The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting (Part 1)

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The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting (Part 1)I met Jeannie just a few weeks after I first met her mother Kathy. Kathy and I met through some mutual friends and hit it off immediately. Over a few too many drinks one night we realized that we were both bisexual and we were also quick to admit that we were attracted to one another. One thing led to another and for the last five years, Kathy and I have been lovers. We both have our own lives, me and my husband and she and her boyfriends, but we get together, just the two of us, every once in a while and have so much fun. Jeannie is Kathy’s only c***d. She was an impish little tomboy just turned thirteen when I first met her. She was tiny and still is. She was so self-conscious about being the smallest one in her class. She was a smart girl, so polite and hard working, I always loved spending time with her. Over the years, I treated her like one of my nieces, with Christmas and birthday gifts and just tried to help her out when I could. Her home life was not always great with Kathy being a single mother but she was always grateful and loved spending time at our house.I watched Jeannie blossom from an awkward little girl into a beautiful young lady. Beautiful thick blonde hair, which looks so great anyway she wears it. It is usually pulled back in a pony and sticking out of the back of ball cap. Beautiful blue eyes and the longest darkest, thickest eyelashes I have ever seen. She has the cutest bunch of freckles on her nose and cheeks but always tries to cover them up. Her lips are perfect, big and plump, the perfect shade of pink. She was the tiniest one in her class all the way through school, barely five feet tall and ninety-five pounds now, but she did develop a lovely round bottom which canlı bahis looks amazing with her incredibly tiny waist. Her breasts grew very slowly and now at full maturity, she still just wears a 32A bra when she wears one at all.It was the summer after her eighteenth birthday and Jeannie and I were just enjoying the sunshine around my pool. We had spent many days alone by the pool together over the last few summers. She would come over in the afternoons on her days off and we would just listen to music and work on our tans. She was one of the hardest working teenagers I had ever known, working two summer jobs and I always wanted to do nice things for her, so offering to let her use our pool was an easy decision. Like many times before, I asked her to put some lotion on my back and shoulders. She said of course she would and quickly moved behind me on my lounge chair. She was spreading the lotion on my shoulders and upper back when she said “Aunt Misty, can I talk to you about something?” She is not my niece obviously, but ever since I met her and her mother she has just always call me Aunt Misty. I said, “Of course Jeannie, what is on your mind?” She said, “Aunt Misty, I know my Mom is bisexual.” I tried to fake surprise, but of course I knew that already, but did not know Jeannie knew. She went on to say “And I think you and she are lovers, is that right?” I said, “Why would you think that?” And she quickly replied that she had seen some texts and sexy photos her mother had sent me. I knew my only choice was to be honest, so I told her that her mother and I were lovers. I told her that her mother and I were good friends who were also sometimes lovers. She said, “I knew it and I think that is pretty cool.” She was quiet for a minute and bahis siteleri just kept rubbing in the lotion. Then she said, “Aunt Misty, I think I might be bisexual too. I mean I love going on dates with boys and I guess it would be no surprise to you but I have had sex a few times and loved it. But a few weeks ago, at a party, I kissed a girl and I really, really liked it.”I told her I remembered my first kiss with another girl and that I probably knew then that I was bisexual but did not admit it for many years later. We were sitting face to face by now and I was holding her hands. I said, “This time in your life can be very confusing and you just have to follow your heart.” Jeannie said, “Really? Just follow my heart?” I looked into her beautiful bright blue eyes and just smiled and nodded. That is when she leaned forward and kissed me. It was a long, slow, lingering kiss with her tongue slipping between her lips and across mine. She immediately looked embarrassed and started to pull back. She said, “Oh my, I am sorry Aunt Misty, I just…Well, you said to follow my heart…” I cut her off by gently pressing my lips to hers for just a second and then hugged her very tightly. I whispered, “It’s ok Sweetie, I am very, very flattered. You are such a beautiful young lady, I enjoyed your kiss very much.” Jeannie had found some more courage I guess, and still tight in my embrace she said, “But Aunt Misty, I want more. I want you to be my first experience with another girl. I love your sexy smile and I have dreams about getting your beautiful big boobs in my hands and your nipples in my lips.”I bit my lip for a minute, wanting to just blurt out that I wanted that too, but thought better of it. I regained my composure a bit and leaned back, taking bahis şirketleri her hands in mine again. I said, “I am incredibly honored, but I don’t know.” She said, “Is it the way I look? You don’t like my little boobs do you? You and my mom have huge boobs and mine are tiny.” I said, “Sweetie, your boobs are perfect, you are perfect, you are the most beautiful young woman I have ever know. It just could be complicated with your mother and I being lovers. And you need to know that I only become lovers with another woman after I discuss it with my husband. John is very generous and loves for me to enjoy myself, but our rule is that we always discuss it before it happens.” This time it was Jeannie biting her lip and looking into my eyes with tears beginning to form. She whispered, “Please Aunt Misty, please. I want you so badly, please be my teacher.” She then leaned in and pressed the side of her face to my chest, nuzzling against the tops of my boobs and hugging me very tightly. I wrapped my arm around her and cradled her head in my hand pressing her tight to my chest. I whispered, “Ok, I will think about and I will talk to John about it.” She rose up from my chest and looking into my eyes again she said, “Thank you Aunt Misty, thank you so much. I was so scared to talk with you about this and so afraid to tell you how much I want you.” Just then we hear the patio door open and my husband John walks out. As usually he greets us with “How are my girls today?” I say, “Just fine.” And Jeannie jumps up asking what time it is and saying she is going to be late for a date. She slips on a t-shirt over her bikini and starts to leave. On her way out she stops to give John a hug as usual, and says, “Uncle John, Aunt Misty has something to ask you later, please, please say yes.” With that she was out the gate and in her car. John looks surprised and asks, “What was that about?” I just say, “Get me a glass of wine and meet me inside, we have something to discuss.”

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