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Subject: The Glory of Kellin Part 1 The Glory of Kellin Part 1 By Chaosmode (M/b, consensual, oral) This story is a work of fiction, not reality. Nothing in it ever happened and things like this don’t really happen at all. That said enjoy! This is a short story. A lot shorter than I usually write. I haven’t been around these parts lately as I’ve been focusing more on stories involving older women with younger boys that I’ve been posting on other places that have an interest for that stuff. That said, I wanted to come back to Nifty and write some more M/b and m/b stuff like my previous works posted here (in fact I’m working on two at the moment this short and a much longer one I hope to have out before Christmas). So I hope you enjoy this little tale of Ian and Kellin. This is just the first part where they meet and have some first steps fun. The second part (I think this is only a 2 part story) involves the rest! You can always reach me at: chaosmode00@tutanota Also if you can please donate to Nifty: fty/donate.html I. This tale may be a little hard to believe, but I’m telling you that this is how it happened and when it happened. So a a few years ago I got caught doing something totally consensual with a boy of fourteen. At the time I was twenty-three and well lets just say that he was happy with it, his dick was happy with it, but his mom well she wasn’t so happy with it. The nature of the crime, the age of the boy, all of that added up to some shit, but I guess I got lucky because I only spent a year in jail though I ended up on that stupid sex offender registry. Though I guess if I hadn’t end up on it then this event wouldn’t have ever happened now would it. I guess that I need to thank that boys mom for being a bitch about her very gay son getting it on with an older man. A son whom I might add came onto me in a very public place with three of his friends all giggly laughing at the cute couple. If not for his mom coming home early…well I digress this isn’t a story about that incident. My name is Ian and around the parts that I live in I’m known to be on the registry, but most of the people out here think its bullshit. I’m twenty-six now and still look a damn much younger. For example for the first week I was dating that lovely boy he thought I was sixteen. When I broke the news to him that I was twenty-six well… the boy almost took me right there in public. Thankfully I managed to hold his composure. Also I wasn’t his first experience sexually with another boy. He had been having sex with older teens since he was twelve, and had always wanted an adult man as well. I digress this isn’t a story about that teenager or what landed me in jail. At twenty-six even after a year behind bars I still looked like what most would describe as a pretty boy. Light brown hair, green eyes, fair skin and a face that could have rivaled some movie stars that are known for their looks. In fact I had done and stared in a few amateur porn cam shows over the years and still found myself doing them now that I was out of jail. Even though I was in my mid twenties I’d often get classified in the jail-bait or barely eighteen categories that are so very popular on porn sites these days. I mean honestly who doesn’t want to fuck a teenager? Even so with my status I had to be careful about those sites because well… didn’t want my parole officer to find out I was messing around on cam for others to watch me jerk off. Eventually that shit even got boring so I just gave up on it all and started just trying to figure out what to do with my time. I had taken a job that was basically sitting at home watching television all day. I had to live in a certain spot in the city and couldn’t be near any schools again, bullshit I hadn’t offended anyone and hadn’t forced anyone into shit. So yeah whatever some parents really suck, and ruin all your fun. Other parents though… well lets get to the heart of this little tale. I was working one afternoon when an email popped up on my computer. Thankfully I had never been caught doing stuff on a computer. The police who had come to arrest me had both thought the mom was over reacting as well and hadn’t even ransacked the place just taken me in. Fuck the judge had thought it was consensual and had only thrown me in jail because of the laws of our stupid fucked up country. Ugh I’m digressing again as you can see even now two weeks after my most incredible experience I’m still pissed about how I was treated for having consenting sex with someone. So this email, it was something for sure. It actually came to me through regular channels, actually through an email that I had gotten for work stuff though it was just a basic account. Honestly I hated using something so public but my job of the time did require it. I was sitting there at my computer sipping coffee debating on rather or not I wanted to work or jerk off. I was really close to deciding to jerk off because well work sucked. At first when I saw the email I was pretty sure this was bait trap at its finest, someone was trying to get met out somewhere public admitting that I was meeting a teenage boy to fuck and off to jail I would go again. I almost deleted the thing, but something about the email really struck me as I read it. I found myself logging off of the standard computer and going into something more secure so that I could use a more secure email address as the man who had sent it to me suggested. Dear “offender”, You and I both know that you didn’t do anything wrong, and well there’s a real opportunity for you just based upon your looks and what you desire. You see I have three very rambunctious boys (well talk later about ages) and all three of them are clearly into having fun. My two oldest are more or less bisexual to some limits. My youngest, well he’s as gay as the rainbow just as I know you are. Anyway I am writing to you because of a few things. The first is my youngest has a crush on you. The boy often goes on places on the web that I would prefer he didn’t. Anyway he found a video of you from a few years ago when you were in your early twenties, and upon looking you up we found that you were on the sex offenders registry for having sex with a fourteen year old.. well that’s plain stupid. My point is we both know its bullshit when it comes to teenagers and how horny they are. Anyways if you want to talk more, reach out here… He listed a simple id which I knew what it was instantly. So at this point I had two options believe this strange blatant email or don’t. I logged onto the dark web (oh so scary and illegal) and went to contact him through the secure message service that his number had indicated. Within a moment we began to message back and forth. I started with a simple: This is Offender from the email. Him: I see you read my email, and are probably thinking that this is still some kind of trap but I assure you its not, my youngest wants you to be his first and maybe more than that if you’re up for it. There’s only one catch. Me: Let me guess its me spending my life behind bars when I meet you and you’re a cop? Him: Laugh Emoji, No. The catch is that you’ve got to prove that you want it. My three boys and I are going camping this weekend, up at Lake Little Horn and there’s a certain interesting restroom up there. My two oldest want to try something that I told them was quite popular back in my day and well the youngest will go along with it because he’s at that age. Me: I um see. How do I know that you’re not a cop. Him: Come to Little Horn and see for yourself. We’ll be in camp spot G-13 don’t get a spot anywhere near it, we wouldn’t want to break your bullshit regulations. If you don’t like what you see or trust it then just leave my boys can mess with each other instead. I sat there after he logged off and stared at my computer screen. The thought of what he was suggesting was not lost on me. The camp grounds he was speaking of I had been too when I was thirteen with my family. It was where I had sucked my first dick, that of a sixteen year old. We had been playing around before that then gone into the bathroom there. In one of the stalls he had seen a hole and we got an idea. Later we’d learn that this idea wasn’t new or original that what we had done was play around with a glory hole. I knew the place that the man was talking about, even remembered the camp grounds themselves. There were a lot of woods out there, and the lake was peaceful. This time of the year it wouldn’t even be all that crowded. Also maybe I was a little vain about my looks, and learning that a young boy found me attractive well, I was down for that. I mean the odds were that this was some kind of bullshit that I was walking into. Still, it had been a couple of years since I’d been with a teenage boy so I figured that I’d give this a shot having no real idea what I was walking into at the time. I mean this man had sought me out through the sex offender registry because of his son having seen me in some amateur porn as a young adult with other adults from before I was caught? Well shit I had to know who this son was right? So I got a tent, some other supplies and got on with Little Horn to register a spot out far away from the G section. I had been right about how empty the park was when I arrived, it really was as peaceful and as well maintained as I remembered from my youth. It was strange to realize that I was coming here to maybe have sex with some kid of an undetermined age. After I had set my camp ground up with the tent and a few other things I took a look at the map and went in search of the G section. As I approached I could hear the sound of giggles of the prepubescent kind with the sounds of someone older messing with them as well. I stayed to the back just peaking around to see what I could and the sight that I witnessed was one that left me throbbing. I’ll be perfectly honest, I’d never thought much about fucking a preteen boy before that day. Teens were more than willing and some of them still had small dicks that felt incredible really in the mouth and the ass as well. Right there though that all changed when I laid my eyes upon the scene before me. As it had been advertised it was indeed three boys of various ages. As I watched my eyes took in the oldest of the three boys first, he was above five feet, but not quite five and a half yet. Then my eyes went to take in the other boy with him as well. Both of them had the same light golden blonde hair, the oldest had cut it short around the ears and he currently had no shirt on showing off the clear sign of pectoral muscles and even some muscle on his flat stomach. He was currently tickling the youngest of the three, his fingers rubbing over the boys ribs trying to make him squirm. I wanted the teenager, but it was the boy that he was tickling that I wanted more. He was perhaps ten, had the same blonde hair as the older boy but his went down almost to his shoulders in slight golden curls. Even from this far away you could tell that his eyes were a light blue, and he had the smallest pixie face with a cute button nose in the center of it to go with those huge blue eyes and full lush lips. The preteen was shirtless as well showing off skinny arms, a flat skinny chest, and stomach that you’d be hard pressed to find any muscle on at all let alone any fat. His skin was slightly tanned and his giggles were like music honestly. When he giggled his mouth was open showing off perfect white teeth with a tiny pink tongue that I suddenly wanted to have licking the head of my dick very badly. If he was uncut by god he would be the most perfect ten year old in the world. Two more people appeared from out of the camper, this was the father, a man who had darker blonde hair konyaaltı sınırsız escort and with him a boy who fit somewhere in the middle of the other two. I guessed then that the oldest was probably fourteen, the middle twelve, and the youngest ten. Just a few minutes after watching them I would know for truth that those were their ages. The middle boy was sort of a blend between the older and younger. He had some clear muscle definition but just barely on his chest, mostly he still appeared to be prepubescent though he might have had some hair between his legs by now, or even some girth to his penis only time would tell. After watching them play around for a little bit I headed back towards my tent. I was about a mile away from it when he appeared. “So.” I looked over at the father as he walked out of the forest close to me on the path. He had seen me watching, I was pretty sure at least the oldest son had as well. He was taller than me, I mean that’s not too shocking I’m only five feet and nine inches so a lot of guys had towered over me. This guy was over six feet tall and that was a clear sign that his boys would all one day probably be taller than me as well. My hair was a light brown that I had cut short otherwise it curled and got on my nerves. “They’re very pretty boys you have there.” The man agreed, “Indeed, but how did you feel about Kellin?” “Your youngest?” The father once more nodded, “Yes, like I said in our conversation and the email the two oldest aren’t opposed to men or doing things with other boys, but they’re both also a lot more bisexual like I am. The youngest though, well he’s got absolutely no interest in girls. So if I’m being completely honest with you here my boys and I our goal is to get Kellin laid by you, but he’s nervous about it. So I stumbled upon this little idea, the oldest two really liked the whole naughty nature of it. Last summer they came up here and messed around with other kids they knew up in that bathroom.” I gave a small nod thinking back on Kellin’s delightful giggles I felt my dick start to respond to the sound, “Kellin is perfect. I’ve never considered being with a boy his age before. What is he ten?” A small nod from the dad again, “Never even thought about it, but he’s damn beautiful. Though I question rather or not he knows at ten what he might really want. He might come to hate or regret this kind of stuff.” The father chuckled, “Not Kellin. He was raised right knows that its his body and his choice. He wants you and I told him if he wants you now, but ten years from now he hates that he did it then that’s on him not on you or me. He got to choose if he wanted to do this, guess what he wanted to do it. I’ve taught my boys that regret is something you learn to live with. If you wanted it at the time then its on you to figure out how to live with it. You don’t go around blaming others for your mistakes or change of heart. Although with Kellin you won’t have to worry about that. The boy knows what he wants has since that first video I caught him jerking it to.” I almost choked on my own saliva, “The boy masturbates? I thought he was, well, too young for that.” The strange man chuckled, “To get an erection? To feel good? Hell no, he’s got two older brothers caught them doing stuff more than once, he’s been jerking it since he was eight I think. So its up to you now.” “What are the other two boys names and ages?” “Jeremy is fourteen just turned it a few weeks ago, he plays football and doesn’t let the other boys know that he’s bisexual. Neil is twelve and he’s going to enjoy your mouth but not much else, he’s probably the most heterosexual of my three boys, he’s sleeping with his former teacher, hot little piece of ass she is too although she’s got a clear thing for middle school boys. We play it off like she and I are dating so the boy gets his alone time. So now I suppose the ball is in your court, if you want to do this we’ll be in the men’s shower and bathroom tomorrow at one in the afternoon. I would suggest you be there before then. You’ll know the stall when you see it.” I chuckled then as I said, “I already know it, when I was around your oldest age my first boyfriend and I played around in there much like your kids did this past summer. I had figured that this place would have closed it down by now…” The father laughed, “Well if they did someone probably just opened it up again.” I laughed at that as well. That night I jerked off and came more than I had in a long while. The thoughts of sucking those two older boys off was hot, but sweet little Kellin filled my mind even more as I jerked it. I had never considered a preteen boy as anything other than cute to look at with potential for one day in the future. Now though apparently I was going to get more than I could have ever guessed. II. The following afternoon I felt my anticipation growing as one pm approached. It was a cool spring day, but even so my nervousness and apprehension about all of this grew with the sun in the sky. It could still be a trap of some kind, but I really had a feeling it wasn’t. I dressed in a tee-shirt and shorts, studied my preparedness then headed down to the shower and bathrooms in question. The place was clean surprisingly and the smell wasn’t all that bad either. Apparently someone kept this place looking really good. If I had to guess it was someone who looked forward to using the glory hole in the summer months when families were all here. I’m sure more than a few adult men had used this bathroom as a meeting place between one another. Well today it was going to be used for something different. I stepped into one of the two stalls and chuckled when I saw that the hole was still there with words crudely written on top of it: Stick it in for a surprise. I chuckled knowing that the other side probably said something similar. Then the sound of laughter filled the bathroom as I heard pairs of feet walking in. Next I heard the father’s voice, “Remember this is a choice so you can decide not to still.” The oldest boy had a voice that was cracking still as he said, “You think he’s already in there?” The middle boys voice was the only one I hadn’t really heard yet and he said, “Probably, if he’s as horny as Amy is for boys my age then he’s probably been there for an hour or more waiting for us to show up. Probably anticipating raping Kellin’s tight little ass.” The youngest said, “Shut up.” The father spoke then, “You can’t rape someone if they want it too.” The youngest spoke again. He had a glorious high pitched voice that only added to my memory of his face and body from yesterday, “Well technically you can dad even if I wanted it at first if he just grabbed me and tired to take it…” The oldest said, “Then that’s not you wanting it anymore dumb-ass that’s someone taking it from you.” “Boys please… arguing is going to make both me and Ian if he’s in there very sad.” Words of apology were spoken quickly. I had to admit that it was clear that this family was anything but traditional. I was really liking how this dad was raising his kids. “Now Jeremy you first.” The sound of the other stall opening sent my heart thumping. I wondered how endowed the fourteen-year-old would be. After all boys of that age could range anywhere from four inches up to six with girth ranging from two to four inches depending on how quickly they developed. My thoughts on what might or might not be ended when the boy pushed through the hole. My first thought was that it was clearly uncut and that delighted me it was rare to see them uncut sadly. I always hungered for an uncut dick, didn’t have one myself and wished for one often. What came through was a clear five inches in length, though the thickness of the boys penis was probably a little below average. I moved into position taking a closer look at it, this close I could smell soap still as the boys had clearly all had their showers. Jeremy said, “I don’t feel anything dad maybe he’s not…” He stopped mid-sentence when I ran my tongue across the exposed glans as the boy had already pulled his foreskin back for my consideration. In my pants I felt my own dick start to throb to the point that I pulled it out. “Oh… uh… never mind…” He tasted wonderful. I ran my tongue over the entire head, rubbing the tip of it against the boys very present pee-hole feeling it constrict as the teenager said, “oh fuck…” I then put my lips to the head sucking the entire thing into my mouth. I can’t say that I’m one of the most prolific and best suckers of dick in the world. What I will say that I know what I’m about as sucking a teenage boy off always appealed to me more than a man my own age. I began working on him with the head in my mouth, sliding down deeper on the teenagers dick as it was stuck through the wall. I wished that the hole was a little bigger as I would have loved to have seen his nut sack too but pulling almost all of his wonderful teenage dick into my mouth was more than enough for now. I could hear him when I applied pressure to the entire five inches that were now stuffing my mouth, “Oh fuck dad he’s as good as you are.” Well shit hearing that the oldest boy and his dad clearly got it on was enough to drive me in pulling my own dick out. I am not a very big guy down here I won’t lie. I’m barely six inches, and my girth was just thicker than the teenage boy that I was currently sucking. So no teenage or even probably middle school boy would struggle to get my girth into his mouth. Tiny Kellin though would be a different story altogether I was pretty sure. As I began to move on the teenagers dick I also began to rub my own. The boy started to get into it, pushing up into the hole to meet my mouth driving the tip of his dick against the top of my mouth as the boy groaned and said, “oh suck it harder please mister..” His cracking teenage voice begging me only drove me to move my mouth more along his now glistening teenage shaft. The boy groaned and moaned louder. You could tell that he was pressing himself to the wall as he said, “Oh yeah…. Oh fuck yeah….” I pulled him fully back into my mouth as I felt the teenagers dick surge sending that first load of hot sticky teenage cum into my mouth. It tasted glorious swallowing that teenage spend each load shooting out with force into my mouth as Jeremy kept moaning and thrusting into my mouth to unload more of his sticky spend. Spent the boy slipped out of my mouth and out of the hole. As you could hear him panting still from his release Nathan the middle boy said, “Damn Jeremy didn’t know you could be so fucking loud.” Jeremy a little breathless said, “Shut the fuck up.. lets see how you do.” I rearranged myself wondering what the second boy would be like. About a minute later I was rewarded with quite the surprise. I could almost see immediately why this Amy woman would want this boy in her bed. His penis wasn’t thick at all, but it was long despite that, nearly five inches already and he was barely twelve. While it was long it was still skinny not much bigger than two fingers pressed together. The foreskin wasn’t pulled back fully like it had been on the older brother, as if it was more difficult for him because he had more. I didn’t mind, in fact looking at the glorious little stick I started to wonder how nice the ten-year-old was going to look shoved through this hole. In fact because the girth was so much smaller on this one I could actually see some of the boys pubic area on the other side of the glory hole as I looked. He was clearly still without a single hair anywhere on his glorious twelve year old body. As I rested two of my fingers on his erection, drawing the foreskin back the rest of the way I wondered konyaaltı türbanlı escort if the boy could even produce sperm yet. I ran my tongue along the shape of the preteen boys smaller glans, loving the feeling of how easily I could swipe my tongue across it then press it to his pee-hole. The boy groaned and leaned in more clearly despite being more into girls getting his dick sucked by anyone was probably all the boy cared about in this moment. Most middle school boys are desperate to get their dicks sucked or fondled by other kids their own age or maybe even adults or older kids. I began working the boy into my mouth because of his smaller girth I could actually run my tongue around the head as I pulled him into my mouth further. As before I started first with the head working my tongue around it while I sucked on it and drew him in even deeper. The twelve-year-old wasn’t quite as vocal as his older brother just saying, “Faster… suck harder… oh…” As I did what he wanted drawing the boy further into my mouth until all of the nearly five inches were inside. I ran my tongue around the head as the twelve year old gasped and groaned. He started moving, trying to fuck my mouth with his skinny pole. He was eagerly thrusting into the hole and into my mouth within minutes. I could feel the surge when it happened, but unlike the older brother as this boy groaned and said, “I’m cumming!” I wasn’t hit with a spurt of hot white fluid, but instead one single spurt of sweet tasting liquid that I knew was probably still as clear as water. It landed on my tongue and I savored it. I had never had the cum of a boy just entering puberty before. By god it tasted glorious I was pretty sure it was the most addicting substance known to man. I savored it as wondered how often that Amy woman got to taste this glorious stuff. The rest of the boy’s cum was dry as his penis kept twitching in my mouth until he finally tampered off then slowly slipped from the glory hole. Somehow I had managed to not cum myself through the two boys. Jeremy said, “See I told you getting a guy to suck your dick is just as amazing if not more so.” Nathan just grunted, “Amy’s better… because she lets me fuck her while she tells me to make a baby in her.” Their dad spoke again, “Boys please not right now.” Silence settled in the bathroom. A moment later the dad said, “You’re sure about this Kellin?” There was a small sound then the dad said, “Okay we’ll be right outside.” Then the sound of a door closing with two boys and a man talking about what was for dinner tonight. I suddenly realized that I was probably alone with Kellin now. I had no idea what to say then a light blue eye appeared in the hole that I was looking at making me jump. The boy giggled, “Hi Mr. Ian…” With his eye still looking into the hole he said, “Its not as big as my brothers I don’t think the hole is going to work all that well…” It only took me a second to say, “Well then why don’t you come over here to make it easier for both of us.” A giggle, “Okay!” Then the sound of his stall opening followed by a small knock on the door I was in. I undid the door putting myself away first as I didn’t want to rush him through what I was pretty was his first time with someone who wasn’t a family member. I opened the door and took in Kellin up close for the first time. The ten year old was barely above four feet, perhaps three inches maybe four if he stood really straight up. As I said before he was a skinny little guy you could see it just by looking at him. The shirt he wore today was a little big on him showing off one of his shoulders as it had fallen to the side. His large light blue eyes met mine before they quickly scanned me once then he said, “When my dad said that you’d been caught doing bad things with boys Jeremy’s age I was really mad.” I swallowed and said, “Uh sorry.” Kellin giggled, “Not at you silly. At the people that said it was wrong. My dad said that you might not be interested in me `cause I’m younger than the other boy, but I really liked watching your videos.” I shook my head trying to get my thoughts around one thing, “Why were you watching my videos?” Kellin smiled, “Because I like seeing naked men, and well you were really handsome. I really wanted you to be my first. Dad said though that you probably didn’t like boys, just other men. That was until I found that article about you being arrested and then Dad found out the details and well… now here I am!” He giggled again with a small flush as he continued, “So do you want to suck on it now?” I swallowed hard as my penis ached in my shorts, “I want to do a lot more than that.” Kellin still flushed said, “Yeah but first the suck right? T-that was the deal.” I could tell that the boy was eager for it, fuck he really was. He stood there shifting on his feet one of his hands resting almost right on his crotch. The little guy was horny for me. Well shit who was I to deny him what he wanted. “Absolutely Kellin. First I get to suck you off just like your brothers.” He giggled then as I put my hands on his waist, “Can I take your shorts off?” Kellin nodded. I examined the boys clothes for the first time. He wore a dark blue tee-shirt with Mario on the front of it jumping with his hand up. On his left wrist the boy wore one of those plastic colored bracelets. His was the color of the rainbow signifying gay pride. His shorts were simple jean shorts that I undid the button on after I rubbed the sides of his waist. I realized as I undid the zipper that after I did this I was officially a pedophile. I mean wanting teenagers made you one in today’s world as well, but actually doing sex things with a ten year old who was probably four years away from puberty yeah I was officially going to be one now. Well for this little angel it was worth it. Under his shorts the boy wore simple briefs that matched his tee-shirt with rows of Mario sprites jumping over Koopas. The shirt was small enough that I could see the bottom of the boys stomach just below the top of the elastic band of the briefs. It was what was straining in the briefs that I cared more about though in that instant. The boys little penis created quite the nice erect bulge in the underwear straining against one of the Mario’s in a delightful press upwards. I ran a finger along the length of it feeling the little thing twitch. This made the boy giggle before I peeled his underwear down to join his shorts at his ankles. I breathed in deeply at the sight of the preteen boys erection. It was like looking at an amazing sunset or a stunning piece of artwork it was that beautiful. It stood almost straight up from between his skinny prepubescent legs. Not a single hair graced those beautiful skinny legs either or the small bulb of flesh that was his ball sack just below the glorious piece of boy meat. His penis was roughly three inches in length, maybe a hair above that. It was skinny too, about the thickness of a pencil maybe slightly thicker. The head was still buried within the foreskin as it was longer than the middle brothers and clearly needed to be worked back. The little organ twitched as the boy’s eyes studied mine. “I’m going to make you feel good now okay Kellin?” The boy nodded yes as I put my thumb in my mouth to get it wet, then I rubbed my saliva over the head of the boys penis with the foreskin and all. The little boy giggled as I did this before I used two fingers to touch his shaft. It was so warm and hard as my fingers slowly worked along the length of it. Pulling at the skin I slowly dragged it back and off of the head that it covered. Seeing the glans suddenly appear as I pulled the skin back sent a shock of pleasure through my body. The head of the boys penis was small like the rest of it, but clearly defined with the boy being erect. He had the smallest and most wonderful little pee-hole. I ran my thumb across the exposed head making the entire little thing twitch in my two fingers. I ran my hand down to the base, softly playing with his sack. I was rewarded with finding the two little nuggets within after a few seconds of hunting. Kellin breathed in when I softly rubbed over them but I was a gentle as I could be while rubbing the little wonders in his sack. I looked up at Kellin as I was on my knees now before him, “You ready?” The boy just gave a nod with his face still flushed. I smiled then leaned down and ran my tongue over the exposed head of his tiny dick. The ten-year-old gasped and jerked his boy hips up towards my mouth. I pressed my tongue to that small pee-hole, using the tip of it I fucked the tiny thing. Kellin breathed in really deeply before I ran my tongue back around the entire exposed glans. Then I let the foreskin slip back over the head as I put my lips to it. I sucked on the boys foreskin pulling at it until it stretched out so that you could see the head inside of it but it the end of the foreskin was an inch away from the head now. His foreskin tasted of soap, so clearly he had cleaned it recently. I sucked on that little bit of skin making Kellin giggle and squirm before I pushed my mouth down to plunge the entire three inches inside of me suddenly. The boy gasped his little hips flared up to my mouth. With him buried in my mouth I moved to put my hands on the boys tiny little bottom. I hadn’t yet really felt or seen ten-year-old Kellin’s ass, but now I knew exactly what it was like. The little boy had a firm round bubble bottom that felt wonderful in my hands as I squeezed on it while sucking his entire three inches into my mouth. Fuck it felt incredible having a preteen boy in my mouth. Fuck teenagers, I mean I would, but really they didn’t compare to this glorious little appendage that was currently in my mouth. I sucked harder on it, using my tongue to play with the foreskin then I pulled back to use my lips only. I used my lips to press the foreskin back with the help of two of my fingers. Then my tongue attacked the glans as I pushed the entire three inches back up into my mouth. His little penis was so small that I could get my tongue around the entire thing easily as I sucked on it in my mouth. I squeezed Kellin’s tight little ass as I began to fuck his little penis in my mouth. My tongue and my lips assailed the tiny organ as I squeezed the boys bottom. I could feel his hands on my head pressing me down on him. The boy was already eagerly thrusting his tiny hips up to meet my mouth each time that I sucked him back in. It was incredible then little Kellin out this tiny moan that was almost like a cat meowing. As he did that he also pushed up to my mouth hard hitting the top it for a second before I felt the most incredible cum ever. The boy’s penis twitched in my mouth like crazy as he thrust up pressing my mouth to the base of his penis and my nose to his soft pubic region. As the boy came he let out a, “Oh wow oh wow wow wow wow!” His little penis kept doing its best job to try and spurt something that it didn’t have yet. As I slowly slipped my mouth off of him a trail of my saliva came with me, the rest of it leaving the boys three inches glistening in the soft bathroom light. It still stood proudly between his legs giving off small twitches. I smiled looking up at Kellin. The look of bliss on the boys face was quite wonderful, he had clearly wanted that blow job. I was glad that I could make it memorable for him. I squeezed his bottom once more then I stroked his penis making the boy jump in surprise. I said, “You okay?” Kellin nodded, “Yeah its just sensitive now…” His eyes shone as he said, “Can I suck on yours too Mr. Ian?” My penis surged in my shorts. I had somehow managed to hold back my cum while I sucked on the boy, but konyaaltı ucuz escort now I realized how dangerously close I was to cumming. The thought of those full little preteen lips on the head of my dick almost was enough to send me blasting a load right there. “You sure you want that? I mean its a lot bigger than yours and like your brothers and dad… well you know…” Kellin giggled, “You’ve got sperm? Lots of it?” I gave a small nod, “That’s okay I want to taste it. Daddy said that I could with him or Jeremy, but I wanted to wait to suck my boyfriend before anyone else.” “Boyfriend huh?” Kellin again giggled with his cheeks flushing, “Sure, you know till I’m older and want a boyfriend my own age. Daddy says that learning from older guys is really the best way and Jeremy agrees. Nathan’s more into girls, but I’m not. I’m not like dad or Jeremy either though as they sometimes like girls. I don’t like girls at all. They don’t have one of these.” He touched his own penis. I chuckled in agreement, “No they don’t. So you really want to try this huh?” He gave a nod with a look at my shorts. I was of course helpless to say no to him. I stood up taking his small hands putting them on my shorts after I undid them. “Go ahead and pull my shorts down like yours.” Kellin giggled as he pulled my shorts down then his eyes went to my crotch. While he stared I pulled my shirt off draping it over the stall wall. I wore a simple pair of red boxer-briefs, but it was what was inside that held the boys interest clearly. He reached out with a small hand resting it on the erection that strained in the boxer-briefs. I was as I said not that thick, and just a little less than six inches, but to the small ten-year-old I was probably massive. His fingers rubbed along my length, they felt incredible as well, little fingers exploring as they reached the head then went back down again to play with the length. He looked back up at me both of us standing right now as he said, “Can I see it?” “Knock yourself out kid.” I said as the boy gripped at the boxer-briefs with another giggle escaping his lips. He pulled down making my erect dick get stuck for a moment before it popped out in all its glory. The boy had bent down to get the underwear off so when my penis popped out it rubbed right along one of his soft preteen cheeks. Kellin giggled as he pulled them down the rest of the way then stood back up to take in my full naked body. His eyes roamed over my flat chest and stomach, with my small definition of muscles that were about on par with his fourteen-year-old brother. Kellin’s eyes rested more on my middle though taking in my erection which pointed up slightly but not anywhere near how straight up the boys little digit did. The head was as I said cut, the glans fully exposed, but I knew the boy already knew that as he had watched some of my videos before. Kellin said, “There’s no hair like my brother Jeremy has…” I agreed, “Nope I don’t like the stuff always shave it off.” Kellin reached out rubbing his small hand along my pubic region, “Its smooth and soft like my own.” My penis twitched with his small hand so close to it. The boys eyes rested on my erection then. A bit of pre-cum had leaked out of the head. The preteen ran a finger over the opening where it was then brought it to his face. He sniffed once then when he licked it and made a slight face I chuckled even as my dick surged. “Not the best taste huh?” The cute pixie of a ten-year-old boy said, “Not really but it tastes better than brussel sprouts.” I chuckled as he started giggling at his joke. Then his small hand reached out to circle around my erection. I’m not all that thick like I said before, but I felt massive in his small hand I’m sure. He stroked me once as he declared, “I’m going to try sucking on it now.” I smiled and almost chuckled as well at the way he said it. Then he leaned down from his standing position where his head came to about the top of my stomach to run his tongue over the head of my dick while he held it. That little tongue darting around my exposed glans, sliding along the cut that was my circumcision scare sent waves of pleasure up through my body as he held tightly to my penis at the base. His little tongue darted around the opening in the head where a bit more pre-cum had leaked out. As he licked it the boy let me know, “It tastes a little better fresh.” I chuckled again as he put his lips to the head. Little ten-year-old Kellin may have never sucked a dick before, but the gay preteen had clearly seen a lot of videos of it being done as he popped the entire head into his tight little mouth. I could feel his teeth on either side of my erection now, as I was reminded just how small the boy was. I pushed up into his mouth as he kept his one hand on my shaft holding it while he pressed down on my erection. He drew in another inch as I rested a hand on his head running my fingers through his golden locks of hair. This calmed me some as I was dangerously close already to cumming. The boys mouth was so small and tight around my dick, truly this might be the best blow job I had ever gotten. I was starting to wonder how tight his little ass was going to be too. I tried not to push up into his mouth more than he was ready for, but feeling that tight little thing surrounding more of my penis was almost too much for me. His little tongue pressing against the bottom of it as if he was trying to apply more pressure. Kellin pushed down once more the head brushing against the roof of his mouth. He pulled back taking me out suddenly. The loss was profound as he said, “Its a lot bigger than it looks.” I chuckled, “You’re just new to it.” Kellin giggled too, “Yeah… its awesome though!” Then his lips were on the head again drawing me back in. I grunted with the feeling, wanting to unleash a torrent of seed into the boys mouth. I held back though as I wanted to let Kellin get a feel for what he was doing. His one hand went below my shaft to touch my balls which of course were a lot larger than his own. The boys fingers seemed to love playing with them as he slowly pushed his mouth down further on me. When the head of my penis hit the back of his throat with the boy making sure this time I didn’t hit the roof I almost came again. He gagged for a moment then pulled his mouth back slightly before plunging me. “OH shit.. Kellin don’t…” I felt my penis press to the back of his throat again, my words getting lost as I felt the head slip into his throat. The boy had never sucked on a penis but I had a feeling he’d done something to practice opening his throat for this. I rested a hand on his head as I said, “oh fuck.” His little throat felt incredible around the head of my penis, his tongue pressing along the length, his teeth rubbing along the sides slightly. Now nearly all six inches in his tiny tight mouth. His lips pressed to the end of my erection and I couldn’t take the feeling anymore. I could feel his hand still stroking my balls as if he was encouraging me to get my seed out. The boys other hand was stroking his own penis quickly as I saw that I was lost. “Fuck!” I unloaded down the boys throat as he sucked on me harder. He felt the surge, there was no way that he didn’t. Then he was sucking me as hard as he could when I pushed up to his mouth unable to stop myself another bit of my penis slipping into his incredible throat as the boy just kept pressing his lips to the base of my erection. Slowly as my first few loads shot out Kellin pulled back drawing me out of his mouth almost fully as the last few loads of my spend shot to land in his mouth not down his throat. The boy slipped me out fully as I started to soften unable to believe what had just happened. He looked up at me, a smile playing in his glorious light blue eyes as he opened his mouth showing me the last of my load resting on his tongue. My penis began to grow again as he swallowed it declaring, “Much better than brussel sprouts.” I shook my head feeling weak as I sat down on the toilet in the stall just amazed by the ten-year-old boy before me. Catching my breath I said in disbelief, “And you’ve never really done that before?” Kellin flushed, “Nope, it was scary at first Mr. Ian when I put you down my throat.. I thought I might suffocate, but when I could still breath I realized I was okay. I’ve only ever put something smaller down there. When daddy realized that I was going to want to suck on dicks a lot bigger than me he helped me figure out ways to relax my throat and stop my gag reflex. I can swallow a sword if I wanted to…your penis is a lot less dangerous.” He shrugged with a smile while I chuckled, as I could not argue with that. My eyes went to his still stiff little digit as I said, “I guess that little guy really liked that huh?” Kellin looked down at it too, “Yeah, I can’t wait till you put your penis in my butt… umm” he touched his own tiny penis, “Do you think mine could go in your butt too?” Well that wouldn’t fee like much at all, it wasn’t much thicker than one of my fingers. “Of course Kellin, we can try that if you want to. I’d love it.” The boy giggled again with a flush, “Cool, daddy said that you could come for dinner then you and I could go spend the night at your tent…” He smiled and pulled his brief’s and shorts back on. When they were back on he started to open the door to the stall. Before he could exit I grabbed the boy by his shirt turning him back to look at me. His eyes were surprised as he studied me, “What is it Mr. Ian?” “Well usually boyfriends kiss each other after something like that.” Kellin giggled again, fuck his giggle was beautiful and made my penis start to twitch back to full size. I pulled him in and gently stroked the boys cheek. I knew almost nothing about Kellin other than he was clearly into sucking dick, and liked older men. Yet that didn’t matter as I was falling helplessly for the ten-year-old. I showed him I was by kissing his lips. It was a simple kiss for a second only, my larger lips touching his softer but still much more full lips. I slipped my tongue out darting it into the boys mouth suddenly making Kellin gasp as I pulled him up onto my lap so that he was sitting there. I ran a hand through his hair while I savored both the taste of my cum still lingering in his mouth, and a taste that had to be unique to the preteen boy as well. As my tongue drew his into my mouth I stroked one of the boys cheeks. Then I ran my other hand down his soft preteen back rubbing it through his tee-shirt. Finally after a few minutes of kissing him which had left me fully erect again I pulled my mouth apart from the boys. Kellin was as flushed as I was, his breathing coming quickly as the boy said, “Wow that was so cool Mr. Ian.” I stroked his cheek, “Yes it was Kellin.” I kissed his nose then before having him slip off of my lap. I saw his eyes linger on my bulging erection again but I just said, “Lets save that for this evening.” Kellin giggled in agreement as I pulled my shorts on and we headed out of the bathroom. I couldn’t wait for tonight and I had a feeling that my new lover couldn’t either… – – – – End Note: I do have a second part planned of this story. This was designed as a short, but I might decide to extend it beyond the first two parts depending on how its received. I really have missed writing pure stories involving these kinds of fantasy experiences and that is why I’ve come back to writing them. I think after Discovering Noah I had to take a break from this kind of stuff and focus on my other interests, but I’m back to writing these kinds of stories again and hope to share them here. I have a few other ideas as well that would be more in the bisexual range that I want to explore too, but for right now my focus is on stories like this one and my other longer story that I hope to have out in a few weeks. Thanks for reading and if you liked this I would really love to hear your thoughts on it or any of my other stories you can reach ota My other stories can be found here on Nifty: https://www.//authors.htmlchaosmode Please if you can help Nifty out: fty/donate.html

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