The Experience Room Story 04 Pt. 01

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The Experience Room — Story 4 — Part 1 – Prologue

By Braceface2015

Let me start off by telling a little about myself. I am just over five feet tall, just over one hundred pounds and have long hair that is almost blonde with a touch of copper in it. My hair color is natural, although I have added some highlights from time to time, sometimes blonde and sometimes copper depending on my mood.

My boyfriend is just under six feet tall, very well muscled and has medium length dark-brown hair. When I sit in his lap, facing him, we are at the perfect height for kissing, which we do a lot of.

We both have jobs at the university, me in the computer department in the Computer Sciences building, him in medical imaging in the medical arts building. Our jobs overlap slightly, which is how we met. We are both in our late twenties and have talked about marriage at some point in our future. Another thing that we have in common is computer gaming.

The university has an active Virtual Reality gaming group which we are both members of. At some point in the past, I decided to let him customize a character for me to use while gaming, with the condition that it had to be realistic looking. What I didn’t tell him at the time was that I was also escort izmir making one of him.

There’s a company that is developing VR software that allows the player to experience more than just a visual world, they are using technology from many different areas to enable the player to use all their senses. The Computer Sciences students have been given a chance to test it out and help find and fix the bugs. The unique thing about this is that we have the opportunity to have our body scanned and use that as our character if we choose to. Another option is to create a character using the software in the VR simulation. It is also possible to alter the characters afterwards.

Part of the VR software came from a sports medicine imaging program that tracked a players movements and the university has the same program in the medical imaging department. Several of the people have decided to have their bodies scanned, including me. It didn’t take much convincing to get my boyfriend to do a second scan of me in the nude. What he didn’t tell me at the time was that he had the same done of his body.

The initial testing was with bodysuits with electrodes used to stimulate the skin to simulate the feelings.

The bodysuits worked fine except all they did was stimulate the skin to create escort izmir a feeling of what they thought it should feel like, not what each person actually really felt in real life. A good example was drinking alcohol. One person would describe a beer having a certain flavor, while another would say that it had a different taste to it. Some people could drink more than others without feeling the same effects.

All the senses were affected the same way, and the people all had the same sensation of it being more of a dream than anything else. It was a good start, but the developers wanted a more realistic experience.

Eventually they switched to electrodes on the neck over the spinal column and over the temples to get the same results. The simulations became more realistic over time as more people began programming environments, but it was still leaving the participants feeling as if they were in a dream, rather than being in an interactive situation. One of the difficulties was the amount of computer information that they were working with to create the simulation.

The company had upgraded the programs to use a more realistic environment based on real places and had started using electrodes that ‘read’ what the person was feeling to help build a record of their own feelings and sensations.

The electrodes also sent information to the VR program about what the player was feeling, so that the simulation became more realistic with use. The final step was a mild hypnotic sedative to completely submerge the person in the VR simulation. It feels very much like getting drunk, only without the hangover.

There are a number of testing environments to choose from, ranging from a generic feeling bedroom and house to a more personalized one customized to look and feel like the players own home. It involved taking pictures from several different angles in each room. Both of us had done this and had used it in the setup stages of the VR simulation.

The final step that they were working on was to make the environment accessible to more than one user at a time. All the previous versions had been single user creations that had characters programmed into it to interact with. This latest version, the version that we were currently testing, is supposed to be able to have more than one person in it at the same time, allowing for a more realistic sensation. The program is supposed to take input from more than one person and combine the sensations being generated into an interactive experience.

We had been working at the lab, trying to add a realistic starting point to our own world. So far we had limited success in combining all the parts into a working model that felt as realistic as the real world.

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