The Video Shoot – Helping Out

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Adria Rae

The Video Shoot – Helping OutI’d been a fairly regular attendee at our local photography society, and had enjoyed club sessions and socials, even the critique evenings when you had to submit a photo for an expert to judge. My work had been pretty well received and I’d got to know a few other members quite well. It was as a recent meeting was ending that Mike, a semi-professional photographer, came up to me and asked if I’d consider being his assistant at an upcoming assignment. None of the people who usually help him had turned up and he said he thought that I was trustworthy, not just with the equipment handling and so on, but that the nature of the assignment was, as he put it, “sensitive”. He wouldn’t be drawn any further but said it was a studio shoot and he thought I’d find it enjoyable. Well, as you’re about to find out – I certainly did!Mike picked me up a few days later and we drove to another town and parked outside a small warehouse in an industrial park. It didn’t look that promising but once inside I found it to be well suited to photo studio work, lots of plain walls, small stage areas, and props, like a fake room set-up – sofa, louvre doors, bed, chairs, benches and so on. Mike said that there would be two models that we would be shooting, one of whom would be along later. It was at that point that he told me the shoot was for a porn website, and that I had to be discreet with other club members and friends as he didn’t want that side of his work to be known. Wow! Well it was OK with me.I fussed about with lights and helped Mike get things set up. In the midst of this a young woman, Mike introduced her as Claire, came to the studio. She wore a shapeless coat and had her hair tied up so she didn’t attract attention (I assumed) on her way to the studio. She carried a large bag and disappeared immediately into a small dressing room off the main studio space, followed by Mike who came back out a minute or so later.“We’ll be spending about half an hour doing still and short movies with Claire before Genaro arrives,” Mike told me. “The site likes lots of lingerie shots, strips and then more meaty stuff, so I’ve indicated to her what to wear. She’s a good model so we won’t have any problems; she’s good at taking direction and she’s a nice person with it. I haven’t worked with Genaro before, let’s hope his not some prima donna and can keep his end up!” and with that he winked at me and got his expensive camera out and checked it over.Then Claire emerged from the dressing room. I almost forgot to breathe as a beauty unrecognisable from the young woman in the large coat who had arrived a short time earlier. She wore a short red polka-dot dress with a full skirt and pronounced waist. It was low-cut and showed her figure off fabulously. She appeared to be wearing seamed stockings, but they could have been tights I supposed, and red stilettos. Her dark-brown hair was now tied up with a matching bow and she had made her face up to look very 50’s. I immediately felt stirrings in my nethers. Mike nodded approval at her and got me to position a chair in the correct place for the studio light setup. Claire stood behind the chair and Mike began snapping. I watched transfixed as he got her to adopt various poses. Then he stopped and said “Alan, I’m being a bit of a dope here, you can do more than just help out with lights and stuff, you’re a good photographer! Use my other camera and take video will you? Don’t worry if you’re not sure of the results, we’ll only use it if its OK, no loss though if it isn’t. Is that alright with you?”“Certainly is!” I replied and went to get the other camera and set it to video mode. I trained it on Claire as she smiled directly at me and gave a little pout. She was lovely.So it was that I filmed Mike getting Claire to lift her skirt showing stocking tops (I was right!) and then bending forward to expose pretty frilly edged red panties. This was great. I zoomed in when he got her to lie on her back pull the skirt right up and open her legs showing complete gaziemir escort panty-gusset. Then she lifted them up and out and caressed the crotch with a finger as Mike explained the poses he wanted. She stood up with legs apart and bent forward slowly pulling up her skirt. Then turned towards Mike and myself so we could get shots down the front of her dress showing maximum cleavage. Then he lay on the floor and Claire straddled him as he took many upskirt shots.“The photo-set will be about Claire getting hot and stripping off as she waits for her lover (Genaro) to arrive, that will be a nice soft-core start. Then in part two, Genaro and Claire will be having it off together…” explained Mike. I gulped.“OK Claire, I think we can have the dress off now,” he directed as he slowly rose from the floor. “Are you getting all this Alan?” I nodded.Claire reached behind herself to undo the dress but Mike stopped her. “Let Alan do that, Claire. Alan can you undo Claire’s buttons with one hand while you film?”“I’ll have a go.”So next minute I was undoing her dress buttons from behind and as her dress opened I could see her bra straps and suspender belt. I managed to video this and even got a nice view down the inside of the back of her dress. Claire slowly let the dress fall off as Mike took photos of each stage. She was ravishingly revealed in red matching bra, panties and suspenders. Claire seemed to know what was required as she proceeded to caress her boobs over her bra, rub her bottom and then, to my extreme delight, lay on her back again, legs open and up while she traced a line along her crotch with her finger, licking her lips as she did so and looking directly at Mike and myself in turn. My erection was growing in my jeans. Then she plunged her hand down the front of her knickers and rubbed herself slowly. She continued rubbing as she turned onto all-fours and we were able to get close-up shots of her panty-clad bum as she pushed the panties into her crack.“This is great Claire,” said Mike, “just what the doctor ordered. Keep the bra on will you love, just fold the front down. But where’s that Genaro, I thought he’d be here by now!”Claire smiled and lifted each breast up from their supports and folded the front down so that the bra became a quarter-cup. Her nipples and pert breasts looked perky and firm, medium-sized areolae on show. Claire teased them and the nipples grew, then she licked a finger and transferred the moisture onto them and diddled them some more. I was zoomed in nicely as she turned to me and approached closer, shoving her boobs towards my camera. Then she went to the chair and put one leg up on it while Mike took more crotch shots, so I followed suit. Claire leant every which way to ensure naughty shots of her gusset and breasts. “Panties now,” said Mike.Claire went over to the sofa and I took a short break to reposition the lights then resumed videoing. Claire sat down on the very edge of the sofa cushion and leant back, stockinged legs stretched in front of her. Then she reached down at her side and gripped her knicker-waist before gradually pulling them down. I think my face went red with heat and desire as they were pulled down her thighs over her suspenders then her stocking-tops and her knees before she crossed one leg over the other, reached down and pulled them off her feet. Mike was snapping away furiously as she brought her knees up towards her body with her legs tightly closed. Mike knelt directly in front of her to catch the anticipated revelation and I stood behind him for a similar view. Then, ever so slowly and deliberately Claire began to open those legs. My focus was on her crotch as first the line of her bum-crack came into view, then, as her thighs opened further the crack widened and I could see that she was completely shaved down there. I swallowed hard as she opened further and her outer lips began to part and her pink wet inner lips came into view. Finally she held her self completely open, her hands holding her gaziemir escort bayan thighs up and open so we could see her pussy and her anus. She was very wet and I was very very hard. “Ok Claire, you’re thinking of Genaro, do what you have to do love!” said Mike, as she used her fingers to explore her pussy lips and tentatively run one up her slit. She began to breathe hard as she seemed lost in another world. She didn’t seem to be aware of us as she put two fingers into her pussy and we watched as she got visibly wetter. “Where the fuck is Genaro?” mumbled Mike, but all I could do was watch and capture this on video. Juice was pouring out of Claire as she did something next that nearly made me cum, she just gently put a finger on her anus and slowly tickled it, just moving it a little around the outer ring, which opened and closed slightly. She put one hand on her left nipple as she held her legs up and explored the outside of her anal opening. She was breathing increasingly had now. Then…“Better stop that now Claire!” Commanded Mike. “Don’t want you getting carried away.” Full stop. Claire looked shocked at herself. “Oh sorry, Mike. Not had it much lately, enjoying myself too much!”“Well I’m bloody angry about Genaro, he’s late and that’s unforgivable on a shoot like this – there’s money at stake. I’m ringing the agency…”Mike went off to use his mobile and I chatted to Claire a while. Found out she was really into the porn posing and had been looking forward to sex with Genaro who she had been told was a bit of a stud and handsome with it. We found ourselves getting on well though and having a laugh, and I told her I’d enjoyed helping her off with her dress and hoped she hadn’t minded. She told me I had a gentle touch and she’s half been hoping that I’d have given her a fondle while I’d done it. I went red and said I wished I had when Mike came back.“Damned Genaro has let us down, had a blazing row with the agency about his fees and has left them. Don’t know what I’m going to do now!” Mike looked at us both. “But I do have an idea… Alan…. errm, how about…. well, if it would be OK with you Claire, how about Alan having you in part two?” I was stunned into silence and couldn’t respond. “Fine by me!” said Claire. Blimey!“Good grief yes” I managed. “Give me the video then, this needs to be a movie.”I handed the camera to Mike as Claire looked at me with an amused and seductive expression. I had no time to think as Mike pointed the camera at me and started filming! Claire, breasts out, no panties, stood there in her stocking and suspenders and her high heels. She came up to me and put her arms around me, then kissed me full on the lips and her tongue explored my lips and then my teeth. My erection pressed against her leg. She moved behind me and began to unbutton my shirt, putting a hand on my bare chest and fondling my nipples and stomach. Then she pulled the shirt off and knelt at my feet, undoing my trainers and pulling them off along with my socks. After that she knelt at my waist and undid my belt, then pulled down my fly, opening my jeans as she did so. My dick was straining to be set free as she pulled the jeans down a little and then pulled down my underpants. I couldn’t believe it was happening as she deftly pulled my cock out and enveloped it in her mouth. The sensation of her moist mouth on my shaft, slowly fellating me was heavenly and I began to gently pump in and out of her throat. She was an expert at this.“Ok you two, don’t rush it,” said Mike. Claire backed off and went back to the sofa, adopting a similar pose to earlier, sat right on the edge, legs apart, pussy to the fore. “In you go , Alan..”I pulled off my jeans and pants and, completely naked, advanced on Claire with my cock ahead of me pointing skywards. “Ok Alan, mount her boy…” My cock was not in line with her pussy, so I had to kneel and put my arms on the sofa either side of her. I then had to use one hand to push my cock head down a little so it could go up her. escort gaziemir I moved forward and the tip of my cock went into Claire’s slit. “Hold it there.” I held as long as I could while Mike snapped, then I had to put more inside her. Claire looked into my eyes as my shaft went up her. “Nice..” she breathed softly in my ear, “up my twat… lovely. Slip it right in, I need this.” So up and in I went. She was tight and warm. I slid in and out of her as she told me I was a fucking godsend. She said her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, that I could do anything I wanted to her. “Touch my bum-hole for me, like I was doing earlier. Go on finger my arse..” I brought a hand round underneath her and felt for her anus. It was all wet down there, juice dripping out of her pussy. I slowly ran a finger over her anal-ring as she had done. She began to squirm with delight and I felt myself getting closer to orgasm. “Oh shit, this is fucking lovely,” she called out, “don’t stop, let it go up. Let it go up…” My finger felt like her anus was gently sucking it in, her ring began to open and close as she rocked back and forth as I pumped slowly into her. Then it seemed to open fully and half my finger just slipped up into her back passage. She gasped and shouted “Oh yes, you fucking lovely bastard, put it right up inside. Right up!” I needed no further encouragement and with so much juice down there, my finger went its full length up her anus. My dick was fully impaled in her too as she began to busk and scream as her orgasm kicked in. It was too much for me and I shot cum up her fanny like a fire-hose. I seemed to be pumping for minutes, but I guess it was just a few seconds. “Bloody brilliant guys” said Mike, “now move out of shot Alan, I want to see the aftermath of Claire’s crotch!” And so saying, I moved aside as Claire lay back legs fully wide and open her twat wet and gaping, her anus slightly distended, the whole area dripping with her juice and my cum slipping back out of her and over her ring-piece. As I looked down at this wonderful spectacle I felt my erection re-energising. “Oh look, Mike, “ said Claire, “Alan’s up for more… Get that video going again..” It was true, I wasn’t finished yet, the sight was too great and the experience had been magnificent. Then the words I’ll never forget…“Do me up the arse, Alan!” I didn’t need asking twice. I thought she’d want to go doggy-style and waited for her to get on all fours or something, but she got back into the same lascivious pose on the sofa and said “I want to watch it going in – same position, different hole!” and she smiled at me. I needed to make sure her anus would open OK for me, I didn’t know if she was used to anal or not – I certainly had never done it, so I put a couple of fingers up her pussy and got them covered in her juices, then used them to gently finger her bum-hole, opening it up a little until both fingers went in easily, all the while Claire stared at my eyes with that wanton smile on her face. Then it was time. I placed my cock at th entrance to her anal shaft and pushed forward. I felt her pushing against me, then she withdrew pressure a little before sighing a little and I felt the sphincter open and my cock slid up her tight opening. “Oh…fuuuuucccckkkk” she exhaled as I gently slid in and out of her. I was aware of Mike videoing but then noticed he was using one hand to open his flies and get his own cock out. He advanced on Claire’s face and she smilingly took it into her mouth. Watching him fuck her face while I was in her tight anus did it for me and for the second time I released my sperm into Claire. But I kept in place, enjoying the warmth of it while I reached down and diddled her clitoris. Mike was still having her throat, but not for long as I saw him groan, withdraw and splatter jism all across Claire’s face. Then she too began to shake and I felt her cumming, the walls of her anus tightening on my now limp dick.“Hope you didn’t mind that Claire; watching you two having it off was such a turn on! And I had to get a shot of me spunking over you. That is one hot video we have here. I think a bonus is likely. Well done!”We both smiled at him. Claire seemed pleased to have had her orgasms, Mike had a best-seller on his hands, and I was well and truly satisfied. I even got paid!THE END

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