I felt that it would ignite ecstasy. I do not believe ever imagined what pleasure could have been in this area, but it was digitalbahis güvenilirmi not all that was not the best. Having discarded the third time and then on his face, while the walls of sexual delirium, I otlepih of his ass, the open areas between the thighs and slowly my way between Beziers of his sweet, tight ass. Initially, take it normally, but after Bodni more insistently, Valerie roared as a lion wounded with hands positioned along the belly me away. But I would not give him. More aggressively shoved him and he in me twisted with pain. Tightening and tried their best to get rid of foreign tyala inside. But I do not tight and gives it to move very much. Among his screams for a second thought if it does not violate the moment because it seems it was not pleasant. But after a few push forward took things back to normal. Pain decreased obviously, and perhaps even disappeared. A Valio, filled with sweat and left without a voice, just looked at me and turned my naughty ass, my dick Fret. – How are you? Want to quit? You know, the worst mine …No. Now I started to become good.Indeed, I felt that it was good. Th May suspicions would prove true. Valio but it was really sexual. Just continued to lie until I moved, looking at me, still, but now without fear and with confidence and determination. I was grabbed around the waist and adjust my pace. Not long after I obtained pishoka, Valerie sighed with relief at the moment my head detaches from its already widely gaping ass, reached down, took off the condom and started fucking my beats its head. I liked it. Was really relaxed. Zalyushti me furiously and after a moment – so I have the face and chest. I leaned over, kissed him again and threw herself on him. Our rapid breathing is synchronized. We did not have the strength to go even a bath. Just I lay on one another, perspiring, drenched in our own juices, but happy. Valerie was a good student, willing to pakari world. So in reflection both fell asleep on each other, smiling …To be continued …

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