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THE SECRET SOCIETY OF AMERICA’S GAY LAWYERSBeing faced with the horrible reality of flunking out of Law School in the second semester of my final year, I submissively knelt before Professor Collins on the pink satin pillow he had carefully placed directly below his slightly parted 46 year old legs. Desperate and willing to do whatever it took to get my Law Degree and to enjoy the so called Good Life, I viewed his long thick but quite limp cock with a high degree of scorn, contempt and true hatred!Yes right then I realized that all of those unfounded rumors I had first heard about way back in my first year of Pre-Law, were indeed quite true! Whispered Rumors about the Secret Law Society of Gay Cum Alotta that offered failing students like myself, a second chance at success! So as I dreadedly took his much older soft hanging Ivy League male cock into my 26 year old straight mouth as ordered by him, I secretly vowed to myself, that someday I would extact my revenge! Yes paybacks can be a Bitch and for making me become his private Bitch that Sunday morning, I would someday expose future Dean Collins far more than he was exposing himself to me right then!Always quite the Ladies Man, now for the very first time ever, I found myself on the giving end rather than the receiving end of Head! Not wanting to have to look at it, my eyes were tightly closed as I slipped my lips well over and past his pink purplish drooping toward the floor mushroom cockhead. A cockhead and upper shaft that tasted a bit salty while also feeling a bit spongey to my virgin mouth as well! Fully resigned to Sucking it off to completion as quickly as possible, I began my then dreaded suction and mouth movements in a sort of mechanical method of unwanted madness! As that cock of his began to respond and to grow into rapidly lengthening hardness, something very strange and completely unexpected by me began to occur within my racing mind. Somehow I had begun to receive a strange quite new to me preverse sexual thrill? Yes just like Professor Collins, my own cock was also responding to this most lewd and unnatural act! Somehow the last thing in the world I ever would have expected, was that I would receive some type of a brand new sexual enjoyment in mouthing another mans prick! In fairly short surprising order, I found myself receiving actual pleasure that seemed to be drasticly increasing with each new passing minute of my now faked mechanical sucking. As it grow within my sliding back and forth mouth, so did my urges to let myself go and to let my dear Professor know that I was actually beginning to enjoy performing this forced act on him to a great degree! Yet from somewhere deep in my very confused mind, I somehow managed to hold out in order to cling to my so called hetrosexuality! Yes just like the other almost countless number of his failing male students, Professor Collins reaped his position of controling power as his newest converted student cocksucker submissively knelt before him paying forced tribute to his then nearly 8 inch dick! Then when without much warning it suddently began to shoot off and fill my activie mouth, I felt a mixuture of great fear along with relief in knowing that it soon was finally going to be all over with. But not before his rancid salty still thick middleaged sperm would fill a great part of my lower mouth with its strong pungent sharp taste of pure maleness! I don’t know why, but as it shot off every few seconds to deliver yet more of his quite forbidden fuck juice, I found myself wanting to grab my own cock and to hastily beat myself off? My good old Law Professor was quite kind in providing me with a nearby couch towel to spit his large load into and to wipe my slippery cum coated lips off with. Then he informed me I would not only pass his two classes with flying colors, but also would be given a somewhat similar copy of the State Bar Exam Test to insure that upon my pending Graduation Day, I would indeed be a licenced Practicing Attorney. This was providing I would show up at his plush off campus house to suck him off both every Sunday morning as well as Wednesday evenings around 7 pm..So maybe 25 minutes at most after leaving his large colonel style house, I found myself alone back in my dorm room behind closed doors. This while naked on top of my bed holding my rock hard cock firmly in my always trusty right hand. Now free to act on these exciting to me new Gay feelings, I teased my dick while helplessly consumed with the reality that somehow I had deeply enjoyed sucking off his Professor Cock to full completion!By the time that next scheduled Wednesday night session with Professor Collins arrived, I found myself incredibly exited with the prospects of again being forced to Suck Off his big Cock a second time! While again acting as if I was only doing it in order to receive passing grades, I did look up directly into Professor Collins eyes as he slowly and quite teasingly inserted it into my presented student mouth! He wore such a lewd smile then as he took the back of my head in both of his hands and told me to go real slow and to make it last a long while for him.Having carefully chosen to wear my gym jock strap to hide any outward signs of possible sexual arousel on my part, I again held back such strong desires on my part to mouth it in a true greedly craving fashion. How exciting I found it to be when maybe after some twenty minutes of being mouth fucked and controlled, it again pulsated and began to flood my helpless mouth with its hot slippery sperm! While I did indeed gag and choke in following my Professors stern orders to Drink and to Swollow It All Down, I found myself loving being totally dominated by his selfish greed and need! After a few minutes of still keeping his spent dick deep in my mouth, I was told by him that in time, I would come to love his cock as much as any pussy I had ever run across! When he next slipped it out of my sperm stung mouth, I took a long close up look at that cock of his which then seemed to be so sexually exciting and secretly beautiful to me.Unknown to me back then, was the fact that during his 23 year long tenture at the Law School, Professor Collins had turned countless dozens of his struggling academic failures into secret flaming faggots complete with quite valuable and almost priceless sheep skins! Yes I hadn’t fooled him for one second within those first few minutes his cock had found my virgin straight mouth. Like so many before me had discovered over the past few decades, I too had almost instantly discovered the great mental and physical pleasures associated with Sucking Cock!It was the during our fifth secret off campus session that I finally gave in to my purest deep rooted urges. Yes one second he was slowly almost teasingly mouthfucking me, while the next I abandoned all of my recent past pretenses and suddenly began to greedily mouth it deep in a state of such Deep Gay Passionite Need! His words to me then were so welcomed and I guess needed as older Professor Collins suddenly said to me “THATS IT BITCH, WORK THAT GAY MOUTH OF YOURS REAL GOOD ALL OVER MY BIG STIFF PROFESSOR COCK” “SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU’VE GROWN TO LOVE AND CRAVE IT ALL!” “SUCK IT REAL GOOD FOR MY BIG SOUPY LOAD OF EXCITING CUM CREAM!”Maybe three minutes later as it Exploded hot thick pulsating goblets of it’s discharging sperm deep into my fully cum craving mouth, I deeply moaned as I franticaly sucked for each new arriving arsenal! How wonderful it felt to me then, to finally not have to hold back any longer and to finally let myself completely go with the flow of my newly born Gay Passions and cravings for his Hot Cock Cum! I guess as an added reward to my total passionite submission, Professor Collins let it remain in my then worshipping mouth for many more quite wonderful minutes. So turned on was I right then, that I freed my own cock from my jock and pants and began to franicly jerk myself off! It was then that Professor Collins put the upturned palm of his right hand against the cleft of my chin while slipping his slippery cock from my still sucking now totally gay mouth. Next he ordered me to spit out his load right into it. Soon as I watched from my knees, he dipped his spent cock into the center of it and commanded me to begin to lick and lap his cream coated soft dick off properly while I masturbated myself into an exciting climax!Yes as I egarly and excitidly licked his jizz coated dick and right palm clean of all lingering load leftovers, I gloriously brought myself off in one of the best ejaculations I had ever experienced! This time unlike my previous four times with him, there was no handy towel used to clean up with as my tongue and lips found every single drop of both of our shot off loads just before they were deposited down my swollowing throat and into my hungry stomach! Some fifteen or so minutes later as I sat next to my smiling Law Professor, I exciteidly listened in both full interest and amazement as he told me all about the Special and Secret Society which he simply referred to as “THE ON CAMPUS COCKSUCKING CLUB”. As Professor Collins informed me that he was willing to put me up as his new sponsored pledge, I felt my cock already beginning to stir again as exciting new visions crept into my dirty new gay mind. Yes visions of expanding my new found love of Cock to include other students and facilty members from my college as well!While he refused to funish me a single name besides his to its select membership, Professor Collins did let me know that the next group get together would be occuring a week from that upcoming Saturday. So I had four more incredible hot sessions of Cocksucking practice under his instruction before that Saturday night finally did arrive. Sessions that included my properly being taught the fine art of total and dedicated ball worship being thrown into the mix. Yes it was perhaps an hour after darkness had settled in on that cloudless late June Saturday night , when Professor Collins carefully placed and secured the black hood over my head. With only a fair sized cut out hole in which to breathe from, I was cast into a scarey total state of complete darkness as he drove his new beamer somewhere out into the countryside! Holding on to his fly exposed stiff cock with my left hand for security and courage, I wondered with canlı bahis a mixture of sexual excitement and a bit of fear, what soon would be awaiting me?As I stood closely beside him perhaps 20 minutes later, I heard the knocked on door being opened and a deep male voice allowing us entry. Next the mixture of many different male voices suddenly silenced as a tight hand lead me across a large feeling room and up four small steps. Just before being instructed to sink down to my knees, I was asked if I was ready and prepared to suck off a countless number of stiff cocks over the next hour or so? It was when hands next began to remove my clothing and to strip me entirely naked, that I realized why Professor Collins had instructed me to wear a button down short sleeved shirt. This so that my carefully neck tied black hood would remain secured in place and keep me totally in the dark!I couldn’t help but to wonder right then, how many different sets of eyes were watching me? Would any of them belong to some of my teachers or classmates who might recognize my long skiing accident scar on my upper right forearm? Would my face be exposed for all to see before this secret session came to an end? Would I pass my pledge test of sucking so many different cocks? Would I find the same wonderful excitement and enjoy the very same erotic pleasures that Professor Collins Cock had given me those nine different times to date? Yes I had so many unaswered questions running through my mind as my knees found the softness of another soft carefully placed pillow of kneeling submissiveness.Yet somehow the promise of so many different unknown awaiting Cocks had disspelled most of my uncertainies. Then it was the unmistakable voice of Chancellor Wadsworth from right behind me, that sent a sudden fast growing shiver right down the center of my spine. He was informing me right then ” That 16 fully exposed cocks had formed a long single line right in front of me and asked me if I was ready and prepared to unselfishly use my mouth to service every single one of them to full completion?” After answering him in sort of meek disguised voice That I Was Willing, he next made me confess to everyone there, that I had deeply fallen in love with Sucking Professor Collins big dick and was ready and more than willing to become ” A SHAMELESS SUBMISSIVE SUCK SLAVE TO EVERY COCK PRESENT!”No sooner had I confessed with a bowed head, when I was told to stick out my tongue for my first taste of Dick. As its taunt head was slowly and teasingly rubbed on the top of my outstretched tongue, I had no idea if its owner was an in twenties medical or law student like myself, or perhaps a much older facilty member on the college staff? What I did soon discover was that a deep sexual excitement was building in my brain as my tastebuds savored its unique male flavor and taste. Soon its owner began to rub it in clockwise circles over my slightly parted lips as I could hear his heavy breathing from above my face. From somewhere from my left side, someone yelled out to shove it deep into my queer mouth and to stop teasing everyone! God how wonderful it felt to me as that quite slender but fair sized lengthly stiff cock pushed far back into my mouth. How whole, how complete and how comforting I found its hardness and dry salty flavor! Almost instantly I began to willingly and selfishly suck it without shame or any lingering bashfulness! How at that very moment I wanted it and needed it so very badly! How excited it got me as its firm head slowly pushed past my hanging touncils and into the tight opening of my throat. Then to my total dissapointment and displeasure, it was removed from my mouth almost as quickly as it had been inserted into it. However almost instantly , a new much stronger tasting cock took its place. Yes the third cock of my life I was beginning to suck on, tasted quite strong as my nostils inhailed the cheese smell of its uncircumsized cockhead. Soon I found myself hollowing my cheeks in order to apply yet more craving suction to it. As it was slowly pushed deeper and deeper into my fully accepting turned on mouth, its vast thickness stretched my lips outward as it gluided without resistence across the top of my pressed down flattened tongue! As that exciting prickhead found the back of my mouth, I felt the prickeling of its owners long pubic hairs tickling my upper lip and nose tip. It was then, that from behind me, I felt hands slightly lifting up both of my feet. Next I felt a cool type of shear softness as a pair of silky womans panties were jointly slid over booth of my feet. Then other hands placed under both of my arm pits gently and supportidly lifted me part way up! Soon I felt tightness as they were pulled far up both of my legs until their top waistband found the bottom of my dangling balls. Little did I know then that like every first time Cock Club Pledge that had come to those secret chambers before me, They were monogrammed across the back with black scrolled lettering that said ” Pending Panty Princess Pleasure Pledge ” It was then that my mouth began to be pumped full of that thick ripe tasting Cock treat. Loving it so dearly, I began to softly moan as his spongey feeling balls began to bounce off of my lower chin. Then I felt many hands all over my body as each one seemed to be exploring my all of my many different suddenly turned on body parts at once. How wonderful they made my asscheeks, legs, upper and lower back feel as well as the one that was expertly caressing my still soft from too much worry cock. However soon under its soothing probing, my cock rapidly grew until it was pressing against the tightly confining silk lace housing my croutch. Right then I suddenly felt a splashing warmth as someone from very close to my face, began to shoot off his warm sperm all over my naked chest and lower belly. Next from close by I heard Professor Collins asking me “If I would like to shed my cumbersome blinding hood as to view things from Pure Reality Rather Than From Just My Imagination?” I knew then that everyone there would discover my true identity if they already hadn’t guessed it by then!” What an erotic sight my eyes took in as perhaps 30 long seconds later, I was suddenly viewing at least two dozen different fully exposed cocks of all sizes, shapes and descriptions imaginable! Most were pointed outward in the age old state of male erection. Yet a few remained flacid and hanging over the tops of the male ball sacks nestled below them. At first my anxious exploring eyes took them all in collectively as a group before seeking out each new one individually. Just like with Professor Collins big dick over the past few weeks, each one sent and delivered such erotic thrills of deep sexual delightfullness straight to my brain. Then it was the firmiliar face of my former freshman roommate Douglas that quickly brought me back to true reality. He was perhaps no more than a dozen feet away from me as he smiled at me while fondling his boner laden middle leg. Yes a cock I had seen many times during our school year of rooming together. Yet back then, I was totally straight and never had viewed it even once as a sex object. But now everything seemed so different and strange? Soon I stopped looking at all of those countless cocks and instead was viewing the faces of each of their many different owners. Almost all of them that were now looking right at me while sheepishly grinning. Such firmiliar well known faces I had run across during my five plus year stay while attending school. Class mates, dorm mates, professors and even a few cafeteria staff members as well as a campus security guard. Never in a million years, would I ever had suspected that a single one of them was into the Gay Lifestyle! When next I felt some of that discharged body sperm begin to run down my lower belly, I looked down to it only be taken back by the sight of my confining pink panties. To me right then, they represented PURE UNADULTERATED TOTAL SUBMISSIVE QUEERNESS! Something that was now impossible to ever deny again as right in front of all of them, I had just taken two different cocks into my kneeling mouth and willingly and loveingly had sucked on both of them! Seeing my complete dismay and fascination, it was from behind me that Chancelor Wadsworth instructed me go out there and bend and affectionitely kiss every single cock in plain sight. How truly queer this made me feel as most of them belonged to guys I had known while being 100% straight! In all I had just willingly kiss greeted 26 differnt dicks before doing the last remaining eight back up on that little elevated sex stage. Yes every last one of them had planted such wild deep queer urges into my mind during each new sissy kiss I bestowed upon them all. Again I found myself being ordered to kneel as my ex roomate Douglas was third in that rapidly forming new line of presented cocks. In looking around just before anxiously taking the first one into my mouth, I observed that almost half of those guys were queerly touching or fondling other nearby cocks or asses certainly not belonging to themselves!Now finding myself in a pure state of Cock Craving Suck Lust, my egar mouth dove down deep over that first presented pecker. Between my sex starved sucking and its owners deep thrusting hips, it didn’t take very long before Shooting Sperm was flooding my sex starved mouth! Hot thick gooey pastey like spunk that I greedily gulped and gagged on as blast after blast of rancid raw seafood type flavor, flooded the insides of my faggot fuck face! Barely had its exhusted owner backed away, when a brand new different dick took its rightful place. Within perhaps 15 minutes at most, I had already taken down and swollowed five different loads of lust with no end to that line in sight. Perhaps my slippery sperm filled mouth triggered such fast discharging ejaculations? Or the wild lustful male orgy group setting made most of them come off rather quickly? How wonderful and exciting I found each new presented to my face cock to be! With several of the Colleges most prestigious faculity members encouraging me from behind, I acted like a frenzied feeding vulture hot on tasty fresh hot meat.Yes hot cock meat I simply couldn’t get enough off. Soon to my delight, two other faggots just like me, took a kneeling place on bahis siteleri both sides of me. Now that long line formed into three shorter lines as on each side of me, two soon to be prospective completely lawless lawyers became possessed load lickers just like me! From somewhere in the foreground behind my latest very busy mouth fucker, someone loudly asked, “When was the ASSFUCKING GOING TO START?” By then I had lost all count of the number of different stiff Cocks I had sucked off! I would venture to guess the count had to be well over a good dozen when Chancelor Wadsworth suddenly ordered the three of us to stop our spirited sucking and to stand back up. Next as ordered by him, I removed my tight pink panties to join the both of them in complete state of nudity. It was then that I saw the black monogrammed inscription on the back of them. ” PENDING PANTY PRINCESS PLEASURE PLEDGE” Now fully engulfed in the complete state of queer submissiveness, I realized that very shortly I was going to become even more of a Cock Sissy By Being Group Fucked Right Up My Ass!!! Yes as a fitting reward for allowing my mouth to become a Feminine Fuck Festival, I was going to be taken all the way into the deepest state of pure sissy submissiveness. In craving to be selfishly used by other males, I had left the door open to have things being taken even further into the most wild and bazarrie act men can possibly do with each other. It was Brandon Powers the cocksucker on my right that was the first of the three of us to be finger lubed with oddles of ky jelly. This just before he was forced to kneel and stick his ass out over the front of that three and 1/2 foot hign elevated stage. Being a true slut pig, his flaunting ass egarly moved back into that long condom clad cock of Josh Billings who someday was going to become a very successful and well known trail attorney in Cleveland, Ohio. But right then, Brandon was merely a more than willing Fuck Slut that couldn’t wait for his greased puckered twitching anus to get properly and fittingly cornholed and plowed from behind doggy style! How erotic and hot I found it in watching Brandon moan and groan in a mixture of pain and contorted pleasure as that yellow jacketed pipe prick pounded his tight pleasure pussy over and over in selfish need for release! How stimulating I found it to view that large withdawn fuck weapon that was then sporting a huge pocket of bubbley just blasted off sperm just under its expanded latex head. How easily his pussy hole effortlessly swollowed up the next same sized slick shaft of sex seeking salvation! In standing there so close to Brandon, I could actually feel my own asshole twitching like it had a new mind of its own. However after taking on his third assfucker just ten minutes after assuming the position over the end of that stage, It was Ryan Foster from Miami Flordia that was properly lubed and made to present his ass to face that horny crowd of naked on looking young men. Being tiny in stature and fail in his build, second year corporite tax student Ryan screamed out loud in protest as the first of many different stiff cocks claimed his ass for a grub stake. How sorry I felt for him right then as his contorted face clearly showed that his loud escaping moans were being caused by Pure Pain instead of the Passionite Pleasure that Brandon was wailing out like a air raid siren! Yes just like mine, Ryans cute young asshole had been completely Virginal and Innocent just moments before. Now for the first time since first kneeling on that on stage suck pillow, I again felt fear and looked behind me in search of Professor Collins. Instantly I felt betrayed and jealousy as I watched some unknown student to me contently sucking on his big fully erect Cock! It was a pre-med student who I only knew as Gerald that then came over to me. Yes the same one that had recently lubed both Brandons and Ryans assholes for their impending fucks. His softly spoken words were most welcomed by me as he told me that most cocks were no bigger than some of the shits I had taken during my life time. That the only difference was that Cocks moved in both directions while craps only moved one way. He told me that relaxing was the key to enjoyment and to take deep breaths while trying to open up my hinny hole. It was then that Chancelor Wadsworth told Gerald to get busy and get my back door pussy ready for action! This while he ordered me to bend over and spread my cheeks wide! Thank God Gerald was understanding and very patient in applying that cool feeling sticky clear lube to my bun hole. Soon his gentle probing middle finger was teasingly stimulating my virgin anus into a state of enjoyed new very sensitive pleasures. This while I gazed out to intently watch four kneeling cocksuckers just like me, making intense mouth love to four different erect face presented pricks! Then noticing that Gerald had a very small and thin penis, I asked him in a whisper, if he would be so kind as to break me into anal sex? Instead of having me kneel over the end of that now quite busy front stage, Gerald had me kneel on all fours while he slipped his small cock into a loose fitting condom. As he next knelt down directly behind me, his middle finger again found my virgin anus and began to gently massage it’s exterior. Soon he skillfully had me a bit more relaxed as his other hand reached in around in front of me to gently start fondling my then soft cock. Soon as my dick grew into unavoidable hardness, that same gentle finger began to press into the center of my tight unyeilding anus. Ever so slowly, I began to feel it sinking past the tight stubbon rim of my contracted sphincter muscle. Then within a few short delightful feeling minutes, it was finger fucking my super sensitive bowel nerve endings into a pure state of new strange feeling but enjoyable senstations.It was right then that I discovered how capable my post interior was of delivering such wonderful new feelings. Yes I was quickly understanding for the first time right then, why girls loved a slippery cock inside of their pussies. Yes just like them, I too realized that I also was equipped with a pussy hole that then felt so wonderfully good to me. One in which Gerald was stimulating into full arousal with his talened future doctors middle finger. Within five minutes of slipping it all the way into me, Gerald had me anxiously fucking my ass back into it to get yet more great feelings. I whipered to him then it was ok with me use his cock instead of his just his finger. Yes I wanted a bit more somehow knowing I was going to love feeling it going in and out of me! However instead, Gerald withdraw it only to push it back in along with his index finger to boot. How wonderful my asshole felt in expanding around both of his fingers as well as my bowel linings that were sucking up such fantastic feeling new sensations. Soon like a true whore in heat, I was fucking my ass against Geralds double didget deflowering while viewing all of the hot wild open cocksucking out on the main room floor in front of me. In looking over, even Ryan seemed to have changed his tune quite a bit. Yes his eyes were closed and a big smile painted his lips as with each new deep shove from his assfucker, he seemed to be sucking in air directly through his smiling open gasping lips. “I think shes more than ready son!” came the words from Chancelor Wadsworth. Then to my instant delight, both wonderful fingers were quickly gone and were replaced by the tiny but very firm prickhead of future Doctor Gerald. While I couldn’t help but to brace and tense up while awaiting his cock penetration, I wanted it more than anything at that exact moment in time. Oh how wonderful it felt to me as without any pain or discomfort at all, my more than excited insides seemed to easily swollow up those his few rock hard oval shaped inches! Yes just like pure faggots Brandon and Ryan, I was discovering the wild thrills and sensations in taking a small but very stiff male cock up my now gay ass! Gerald was simply perfect as he slowly brought me deeper and deeper into our joined anal copulation. Not only did he have me loving and craving every devine inch of his small hard manhood, but also wanting more and more of it as he fucked me yet deeper and with more urgency. How proud and wonderful it made me feel as those burning fires raged out of control deep inside of my emflamed burning ass pussy! It was then that Assistant Latin Professor Jenkins approached me with his fair sized cock captured in his right hand? “Would you perhaps like to Suck on my cock a bit while your getting properly and deeply fucked?” he asked me?” Ten seconds later he knelt in front of my face while my egar hot mouth quickly went to work on his nice sized tool! As from one end I bobbed my more than willing mouth into Prof. Jenkins presented manhood, I also bobbed my other lower end back into Geralds pounding young prick. As Geralds hard cock base suddenly froze under my tight clinging rim, I felt it wildly begin to pulsate in spasams as he flooded the cap of his rubber with his ejaculating discharge. How very excited it got me then just knowing he was coming inside of my pussy ass. However like lots of guys who shoot off, Gerald quickly lost his entire sexual interest in me and quickly withdrew it and moved back away! Right then Prof. Jenkins asked me if “I would rather take his cock up my ass than keep it in my mouth?” I was so fuckin hot and turned on about then, that I make no protest as without any lube at all besides my saliva, his much bigger and thicker cock found the ky coated entrance to my enternals. With no pesky stubborn sphincter muscle to impede his pending prick progress, my ex first year Latin Professor’s cock made easy headway after its large head stretched my awakened asshole to six times its normal size. God how small that big cock of his made me feel as he held my hips tightly in both of his hands and slowly pushed it firmly against and into me an inch at a time! Now as its large head passed beyond where Geralds much smaller cock had penetrated me, I felt a mixture of of new pain along with new throbbing pleasures. Quicky I decided that the discomfort far were outweighted by the rewards his seven plus thick inches were feeding my starving insides with. God how it felt like a thick unyeilding bahis şirketleri metal pipe as with each new back and forth lunges, new sensations of such blissful electric feeling dull pain bombarded my awakended bowels. Then at long last I felt Professor Jenkins balls hitting my tightened ass cheeks with each new short but powerful thrust! This is when he proclaimed in a low controted voice that my lovely tight pussy ass was taking every inch of his pounding prick! How proud I felt right then as braced my hands on the floor to keep from being pushed forward. How magical and truly incredable his big pounding pecker made my new bitch ass feel! As my proud professor pounded me in pure selfishness with each new fairly rapid lunge, he was taking me up some Gay magical stairway to the stars. Then opening my eyes to again watch some of the main room sucking, I saw my old roommate Douglas standing just a few feet away from me. In a very submissive low keyed voice, he asked me then if ” I would let him suck on my cock?”When my face only broke into a most mischievous smile, Douglas took it for my granting him full permission to make welcomed advances on my cock! Soon he was on his back under my lower belly with both of his hands holding my then throbbing cock and balls like they were the crown jewels. Then just before lifting his face up to mouth it, he proclaimed in such an excited voice, how he had longed to blow me right from the very first day we had first met at the dorm room referral center. It was then I suddenly remembered his sometimes all to long lasting late nite visits to our dorm hallway bathroom! God Douglas had to have been pulling his pud many of those times while fantisizing about sucking my roommate cock!! After carefully inspecting my entire cock and balls for a good few minutes, I watched Douglas bring his parted lips to within a few inches of my throbbing prickhead before greedily going down on it. Instantly by the way his practiced mouth was consuming my entire 7 inch dick, I knew my former roommate was both an experienced and skillfull cocksucker. So while ex Professor Jenkins continued to deeply plow my awakened pussy ass, I began to move it back toward him on the instrokes, while on his outstrokes I began to throat fuck Dougs tight hot gay mouth. I can’t begin to describe the fantastic physical sensations both were equally giving me right then. I will only say its impossible to have felt any better. Next when Professor Jenkins asked me if it was ok for him to Cum inside of me? I found myself being taken to yet a higher level of mental arousal. As his jackhammering Cock fucked for his pent up relief and release, I told Douglas to swing his hips around so that I could do a 69 with him! Yes in openingly blowing him third in that long suck line nearly 90 minutes before, I had found great erotic excitement in queerly Sucking off my former straight freshman friend! Next I found myself feeling the warmth of Professor Jenkins exploding cockhead as it shot into the fartherest reaches of my ****d and ravished rectum. Little did I realize then while I tightened my clinging anus around the thick pulsating base of Professor Jenkins exploding Prick and sucked for yet another new load of exciting classmate Cum, that my Gay mentor Professor Collins and six of his colleagues were getting things ready for my upcoming official initiation into THE ON CAMPUS COCKSUCKING CLUB! Yes carefully collected from prearranged loads shot directly into that small clear glass punch bowl, or spat into it by non swollowing cocksuckers, nearly a full pint of soupy ever so slippery sperm was now awaiting my non suspecting future. Hell even a fair share of used ass fucking rubbers had been titled over it for their jizz contents. So as one happy Professor Jenkins removed his spent cock from my homo fuck cave, Two students who had been patiently awaiting their turns to fuck me were told to find themselves another fag to plow! This I would find out much later from Professor Collins as I was far to busy and caught up in trying to suck off Douglas for a second time that unforgettable June evening.Perhaps a few minutes after Professor Jenkins left me and Douglas alone to complete our hot 69 suckoff, I announced to Douglas I was about ready to Shoot My Load Off! This is when a nearby Chancelor Wadsworth loudly commanded me ” To stand back up and not to dare Ejaculate!” Yes all seven older Ivy League men had used that wild sex orgy scene as a form of stimulation and foreplay. Only my mentor Proffessor Collins had shot off a load into that cocksuckers willing mouth that I had felt jealousy over. Most had divided their time in watching me greedily sucking all and any presented dicks to my face as well as taking two stiff cocks up my newly discovered pussy ass. Yes not only did that same pair of Pink Panties await me then, but also a very carefully layed out sex playroom where brand new fledging monthly sissys like myself were needed to satisfy such a large array of perverse sexual tastes as well!Yes as the Campus Sex Clubs Student orgy count shrank down to under five in numbers after midnight had long passed, coffee and pastey was brought in to quell many hungry appetites. This just before 11 of us in all would enter that special layed out chambers behind closed doors. Having not cum even once all night long, my balls slightly ached as I was but one of four carefully chosen students to gain admittence. It was a silly question that 20 year old second year student Arnie Goldman asked. “IS THIS SPERM?’ as he stood next to that crystal punch bowl looking almost straight down into it. “Why don’t you taste it and find out for yourself !” was Chancelor Wadsworths quick reply! Even thought I then stood perhaps 8 feet away from it, I knew without a doubt it couldn’t be anything else as I began to wonder to myself what possible use could it have??It was only after all four of us students were make to submissively kneel on that thick plush red carpet that I got my answer. Yes the dark rock maple tabletop it had been carefully centered on was perhaps at most, only three feet above the floor! With equally amazed and drawn eyes, all four of us students watched Full Professors Donovan and Clark carefully walk over to it. As it was carefully slid to a corner of that table, all eyes in that chambers watched both Scollars place their flacid cocks deep into it. Cocks when slowly withdrawn, resembled two heavily glazed and white frosted dunkin donut crawlers. Next all present watched both men slowly walk over to both myself and Arnie Goldman. As they stood above us wearing lewd grins, I relalized what Professor Clark expected of me even before his words escaped from his grinning lips. ‘CLEAN IT BOYS, LAP OUR SPERM COVERED DICKS LIKE A GOOD LITTLE LEGAL BEAGLES!” ” DO IT NICE AND SLOW SO THAT EVERYONE CAN WATCH OUR NEWEST LITTLE SPERM SLUTS HARD AT WORK AND PLAY!” Knowing that my future in Law depended entirely on my willingness right then, I looked over at Professor Collins for direction. With a simple afirmative nod of his head, he chose my direction for me. Knowing that some day out in the every day ordinary world I would be a respected young practicing attorney, here behind closed doors I was expected to be a Jizz lapping prideless cock faggot. Yes as my lips came to rest up against his hanging cock, perhaps a huge pool of maybe a few dozen mixed loads of group shot off spunk stung my tastebuds. Next following Chancellor Wadsworths stern new orders, I placed my slowly extended tongue directly under Professor Clark’s drooping cockhead! This in full compliance to Chancelor Wadsworths wishes to keep his new carpeting completely clean! Perhaps it was my selfish act in trying to suck the come out of Douglas some twenty minutes earlier that triggered such gay feelings on my part? Or maybe this brand new to me world of such exciting sexual adventures? In any event that hanging sperm covered cock of Professor Clark was then making feel so god dam queer and submissive. In fact downright naughty as without much thinking, I began to kiss and rub my lips deeply into it.This while on the left of me, Arnie Goldman bursts into tears while loudly proclaiming that “He just couldn’t bring himself to do it!” Almost immediately our foursome of failing law students had become a threesome instead. Soon Professor Donovan joined his colleague in standing in front of me. Almost instantly I found my snaking tongue lapping his cum covered cock all over. A cock that quickly grew into quite an impressive standing erection. One that he make no protest over as my anxious lips parted and slid well down that soupy slippery shaft of hisThus began the wildest and kinkiest 45 minutes of my entire life. I guess my spirited lead was a bit contagious as soon three kneeling student cocksuckers were in full sperm and prick worship. Yes seven older so called politically correct schollars stood above us as we licked, kissed and either lapped up or sucked down over a pure pint of spent prick paste. By the time I was finally allowed to stand back up, only a faint amount lined the very bottom of that crystal cum punch bowl. Yet enough to dip my own cock into it and then get it lapped and sucked up by a future State Superior Court Judge. How wonderful it finally felt blasting my long overdue load off into his receptive then young mouth.Soon every Sunday morning or Wednesday evening, Professor Collins had others always present to partake in out not so private hookups. How I loved being so queer and submissive behind his closed doors. Yes both of my gay ends craved stiff cock more than anything. But the time I graduated that even very eventful year of 1983, Professor Collins had pulled some strings to get me into one of Bostons best know and sucessful Law Firms. Now a full parter who handles our biggest litigation cases, I remain quite sexually active with many of my nearby former classmates. Yes how exciting I find it slipping into some Judges chambers during recess and sinking to my knees and lifting up his black robe of Juctice to do an injustice to his cock! Yes gay judges simply love to try each other. How wonderful I find it in my top floor executive office handing very important briefs. Yes fruit of the loom briefs of many of my young attorneys willing to do most anything to reach the top. I guess you have to be a true bottom before you can becum a top in my profession. Now that you’ve just read my secret story, perhaps you have new meaning to words LAW FIRM!!!!!!!!!!!! Here Cums the Judge!!!!!!!!!

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