The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch6/P2)

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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch6/P2)Leandra slide her mouth away from Kaliko cock. Stood up and began removing her clothing. Sliding her black gown over her head. She watched as Dorothy opened her mouth, sucking up and down his slim curved cock. “Your body looks amazing my dear Leandra.” “I hate you for this Kaliko.”He laughed as his fingers slide through Dorothy hair. “You know you could stop. But the spell in the wine has heighten your deepest desires. Why can’t you be like your friend Dorothy. She’s enjoying herself.” Dorothy opened her mouth wider and took his whole cock down. Her face buried in his white and gray pubic hair. His cock filling her throat. Then she slowly pulled off gasping for air. Dorothy stood up and removed her armed corset and skirt. Kaliko laid back on the bench and Leandra got over him in sixty-nine. Her bald pussy lowered to his waiting mouth. He slowly slide his long reptile like tongue up into her pussy. Leandra moaned as she held his cock and slide her mouth on it. Pumping her mouth up and down, as Dorothy sat on the bench. Dorothy leaned down and began licking his hairy balls. Kaliko tongue wiggling its way around in her moist pussy. Leandra body shook, feeling the inside of her pussy begin roamed over by his evil tongue. She pulled her mouth off and licked up and down his shaft, as Dorothy slide his right ball into her mouth. Sucking it like a piece of sweet candy. Leandra pushed her pussy down on his face so he couldn’t hear them talking.”Dorothy the only way I know of this spell wearing off is for the person to sweat it out.”Dorothy slide her moist mouth off his ball.”Hopefully we can give Omby time to escape and save us. Now hold his shaft for me I want to suck that fucking cock. Oh my god did I just say that.”Leandra hand held the base, holding his cock straight up.”Its the spell, its pulling our sexual desires to the surface.” Dorothy opened her mouth and swallowed that cock straight down. Then slowly pulled her lips up the shaft. Kaliko moan tuzla escort into Leandra pussy, Dorothy lips making love to his cock. She began to pump her mouth up and down more, spit oozing out over her lips and down his shaft. Kaliko pushed his hips up ,feeding Dorothy hungry mouth his cock. He reached up and gripped Leandra ass and pulled her down, pushing his tongue all the way into her wet pussy. Leandra bit her lip, she couldn’t believe how good his tongue felt. She held the bench as his tongue moved inside her back and forth, hitting all the right spots. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing how much she was turned on, but she just couldn’t bare it. “Oh fuck yes lick my pussy out,don’t stop.”Dorothy pulled her mouth off his cock. Strings of spit hanging from her lips to his cock. As she straighten her head up, she became face to face with Leandra. Neither saying a word to one another. They both moved in and passionately kissed one another. Their tongues sliding over the other lips, into a waiting mouth. Kaliko could hear both mouths muffled and peeked out from under Leandra. He watched as Leandra brought her right hand up to Dorothy face, caressing it as they kissed. They pushed their lips harder against one another, trying to get the most out of the moment. Kaliko slapped Leandra ass and pushed her off him. “Ms. Gale why don’t you slide up and sit that hairy pussy on this cock.” Dorothy licked her lips tasting Leandra saliva, as she faced Kaliko. She straddled him and slide her pussy slowly down his cock. Dorothy closed her eyes, feeling it push her pussy open. She put her hands on-top of his beard, that was so long it covered his chest. She braced herself as she began to ride. Bouncing up and down slow at first, but building to a steady rhythm. Leandra leaned in holding her left tit, licking the nipple. As the other breast flopped up and down. Kaliko put his old boney hands on her hips and pulled Dorothy up and down his cock. “Oh fuck yes, fuck sancaktepe escort my pussy, fuck my hairy pussy.” She rode harder, pushing her pussy down all the way. Leandra slide her mouth to the other nipple. Sucking on Dorothy hard nipple. Then lightly biting it and pulling it with her mouth. Dorothy pushed her pussy down and held it on Kaliko cock. She grind back and forth. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Leandra reached down and rubbed Dorothy pussy, feeling Dorothy pussy juice spill out all over her fingers and his cock. Dorothy took deep long breaths, being a little dizzy from cumming so hard. She slide off and whispered to Leandra,”I’m trying my best to sweat it out.” Leandra smiled,”My turn.” Leandra stood by the bench and threw her leg over Kaliko, straddling him. She looked down at his evil smile,”Ok you old fuck, lets see what that cock is like.” She pushed her bald pussy over his cock head and then eased herself down his shaft. She closed her eyes like Dorothy, feeling his curved cock spread her tight pussy open. Leandra reach down for his chest but found Kaliko fingers intertwine with hers. She looked down at him as there hands braced one another. “I hate you, you will get yours Kaliko.” He pushed up into her, making her moan. “I’m getting mine already bitch. Now come on, you know you love riding this cock.” She spit in his face,”Go to hell”. He shoved up and down hard pounding his cock up into her pussy. Leandra screamed out,”FUCK ME FUCK ME”. Dorothy leaned in and returned the favor. Licking her right nipple then her left. Switching back and forth. Her ruby red lips sucking on those dark green nipples. Leandra tilted her head back and moaned in pleasure,”Yesssssss, fuck yesss.” Her pussy juices spilled out all over his cock. She slowly pulled her self off, her body glistening in sweat.Kaliko stood up on the bench. “Dorothy straddle the bench. Put that ass in the air for me.” Dorothy put her leg over the bench, leaned forward and arched her ass up üsküdar escort in the air. The little nome got stood behind her and slapped her ass. Once, then again, then again. Dorothy pale ass turning red. She held the bench, feeling the sting of his hand. He stopped and spread her cheeks wide. His cock soaked in pussy juice, he put the head of his dick against her asshole. Dorothy looked back at him knowing of whats to come. “I saw you with the rockmen Ms. Gale, I know you like cock in your ass, don’t you.” Dorothy bit her lip, she didn’t want to say yes but couldn’t help shaking her head yes. Kaliko smiled and slowly pushed in. “Oh fuckkk god, take it slow please.” Dorothy begged, knowing how good it felt when it slide in slow. Kaliko eased it in slow. Wanting her to feel each inch. Watching his cock ease her tight ass open. His shaft spreading it wider and wider. He then began to move his hips back and forth quicker. Holding her ass cheeks, bracing himself. He shoved in hard, giving Dorothy his whole cock.”FUCKKKKFUCK.” Her eyes wide as she got all of his cock. Kaliko looked up at Leandra,”Fuck your friends ass is amazing. But don’t worry, your ass is the one I want to cum in.” He pulled his cock almost all the way out, then shoved it all back in. Dorothy asshole pushed wider and wider with each shove in. Kaliko began to fuck Dorothy now harder and faster. Pounding her asshole open with force. He pulled out,”Come here Leandra”. Leandra walked over beside him. “Suck my cock, clean it off”. She leaned down, seeing how wet and shinny his cock was. She opened her mouth and swallow, sucking Dorothy sweet ass juices off his pale curved cock. He held her hair, fucking her mouth. “That’s it suck that cock dry”. She got more hungry sucking harder. Her mouth swallowing his whole cock down to his hairy pubic groin. He pulled her up by the hair. His cock popping out her moist mouth. He slapped Dorothy ass and told her to move. She got up and Leandra took her place. Gripping the bench as she arched her ass up in the air. He spread those round green cheeks and put his cock head against her asshole. Leandra looked back at him and forgot how much she hated him. “Fuck my tight hole open. I love cock in my ass”.Kaliko smiled and unlike Dorothy, shoved his cock in hard.

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