The Mirror: Part 6

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The Mirror: Part 6The Mirror: Part 6It was four long and boring days before the window blind was up and the signal to come over was at last visible.As soon as I entered the room both Mika and her sister were naked and ready. Mika kissed me and her sister came behind me and hugged me with her hand slipping down to my cock. I was hard and had been for some time waiting for the signal. I had masturbated last night and every other night before so I didn’t cum too quickly but it was still a challenge not to squirt right there on the spot I was so horny.What’s you name I whispered to the sister.Rena, she replied, licking my ear and nibbling on my lobe. Mika went to the bed, getting on her hands and knees ready to take my cock in her arse. Rena whispered to Mike. Mika, you promised I could go first remember.Reluctantly Mika made way for her sister and I enjoyed the sensual view of what was on offer as I knelt behind Rena on the bed. Mika took my cock in her hand and stroked me gently, all the while looking at me and smiling. Then before I could enter Rena, she bent down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked. Her tongue was quick as it licked and probed around the head of my throbbing cock. It felt wonderful, then she stopped, spitting on istanbul escort her fingers to moisten them she began to prepare her sister for my entry. Twice she used her saliva to moisten Rena’s beautiful very dark brown arsehole. Rena’s body was superb. Her tits were full and round; her cunt was a beautiful pale pink in contrast to her coffee colored skin. Her wetness was clearly visible. I wondered if there had been some fore play between them before I arrived. The room smelt like it. That unmistakable beautiful odor of a woman’s moisture permeated the small bedroom. I’m sure they had got them selves ready for me. My fleeting idle thought were interrupted as Mika she guided me in. Holding my balls in her other hand, she slipped two wet fingers into Rena’s cunt and we both stoked in opposite directions. Harder and harder, deep as we could we both pounded Rena’s holes. Rena collapsed burying her face in to Mika`s pillow to mute her screams of pleasure as she began to shake and whimper. My cock felt like it was about to explode. I was trying my best not to cum but I knew it wouldn’t be long. Diving my cock deep into Rena’s arse I could feel my balls contracting tighter and avcılar escort tighter in preparation. Mika sensing my pending climax, quickly got behind me and began running her fingernails along the bottom of my pulsating hard cock. I couldn’t hold back. I exploded.Rena clenched her arse cheeks around my cock as I drove deep into her and my hot cum filled her arse. She came with me. Mika was fingering Rene with one hand and me with the other. It was pleasure and pain all rolled into one. I wanted to yell but a long low grunt of pleasure was all I could permit myself.Locked together, our dual climax rendered us both ridged and shaking. I held my self in the deepest penetration I was able to get and Rena pushed back into me just as hard. I was so engrossed in my own pleasure that at first I didn’t feel it but gradually I began to sense Rena’s mussel control as she opened and closed her arse hole on my cock. It was undeliverable. The sensation aroused me quickly. The opening and closing of her hole squeezed and released me as if she was sucking or stroking my cock. Rena looked back at me and smiled. I returned the expression and Mika, unaware of what was taking place, used a face cloth she had taken out from şirinevler escort under her pillow to wipe my cum running down Rena’s legs and got ready to clean my cock as soon as I took it out.Rena had other ideas. My cock was being firmly but beautifully massaged in her arse. This wasn’t the first time she had practiced this trick. Leaning gently forward she started to slide up and down on my cock again and squeezed with every in-stroke. I was being fucked and I knew I should be sharing with Mika but I couldn’t stop. Rena’s control was too beautiful to leave. I began to drive into her again, just as she had planned I would. Mika slapped my arse. It’s my Turn, she whispered angrily. Rena looked around at her sister and smiled. Mika, come here she said and patted the bed in front of her. Mika slid up to where her sister had indicated. Rena moved her into position facing her, then spread her sister’s legs, began to lick her hot wet little cunt. Mika forgot about my cock sliding in and out of Rena’s arse and lifted her hips to receive her sisters long hard working tongue. Moaning quietly in pleasure she began to masturbate.The turn on watching them was unbelievable. Just as I squirted for the second time, the truck doors closed. I don’t think Rena or Mika heard or felt me leave. They were too engrossed in their own pleasures. The truck was already backing out of the lane way and I had to jump to make my window. It was close. Little did I know I was being watched every morning, but I was. I would soon find out by whom, and what my morning pleasure would cost.

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