The Hike

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Jason Fields slipped off a massive winter glove to check his wristwatch — 4 p.m. That meant he had an hour of sunlight remaining, maybe less. He was hiking through the remote Blue Mountains in eastern Oregon, trying to escape the memories of Tabitha, his prude, bitchy ex-wife. Their divorce had finalized three weeks’ prior, and Jason couldn’t wait to vacation for a few weeks and reconnect with nature.

Jason was a jet mechanic by profession, and each day after handling machines, tools, and giant engines, he wanted to place his hands on something soft — Tabitha. Unfortunately, his ex-wife’s sexual favors came with endless demands of chores, obeisance and propriety.

“Only when you finish those Christmas thank-you cards.”

“Not until next month, when my new diet ends!”

“Maybe if you straighten your closet, or at least sort the laundry!”

Jason still heard her shrill voice in his head, and it spurred his feet along the mountain path, over hill-rises, under bridges, past icy lakes and through frozen meadows. Jason didn’t even dislike all of Tabitha’s demands…at first. Early in their marriage, he would perform her desired tasks, and they would have sex, and life was good. But the next time he was horny, which was often a week or more away, Tabitha demanded twice as much work, and the sex was half as enthusiastic.

Eventually, Jason began to resort to internet porn and masturbation, and after that escape was utilized to the maximum, he still felt lonely and unhappy. He divorced Tabitha exactly four years after they had wed (no children, thank heavens) and now he was hiking through the ancient Blue Mountains, trying to figure his next steps in life.

The mountain path opened to a scenic overlook. There was an old picnic table in a nearby clearing, and Jason ambled to it, brushed off a layer of snow, and sat down. Sweet heavens, sitting felt good! He slid his heavy pack off his shoulders, and the tension vanished in his neck and back. Even in heavy winter boots, his feet were cold and sore. At least the view was picturesque — hundreds of miles of pristine, forested wilderness.

He extracted his wallet and looked at a photo of himself and Tabitha. He was a handsome man, he thought, with short brown hair and a square, chiseled face. He was six-foot-three, and his upper body was muscled from years of hard mechanic work. Tabitha was a stereotypical short blonde, with big tits and a thin waist. In their relationship’s early months, they fucked like jackrabbits — what went wrong? Jason asked himself this same question every day for weeks. He still had no answer.

Despairing, he ate a hunk of beef jerky and washed it down with brackish water. His lips were numb and cracked, his back ached, and his belly nowhere near full, but he was content. Getting away from Tabitha had been a good first step. Every muscle in his body began to relax as he ate and regained strength, every single muscle…except one. Jason’s penis seemed to flop and swing with a mind of its own, and all Jason could think about was warm mouths and soft, pink vaginas. There were none of those for miles, though.

He began hiking again, and the sun dipped low in the western sky. Jason decided to stop and pitch a tent for the evening. Hiking alone in the dark and untamed wilderness was akin to suicide. Though Jason was freezing and depressed, he was not suicidal. He wanted to live, if only to get thoroughly screwed one last time.

After camp was set, Jason laid down and rested his head on a stiff pillow. He wasn’t sleepy, but there was nothing to do in the wilderness, not after dark for a lone person. As his mind began to disconnect, a voice cut through the night air.

“Hello! Who’s in there? Hello!” the voice called.

Jason sat up immediately. There was another soul out in these barren backwoods? How was that even possible? Irked at the intrusion of his solitarian bliss, Jason pulled on his winter boots and stepped out into the cold night.

A woman was there. She was garbed for a blizzard — thick trousers, oversized jacket, gloves, wool cap…but there was no doubt that she was a woman. Blonde hair coiled around her face, and her hips were cocked to the side like only a woman is Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir capable of. She was standing just a few feet from Jason, and her eyes — Jason could tell even in the dark — were porcelain blue. She was beautiful, he thought, surpassing even Tabitha in pure loveliness.

“Hi,” Jason said.

“Hi,” she answered. They stood for a long moment, sizing each other up, and then the woman broke the silence. “I’m Mary, and you’re on my land.”

Jason cursed himself. He knew that private citizens owned various portions of the Blue Mountain Park, and he thought he had been careful to avoid trespassing, but apparently not. Had he simply walked over a downed fence, or ignored a ‘trespassing’ sign along the way? The more he thought about it, the more possible it seemed.

“I’m so sorry, I must have gotten lost. I’m Jason, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you,” Mary said. “So, you got lost?”

“Yes, I was following the old moose path, but then the snowdrifts obscured the way, and I doubled back…and got lost,” Jason said, feeling foolish in front of this beautiful woman.

“If you want,” Mary said, “you can pack up your things and follow me to my cabin. It’s just a mile from here, and we can get warm, and you can get…oriented.”

“That would be great,” he answered.


Mary’s cabin was tucked under a gorge, so skillfully constructed and located that Jason might have missed the entrance if he wasn’t shown the way. When he walked through the door, he was immediately struck by the cabin’s modernity: a large-screen TV, black leather furniture, a roaring fireplace and decorative wall-art. Jason set his bags down by the front door, and Mary casually stripped off her winter wares, leaving nothing on her frame except yoga shorts and a bra. Her figure was slender and athletic, and in the fire’s light, her face even more stunningly beautiful.

Jason’s tongue caught in his mouth. “It’s very warm in here,” he said, “I guess I’ll lose these heavy clothes.”

As Jason undressed, he could feel the pressure of Mary’s eyes on his body, and her audible breathing seemed to indicate approval. Once he was reduced to sweatpants and a t-shirt, Mary handed him a glass of wine. Jason took the heady liquid without hesitation, and Mary took his hand and guided him to the couch.

They sat for a moment, simply looking at each other. Once the silence became unbearable, Jason took a deep gulp of wine and smiled. “So, did you build this place on your own?”

Sadness crossed Mary’s delicate features. “No, my husband built all this. He’s dead now.”

“I’m sorry,” Jason said, and then, “I’m recently divorced, and I’m just hiking out here to try and clear my head.”

“You’re very handsome,” Mary said, “What kind of foolish woman let you go?”

Jason looked into his glass of wine. “A prude woman.”

Mary clucked her tongue in disapproval. “I have a sister who neglects her husband’s needs, and he gets them fulfilled in secret, with whores and…sisters-in-law.”

Jason arched an eyebrow. “You fuck your brother-in-law?”

Mary met his gaze evenly. “After my husband died, I found comfort in another’s arms, and he in mine. Soon, we were entwined in bed. I have no shame.”

“I never cheated on my wife, but I wish I would have,” he confessed, finishing his wine and setting the empty glass on the coffee table. Mary finished her glass at the same time, and she silently set it beside Jason’s, and a silence fell between them, an inescapable understanding of what was about to happen.

“You are cold, tired and lonely,” Mary observed. “And I am bored out here in these woods, with nothing to fuck but a molding of my husband’s cock. Would you like to see it?”

His head swimming from wine, Jason nodded, and Mary reached into the coffee table’s drawer. She rummaged for a moment before producing a large, blue dildo, complete with veins and texture. She gripped the molding lovingly and focused her eyes on Jason’s face. In slow motion, she put the dildo into her mouth, and with her eyes still fixed on Jason, took it all the way down her throat. She gagged only slightly, and then she pulled the dildo out, and then İstanbul Escort swallowed it again, much smoother the second time.

“You’re very good at that,” Jason said, his own penis hardening. The sudden stiffness jammed his cock-head against his leg, and Jason adjusted himself while Mary watched with intense interest. “Sorry,” he said, “damn thing has a mind of its own.”

“It’s OK,” she said, “but would you do something for me?”


Mary smiled, stood up, and pulled down her yoga shorts, revealing a shaved vagina, only slightly whiter than the surrounding skin. Mary handed the dildo to a stunned Jason, and with graceful ease, turned around. She got on the couch and bent over, and then reached back, pulling her ass cheeks apart. Jason stared — her butt was incredible. Round, smooth, the vagina wet and glistening, the asshole tight and puckered. “Could you stick that dildo inside me?” she asked. “It’s just not the same doing it to yourself.”

Hands shaking, Jason grabbed Mary’s ass, just to see her reaction. She remained still, and he squeezed a cheek. Mary was unmoved. “You have a very beautiful body,” he said.

“Thank you,” Mary said.

Jason inserted the tip of the dildo into her wet pussy, and Mary arched her back deeply, groaning in pleasure. Jason pulled it back and then stuck it deeper, and Mary backed her ass closer to Jason’s face. “Faster,” she said, “go deeper and faster.”

Jason obeyed, and Mary began to fuck the dildo, bouncing like a stripper in a rap video. Jason grew bolder, and he gently palpated her anus with his fingers, then smacked her ass, and Mary moaned in greater and greater pleasure. After two minutes of straight fucking, Mary orgasmed inches from Jason’s face, her juices flowing over the big dildo in a delightful aroma of vagina and sweat.

After she climaxed, Mary reached back and took the dildo. She turned around, and without hesitation, stuck it in her mouth. She sucked her juices off the artificial dick, and after a moment, looked at Jason like a starving lion might view a gazelle.

“Thanks,” Mary said. “I think I owe you something for that.”

She dropped to her knees in front of him, and without pause for consent, expertly extracted his dick from his jeans. She stared hard at his manhood, and with an inquisitive look, held her dead husband’s dick-mold next to Jason’s hard cock. They were roughly the same size, as big as an English cucumber, and Mary looked at Jason with renewed lust.

“The woman who let you go is the dumbest bitch in the world,” she said, taking Jason’s dick in her mouth as she finished the sentence. Her sudden soft, hot mouth sent Jason into overdrive, and he practically squealed in delight.

“Oh my god!” he said, looking at Mary like she was a sex goddess from another world. His dick hadn’t been slurped since Tabitha’s last effort — over a year ago. Mary’s professional bobbing was immediately too much, and he grabbed a handful of her hair, and with a bit of resistance, lifted her face off his dick. “You’re gonna make me cum,” he said. “It’s been a long time, and my stamina is…questionable.”

Mary, sweat on her brow, drool on her lips, looked at Jason quizzically. “Then just cum in my mouth whenever you’re ready,” she said matter-of-factly. Before Jason could respond, she started sucking again, this time going deeper, practically daring him to ejaculate down her throat.

Jason could only think, I warned her. He felt an explosion begin deep in his cock, somewhere between the balls and shaft, and then it rose to the top, like an ancient geyser that hadn’t sprayed in years. Jason tried to control his breathing, but his orgasm was rousing like some beast, trapped for years, now able to enjoy its majesty.

Mary began twisting her head as she sucked, and she cupped his balls with her hand, holding them like expensive fabergé eggs. A gob of spit formed at the base of Jason’s cock, and Mary made it her mission in life to clean all the spit off — with her mouth — which only made the situation wetter. She gripped his meat with her small hands and stroked him hard, fast, until Jason groaned in ecstasy.

“OOHH I’m going to cum!” he belted Escort İstanbul out, moments before the first stream shot out of his big dick. The first shot was only the beginning, and Jason could feel his balls draining, the most sensational of feelings, and Mary never took his cock from her mouth, not even for a second. Jason emptied gobs down her throat, and Mary reached around and grabbed Jason’s ass, and then pulled his hips into her face, and Jason obliged, pushing on the back of her head at the same time.

After a long minute of nutting, Jason was done. Without warning, a massive exhaustion overtook him. Mary was still sucking, very gently, like someone trying to get the final drops of a drink through a straw. She seemed to be in a trance, and Jason’s penis softened, and he grabbed Mary’s hair and pulled her head away from his crotch.

Her eyes were elated, but also annoyed, as though she was interrupted whilst doing her favorite activity. One look at Jason’s face, though, and she smiled sweetly. “Oh my, you look exhausted. Well, you just put your feet up on this couch, and close your eyes, and you can take a nap.”

Sweeter words were never spoken, Jason thought. He closed his eyes and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Morning light streamed through a nearby window, and Jason opened his eyes, unsure of where he was. It was a warm cabin, well-furnished and clean. Through a window he could see a snow-covered landscape, and then a flood of memories come back: Blue Mountains hiking, someone waking him, walking to the cabin.

Jason sat up ramrod straight.


Where was she? Jason turned to get a fresh-eyed look at the living room, and he spotted the gorgeous blonde Mary through a doorway, flipping pancakes over a stove. He smelled hazelnut coffee in the air, and as though she could sense him telepathically, Mary turned and looked straight at Jason.

She bounced out of the kitchen, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. She was even more lovely in daylight, Jason thought. Creamy skin, sculpted muscles, bright blonde hair and sapphire eyes. What made her even sweeter was the smile on her face, and Jason simply stared at this woman, this goddess, who had taken him into her home and sucked his dick like a starving banshee.

“Morning big boy,” she said, sitting down next to him. Jason could only stare at her chest, and she ran a finger along his jawline, tilting his face to look into her eyes. When he did, she smiled. “I said, good morning, do you want some coffee?”

Jason groggily shook his head. Where were his damn manners? “Yes, please, yes. Sorry, I was…caught in a dream.”

“Well, this is reality, so wake up.”

Jason rose, drained his lizard in the bathroom, and then joined Mary for a hearty breakfast of pancakes, bacon and coffee. They talked about the previous night — it was as though neither one of them fully remembered what happened, only that they had given into animal desires. After breakfast was properly digested, those animal desires returned.

Mary took Jason to her bedroom. She sucked his limp prick until it was a throbbing shaft, and then she fucked him from wall-to-wall. He intermittently licked her cunt, and she relished his every action, every bit of attention that he doted upon her. They turned the bedroom into a steamy sex den, and Jason nutted over and over, shocked at how deep his semen supply really was. Mary seemed to want the deepest parts of Jason, to absorb all of him, and she performed with good cheer and enthusiasm.

Their lovemaking lasted for days. Jason lost track of time in the remote wilderness, trapped with a nymphomaniac, sex-starved beauty. He gave her every ounce of energy he could muster, every drop of cum, and she thanked him profusely. After every lovemaking session, she would cook, and they often sat out on the porch, talking deep into the evenings about life and love.

A month after their first meeting, Jason and Mary left the cabin together. Mary’s cabin was low on supplies, and Jason wasn’t sure he still had a job. None of that mattered — they had both received what they desperately needed, and it was done. Mary was no longer beholden to a remnant of her husband, and she disposed of the large, blue dildo. Jason’s bitterness towards Tabitha disappeared, and he learned that different women have different sexual appetites. Both Tabitha and Mary would hold a place in his heart for the rest of his life, but when deep stirrings were in his groin, he knew which one to call.

The End

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