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USED AS A CUM DUMPSTERThe banging on my door woke me up from the deep exhausted sleep I was in.I struggled to get to my feet, aching all over. I looked at my naked body, my cock and balls were partially swollen as I had a cock ring on. I was covered with marks, scratches and welts-all over my chest and stomach, cock fur, thighs, calves and feet. I was filthy, covered in dirt and grime, my feet werenearly black withn alot of marks.My hips and ass hurt like hell as they also were covered in assorted marks and sc****s. Again, a banging on the door. I noticed my beard was stiff with cum, and my lips were caked in white goo, as was my chest hair and stomach, all caked in cum.I got to the door, looked out and saw it was William my master. I opened the door, nude, an absolute mess and said hi. He pushed passed me, came in and said we had to go.He grabbed my cock and pulled me down the hallway, out the door and to his car parked on the street. It was broad daylight and tons of peaople saw me. He pushed me into the back seat next to pinbahis yeni giriş another man, naked with a cock ring on and as bad a mess as I was, his cock was huge and very swollen.I was told to suck him so i did. He was told to fuck me so he did, fucking me rapidly in my cum soaked asshole from the nite before. I was moaning, he grabbed my hips and pounded me. William told him to stop fucking me and to pull out-his cock was soaked in cum and ass juice and none of the cum was his.We pulled into a parking lot and got out of the car and went into the building next to it. Once inside, we were led to a large room where various sex tools were.There was a Symbian machine there with a HUGE black cock on it, 4 inches wide, 12 inches long at least. William put me onto it and SLOWLY lowered my asshole onto it, I moaned deeply as this monster filled me up. It was buried in me, all of it. They tied my ankles to the floor, my hands behind my back, nipple clamps put on and my cock was sucked for a short time to get it pinbahis giriş ROCK hard!The machine was turned on, slowly and then faster and faster in fucked me. in and out, cum and goo oozing out and down my legs to my feet, my balls were getting all messy from my leaking asshole, cum everywhere.In came a line of men, big cocks with bigger swollen balls, all in cock rings. I was told to suck them one at a time till they came. They jammed my throat with their huge cocks, and one after another blasted me with huge gobs of cum, in my moputh, my throat, all over my face, neck and chest, running in rivits down to my hard dick and swollen balls, Thick, gooey cum was everywhere as i sucked off more and more men.I was in cum overdose, nothing exoisted but my mouth and their thick cum-I was used and used and used. Then I felt cum gushing up my rectum and realized the Symbian was flooding me deep into my ass, as it fucked me senseless.William came over to me, huge hardon dripping goo and started to whip my chest with a telephone pinbahis güvenilirmi cord-my stomach, nipples and thighs were brutally whipped, I screamed and screamed. He pushed his dick into my throat, pushing a huge glob of cum down my throat into my stoamach. A movie was being taken of me with may pictures also. William had a glass in his hand filled with thick cum and poured it into my mouth and all over my chest. The Symbian fucked me faster and faster, cum evetywhere and then he SUCKED my cock and I screamed, came harder than anytime in my life and passed out.He woke me up and kissed my cum soaked face and lips HARD and fed me my cum, very thick, as i had not cum in many days. I was still rock hard. He told me I was filled up in my ass by horse and cow cum. He asked if I wanted more, both in my mouth and ass. I stared at him in a clouded cum filled haze and said YES! I needed cum, any kind. No pride, a complete cum slut.He walked away and everyone else left and the Symbian kept fucking me, filling me with cum and more cum, and more, thick goo into my strecthed out asshole. I could take no more and passed out.I woke up in the woods, in the dark, chained hand and foot, so COVERED in cum and dirt as to not be recognizeable. My cock huge, my balls really swollen- Now what do i do?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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