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Subject: The Mask – Part 1 Gay Authoritarian, Gay Incest, Gay Encounters This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or real persons is purely coincidental. This story may include unprotected sex. In real life, don?t gamble, play safe. If it is illegal for you to read this story because of your age, location, or any other reason, then don?t read it. This work is copyrighted by the Author. Commercial use or reproduction is prohibited without permission. Last, but not least, help keep Nifty alive with your donations. Be generous. The Mask – Part 1 I didn’t understand the mask in the beginning. I received a package at my office. In it there was a red mask with an interesting black design, made out of a mix of silk and spandex. It felt clingy as I ran it through my hands but really soft as well. In it there was a handwritten note…inviting me to show up at the Concierge Desk at the W Hotel downtown the next day around noon and that everything would be waiting for me there. In the beginning I just ignored the message figuring it was sent to the wrong person. But throughout the night I became more and more intrigued about what might be waiting at the W Hotel the next day. I was not one to take a risk. Well, there’s the understatement of the year. I never took risks. My life was planned out for me since I was born. My mother and father moved to Canada when they were first married. My father was brilliant with statistics and mathematics so as a young man a large Canadian Insurance company hired him directly out of his MBA program to come work for their Actuarial Division. So he went home after graduation as planned, married his girlfriend as planned, and then moved them to wherever in the world offered him the best position…as planned. So we ended up Canadian. My father always lived by the motto…”First, you assess the risk, then you know how to play it safe.” That was our family motto alright…or should I say our family curse. I am the eldest of 6 boys, ages 39, 36, 33, 30, 27, and 24. Like clockwork, every three years, mother had another child. It was all part of my father’s plan for his life. To grow a large safe family, to escort izmit care for him as he grows older. So things were going as planned. I wasn’t close to any of my brothers. We were too competitive to allow ourselves to get close to each other emotionally. Everything in our family was a competition. My father pitted us against each other in every arena: academically, athletically, socially, it was always a race. Personally, I think he did this because he was so bored with his life that this was his only joy. Anyway, each of us boys followed in our father’s footsteps and went to Business School, and then entered quietly into the world of Actuarial Sciences, where we signed on for a lifetime of accessing risk, and living safely. So, knowing this, you might better understand why I was experiencing such a curious pull to show up downtown tomorrow at noon at the W Hotel. By 4:00am I finally fell asleep having made my decision to keep the appointment the next day, if only to inform the person waiting that they had contacted the wrong person. So when I arrived I was surprised that the Concierge knew me by my name and handed me an envelope upon my arrival. It read: Hello Chu, I have arranged a surprise for you this afternoon. Take the risk. S.J. I was informed by the Concierge that my host had not arrived yet but that he, the Concierge, was to show me to the room, which had been paid for in advance. And so I followed him to room 3419, one of the Penthouse Suites. The Concierge didn’t seem at all perturbed that I had no luggage with me…or the fact i seemed not to know what was happening or why I was there. After showing me all the amenities of the suite, I was directed by the Concierge to a small package that had been placed on the bed. As he left, I tried to tip him, but he refused stating that my host had already taken good care of everything. In the package I found a pair of bright red briefs made of the same soft mix of silk and spandex out of which the mask was constructed. Along with a note telling me to relax and enjoy the room for the afternoon as his guest. But to be ready for his arrival by six pm, dressed in the shorts and mask, standing, izmit escort staring in to the large bathroom mirror. As 6pm approached I became more and more excited and nervous. I had never done anything like this before. I was always the rule-keeper. But here I was, standing almost naked, staring at myself in a lavish mirror in a once in a lifetime Penthouse experience, trying to forget that I was a married man, coming up on 40 years of age. I looked at my body in my reflection, seeing it differently with my face obscured by the mask. I felt proud of how hard I worked to sustain the lithe body of my youth; even though no one else seemed to care. Then the Suite door opened and I froze in my spot, listening to the door opening and closing. The footsteps pacing across the floor. And the appearance of a figure in the same mask and briefs as mine, but in blue rather than red. I opened my mouth to speak, but quickly closed it again, not knowing what I would say. I mean, introducing myself at this point seemed redundant since obviously he already knew who I was, even if he was still an enigma to me. Luckily the need to verbally introduce myself to the muscular vision was removed when he moved quickly up behind me and thrust his fingers into the crack of my ass, reaching my anus with speed and strength. Although married for many years, my body had experienced this before. During my university days I briefly thought I was a homosexual as one of my housemates had introduced me to the pleasures of sex between men. And although I had not practiced anal sex for many years, my body remembered instantly how much I lusted after being taken by a strong man, one who takes away my choice, and does as he wishes. In an instant, my back arched, presenting my man-pussy for his pleasure. My body knew, even if I had forgotten. Once his touch had awakened in me a long dormant passion to be controlled. He led me to the bed and laid me across it and climbed on top of me. And my body opened to the pressures of his squeezing down on mine, rubbing his bulge against my ass that arched up to meet his pressure. When he got off of me I felt his fingers pulling izmit kendi evi olan escort down my shorts and rubbing my ass, bringing feelings back that I thought had long been made put down for ever. Then one limb at a time this stranger secured me to the huge four poster bed until I was splayed spread-eagled on my stomach. And for the next two hours he focused all his attentions on my long dead ass. Slowly opening up my lips with one, then two fingers. He used a series of butt plugs on me from very small and then larger and larger…while massaging me in between so I would become more and more relaxed under his ministrations. The feelings were unforgettable as he retaught my body what it was made for. When he finally entered me it was like silk sliding into oil. My body exhaled for the first time in years as he filled me with his big cock. Slowly at first, and then with more and more energy he began to pound my ass back into the pussy I remember it being. From somewhere in the distance I hear…”Please, please, please, please…” it takes a moment for me to recognize that it’s me begging for more. I don’t remember cumming but the evidence afterwards shows I did…at least twice. Then he ramped up his speed and force as I felt his cock thicken and his thrusts deepen…then his lips were at my ear as he pushed in deep and held himself inside… “I always knew this was who you were.” This man had left me exhausted and sated for the first time in over ten years. But then he just left… I dropped off to sleep for what seemed a moment, but when I woke up he was gone. A moment later the door opened and the Concierge slipped in, untied me from the bed, then slipped out as quickly as he had arrived, without saying a word. And interestingly enough, what a few hours before would have devastatingly embarrassed me, hardly ruffled my feathers. Looking around I found an envelope was left on the pillow that contained a note that simply said: “Thank you for your openness and willingness to submit to my needs…by the way, hang on to the mask, I will be back in touch.” I moved to the bathroom and for the first time in hours, I removed my mask, and as I looked into my eyes, I knew that something deep inside of me had changed. TO BE CONTINUED… I hope you are enjoying this story so far. If you are drop me a note ook Any suggestions for future encounters, drop me a line as well. Copyright 2018

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