The Real Deal

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Mrs. Bramm was in her late thirties. I’d only met her a couple of times previously when she’d come over to our house to play backgammon with my mom and a few of her other female friends. I tried to avoid them as much as possible by staying in my room playing video games. On the rare occasions I had met the backgammon crowd, they’d made me uncomfortable by telling my mom what a handsome young boy she had and how I’d make a young lady very happy one day. That, and questions about what I was studying, what sports I was playing, whether I had a girlfriend or perhaps several, was just too embarrassing. I wasn’t interested in a bunch of what I considered at the time to be mature women. Most of them had husbands and kids of their own so I couldn’t understand why they were teasing and openly flirting with me, a nineteen-year-old boy, in front of each other. I figured it was probably just their way of having some fun together with no further intent. That is until something happened which flipped a mental switch. One evening I met Mrs. Bramm in the hallway on her way to the bathroom. I said a quick ‘hello’ and was about to walk past her when she raised her arm in jest to block me. “Halt, who goes there?” she asked me mockingly. I knew it was a silly game, but it felt strangely sexual, especially as her blouse was unbuttoned enough for me to see the top of her boobs peeking out from her white lace bra. She must have been aware that she was revealing a little more than the average woman. “Hi Mrs. escort beylikdüzü Bramm,” I replied, forcing a smile. “You can call me Cindy.” “Hi Cindy.” “My closest friends call me Cindy.” she whispered, lowering her arm, “Particularly, my very close male friends.” As she walked past me, I turned my head to see her flowing, wavy blonde hair and shapely body walking toward the bathroom. She was wearing a knee-length black shirt, with black seamed stockings and patent black heels. Her buttocks swayed gently with each step, causing me an erection within seconds. That evening I masturbated in bed over the thought of whisking her to my room and having sex with her. I kissed her soft red lips while looking into her dark brown eyes, thrusting my cock deep inside her as she sat astride me, her ample breasts bouncing in rhythm to our lovemaking. I jizzed like never before, the cum shooting out in multiple long pulsating spurts until my balls felt completely drained. For the next several days, I thought about what had happened and what she’d said. On the one hand, it was exciting but on the other I thought that Mrs. Bramm had probably drunk a bit too much apple cider. I couldn’t decide what she’d meant by her hallway intervention. Was she coming on to me, or was she simply expressing a fact? As much as I didn’t like the group teasing and questioning from the backgammon ladies, I liked the idea of having more one on one time with Cindy. The idea of fucking her fueled escort akbatı several more nights of wanton jerking, but I was unable to fathom how I could realistically find myself alone with her. It wasn’t like I could hang out in the hallway every Tuesday evening until the next time she appeared. And then what? I could hardly ask her point blank if she wanted to jump into bed with me. Besides, she was married and had a grown up daughter. — “Lex, can you run this over to Mrs. Bramm’s house on your way to the gym?” my mother asked. Hearing Mrs. Bramm’s name made my heart skip a beat. It had been six weeks since the incident in the hallway and I hadn’t seen her ever since, even though she had come over to play backgammon each week. I had steered clear of any further connection with the ladies. “What is it?” I asked, looking at the envelope Mom was handing me. “It’s one of her diamond earrings,” Mom replied, “I found it down the side of the sofa. I called her earlier and left a voicemail to let her know that you’d be stopping by to give it back to her. If she’s not at home, you can slip it through the letterbox.” For a brief second, I wondered why Mom couldn’t just give it to her the following Tuesday, but I quickly realized that this would be a chance to finally meet Mrs. Bramm face to face. However, before I could even respond, Mom told me that Mrs. Bramm was going on a six-week cruise with her husband and that she would almost certainly need her special anniversary escort beylikdüzü earrings. “Of course,” I responded, taking the envelope. — I walked up the gravel path to the Bramm’s house. It was a beautiful two-storey brick construction with a red slate roof, Greek columns supporting the porch and arched windows on both floors. It was evident from the house and grounds that Mr. Bramm was making a lot of money. I remembered my mother once telling my father that he was a lawyer and she was a stay-at-home mom. During my trip, I was questioning myself about how I would handle the situation. Despite my attempts to think of ways of seducing Mrs. Bramm, I realized that there were simply too many obstacles to overcome to even contemplate approaching the subject. What if Mr. Bramm was at home? What if her daughter was at home? What if she had been drunk when she’d told me to call her Cindy? What if she wasn’t drunk and had since changed her mind? I contemplated pushing the envelope through the letterbox without even ringing the doorbell, but finally I decided that I would play it cool. I pressed the doorbell and waited for someone to respond. “Hi Lex, come on in,” Mrs. Bramm beckoned, “your mom said you would be coming.” She was wearing a light-blue silk bathrobe that was drawn in at the waist, amplifying the roundness of her boobs. As a horny young teenager, I wondered if she was wearing anything underneath. Her hair was wild and unkempt, as though she had just tumbled out of bed, but she still looked gorgeous. I stepped into the hallway and she closed the door behind me. I took a brief look around, noticing the grandeur of the surroundings, the wooden spiral staircase leading up to the second floor and the two opulent Greek statues standing to each side.

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