The Invisible Woman Ch. 05

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Max drove along the highway, wind whipping through her open windows, as she belted out the words to the song on the radio. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this carefree.

She turned down the music as she pulled into the parking lot and practically skipped to the entrance of “Euphoria”.

She opened the door and smiled warmly at the receptionist seated behind the large live edge wood desk.

“Good morning, Alice! How are you this morning?” Max chirped happily.

Alice’s lips curled up in a mischievous grin and her eyes twinkled. “Not as good as you it seems, love.. And it looks like your day is going to get even better. Your first client is in the relaxation room whenever you’re ready.”

Her British accent gave her words an air of sophistication, but Max knew the look on her face meant she found the client to be a looker. Truth be told Alice rarely encountered a man she didn’t find attractive, and the same could be said in return. She was a beautiful woman in her early 50s with a personality to match.

Max screwed up her face in a faux scold for being inappropriate, but giggled as Alice handed over a tablet.

While is wasn’t uncommon for Euphoria to have male clients, the girls all knew Max was terrible with attractive men, blushing like a schoolgirl and avoiding eye contact. It was even worse when she had to touch them and make gentle conversation.

The name leapt off the screen at her as she walked down the hall. JACK CARMICHAEL. She couldn’t be positive but she was pretty sure that this was her gym partner. She suddenly realized how strange it was that she had never gotten his last name.

He did, however, know where she worked, having seen her in uniform a few times a week.

Max rushed into the backroom, neatly storing all of her gear on her shelf. She then pulled up the clients information.


60 Min aromatherapy massage

Room 1 req

She felt her pulse quicken, unsure of how to feel about this. She seldom treated people she knew and when she had they were usually women. Jack was a very attractive man and Max was nervous about it being awkward. Despite years of working out together, they had never intentionally touched each other and now she would have her hands on nearly every inch of his naked flesh for an entire hour.

Max was startled out of her thoughts when she noticed Katrina looking at her with mockery in her eyes.

“How hot is he?” she guessed.

Max’s cheeks flushed crimson.

“Oh gawd! Kat what am I gonna do?! I’m not equipped for this. Can we swap?”

Katrina laughed. “Even if I wanted to we can’t. See, it says he requested you.”

Max hadn’t noticed that when checking the appointment. She hid her face in her hands and wailed dramatically while laughing.

Katrina shook her head putting on her best Max voice, she said, “Oh no, my husband is wearing me out in bed and gorgeous men are falling from the sky for me to touch all day long. Why is my life such a hardship?”

Max laughed and decided to suck it up. It would only be awkward if she allowed it to be. She knew Jack and had never uncomfortable around him before, so why should she be now.

As she walked into the relaxation room she had to stifle a giggle. She couldn’t help but get the impression of Gulliver in Lilliput. His enormous frame surrounded by small scale furniture, he was seated on a small loveseat which he made look more like an armchair, watching the fish in the aquarium move and dance on the wall across from him.

Max smiled and said professionally. “Welcome to euphoria, Mr. Carmichael. I’m going to be performing your treatment this morning. Please follow me.”

Jack grinned playfully and followed along.

Coming to a soft candle lit room, Max turned once more to her client.

“There is a hook on the door for your clothes. Remove everything then crawl into bed on your stomach with your face in the cradle. Do you have any questions?”

Jack stood casually near the foot of the treatment bed. He looked Max in the eyes and smiled before shaking his head.

“No, ma’am.”

With that she left him to get ready.


When Max returned to the room, Jack was face down on the table. She grabbed a bottle of eucalyptus and clove oil and applied a few drops to her hands. Dispersing the invigorating aroma through the room.

She hesitated for a moment, her hands hovering over his spine. She could feel his heat rising to greet her palms. She tingled in anticipation and as he exhaled she pressed her hands firmly onto his back, creating a stretch along his spine. She pulled firmly again, this time down the stretch across his legs.

Draping the sheet to expose one well-defined leg, she drizzled her essential oil infused massage oil into her hands and slide up his calf and hamstring, going all the way to the cleft of his glutes before pulling her hands back all the way down in a long fluid effleurage. Sliding in time with the music, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her body moving into a lunge to apply more pressure. She kneaded up along the back of his thighs, criss crossing her hands over to his inner thighs, feeling the warmth between his legs.

Max’s breath hitched as she realized, to her dismay, she was becoming aroused. As her hands travelled higher to massage his glutes, his breathing deepened. Max worked deftly on his legs, sliding to the rhythm of his breath. She moved up to his back, uncovering him to the waist and tucking the sheet under his hips.

She stared entranced at the masterpiece before her. He looked like a statue, chiseled in marble and placed on her table. Applying an ample amount of warm oil she slid her hands up and down either side of his spine. He let out a small appreciative groan as she kneaded his shoulders. She almost moaned in response. She had to remind herself that his enjoyment of this massage had nothing to do with her. It was just her touch he was responding to.

After working diligently and fluidly for a while she re-covered him and had him roll onto his back. Max noticed a slight hesitation in Jack as he rolled over but didn’t pay it any mind until,as she had her back to him and was trailing her elbow up his inner thigh, he cleared his throat.

“Sorry, Max, this has never happened before. I’m not trying to be insulting. You can stop if you’re uncomfortable.”

Confused Max turned to look at him and noticed what he was apologizing for. The sheet stood straight up over his pelvis, twitching slightly. Max was grateful for the dimness of the room as her face was lit on fire.

“Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a completely natural physiological response to massage. It happens all the time,” She lied, unable to take her eyes off his bulge.

It was huge. The biggest she’d ever seen.

She could feel a familiar tingle between her legs and realized she had stopped massaging. Moving to his other leg she started her movements at the ankle slowly moving up his leg, both hands pressing firmly on the inner and outer thigh, then kneading along the quadricep.

“I’m not surprised people would respond this way to your touch, I’ve never felt anything quite like it.”

His breathing deepened as he relaxed under her hands. Moving to his arms she matched her breath to his, moving with its rhythm. As she held onto his arm he reached his hand for her other hand and held it, gently but firmly. While it caught her off guard it didn’t feel unnatural . so she left her hand in his she slid her other hand up under his shoulder blades and back down to his wrist, then back up up again, finishing his arm massage.

She sat at the head of the bed, in clear eye line of the rise and fall off his incredible chest and his impossibly large erection. She applied oil to his chest and scooped her hands up his neck and through his hair, gently raking the dark strands back. His nipples hardened instantly as his skin broke into goosebumps. She breathed deeply with him as she slid her hands to his chest and firmly pressed into his pecs, alternating in deep muscle manipulations and light effleurage movements. Her breathe in unison with his, and her hands moving to the music, she became lost. The feeling of his body under her hands was pure magic.

Max became so engrossed in her massaging she forgot she was even at work. Slowly, she pulled her fingers back through his hair and cupped his ears, massaging the lobes.

Without thinking, she bent her neck and gently pressed her lips to his forehead, lingering warmly for one final second. Jack’s hands came up and he placed his over hers, stroking them with his thumbs, both of them wanting to stay in the unexpected intimacy of the moment.

Max stood up and rang the chimes.

Her voice huskier than it had been one hour ago, she said, “That’s all the time we have for today, Mr. Carmichael. I hope that you’ve enjoyed your service.”

With that she turned and left the room, leaving Jack to find his wits and get himself together.


Jack lay on the bed trying to piece together what he had just experienced. His hand travelled instinctively to his throbbing cock, and grasping it in his oiled hands, he began stroking it mindlessly while he thought.

He had booked this massage because he had needed to know. He needed to see if there was a reciprocal attraction between them. Jack had been a respectful fan of hers since the day he first saw her, and since then she had made some pretty incredible physical changes that only increased his attraction.

He could feel his balls starting to tighten as he increased his speed and grip. His mind shot to a few moments ago when he was lying still on the table, barely breathing. Feeling Max’s hands hesitate over him had felt like an eternity, his entire body tense with anticipation. When she had finally made contact, laying soft warm hands on him, it had felt as though she was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wearing electric gloves. thousands of tiny currents pulsing through him in an instant. He knew at that moment he was a goner. Even if he used every ounce of willpower he had, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from pursuing her.

Jack jumped from the bed his hand stroking purposefully up and down the notable length of his member and with a few easy strides he made it to the sink in time to unleash his load down the drain. He stifled a groan as he squeezed out his last drops.

As he washed his hands he thought about how he had resisted her because she was a married woman, but after meeting Geoff and seeing them together it was clear to him that Geoff was up to something. Jack was a gentleman, but only to a point. He didn’t like Geoff, his cocky smile didn’t fool him at all.

Once dressed, he opened the door and found Max standing there holding a glass of cucumber water. He took it gratefully, his mouth going dry as he looked at her. Her dark hair was tied up in a casual chigigon bun, her black uniform hugged her curves and her cheeks were flushed. He realized she was avoiding his eyes.

“Thank you. That was the best massage I’ve ever had. I think I’m going to book again for next week,” he said, grinning broadly and her eyes finally shot up to meet his.

What was that look? Nervous? Scared? Excited? Jack reached out his hand and cupped the side of her face, lightly caressing her cheek. She closed her eyes and leaned into his touch without even realizing it.

“See you tonight? Back and biceps?” he inquired jovially as though the entire nature of their relationship hadn’t just been flipped on its axis.

He took away his hand and walked away feeling confident.


Max spent the rest of the day in a haze, moving through her clients without her usual focus. Her mind kept straying back to Jack. His body, and how he felt under her hands. She felt terrible. She was a married woman. She knew little crushes were normal, and she hadn’t actually done anything wrong, but what she felt today with Jack had felt strangely more intimate than sex. She had never looked at Jack that way before, and now she was certain they could never go back to innocent friendship.

When she wrapped up her last client and closed her rooms she was still unsure about whether to go to the gym. She had been going with Jack for years and this was the first time she ever considered cancelling.

She convinced herself that she was reading too much into it and that he couldn’t possibly still be thinking about her. She’d seen the way girls at the gym flirted with him every day and knew he’d dated a few of them, although he’d kept the details to himself. Surely she was misunderstanding his response to her. He probably hadn’t felt the same connection she had and it was possible it had all been in her head.

By the time she drove to the gym she had herself convinced that any intimacy she had felt had likely just been her imagination and that it would be weird if she didn’t show up.

Walking into the lobby she saw Jack’s shoulder length dark hair tied in a messy bun, exposing his perfectly faded undercut and thick neck. Her stomach immediately filled with butterflies as he turned to her, looking genuinely relieved to see her. He strolled over and greeted her with a tender kiss on the cheek and an enormous hand lightly placed on her waist. A familiar heat rose both up to her cheeks and down between her legs.

“Ready?” he said and lead her into the gym.


As she did her bent rows, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. Everything about him was incredible to look at, not one detail out of place. She was momentarily transfixed watching the way his forearms rippled as he did his hammer curls. He caught her looking for the umpteenth time and finally re-racked his weights and sat before her on a bench making direct eye contact.

“Should we talk about this morning?” he said.

Her heart leapt into her throat. She was such an idiot, he probably thought she was so pathetic, practically panting over him and what the fuck did she kiss his forehead for!? And why couldn’t she stop staring at him?

“I’m so sorry I kissed your forehead!” she blurted out.

His face lit up in a brilliant smile as she hastily added, “I have never done that before. It was so unprofessional. I have no idea why I did it, I don’t want you to think I feel that way about you. I just got caught up in that moment. My senses kinda left my body and I was just acting on pure impulse instead of thinking first. I just felt-I-I don’t know how I felt. It was wrong and I’m sorry. I’m married. I don’t know why I did that. I promise I’m not going to make that a habit. I just want things to go back to normal with us. Can we do that?”

Her face reddened as she rambled on and she couldn’t quite make eye contact. His smile broadened as he watched her fumble her güvenilir bahis şirketleri way through.

“I’m sorry you feel that way,” he said, his smile softening, “but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss all day. In fact, it was the highlight of my treatment.”

His eyes bored into hers, and dropping his already low voice another octave he continued, “Judging by the way you keep looking at me tonight, I know you know that in that room our friendly camaraderie became something more. There is no going back. Frankly I don’t want to. That doesn’t mean we need to go forward either. We can stay here, marinating ourselves in whatever this is, without anything more. You’re a married woman and I respect and appreciate your circumstance and your values. I’ll let you lead me, but I need to be clear that when you start to lead me deeper into this relationship, that’s it. We can never return to the previous step, backwards is not a direction I’m capable of. In fact, staying still will be new to me as well but I’m willing to do it for you. So if you aren’t comfortable here, we go to zero. If you aren’t sure about moving further, we can stay here forever. I’m not in any rush.”

Max let out air she wasn’t even aware she had been holding. All of her embarrassment evaporated with his words. She hadn’t Imagined anything. He was right here with her in this awkward intimacy and it seemed he was happy to live with it if she was.

As she inhaled she squared her shoulders and quipped,

“That rest was way longer than 60 seconds We’re going to need to add extra reps to make up for it.”

He laughed as they both grabbed their barbells and continued with their work out.

Aside from a few more appreciative glances in each others direction, it felt mostly the same. Only not at all the same, because her veins were singing with excitement and her stomach was so full of butterflies she feared she might choke.


The rest of his workout with Max went as smoothly as he could have hoped. He was having a hard time focusing though as he couldn’t stop looking at her, reliving the feel of her hands on his skin. Just the thought made his cock twitch. He was going to need to call Andrea to help him relieve some of this pent up tension. He reached for his phone and pushed her name to call. She picked up on the first ring.

“Hey stranger. I was wondering if I’d ever hear from you again. You want to hang out?” she said in a casual tone.

“I’d love nothing more. I can be there in 15 minutes?” he questioned.

“Sounds great! Just walk in when you get here.”

Andrea was a girl from the gym. Jack wasn’t a player by any stretch of the term but women seemed to throw themselves at him regularly. It was yet another reason working out with Max was so amazing. She kept the predatory females at bay.

Jack preferred to be the hunter, but Andrea had proven herself to be a pretty cool girl that shared similar tastes and was fun to hang out with. Neither of them had any expectations and she was a perfect FWB for him.

When he arrived, he pressed the door open and walked right in. She came out of the bedroom completely naked, her multi coloured hair hanging wet down her back, her tattooed and pierced skin still dewy. Andrea’s body was no joke. Her passion was adventure racing and she trained hard for it.

“Mind if I hop in shower. I just finished my work out?” Jack said.

Andrea took a few steps forward closing the gap.

“I kind of like you all sweaty actually,” she purred salaciously as she trickled her finger down his sternum, over his abdomen and into the the elastic of his shorts, pulling him towards her room.

Having spent the day on the edge of one of the most intense physical encounters of his life he wasn’t going to protest. The sooner he got his cock into her the better. He followed her without protest.

As they crossed the threshold to the room the switch happened. Andrea, a strong confident woman in every other part of her life, dropped her hands and her eyes simultaneously. She stood demurely waiting for instructions.

Jack breathed in the smell of the room. Leather and cleaner mingled with the smell of soap still evaporating from her skin. He looked up, taking in the surrounding room. Dark mahogany walls, softly lit with wall sconces that gave the room a warm feel. A leather swing hung in the middle of the space, flanked by a large ceiling hook and an overstuffed leather couch. There were some scattered shelves and a small dresser. The blood rushed to Jack’s dick as his senses ignited.

Jack couldn’t wait. He had waited all day. He decided to skip right to the point. Removing his clothes quickly without any fanfare he addressed her.

“Get on your knees,” he demanded.

Jack the gentleman was gone.

She obliged immediately and waited.

He grabbed his enormous hard on in his hand. “Open your mouth.”

Again she obliged, her eyes still downcast and he slid the head of his dick past her lips, grazing her lip and tongue rings. She wasn’t Max, but she was familiar, and she had proven time and time again to be an excellent sub for him.

“Close your lips,” he directed.

Her lips sealed, slightly stretching around his girth.

“Nice and slow. I want you to suck my cock.”

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