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TWO FOR ONEI was home alone when I heard the door bell ring. I answered the door and there stood Lori. She was a neighborhood girl who was a friend of my daughter, Ginnie. I told her Ginnie wasn’t home right now but she was welcome to come in and wait, I was expecting Ginnie home soon. Lori decided to come inside. Lori was eighteen and was wearing a tight top and shorts. I could see her tits poking through the material. Lori’s boobs were small but she seemed somewhat excited. Her nipples were hard and I had my eyes glued to her chest. I asked her if she wanted a beer and she accepted. I brought out two beers and we sat down on the couch and began to talk. I think we must have gotten a little tipsy and I know I felt my cock stirring in my pants. I was trying to control myself but Lori looked so damn good. We both finished our beer and I told Lori to go to the refrigerator and grab two more.When Lori went into the kitchen I stood up and tried to arrange my cock in my pants. Lori came back into the living room and held out the bottle to me. For some reason I reached out and pulled her into my body. Lori didn’t resist me. Our mouths locked together and I found her tongue. The beers got set down on the table nearby as we were kissing passionately.I slowly undid the ties to her top and I worked my hands down to her waist and pushed the shorts down to the floor. I found one of those hard nipples and began sucking on it. Lori was moaning now and she threw her chest out to me. I can’t begin to tell you how badly I wanted her now.I took her by the hand and led her back to my bedroom. I had her lie back and I peeled my shirt and pants off. I stood at the foot of the bed and let Lori take a good look at my semi-erect cock. I could see she wanted me pretty badly. I then crawled in between her thighs. I took my cock in my hand and started to rub my cockhead across her slimy, wet pussy. I then slipped the head in place and pushed. Lori let out a gasp and I slid the whole length of my cock into her. Lori started to scream then. I worked my rod in and out of her pussy. I was going to take her and fuck her like she had never been fucked before. I went from slow to fast in seconds. I pounded her tight hole and she locked her pussy muscles around me and held on.I then found her nipples once more and I began to bite on the tips. It seemed as if we were both out of control at this moment. We were hot and sweaty and fucking like two wild a****ls. I knew at this rate I was not going to be able to hold out for very long. My nuts were starting to pinch and I felt my cum beginning to rise to the tip of my cock.It was then I heard a voice from behind me. There stood my daughter, Ginnie. God only knew how long she had been watching 1xbet yeni giriş us screwing like that. I only glanced back for a second or so to see Ginnie had her hand buried in her pants. She had been rubbing herself as she watched us fuck. I hadn’t stopped fucking and I finally couldn’t hold it one second more. I arched my back and began to flood Lori with my seed. Lori’s pussy went into a spasm and I could feel her cumming as well. Lori and I gave my daughter a wild view of us. I kept ramming my shaft into Lori’s cunt and she held me tightly inside her with her pussy muscles.After a few moments I collapsed on top of Lori. I didn’t care if Ginnie was watching us or not. I was spent and I needed some minutes to catch my breath. Lori seemed exhausted as well. She barely stirred after we had finished our hot loving. My cock eventually slipped out and I was able to stand up and get some air. I turned around and Ginnie was now standing very close to the edge of the bed.I faced my daughter now. My cock was still, somewhat hard, and it was slick with our love juices. My daughter stood there intently looking at my crotch. She stepped forward and then knelt down before me. Ginnie reached out and took my cum drenched cock in her hands and brought it up to her mouth. She opened wide and started to lick the cream from my love stem.I must have gasped as her wet tongue was working on the underside of my rod. She was cleaning every strand of cum from my boner. She then slipped her mouth around me and began to suck. My head went back and I instinctively put my hand on the back of her head. I wasn’t going to allow her to pull away now. She went down on me. I was surprised she was about to get all the way down to my pubic bone.Ginnie gobbled my stiff cock, and I started to face fuck her. My sacs were hitting her chin. She took all of me and I could hear the slurping noises as she went faster and faster. I didn’t think I could possibly cum again, but I was wrong. I shot a big wad of love cream down my daughter’s throat. Ginnie didn’t try to pull away. She kept swallowing all of my seed until I had given her the last drop of my loving.Ginnie then pulled away and wiped drops of cum from the corners of her mouth. I had a hard time believing what had just happened. I had fucked my daughter’s friend and then my daughter cleaned me with her mouth and had made me cum a second time. Looking back to the bed, Lori had been watching the whole thing. She had been fingering herself and she said she came one more time from our proceedings.I glanced over the the bedroom clock. It was nearly time for my wife to get home from work. I told the two girls we needed to get ourselves cleaned up and change the bedroom 1xbet giriş sheets before my wife arrived. My mind was now turning. I was thinking on how I was going to do everything in my power to keep these hot women fucking and sucking from now on. I hope to have more stories on how it all works out.Just a few days ago I had sex with Lori, a friend of my daughter, Ginnie. While we were in bed together, my daughter caught us fucking. What was surprising was that Ginnie sucked all the cum off my cock after my love session with Lori. I was now changing into my swimming trunks and heading to the backyard for a dip in the pool. Thankfully, my wife was at her sister’s place for a few days. I was hoping that would give me ample time for some fun with my daughter and her friend. As I walked out the back door there was Ginnie and Lori, lying on some lawnchairs. Both of them had their tops off, sunning their breasts.My daughter Ginnie had boobs much like her mother. They were large and were topped off with long nipples. Lori, on the other hand, had smaller, firmer tits, and her nipples were smaller and came to a point. Either way, just looking at both of them made my cock stir in my trunks. I walked out the the edge of the pool and turned to wave at both girls. In the process, I dropped my trunks and dove into the water.I could hear both girls clapping and cheering as I made a big splash. I looked over to see Ginnie walking to the edge of the pool. She slipped her fingers between the bikini bottom material, and they fell to the ground. Ginnie dove in and swam over to me. The water was running off her big titties and her nipples were starting to harden. Ginnie reached out with her hand and wrapped her fingers around my shaft.I pulled Ginnie tight to my body and began to kiss her mouth. Our tongues touched and I could hear her moans as we were working up a heat there in the water. I soon lowered my mouth to those luscious nipples and sucked each one into my mouth, Ginnie arched her back and gave me full access. She tasted so good, I wanted even more of her. All the while, Ginnie was making me rock hard with her hand. I was fully erect when I reached out with both hands and grabbed her asscheeks.I slowly lifted her up and positioned her pussy right above the tip of my cock. Ginnie knew what was going to happen and she let out a little squeal from her mouth. When my cockhead touched her pussylips, I forced her down hard on me. Ginnie screamed and I thought someone must have heard her. Luckily, our backyard was secluded and no neighbors could see us. I began to thrust my cock into my daughter. Slowly at first and then building up and giving her everything I had. Ginnie placed her arms around my 1xbet güvenilirmi neck and held on tightly. There we were in the shallow end of the pool, fucking like two rabbits. We were splashing a lot of water around in the pool. Everytime my sacs slammed into Ginnie it sounded like someone hitting two pieces of wood together.I couldn’t believe how tight my daughter’s pussy was. She had a vice grip on me and she wouldn’t let up. I threw my hips up into her knowing full well I couldn’t hold out much longer. I was feeling that urge to blow my load. These young women tended to do that to a guy my age. I told Ginnie I was so close and she replied back that she wanted me to cum inside her. I knew that wasn’t very wise but my cock was buried to the hilt in my hot daughter’s pussy. It was too late for a rubber. I bellowed and shot my hot stream of cum into Ginnie’s belly. I wasn’t sure where it was all coming from. I just kept erupting, firing one hot load after another into Ginnie’s pussy. Ginnie was cumming also. She cried out and told me she was having her orgasm. I felt her tighten around my cock. It was if someone was clenching their fist around my cock. This made me cum even more. My balls were so tight, I didn’t think there was much more left in the tank. We just clinged to each other there in the pool. My knees were wobbling a bit, until I started getting soft.I slipped out of my daughter and we both climbed out of the pool. Lori was waiting for us as we lifted each other out.”God, that was so hot!” Lori said. Lori then took Ginnie by the hand and led her to the deckchair. Lori had Ginnie lie back down. She then spread Ginnie’s thighs apart and got in between them. I then watched as Lori began to work her tongue up and down my daughter’s slit. Christ, I was starting to get hard again!Lori was cleaning up all out love cream from Ginnie’s pussy. She had some of it on the tip of her tongue and turned around to me. She licked her lips and showed me how she was swallowing it all down. If that doesn’t turn you on, I don’t know what would. Lori was kneeling and lapping at all those hot juices. I had my cock in my hand once more, stroking it.I couldn’t contain myself. I walked over and I placed my mushroom head at Lori’s pussylips, and I pushed my cock into her. Lori lifted and let out a cry. We now had a threesome going. I was fucking my daughter’s friend just as hard as was possible. Lori had Ginnie in such a worked-up state. Everyone was loud and getting crazy with lust. Lori shoved her tongue in as far as she could and Ginnie began to cum once more. She gushed out a wad of her juices all over Lori’s face. Seeing that made me lose my control. What little cum I still had in me, I shot into Lori’s pussy. I just kept forcing my cock into to her. until all three of us were spent. This was just the first day that my wife was away. I couldn’t wait to see where the rest of this was heading. I hope to write on more of my adventures with these two hotties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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