Trapping My Father-In-Law – The Business Honeymoon

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Trapping My Father-In-Law – The Business HoneymoondeletedIf you just want a thup thup story please dont read this because this is not just a sex story . This is my emotions and my sweet memories with my FIL. This story is bit long and might be less entertaining when compared to my previous stories. If you want to know what all has happened please go through this story. If you are new to this series please read my previous stories. Many people ask me its a real story or not. Let me clarify, its a real story, I dont like faking up the things.I thought of giving a gap of two weeks to our fucking marathon. Nothing happened for the first three days but from the fourth day onwards , heat in my pussy started raising. Even my Fil was irresistable !! He always tried to touch me !! I always ran out of his grip ! We had a lot of free time and my husband got very busy in his work. This gave us a lot of time. Even then I never allowed my fil to touch me.I was loving those moments !! I felt as if in my teens. I felt loved again !! It reminded me of my college days. When I was alone , I was lost in thoughts of my FIl , even when I was with my husband I was lost in my FIL’s thoughts. There were moments when I fil pleaded me for one blowjob…one kiss..for one touch !! I seducively rejected him…I seduced him a lot..Whenever my MIL was not present I used to drop my pallu..wear deep neck nightly and exposing my cleavage by bending..exposing my legs till my knees..but never allowed him to touch !! Its been two weeks and decided to put an end to this and decided to get laid by him. I was just waiting for a good chance !!Suddenly my husband said he was going out of station for two weeks !! My heart was filled with joy ! The whole night I fantasized my FIL…I cursed the presence of my MIL. Next day I ran to his room in pertex of giving tea. I said “Mavayya..The wait is over..Just wait for the right moment!!” and ran out of his room. I was extremely happy. The whole day he was busy on phone.That evening he said to me that he has to accompany my husband, as it is the end of business year he needs some assistance. The moment he said this , tears started rolling out of my eyes.All the fantasies were trashed. He said they will be leaving in two days and the tour would last for three days..I couldnt believe ! I couldnt live without my fil even for a day…We couldnt have any time those two days..but the night before they left,I wanted to speak with my FIL so during dinner I said ” Lets go on terrace after dinner. I got bored staying in house for the whole day. Lets have some fresh air. Even you both are very tired after hectic work..”.Both my husband and fil agreed but my mil said that she wont come. As we were climbing stairs my husband got a very important call and he signalled that he will be there in ten minutes. I was very happy ..Me and my Fil upstairs..I went close near him and stood. He said “ are looking very beautiful in this moonlight!!” .Immediately I locked my fingers with his and kissed him on his lips. It lasted only for a minute. After breaking the kiss,I hugged him and said “Please mamayya…Please stay back..I will miss you a lot..” He held my waist and kissed me on my neck and said “I have to go. He cannot handle it alone..understand Suni..” and we both parted away.. After ten minutes my husband also joined.The next day both of them left…My pussy was burning with desires. I had no way to satisfy it..Even fingering myself couldnt cool the heat. After three days they returned but even after returning my FIL and my husband got very busy. They used to leave home by 9 and reach at midnight. I was just craving for a dick.As there was no chance of getting laid I stopped cleaning my pussy and arm pits and waxing my legs..Its almost been a month and I lacked a male touch .. Dense forest of hair was formed on my pussy and arm pits..I paid no attention to it.. I was desperately waiting for getting laid…Neither my FIL nor my husband fucked me. All I could do was fantasizing.All I could do was dreaming about getting laid and tickling myself over my hairy pussy…Almost after a month while having dinner my FIL said to my husband that we have to go to hyderabad once to look after the site we owned and to check some lease papers or so.He planned that both of them would go check them and return in two days. I paid no attention to it. My husband said that he cannot accompany him as there is lot of important work going on here , he suggested that they could go next month. But my fil insisted that this is very important and they cannot postpone it and said that he would go alone and finish the work and return but my bursa escort husband said that he needs someone to take care of him and he cannot go alone. He said to me “Sunitha. You go along with Dad.” As soon as I heard that I got delighted. I could see a spark in my FIL’s face.My FIL immediately said “Why are you troubling Sunitha now ?? I can manage alone. I am planning not to stay in any relatives house because I dont want them to know about our property and the deals. I will stay in some hotel.It will be difficult for her.I can adjust alone. ” My husband said “No issues !! Sunitha will come along with you and mom is there to take care of our k**.There is no problem in staying in hotel.”I exclaimed in myself “Such a lovely husband !!” I immediately replied “Yes mamayya(FIl) we cannot let you go alone. You need someone to take care of you.I will come with you.” I could see happiness in his eyes.Finally I was getting a chance ! I couldnt believe it !! Trust me guys , when u want something or someone desperately , the chances to be with them come automatically. Everyone agreed and we were lucky .We got tickets booked to hyderabad by train after two days.. The next day I stood before mirror and got nude…I lifted my arms..Omg it was covered by hair !! Disgusting !! If it is like this, how would my darling lick them!! I rolled my fingers on my pussy and pulled the hair! My pussy was hardly visible through the forest.. and my legs ..which my FIL always compared to the smoothness of silk were full of hair..I was just like an uncivilized women.Lack of sex made completely loose my maintenance of my body.Immediately I went to the parlour waxed my legs got facial and other treatments.I shaved my armpits and pussy.after returning home again I got nude befor the mirror , finally I was back to my old looks.Sliky legs , pink pussy and smooth arm pits.. I just have to pass 24 hours to pass into my FIL’s arms. I was waiting desparately for this.Finally we got into the train. As soon as I got into the train, I went to bathroom and moved it below my navel such that my belly button was visible. I sat close to my fil , he whispered “Looking very hot suni..” I blushed. There were two youngsters in side bearth who were staring at me countinously. I gave them an angry look, I just wanted to tease them so locked my fingers in my FIL’s and laid on his shoulders just like husband and wife.. They were surprised. The lady who was in her early 50’s sitting opposite to me said “Hi..Where are you going ??” I replied Hyderabad. My hands were still in my FIL’s hands, I was playing with his fingers. I was still lying my head on my FIL , she immediately asked, with whom are you going?? I was stunned by the question !!These old people dont mind their work. Always interested about others lives. I couldnt say that I was with my FIl , as I was in such a romantic position I couldnt say that he is my FIL or father or anything !!… I stammered for a second and replied “With my husband!! ” The old lady was shocked even my fil looked at me in a shock but later gave a smile. Immediately the old lady asked “Sorry to ask , It looks there is a large age gap between you both.. how did you get married??” I cursed her in myself .. this old lady … I will kill her if she asked any more questions. I gave a fake smile and made up a story .I told her “Actually aunty..ours is a love marriage !! ” Everybody around us got shocked..I looked in to my FIL eyes and told them “Yes..ours was a love marriage. We were neighbours from my tenth class, he has two sons , elder one was married then, there was second one who was five years older to me..During my graduation first year, his wife passed away.He felt lonely then. Since then I started spending more time with him. We started playing chess, going out for a jog, he helped me a lot for my studies..We enjoyed each others company a lot..Later after my studies I got job and our family shifted the town. Till then I thought he was just a friend.Then after few days I started missing him a lot.. I always wanted to be with him, I enjoyed his company a lot. I tried to suppress the feeling but day by day the feeling grew stronger. I started talking to him on phone. In the beginning it was just Hi bye how are you …and later it stretched to hours…I then felt it was not just friendship, it was more than that.He was also inclined to me but always suppressed the feeling. Then one day I asked him to meet me..He agreed with lot of persuasion. We met and spoke for around one hour and waved bye.But while I turned back and was about to walk was the moment that changed my life forever. I decided to break the social barrier and bursa escort bayan walked towards him … held his hand and proposed him!! He rejected first and after few days he accepted. Later there was a huge family drama and finally we got married “. The story looked convincing..The aunty was shocked. To avoid further topics I decided to sleep.Next day we reached hotel. We checked in as husband and wife. He took shower first , then I went for shower…Finally my wait was coming to an end. I came out wrapping a towel around me. He was ready in a formal dress. I went close to him and said “What mamayya..We met like this after a long time and you are getting ready for going out.” He came close to me and said “My dear suni..first work then worship.” while saying that he pulled my towel. I was completely nude. I immediately covered my boobs and pussy with my hands. He said “I have work this beauty for tonight..but first let me see go and finish my work. close the door. Take care . Be careful. I miss you !!” I wrapped the towel and closed the door. I was burning with desires and started reading sex stories. I didnt finger as I wanted to have wild sex tonight.During afternoon I was feeling bored. I booked a cab and went to nearby mall. Bought an high revealing dress which revealed out my thighs , exposed my back and sleevless. I bought a good shirt to my FIL and returned.He came around 8 pm.As soon as he came , he pushed my on bed, I pushed him aside , gave him his new shirt and I told him to wear that. He wore that , I told him to wait in the lobby, he was in a confused state, he said “Sunitha, why?? lets do it ! y waiting now?” I said “ want sex or unlimited fun??” he said “its difficult to understand you sunitha..I will wait in the lobby.” He wore the new shirt and left. Immediately I started getting ready. I wore the new dress. left the hair free, applied red lipstick wore high heels and went to the lobby. He was stunned as soon as he saw me. The receptionist and all the males were looking at me. I held his hands and said “come on honey..lets go..” He blindly followed me. We went to the attached Lounge Bar that was in our hotel itself. I have already booked a table over there. We sat there. It was such a romantic moment.He said “Sunitha , would you mind if I had a couple of drinks ?? ” I replied ” Mavayya (FIL) I will definitely mind if you dont offer me a drink” and winked and held his hand over the table. He ordered whiskey, I tried to drink whiskey but it was very bitter, then I had vodka. After a couple of drinks , I was getting buzz, the music was getting more romantic. I was looking into his eyes, rubbing his hands, the world around me was spinning a bit.Then suddenly the dance floor was opened. Then people rushed there the music was extremely energetic, people were dancing. Then I held his hand and pulled him to the dance floor.We were dancing like lovers. I started having vodka shots at the bar counter. I was really very high. I was dancing like a mad girl , then I was approached by a young guy, who asked me for a dance, I politely rejected him,saying i was with my husband. I was drunk and dancing like a bitch. All the guys were staring at me. I was dancing with my back facing my fil’s dick and rubbing it. He was shy in the beginning as the drinks effect started , he started moving his hands all over. As the croud was getting more, i was groped, I was enjoying it. I could sense young guys dancing behind me were getting closer and closer. The drink was getting me high. I could sense the guys touching my ass. My FIL saw that gave him an angry look and took me out of the pub.As soon as we reached , we ordered a whiskey bottle. The bottle was there in no time !! I took two glasses and filled them. We said cheers and we drank. I made another glass, took it and sat on my FIL’s lap and fed him the glass. I got very high and got into the mood. I stood and went on bed..I winked and called my FIL. He immediately came upon me. We kissed very passionately. I started removing his shirt buttons and removed his shirt. He turned me around and opened the dress. As it was a one piece he could remove it in one shot. I was only in my bra and panties.I myself removed my bra , and I stated kissing on his chest. I started rolling my tongue over his hairs on chest. He was pressing my love handles. I opened his pant I could see erection over his underwear. I caught it over the underwear and said “Mamayya , I missed this very much” and in no time i pulled his underwear. His dick was erect ! I placed my hand over it massaging it for a while and took it into my mouth.He was grasping and said “Suni… escort bursa slowly. .slowly.. You are doing it very rough!” I took it out and replied “See the bad suni today!It feels awesome after being drunk! come on the devil in you out !! fuck your son’s wife…what a bitch I am ! fucking her husband’s father!! and see what kind of pervert you are !! fucking your son’s wife !! fuck me like a bitch !! ” while saying that I sat over him and kept his dick in my pussy.He was aroused and started giving jerks. I was full mood and high. I was using very foul language. he was getting aroused with that. I was jumping up and down , his dick was getting deep and deeper due to this. I took his hands and placed them on my boobs. I said “press them.. hard as you can..These slutty nipples get hard as soon as I think about you. Show them , how hard you can punish them for that. ” He then started sucking them and started biting them with his teeth..It was very painful , but I was enjoying it .I wanted more and more pain . I started shouting “Chew them !! ahhhh!! chew them !!” he started getting hard.. He was pushing into the pussy and he was biting nipples very hard. Then I gave out a cry “Mavaayyaaa(FILLL) ahhhh…stop it …dont bite!!Ahhh baboi ! noppi (god !! its painful )” He left biting.. I collapsed on his chest. His dick was out of my pussy. The whole room was rotating.. I was out of my senses. I caught his hair , took out my tongue and licked his lips then his forehead and went to his neck , I started kissing it and biting it !! He was in pleasure !He was saying “Sunitha !! Its heaven !! dont stop!!” I took his dick and placed in my pussy and said “Fuck me … I am slut for two days..I want this every day…every hour! every minute !! I am a slut ! I am a slut !!” He got aroused “Yeah bitch!! shamless!! FUcking an old dick ! take it !! I will make you pregnant and play with my k** ..let me give a brother to your husband. ” and finally he released it in my pussy. I fell on his chest I regained my senses slightly and said “Sorry mamayya..I dont know what i was saying!! love you ! love you !! ” he hugged me and said “you are not a bitch !! you are my wife darling !! ” later I lost my cosciousness and fell as asleep.Next day I woke up I found we were fully naked under the blanket !! My head was paining.I sat on bed holding my head.I could see the dried cum over my eyebrows and eye lids.Then I remembered in traces , I was shouting cum on me darling cum on me darling then he cummed on face.I slept like that only without cleaning… My fil woke up ! and pulled me over him and said “Good morning sweet heart !! ” He was about to kiss me, I stopped and said “Let me take bath first.” While I was taking bath , me knocked the door and said “Hey sunitha, open the door once , I want to show something urgent.”I replied “Mamayya , let me take bath, I will see afterwards. ” He said “Sunitha, Please it urgent, slightly open the door. Its a matter of 1 minute.” I said “Abbba .. mavayya.. ” and slightly opened the door and peeped outside and asked “What happened ? What do you want to show??” He smiled wickedly and removed the towel around him. He was naked and his dick was erect like a pole.I replied “Abba mavayya.. Whole night it was erect, again its erect..” I was wondering how a man can be so manly. I was taking bath, I was all wet, water was dropping , I replied angrily “What is this mamayya ?? Always erect” suddenly gave a naughty smile held his dick and said “I will have to punish this.” and pulled him into the bathroom. I locked his lips with mine. While kissing I opened the shower. He kissed me all over my body. He took shampoo , applied it to my hair, he gave me bath. After a long time someone else was giving me bath.We dried ourselves.We had coffee, but my darling didnt allow me to wear anything..Even he was nude !!I got a call from my husband. We were under the same blanket playing with each other’s body. While I was talking he was doing all naughty things like kissing my pussy, putting his fingers in my pussy , pressing my boobs !! and when he started talking on the phone after me I was doing all naughty things ! I kept my finger in my pussy and kept that finger in his mouth !! started sucking his balls !! gave him a blowjob !!As soon as the call was over , we had our second and third session !! After that , we went out for sight seeing , to IMAX and tank band. All the while we were like husband and wife , moved very closely !! and everyone looking at us strangely. This was just like a honeymoon for us !!We enjoyed the next day as well. I felt that whole trip was completed within a minute !! We returned home as if we had a hectic business schedule. Only the God and the readers now know what happened in the tour !! Even today I get lost into those moments !! I hope you liked my encounter. Please give me your feedback

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