The Once And Future Kink

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“Focus on the countess,” Merlin instructed. In the distant courtyard, a lady in red mingled and danced to music that barely reached to where the two watched from a rooftop. “Bite down and swallow quickly.” It seemed to be a very large bilberry. When she chomped on it, bitter liquid filled her mouth. Gulping it down, she felt dizzy; a warmth like mulled wine spread through her.Closing her eyes until the episode passed, she opened them to music loud in her ears. Somehow, she was in the midst of the festivities, moving with no control over her limbs. Her red sleeve confirmed she was seeing through the countess’s eyes.The old count delegated entertaining his young wife to his lieutenants, who took turns dancing with her. A tall, blond knight approached, bowed, and took her hand.To Morgana, his worn, less-fancy clothes made him less attractive than the others, but the countess had a different reaction. Her heart beat faster and a tingle arose between her legs. The nuns repeatedly warned the maiden to resist that sensation. As they danced, feelings of excitement and danger grew.Reaching the periphery of the dancers, the countess claimed exhaustion. She and the knight strolled away into the garden. With a quick glance around, they stepped into the gardener’s shed and closed the door.In the dim light, everything happened quickly. Fear and lust boiled as she was hoisted onto the bench, her skirts lifted, and his pants lowered.Dizziness returned Morgana to her own breathless body. She was not inclined to pray to dispel the itch in her loins when she felt Merlin’s hot breath on her neck.The scrawny lad had inhabited the stalwart knight. As surprised as the maiden by how events unfolded, like her, he inherited his passion. With boldness and urgency, he grabbed at her full breasts through her tunic, sensing her desire. Their mouths met passionately, not the sweet kisses he had earned by creating lights in a dark closet or performing other basic spells over recent months.The apprentice wizard had not expected this side-effect from the enchantment. Instinct overrode intellect as he pressed his body into her warm softness. Despite her schooling, the maiden lifted her hem to reach to soothe the agitation growing there. The lad saw that as encouragement to lower his trousers.Unseen and unguided, his rigid pole poked furry mound and damp flesh before addressing the virgin opening. She tensed, realizing its relative dimensions.Merlin mumbled the words the Mage had told him one night after consuming too much wine. “That spell,” he had slurred, “will reflect the pleasure you feel. Women are often cheated of gratification. This incantation will make them want to return to your arms.” The young wizard had dreamed about the day he would use it.Morgana squealed as their virginities were dispatched. The moment of pain dissolved as Merlin’s delight imbued her. Together they shared the joy of enfolding and being enfolded. They paused, watching the hunger grow in each other’s eyes, until his hips began to move intuitively. It was fast and erratic and did not last long, but the rapture was sharp and bright.For most maidens, that initiation is something to be endured to obtain subsequent benefits. The unexpected and intense pleasure of that first time implanted in Morgana a thirst to know more about sex. When Merlin later confessed how he had improved the experience, her curiosity about magic became an even greater obsession.That eventful day had shown the bookish wizard that he could achieve what stronger, bolder, more handsome gentry took as their bonus veren siteler birthright. It spawned his ambition to develop and use his skills and art to achieve what he wanted.As years passed, Merlin learned much as apprentice to the Mage. Morgana convinced him to share some of his knowledge in exchange for her favors, which educated him in those ways. When he declined some of her most brazen requests, she would try to seduce the Mage, with occasional success.Her proficiency in both arts allowed her to leave the protection of the nuns and live on her own, trading the use of one skill or the other for what she needed. Their personalities too similar and too strong, she and Merlin were never lovers, yet they happily collaborated in a variety of sexual adventures. Both enjoyed combinations with all genders, with or without sorcery.Promoted to journeyman, Merlin was assigned as tutor to a young squire—not in magic or sex, but in more worldly knowledge. After he was revealed to be the rightful king by extracting the sword Excalibur from the stone, King Arthur took Merlin as his trusted advisor. He ruled with compassion and humor. His calm deep voice and sincere chestnut eyes helped spread his dream of a united, just, and prosperous land.The king recruited honorable knights to his cause, the greatest of which was Lancelot, whom no man could defeat. Tall and dark, with piercing sapphire eyes and clarion baritone, the perfect specimen of manhood and unblemished virtue, he became Arthur’s closest friend. Together, they established peace and the rule of law throughout the land.With war behind them, the greatest king made Guinevere, the most beautiful and graceful maiden in the land, his queen. Merlin was well-satisfied with what they had accomplished for the good of all in the kingdom. Morgana, however, could always discover new appetites.Setting her eyes on Lancelot, she contrived to be in distress one day while he was exercising his steed. When he bent to assist her, she flashed the glowing green gem that nestled between her breasts on a gold chain.“Take me to my cottage,” she commanded, and his will bent to hers. Knowing he would be missed if she kept him too long, she first asked what many wanted to know, “What is the source of your strength and skill?”“I am chaste. The purity in my heart and mind has been rewarded,” he stated flatly.“But many knights choose that path. Why are you special?” she was skeptical.“They may stray from the path. I cannot.” As he spoke, he lowered his trousers without embarrassment, revealing a steel cup that completely covered his genitals. “That was placed by Theomacha, the evil witch who sought to use me for her purposes. It is cursed, and cannot be removed.”Morgana’s face fell; she had planned to use what was imprisoned there. It was not attached with a belt or other fastener but with potent witchcraft.Undeterred, she lifted her skirts, exposing her thick, red muff. “Do you know what to do with this?” she asked.Lancelot fell to his knees and went straight to work. Apparently, Theomacha had used him this way. Sniffing the fragrance of her anticipation, he slurped with gusto and used his whole face to churn her flesh. Feeling her legs tremble as he teased her nub, he applied his lips and suckled like a thirsty calf.She collapsed into a chair as she groaned her fulfillment. He crawled to continue his lapping until she could take no more.“Have you known no carnal pleasure?” she wondered aloud, urging him to his feet.“She sometimes used me as a woman,” he said, turning bedava bahis away, bending at his waist and spreading his cheeks.“Tell me honestly,” she proposed. “If I remove that contraption, will you do something for me?”“If it be honorable service, indeed I would be rid of it,” he agreed.“Return now to your duties and remember only that you helped me back to my cottage,” she intoned. “I will contact you when I discover the method.”Morgana pored through her books and snuck into Merlin’s library as well, looking for an answer. She drooled (from upper and lower lips) imagining what she would do with the knight’s virgin organ once she released it.She even used her substantial charms—corporeal as well as magical—on the Mage. Breathing life into his ancient gonads made him lower his defenses; during his post-coital naps, she explored the most secret parts of his archive. Finally finding a recipe to try, she pilfered the rare ingredients from his supplies.When it unlocked the device, the nostrum would restore Lancelot’s free will, breaking the hold she as well as Theomacha had on him. Morgana also mixed a love potion so he would immediately return to her thrall.Lancelot’s predicament was not the only source of unease in the castle. Slipping out one day, Guinevere rode alone to visit Merlin at his bungalow.“Like his sword, his massive organ is as hard as steel and nearly cleft me in twain the first time he inserted it. Sometimes the strain of it exceeds the pleasure it induces, yet I must emote effusively to convince him to culminate, lest he dutifully persist in his efforts and do me damage.” She recalled such occasions.Merlin’s eyes grew wide to hear such frank words in her sweet, melodious voice. Alone with the queen and so close he could kiss her, he was intoxicated by her golden locks, her bright peridot eyes, her skin that glowed like a full moon. Visualizing penetration by the king’s appendage, he was jealous of both of them.“Moreover,” she continued sadly, “its size denies me its full service. There are only a few ways I can adequately indulge it. Whether from boredom or concern for me, Arthur’s lust has diminished in depth and frequency.”His ribald imagination rose to enumerate lewd remedies for the unhappy, but no less alluring, queen. But his heart went out to her and his friend the king, driving the fantasies from his mind.“The magic to create a griffin transforms the eagle and the lion to allow them to mate,” he mused. “A much milder spell should serve for you and your husband.”It took only a few minutes of clattering bottles, burning smells, and bubbling liquids to produce a small vial.“Take this only when you are alone with the king,” he cautioned. “It will adjust and compel you to each other. Do not be surprised by what you see. At least it will not be as confusing as if he were the eagle and you the lioness.” He chuckled at the last.As the Fates conspired, the day the queen visited the wizard was the same day the witch was to free the knight. Avoiding attention, Guinevere returned to the rear entrance of the castle.In Lancelot’s room that overlooked that door, Morgana prepared to administer the draughts and intone the spells that would remove the impediment to her desires and bind him to her.“All I ask in payment is that you allow me to ensure you are restored to your full natural abilities,” she said slyly. “Such a noble knight should be free to choose a mate and provide her with children.” Whether or not her voluptuous body and sensuous skills garnered his worship, her magic could guarantee deneme bonus it.Lancelot had lowered his pants and she licked her lips in anticipation as she administered the two preparations. At that very moment, Guinevere’s horse shied as she dismounted, sending her sprawling with a scream. Recognizing her voice, he sprang to the window as he swallowed the second potion.The detached device clattered to the floor. Lancelot pulled up his trousers and sprang from the room to go to the queen’s aid. He promised the sorceress he would return to satisfy his debt.When the queen sat up, she realized the vial had shattered on the stones. Quickly mopping the potion up with her sleeve, she decided to make the best of it and seek her husband immediately. Sucking the bitter liquid from her garment, she ran with her head down, trying not to see anyone until she encountered Arthur. With her vision clouded, she found her way by recognizing the patterns on the floor.Rounding a corner, queen and knight collided. Guinevere seemed to have fainted, so Lancelot carried her to the royal bedroom. As he laid her on the bed, the room grew dark. Feeling himself under the power of some spell, he collapsed next to her.Lancelot woke as if in a dream. All was dark around him, save the ethereal glow of the queen’s body. She sat up, looking puzzled at him.Guinevere was surprised to wake up with Lancelot next to her in the royal bed. Her foggy mind thought him out of place, but her heart felt he belonged there. The tent pole stretching the knight’s pants drew her attention. Aware of his affliction, she shook her head, trying to reconcile emotion and reason.“Remove your trousers,” she ordered.It was the queen’s voice, but coming from the luminous facsimile, he knew the words were Morgana’s. She smiled when he complied. His unselfconscious obedience, as well as the swollen organ between his legs, confirmed her intuition—this was not Lancelot but her husband!“Now we will know the rewards of this magic!” she cried, grabbing his erection and pulling him onto the bed. Thinner than the king’s true cock, it would surely go places that his could not. Laughing at the wit of Merlin’s sorcery, she took it into her mouth. Its lesser girth allowed it to reach the back of her throat. Her tongue worked the shaft as her lips rode up and down its length.Stunned by the intense pleasure he was experiencing for the first time, Lancelot gave no thought to why Morgana chose to take the queen’s form. Had his mind superimposed her image of paramount beauty on the coarse witch?“Command me as you wish,” he acknowledged the bargain he had made. “Let me perform all that—until now—I could not do.”Hearing her husband in those words, Guinevere composed a list. Undressing him and removing her clothes, she crawled on top of him, her pussy spread before his face. She swallowed him all the way, his tip extending into her throat.Whether it was the sight of that tempting repast in front of him or the feel of her throat caressing the bulb of his organ, the overwhelming surge of pleasure washed over him as he erupted. Her gulping sent more bolts through him as he finally ejected what had been accumulating for years.She thirstily swallowed it all until it stopped pulsing. Checking the first item off her list, she released his implement and considered the next. It was still fully rigid, so she moved to put it to use.Standing and turning around, she squatted astride him, lowering herself onto his cock. Seeing the queen’s body for the first time, he knew what perfection was. Flawless pale skin enwrapped a sleek form. The blushing peach patch of fur he wanted to nuzzle matched the tresses that dangled to her chest. Lowering herself onto him, she leaned forward to fill his hands with her soft orbs, the rosy nipples firm and plump between his fingers.

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