wife blackmailed and turned into slave

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wife blackmailed and turned into slavey.Valerie lay soaking up the last of the sun’s rays. Her nipples were trying to poke out of her bikini top, and her fingers were deep inside her cunt why you may ask. It was due to the fact she was dreaming about the gorgeous black cock, 13 inch of pure joy that had fucked her two days previous, you see Valerie was a black cock whore and was proud to be.Quite a few blacks called her filthy names such as, white trash, cum slut whore, Nigger bitch, black owned fuck toy. Some even wrote things on her to let hubby see that they think of her. But this only turned her on even more it was like handing her a compliment. To Val saw this as a black man’s brand. But of course she always scrubbed clean before going home.In fact she craved to be black fucked most nights.The only thing stopping her was the fear of being found out, you see Valerie was married with two c***dren and had found black cock only after she had married. In fact Val was very careful who she let fuck her she did not care how many, or who they were, but it had to be people she trusted or strangers who she would never see again. Hence the pickups at clubs.Oh well she thought as the last rays went down over the roof, the k**s will be home soon anyway.Picking up her towel she made her way back into the house. It was then she noticed an envelope by the front door, picking it up she saw it was addressed to her. Thinking nothing more of it she threw it on to the counter top will look later she thought.Moments later her house was filled with laughter as her k**s came home. James the youngest picked up the envelope and started to open it. “Now is that addressed to you” Val said. “Sorry mom” said James and put it back down. Cheeky monkey she thought.”What’s in it mom” asked James. “No idea” replied Val “let’s see shall we,” on opening it her heart stopped for a moment. “Well” asked James, Val was speechless but managed to blurt out. “Oh just junk mail for the bin I think.” But then moved to hide it. She had only seen one picture but how many more were there and god how did this happen. Her mind was in turmoil. Later at dinner her husband said. “Not hungry sweetie.” “Too big a lunch for me I’m afraid.” Val replied. OH my god please don’t let this be for real, Val thought while pecking at her food. She had crazy thoughts in her head now. This was not supposed to happen. Minutes turned into hours, hours to days.Finally when her c***dren and husband were in bed she got the envelope back out. Nervously she opened it, hoping that her first view of it had changed. But no there was Val with a face full of black cock, the rest showed her in various fuck positions some with her cunt and ass being fucked at the same time. But although Val was clearly visible she didn’t know who was fucking her as their faces could not be seen. There had been that many I suppose thought Val.It was then she saw the note it read.Time to pay you dirty white fuck whore. Fuck with blacks will you. Bitches like you make me sick where I come from you would be stoned. White cock not good enough eh. I will be in touch fuck whore, have no fear this is for real. Payback time.Oh my god,,, please no thought Val. What the fuck is he going to make me do, she had never hurt anyone and this happens to her. My god her c***dren must never find out. Val had very little sleep that night.Two days passed with nothing in the post Val was hoping above all, that nothing ever came of it. Then on the third day she saw it. On it was handwritten, for the fuck whore who lives there. God he knew where she lived.Not wanting to open it but she knew she had to, she took the sheets inside. Upon them it said.Thought I’d forgotten you eh? No chance, been checking up on you and it seems you’d let any black fuck you in any hole of their choice. What a dirty cunt you are. I take it by now you know this is blackmail, from now on I own you. You will do exactly as I say and my cheap whore, I will enjoy it. I love humiliating women like you. Later today a package will arrive. You know the kind of clothes you wear to the clubs but much sluttier. No other garments will be worn just what you find in the package, with it instructions, these of course will be carried out to the letter. My god he seemed to know a lot about her.You could of course refuse but if you do that gives me little choice but to publish your pictures all over the web and of course to your friends and family so I doubt you will do that. After all it does seem that you enjoy being used. Oh yes and above your dirty fuck hole in black permanent ink you will write. White fuck whore for use.My god Valerie thought, who the hell was doing this to her and what a sick devious mind he had. But she was stuck, she knew she had to do what he said. She waited nervously for the package.Two hours later a knock came on the door, a man stood smiling. “Package for you Miss” he said. “Oh thank you” Val replied nervously.Val went upstairs to open it and what she saw made her mouth fall wide open. Inside she found a tiny micro skirt in silk that would barely cover her cunt looking desperately for some panties but finding none. With it she found a slightly ripped silk spaghetti top, pink in color to match the skirt but again no bra. Last but not least a pair of open toed shoes with 6 inch high fuck me heels again in pink.Yes Val often went out with these types of clothes on. But the skirt she wore on those occasions dd not not show her cunt or ass quite so easy. Then she saw the note!.It read. Humiliation time for my dirty whore. These will be carried to the letter, my finger is over the send key as I write. You will wear the clothes I sent to you, in front of your husband and c***dren let them see you, for the dirty whore you are. I’m sure after years of cheating, you will think of something to say, and when you close the door behind you, you are to raise your skirt high and I don’t give a fuck who see’s you you will do this for 1 minute. But never fear I will be looking.Val nearly collapsed She didn’t mind lifting her skirt so much as a lot of guys had lifted it for her in front of others.But god to show herself like this in front of here husband and c***dren made her feel sick. Fuck what was she going to tell them. It carried on, from there you will board a bus, on the way let others see your cunt bend over often. No privacy this time my little whore and if others try to feel you up let them as it might be me. Get off on the high street you will see a sex shop one of which I’m sure your accustomed with. Enter then lift your skirt high let them see what is written on you, tell all in there your full name, then make your way into the backrooms then the fun will start.As Val read on she had a strange feeling of wanting to do this, her cunt was getting wet. She had been found out and this guy was making her pay. But she knew her husband and c***dren must never find out. Val was left with little choice but to do as he said. But god what was she going to tell them what excuse could she dream up.Later that evening Val said. “Well I better go get ready.” “You going out dear?” queried her husband. “Oh, didn’t I tell you Gina and I are going to that whores and vicars do. Thought I told you sorry but you are stuck with the k**s.””Never mind you know I don’t mind, you go have some fun” said her husband.More than you could imagine thought Val.Val went upstairs and changed into the clothes sent to her with make up to match. Looking at herself in the mirror she looked more like the whore she was, more than she had ever done before. Nipples were showing through her blouse and it was hard to keep her cunt being shown it was that short and as Val was tall the fuck me shoes didn’t help. Oh my god dare I, But knowing she had too.Taking a deep breath she walked into the room.”What the fuck” sprang from her husband’s mouth. “Are you seriously going out looking like that.””I think mom looks cool,” cried out James. Samantha’s giggles made Val blush.”Well it is a whore and vicars do” said Val.”Well you certainly look like one, better tell Gina to look after you or you might get more than you bargained for.”Yes and one I hope you never find out about thought Val. Val nervously strode about for the next 30 minutes making sure to stand upright, so no chance of her ass cheeks or cunt would be on show.”Come sit down” said her husband.”I’m OK bit nervous dressed like this” replied Val. (Thinking no chance.) “So would I be, going out looking like that,” her husband gave a strange smile.”Well I best be off Gina will be here soon you k**s behave yourself for your dad, not sure what time I’ll be back so don’t wait up.” Val blurted out.”We won’t you have fun OK,” said her husband.Strange it was like her husband was giving his blessings to what she was about to be made to do. No it can’t be? Val was so screwed up inside.Leaving the house she did as she was ordered and lifted her skirt high putting her bald cunt on show. As it was still light anyone passing by could see. Val looked down not wanting to see who if anyone was looking, but knowing her tormentor would be watching she counted up to 60 then lowered it. She then made her way to the bus stop nervously tugging her skirt down, strange feelings in her head every time she bent over. Wanting to do this but god being made to do it was so much different. Even better she thought. Val checked the bus to make sure it was the right one, entered but decided to stand rather than sit as her cunt could be seen if she sat down. After a few nervous moments she felt fingers going along the crack of her ass then up towards her cunt, this was from behind. Not wanting to show her face to this person she just stood there taking this humiliation, like the whore she was.This carried on until close to her stop, my god he or she even lifted her skirt up, giving all on the bus a perfect view of her cunt and ass. Some giggled. Val tried not to blush but she did profusely.When the fingering had stopped (god how many had been watching) she pulled her skirt down, then left the bus. Val then made her way to the sex store with the wind making her now wet cunt seem more wet than it really was.Valerie stood outside taking a deep breath, knowing she had to do this. She entered.Immediately inside Valerie lifted her skirt exposing herself to all in there, looking up she saw a multitude of faces. Guessing her tormentor had set this up.”Good evening all, my name is Valerie Clair Burrows and as you can see, I am a white fuck whore for use.””Good evening Valerie” a voice rang out, guessing again it was her tormentor. “Please tell all in here if you are married.””Yes, I am” replied Valerie.”Yes what cunt, finger on key getting ready to send.” “Sorry, Yes Sir I am” said Valerie.”And does your husband know of this,” he asked “No sir I hope he doesn’t” replied Val”Much better” he said “now I am going to address all the men and the few women present.””Gentlemen and ladies what you see before you is a complete married white fuck whore who adores black cock, but keeps it hidden from her husband. She doesn’t want people to know that blacks are fucking her! I wonder why? is she ashamed? I do have my doubts and so should you. So I think she ought to be punished until she sees the error of her ways.”Valerie heard a big cheer go of.But all the time that voice sounded so familiar maybe a handkerchief she was not sure.Valerie was then dragged of by numerous black guys ripping all her clothes of her as they went. She tried to count but got lost at 30, this was going to be a fucking she would never forget. She was about to get fucked by more than thirty back guys could it even be forty she hoped.The voice again rang out. “All pictures and filming. If you could all put them on the net perhaps her husband will see!”My god this bought Val back to her senses, oh my god not that please. Valerie was now facing this huge black guy with cock to match, he slapped her across the face that hard she thought he had broken her jaw. Saying “So you don’t want people to know you fuck niggers eh. Not good enough for you are we, well after tonight there will be little doubt what a fucking black cock whore you are as this will be all over the net.”Valerie didn’t hear all of it as she was looking at his magnificent black cock, at least 18 inches of solid black meat, she was in awe.He then approached her pulling her up by her hair saying “See that cock there bitch that belongs to the man who set this up think you better go suck it and do a good job cunt, think its black.”Valerie turned to see a normal looking white cock about 7 inch in length sticking through a hole, she also noticed two smaller holes above. This must be him she thought. So he was white.”Crawl to it cunt let all here see your fuck holes” said the black guy. As she crawled Valerie could tell by the flashes they were taking pictures of her and god knows how many were filming it all, she knew this would soon be seen by countless men, hoping above all her husband was not one of them.Valerie approached the white cock and started to suck, but not hard enough it seemed as he started to fuck her face with a vengeance fucking it till saliva covered her tits taking it out, he cock slapped her face saying. “You can do better than that piggy, get that cock right down your whore throat.” “Guys she needs help” he shouted.With that two black guys pushed her head forward till it was truly down her throat pinching her nose so tight at one point she though he was going to die. Saliva was then running all the way down to her cunt as she gagged and gagged.”Much better cunt” he said “Now guys let me have those tits.”With that command Valerie’s tits were forced through the two smaller holes, where she felt him suck her nipples till they hurt. She then felt him grab one nipple saying. “Get this past your hubby if you can cunt”,,,,, then FUCKKK incredible pain shot through her nipple searing white hot pain as he pierced her nipple. “Just one more to go whore” he said.”Pleaseeeeee nooo” Valerie cried out. “Should have thought about that before you started fucking around then, these will show you as the black cock fuck whore you are” he said. Moments later the same searing pain shot through her other nipple. Oh my fucking god thought Val.”Right boys and girls I have to go, enjoy yourselves with this white fuck meat make her pay for not letting on she is a black cock whore, do with her what you want anything goes, oh and by the way she enjoys being written on, remember film her, fuck her. But above all make her pay.” With that he left. Val thinking he was definitely hiding his voice but who was he?. Glancing down to her tits she saw what he had done to her. No please no her nipples had been pierced by two large gold rings attached on both were erect black cocks so this was the reason for no bra, how the fuck was she going to explain this.With her nipples still throbbing with pain the huge black guy threw her to four black girls saying “have fun with her before we all fuck her silly.” One of the girls grabbed her neck choking her then spit on her face, “Anyone knowing blacks fuck you not good enough for you cunt.” As she gripped Val’s cunt tight enough to make her cry out.”Well we going to mark you up good bitch,” she then pulled on one of Valerie’s nipples making her scream out. “Get this cunts leg spread wide open she said to another of the girls.” Then drawing around her cunt lips with arrows pointing at it, it stated for black use only “doubt if hubby will ever fuck you after he sees this” she laughed.Across her tits she wrote I am just a white fuck toy to be used by any blacks. Whore bitch across her tummy, cum whore slut on her back. Above her asshole she wrote Niggers cum bucket. All the time the others were slapping her tits, ass and face, hand prints could be seen. The girl then stood over her, then kicked her cunt so hard it made Valerie double up.”Nice job girls” said the huge black guy “now let’s have her.”Valerie looked around to see a multitude of black cocks, this is what she had been waiting for, she knew she was about to be gang banged.For the next three hours Valerie was fucked to within an inch of her life in some ways it was the best fucking of her life in others ways most likely the worst. She had more cocks in her than she could ever imagine every hole was used over and over. But when the 18 inches of thick black cock went deep in her cunt she knew she had been really Nigga fucked. “Ohhhhhhh my god yessss” Val cried out, when it went in her asshole she nearly stopped breathing it felt that good. She was made to pose with obscene looking massive dildos sticking from every orifice of her body With clamps on her still hurting nipples showing her as the whore she was. All this time being filmed. Toys were opened and used on her she was fucked with eggs up her cunt that made her cum so hard. Val was mercilessly vibrator fucked,till her cunt gaped open She was bound and gagged had trash cans thrown all over her, slapped, cum on, spit on, even in her open mouth. But all the time Valerie was saying yes, yes. She truly was a black cock whore dam the consequences she thought. Knowing all this was being filmed. In the end Valerie looked a real mess covered in spit and cum. Cunt and ass all gaped open looking so red and nasty and the writing on her showed all exactly what she was. “Right then cunt time to get you home,” said the huge black guy.”Please” Valerie said, “Just a little longer.”Picking her up he said. “By god girl you are one of the biggest whores I have ever met now get the fuck home.” As she stood she could feel the cum slowly running down her legs.Valerie looked round for her clothes, saw her top all ripped up, but the skirt seemed wearable for what it covered anyway.”That’s all our bitches wear cunt, so that’s how you going home.” Said the black guy whose cock Val adored. With that she was thrown out of the door.Picking herself of the floor Valerie hid in some nearby bushes . How the hell was she going to get home looking like this, at least it was dark. She then looked at her piercings but saw nothing to quell those fears as they didn’t seem removable she was stuck with these, god her heart was pounding. It was more than two miles for Val to get home she tried to plan the shortest route but no way seemed at all safe. Someone was bound to see her fuck and all this writing on her, she tried to scrub it away but it was all in vain.Two hours later Valerie approached her house, being seen on the way by quite a few people no matter how careful she was, some asked how much she charged, some had laughed at her, some calling her a slut.She saw the light still on hubby must be still up. Daring not to go in she hid nearby. Time passed but no sign of hubby, perhaps if she could just get in without being seen she could get some clothes on to hide her embarrassment.With her heart pounding feeling like a little girl trying to creep in, she tried the back door at least it opened. Gingerly she stepped inside all seemed OK, then a voice boomed out.”WHAT THE FUCKKKKK.” Valerie stood as she did not want to turn and show herself. Hubby would see the fuck whore Val was.Valerie stood there unable to move struck, with fear she was unable to move.”Well” said her husband “I’m looking at all the dirty writing on you back.”Valerie slowly turned to face her husband, knowing he could now see her piercings.”What the fuck has happened to you,” he said “go look in that mirror take a good look at yourself and tell me what you see.” Valerie’s mind was going ten to the dozen wondering what to say. She slowly walked to the mirror, looked at herself. Hubby was right what she saw looking back at her was just a cheap cum covered whore.”I can explain,” Valerie said. “Before you do go get yourself a shower, fed up of looking at all that crap written on you. But before you do let’s have a look if there is anything written under that skirt well if I can call it a skirt.” instructed her husband.Valerie took her skirt of showing hubby what kind of girl he had married. He could now see all that had been written on her.”A Niggers bitch is that what you are.” “I can explain,” Valerie said.”And what the fuck are those in your nipples they look like black cocks.” “Please” Valerie said.”Get the fuck away from me you disgust me, get a shower and get rid of those piercings then we will talk,” replied her husband.”Please hubby please,” Valerie tried to say. “I’m telling you go get fucking cleaned up then we will speak, I’m not talking to a fucking whore.” Valerie stood under the shower scrubbing herself clean, some of the cum had really stuck and feint marks of the writing could still be seen. But no matter how hard she tried could not remove the piercings. All the time going over and over in her head what she would tell her husband. Putting on a bath robe looking as good as she could she prepare herself to face her husband.Valerie then gave an elaborate story about loosing Gina, then being a*****ed by a lot of blacks. It was then that everything was done to her they all fucked her over and over. Hubby she said “they ****d me.” “Stand in front of me and get rid of that robe,” said her husband. Valerie had too of course knowing the piercings were still on show.”Still looking like a whore I see what did I say about those piercings?””I’m afraid they won’t come of,” Valerie said.”Well I’ll get them of even if I have to cut your nipples of, no wife of mine is going round with those on her.”Valerie cringed.Hubby came back with what looked like pincers, taking one of the piercings in his hand he tried to cut through the ring. But as hard as he tried he couldn’t do it. “What the fuck are these made out of” he cried.”Retuning with what now looked like bolt cutters he took hold of the piercing pulling her nipple out. “Please be careful,” Val cried out. “Shut the fuck up whore” her husband replied.Finally the rings gave way to the bolt cutters as they fell from her nipples, Valerie breathing a sigh of relief. “Now sit facing me with your legs wide open, want to see if you get wet when you tell me all about it.”Valerie now sat with her bald cunt on show this time to her husband only; flecks of writing could still be seen on her. Taking care what she said, she tried to explain the **** that had been done to her, how she was used against her will.”And how many were there and what about Gina. And did any take pictures,” said her husband. “I’m afraid there were a lot, some took pictures yes and some filmed it,” she regretted saying that in case hubby ever saw”. “But Gina was not there I lost her at the start.””So your best friend left you walking around looking like a cheap whore no wonder you were gang ****d.” “So soon you will be on the internet I take it, my wife being black gang ****d. How the fuck am I going to explain that.” “Valerie why are you getting wet.” Inquired her husband. Valerie looked down to see that wetness could be seen on her well fucked cunt “I’m afraid it’s cum not wetness” Valerie said.”Oh you fucking whore how many had fucked you, this after a shower oh my god.””Well you better sleep down here tonight, don’t want a cum dripping whore sleeping with me. We will speak more of this.” Valerie lay most of the night tossing and turning unable to sleep. She had been found out, hubby knew some of her dirty secrets. But god if he ever found all about her, her marriage would be over for sure. Valerie crossed her fingers and prayed.When it was morning she checked her cunt for anymore cum better not let hubby see anymore she thought.Being a little scared she didn’t try to wake her hubby knowing only more questions would be asked.Finally hubby did come down told Val to take her robe of looked at her said, “go and get that body clean fed up of all that writing all over you its still making you look like a black cock whore.”When you have done see if there’s any pictures of you on the web, then get onto that site tell them they are from a r****g so they know to take them off. I’m too ashamed of you too look myself.Oh my god if only he knew the truth thought Val.Valerie did look and found quite a few but if hubby ever saw, he would know it wasn’t a gang **** more of a gang fuck. She decided to tell hubby she could not find any.Passing by the kitchen door she saw it, written on was just whore. It was like a dagger through her heart.With fumbling fingers she opened it, thinking plsss nooo moreee.It read good morning my dirty fuck whore hope you enjoyed last night, must say you do suck cock good and all there gave you the best fucking you will ever have. Was it forty may have been more just think all those cocks dumping cum in your slut cunt. Got quite wet did you?What did your husband karabağlar escort think of your piercings; I think there neat what does he think. Tell me cunt has he seen them yet, you having trouble trying to remove them, tungsten steel is hard to cut through isn’t it bitch.Now as I own you, you will do the following, dress as you did last time remember no undergarments catch the bus letting others see you bald cunt make sure your cunt is well shaved. Then proceed to 61 Parliament street have a little surprise or you. Yes you will be black fucked again but this time to a select few. Remember wear those piercings with pride my dirty fuck whore.Just remember even if hubby knows, there are always your c***dren to I could tell.Valerie sat and sobbed this was getting way out of hand.Thinking fast she then rang Gina, telling her to ring her just after 7 pm, then went and hid the short silk skirt and another top along with her fuck me shoes in a nearby bin ready to be worn later.Valerie was a bag of nerves for the rest of the day, dropping things forgetting things, ohh god why was he doing this to her.Then she thought at least he told her she would be black fucked which did cheer her up being the slut she was, it helped her calm down a little. She needed to as hubby would soon be back.”Well did you look,” asked hubby.”Yes I did,” replied Val “but found nothing.””At least that is something.” her hubby said.”You got all that filthy writing of you.” he said.”Yes, yes I have.” murmured Val, not wishing to carry on with that subject.”Take your clothes of let me see.” ordered her husband.Val dutifully stripped naked showing hubby her body. He looked at her then grabbed one tit squeezed hard saying, “if I ever see you looking like that again god help you.” Valerie gulped.Valerie sat down thinking, god I’m fucked both ways my tormentor and hubby. Why the hell is black cock that appealing?Valerie watched the clock approach 7 hoping Gina did as she asked, just after 7 it did hubby moved to answer it. For the next 5 minutes all she could hear was Gina being told of for not being with me.He threw the phone at me saying “your so called friend.” Gina of course wanted to know what the hell her husband was going on about. Val mumbled into the phone will explain later. Putting the phone down Val explained, “Gina is having trouble with her husband he’s drunk, wants me to go round.””God not again well you better go round then, but don’t let him fuck you as well.” hubby said sounding slightly mad.Valerie stepped outside and breathed deeply. Going to the bin that held her clothes she put them on, once again looking the complete fuck whore, but at least she was outside the house.Walking to the bus, Val imagined her tormentor saying bend over bitch let all see that cunt. Val of course did, making her cunt seem very wet, yes she was enjoying it, again and again the same thought each time she bent over.Getting on the bus Val decided to sit, opened her legs slightly. If anyone wanted to look, let them she thought she was past caring. Getting off she made her way to the address given to her, wondering all the time what did he have in store for her? Given what happened to her the previews night, she didn’t much care.Valerie found the address stood in front of what looked like an impressive building. Standing there both excited and nervous a bead of sweat tricked down her temple not knowing what lay in store for her more black cock she hoped.With a last bend over being the whore she was, for the enjoyment of others she tried the door to find it unlocked.Entering she saw nothing just a large gloomy interior, wondering if she had the right address.Then that voice boomed out.Walk forward ten paces cunt and remove your clothes, stand legs spread wide, hands behind neck fingers clasped.Valerie nervously did as she was told her cunt getting wetter as she stripped wondering who could see her and also if this was being filmed.Valerie stood there totally naked breasts pushed out, legs apart.”Tell me cunt what the fuck has happened to your piercings how the fuck did you get them off.” The voice boomed out.”Sir Hubby removed them,” replied Val.”And what gives him the fucking right I own you now not him.” “Sir he is my husband,” mumbled Val.”Well that puts you in a dilemma I think. How am I going to mark you up as a black cock whore if your husband removes them? Let’s see something a little more permanent I think what do you think of tattoos.””Plss sir noooo plsss, hubby would know for certain I’m begging you.” “plss plss nooo have mercy sir.””That my filthy fuck whore has cost you a tattoo above your cunt.” Valerie immediately shut up knowing he had the upper hand.”Stay there cunt going to make a call, see if hubby can get rid of these.” He laughed.A shadowy figure then gave Valerie an address “go there fuck whore he’s been told what to do, oh and if he wants to fuck you let him.” Feeling defeated Valerie left the room stepping onto the street, knowing full well her life had changed forever. Yes she could run away but what then of her c***dren. She knew she had to get the markings put on her. Divorce would of course follow, but at least she could fight for custody.She then made her way to the address she had been given. Knocking on the door she heard “Come on in bitch, strip naked going to have some fun with you I’ve been told”Valerie removed all her clothes, he walked round her saying. “Nice figure bitch been told you want erect black cocks one on each tit and above your cunt black owned that right.””Valerie gulped hard if that’s what you have been told, yes sir,” replied Valerie. Daring not to say otherwise. “Lay down on that couch bitch tits first, they won’t hurt. But above you cunt could be a bit painful just might have to put my cock in you to help deaden the pain.”For the next ninety minutes Valerie endured the humiliating marks being put on her body. Yes it did hurt when he tattooed her cunt but with him fucking her at the same times at least a bit of pleasure.”You’re all done bitch you not a bad fuck. Better go back where you came from.”Valerie walked back feeling strange, knowing her body was now marked for life it seemed. Hubby could not remove these. Tears started to flow from her eyes. Re-entering the house the voice rang out “strip and resume the position cunt.”Valerie of course did as she was told, had she any other option?”In front of you, you will see a DVD that is of your first gang fuck which you enjoyed so much. Place it in the player; people here want to see you being fucked.””By the way those tattoos on you look brilliant shows you just as you are a black cock whore.”The next moment Valerie saw a large screen appear, showing her entering the sex shop lifting her skirt and telling all her full name.At the same time two curtains opened to reveal eight large black gentlemen. Each with a leash in their hands and on the end eight naked kneeling white females some with markings some not but all had shaved heads. All the men stood watching Val being rough fucked. “You understand why you’re here now cunt. These gentlemen are to make offers for you to join there stables. You will never be going home. The better you fuck the more money for me.””Admit it, its what you want, your cunt always being full of black cock is that right cunt.”Valerie with bowed head said. “Yes sir.””Hubby will be pleased to hear that,” he laughed.”What they do with you how they use you is up to them, it is of no concern of mine. Nor should it be any concern of yours after all you will be a slave. You might be resold but as long as they pay I don’t give a fuck.” “Now assume any fuck position they say, each will fuck you before putting in a bid.” For the next two hours Valerie was fucked in more positions than she ever thought imaginable, her cunt and ass were stretched wide as she took two black cocks in both her holes at the same time. She was forced to lick each girl out while being doubled fucked. Spat on and slapped as before. One girl looked at her with wide open eyes as if to say, god help you if my Master and Mistress gets you.”OK gentlemen time to place bids I think. Valerie please get down on all fours and show you’re cum soaked body off.”Valerie fell to the floor cunt and ass throbbing.Were shall we start gentlemen four thousand a month?The center curtain opened Valerie’s eyes opened wide, before her stood hubby’s brother.”Yes my cunt it was my cock you forced down that whore throat and my cum you swallowed enjoy it did you.” He laughed.Valerie blurted out “how could you?””How could I cunt! Let me tell you something if you think I’ll let my nephew and niece be bought up by a fuck whore like you think again. And don’t worry about your husband. He knows all about you, he asked for help over two months ago when he found out. So we devised this plan together; he never wants to look at you since he saw the video of you being fucked. My god cunt, your one insane bitch asking for more, after all that fucking you took.””Don’t worry about loosing your c***dren I’m sure you will be bred.””I bid six thousand,” a voice rang out.”Put property of Ziad on her ass I’ll bid eight thousand.””Any advance on eight anyone -going, going, gone, sold to Ziad.” “Present Ziad with your leash and cuffs cunt, your his property now.” Valerie was led away watching her husband’s brother laughing his head off, but what of her now?Valerie knelt there wondering what her new life would become; the joys of being black owned were often in her head. But now it was for real, she realized she would never see her c***dren again which did hurt terribly. Was this all worth it thinking back to the first black cock she took in her cunt but the adoration she had for black cock seemed to outweigh all things.Ziad approached “Head up slut” he said. Valerie raised her head to see Ziad smiling down. She then received a collar round her neck stating property of Ziad he then attached the leash. “You will remain on all fours from this moment on unless your told to stand got that slut,” he said.”Yes sir I understand,” Valerie said.”Good girl,” he said, “from here you will be taken to your new home it will incur a lot of traveling so be ready to be uncomfortable not that I care” he laughed.Valerie was then lead on all fours, along with another girl still totally naked outside to his parked car. “42 in the car,” Ziad said. Her companion made her way to the car Valerie guessed that was her name, well if a number could be a name. Looking at Valerie, “too much cum on you slut so it’s the boot for you, don’t want your filthy body messing my car up,” he said. Valerie was forced into the boot; it was sinking in at last, what it was like to be owned. For the next two hours Valerie endured a most uncomfortable ride on all fours. Being bounced around all over the place various things digging into her flesh with her cunt and ass still throbbing and the tattoos burning. Valerie was pleased when the car stopped. The boot opened, Valerie found herself in what looked like a warehouse, on one wall she made out what looked like crosses. At the same time Valerie could sense the unmistakable smell of a sea breeze. So this was to be her future somewhere abroad? Valerie was then led still on all fours by her now owner. Beside her was “42” on all fours as well, but looking much better due to being in the car. But like Valerie she was also naked both were led to the crosses. Ziad said “rise my sluts.”Valerie and “42” both rose, a crowd of men gathered round all black. Pinching and poking both of them, but mainly Valerie as she was new. Some spat on her saying “Is this the new white trash, about time we got some new fuck slut.”Ziad said “yes my friend it is and she has taken a lot of black cock already the filming you will see shortly, but you will only fuck her only when I say so she has much to learn.”Valerie and “42” were then placed on the crosses, legs wide open this was where they spent the night. During that time over and over, men came to either pull or pinch her nipples, finger her deeply, slap her body or face she was to be generally used by all who wanted to.Valerie turned to face her fellow captive. Tried to speak, this was met by a look of fear and a pursing of the lips into a shhhh, Valerie knew then to stay silent. Valerie watched the sun rise although she was exhausted. She was right this warehouse was part of the docks, fork lift trucks passed by all looked to see her naked body on display. She then noticed on one there were two packing cases; these were took off and opened. Inside she saw what looked like polystyrene filling. Thoughts started to fill Valerie’s mind surely not that is inhuman, she pulled at her chains but of course they held her fast.”Slut and 42 crawl to your respective cases we have a long way to go” Ziad sniggered.Valerie and 42 were released 42 immediately crawled to her case. Valerie crawled part way then stopped and stared at it.”Something wrong slut,” she heard Ziad say, “Sir if I may speak,” Valerie said.”Spit it out, what is it slut you don’t like your case,” she heard Ziad say.”Sir I beg your pardon but aren’t cases usually used to transfer a****ls not human beings,” Valerie dared to ask.Ziad approached took hold of one of her nipples pulled her up with it, slapped her across the face said. “a****l eh and what the fuck do you think you are that’s right slut you’re an a****l the lowest of the low a cloven hoofed pig used to produce litters and that’s fucking all, the sooner you get that in your head the better now get the fuck in there. You will be punished when I get you home for thinking you were still human.”Valerie clutching her cheek immediately went inside the packing case, thinking oh my god what have I got myself into, thinking of the warm bed back home and at the same time damming her husband’s brother this was his entire fault.Looking around her inside the case she noted there was not much room she was on all fours, but could not stand if she wanted to. Six inches left and right the same front to rear, to her front left. She did note a shallow bowl for water she hoped. Valerie lay there time passed, she didn’t know if they had set of yet, but already she felt cramps in her body as sweat ran down her naked body. All the time men came to ridicule her one said, “your just fucking meat slut that’s all.”Ziad approached looked at her said. “All ok now slut.””Yes sir,” Valerie said not daring to say otherwise.”You getting thirsty,” Ziad asked.”Yes sir I am a little.””Open that slut mouth then,” she heard him say. Valerie then watched as Ziad undid his pants took out his sizable black cock pointed it at her then proceed to pee in her mouth. Moving upwards to miss the main stream she hit her head on the top, not daring to close her mouth she took his pee till he emptied it in her.”That better slut,” he asked.”Yes sir thank you very much,” Valerie was learning her first lesson. “Tonight you will be set free for a while, but only to service the ship’s crew. Not all will be black though, but you will let them fuck you anyway, keep that cunt tight it will happen over the next three nights.””At the same time you will be registered on the slave’s registry, you will then have a number you will answer to that number from then on. Got that slut,” he said.”Yes sir” Valerie replied. (So that’s why 42 were 42).Later that night Valerie noted a large amount of men gathering round, she then heard her lock being opened.Feeling her ankles being grabbed she was pulled out of her case. The next moment a horrific pain across her back as a multi tailed whip was used on her.”Don’t leave marks that show longer than 3 days,” she head Ziad say Valerie was turned and hit on every part of her body, tits, ass, back, bottom, cunt and clit until a red glow covered her body. Pain she liked but this was more than pain, and then the fucking started, god how many cocks had penetrated her over the last two days.Three hours later Val lay crumpled on the floor again totally cum covered my god this for the next two nights. “Shove that meat back in its case,” she head Ziad say.Meat yes fuck meat that’s all I am went through Valerie’s mind.Valerie fell straight to sleep exhausted. Over the next two days Valerie was used as Ziad said during the day she was kept in her case, watered with any of the ship’s crew pee. Enduring temperature’s getting hotter and hotter, sweat poured from her body and the cum dried thick on her body. At night she was set free but only for the ship’s crew enjoyment.Valerie somehow worked out that over the past three nights she had taken well over 300 cocks in her. She even had to admit that even sucking her husband’s brother’s cock did turn her on.Although Valerie enjoyed the fucking, the condition she was kept in did leave a sour taste in her mouth.On the third day Ziad approached said to the crew. “Let both my sluts out tell them there home. “It was then Valerie noticed that 42 had been in her case all this time. Ziad looked at Valerie, “get that slut on the dock get a hose on her wash all that cum from her, that way she can come in the car not the boot.” Ziad sniggered.Valerie was then taken stark naked thrown on the docs, were men used powerful water hoses on her body to clean her up, of course not caring were they pointed. Valerie tried to cover her tits and cunt but the power of the water somehow found its way through. Valerie tried to shout out plssssss noooooooo but it had little effect, could they even understand English.Valerie watched as Ziad and 42 approach. “On your knees slut,” Valerie was once again collared and leashed. “Crawl with 42 behind me.” During the time it spent to crawl to the car, 42 never uttered a word.Valerie did notice that Ziad however was held in what appeared like god status to most there, a lot even bowed. Taking care not to do anything that 42 did not, she even crawled behind 42. As they both crawled along naked. Some men spat on Valerie some even kicked her but not somehow to 42, it seemed all there knew Valerie was new and Ziad did not mind.Finally they reached what appeared to be Ziads car both were ordered to raise. Ziad looked at Valerie “enjoy that did you slut.”Yes sir” Valerie replied knowing what was expected of her now, total obedience.Both were cuffed. “42 sit in the car legs wide open, slut kneel before her and lick that cunt out 42 has missed the attention of not being fucked on this trip, haven’t you 42″. Ziad said with a smile on his face.”Yes my lord this lowly slave has,” 42 replied.”No chatting now” Ziad said then got in the car and drove off.Valerie stayed silent fearful to say anything, but during the trip when 42 released a load of cum into Valerie’s mouth (something Valerie was not used too.) She realized 42 needed to be used just as Valerie needs to.The car pulled up in a cloud of dust Valerie could see nothing. Noting Ziad get out of the car, a female voice rang out “ohhh my love kisses you, please let me see your present to me.” The door opened and Valerie saw this slim beautiful black goddess. “Ohhh shes adorable look at her licking 42 out I just love it and she’s mine all mine yummy.””Yes my love all yours to do with as you please, to decorate to your personal taste” Ziad saidOut of the car yet to be named let me look at you. Valerie immediately got out of the car and knelt at this woman’s feet knowing that would be expected of her.”Yum, yum little piggy” she sniggered “going to enjoy you crawling around after me now let’s see you standing, up you get my little piggy. Valerie rose said “thank you Miss” the next second Valerie found herself back on the floor with her face stinging as the woman slapped her very hard.”Who the fuck do you think you are slut” Miss I’m no fucking Miss I’m your Mistress Ziad remember that. She then kicked Valerie now get the fuck up. Valerie noted an angelic face return to her Mistress face thinking, oh my god I better be careful around her. Valerie rose “arms up my slut mouth open she said.” Valerie was then inspected by her new Mistress “good teeth, nice firm tits, and long legs. Spread those legs slut! And a well fucked cunt as it should be, looking good so far but the hair will have to go you’re here to be fucked slut not look nice,” she heard her new Mistress say.”Need a little time to decide on your body decorations you do look so yummy.Ziad my love bring this slut back with shaved head and her slave registration.””Yes my loves as you wish,” Ziad replied. “Back on your knees slut crawl after me” this man said, “you’re going to get your head shaved.” Valerie wept as she watched her blond locks fall to the floor cursing her brother in law under her breath.”So you Ziads new bitch,” he asked.”Yes sir,” Valerie replied.”Long as you aint his wife’s she can be a real bitch.””Sir I think if you’re taking about Mistress Ziad, then yes it is her who owns me now; her husband came to the UK to buy me for her.””God help you,” he said “that woman is out for revenge on whites at any price just do as you’re told and agree on anything she says.” “Yes sir I will thank you for telling me,” Valerie said. “There you go bitch shaved head all done, pity about losing that blond hair, just doing as I’m told like most round here, you want to see?””If it’s ok with you sir I would rather not,” Valerie replied. “No problem bitch, payment time now, on the front porch you gonna get my cock.So this was to be Valerie’s new life, being fucked on a porch in full view of anyone.Fucking she didn’t mind but on show was different. At that moment, how she yearned for her old life, husband, c***dren and letting people fuck her at her choosing not theirs. The guy grunted as he fucked Valerie’s cunt, screamed obscenities when he fucked her ass. Came round to her mouth said “open wide cunt,” he then shot his load deep in Valerie’s throat and all this out in the open. “Good fuck bitch,” he said.”Now go get your certificate be prepared to pay again, don’t worry I’ll lead you there, don’t want to lose you what would your Mistress say,” he laughed. Valerie was led to another building if you could call it that just looked like a few corrugated sheets thrown together. Outside stood three good looking black guys Valerie gulped in pleasure. “This the new bitch,” one asked. “Yup came the reply from the guy who had lead her there.” “Prior name meaning how the fuck was you called before coming to this hell hole, need it to complete you certificate.” “Valerie sir,” she said.”Here you go EX Valerie sign on the dotted line say bye, bye to your old life.” Valerie looked down to find she was now an owned slave belonging to and owned by Mistress Ziad. Name of Cunt Valerie MZ. Her slave No (SLRN) was 738-097-485 Dated this day 10th May 2014. Valerie’s heart sank that was it, she would now be known as 73.”Now then how we gonna fuck this bitch all fours doggy style or upright cross formation arms and legs out.How many cocks can you take bitch.” One guy shouted so all could hear.”All three Sir if you want,” Valerie replied. “Good bitch on your hands and knees then, get ready for a good fucking.” Valerie was then approached by a giant black guy towering over her he said. “Open that mouth bitch,” he then placed 3 of his fingers into her open mouth, “On all fours my lovey, payment time and thank us all for fucking you.””YES sir,” Valerie replied. “This bitch you are about to fuck wants to thank all, for using her.”The next moment a large black cock was thrust into her mouth. “Gag on that bitch she heard him say.” Valerie did try to nod but found it hard due to the cock in her mouth. About 30 seconds later her cunt was forced open wide as a second black cock entered her. Then 20 seconds later a third black cock entered her asshole. Yes Valerie thought even though she was being fucked in front of anyone who cared to look she was enjoying this. “You enjoying this bitch you need black cock admit it.” She heard one say.”Yes sir this bitch lives for being taken by black cock.”The next moment Valerie felt a horrific pain across her back, knowing now it was a multi tailed whip. Scared to bite down on the cock in her mouth it did make her cunt and ass clench down on the cocks fucking her there.The two guys fucking her cunt and ass cried out. “Fuck yes hit the bitch again she loves it.” Each time Valerie was whipped it made her cunt and ass contract causing them to clench on both black cocks.”Yes you dirty bitch she heard.” “Bro hit this bitch hard she’s milking my cock more, more fucking more.”Even though Valerie was enjoying the fucking her back felt every blow. She was fucked until she felt blood flowing from her back; even then she knew they would not be satisfied until all had shot their loads into her. Gush in her mouth, gush in her escort karabağlar ass and gush in her cunt. Valerie fell to the floor exhausted. “You one good fuck bitch tell your Mistress that, just need to wash that blood of your back then we done with you.” Valerie bent knowing what was to come as they all pissed on her.Valerie was not easily humiliated, but being pissed on in front of others made her more humiliated than she had ever felt before. Valerie then felt her leash being attached. “Come on bitch your mistress wants to see you now, when we get there kneel and present your certificate.””Yes sir,” Valerie managed to mumble.The long crawl back showing herself being pee covered, was something Valerie was not looking forward to. Again jeers and abuse were thrown at Valerie but something she knew she would have to get used too.Seeing her Mistress approach Valerie raised onto her knees placed her hands behind her neck, breast thrust out with bowed her head, with her certificate before her. “Looking good cunt like the bald head now let’s see what your knew name is shall we.” Picking up the certificate she heard her Mistress say, “Much to long how am I supposed to remember all this. Mmmmm I think MZ 73 what do you think slave?””Yes my Mistress your slave is happy with that.” Valerie replied.Valerie then heard a gasp from her Mistress. “And what the fuck is this who did this MZ 73.Grabbing her chin Valerie was pulled up. “Fucking tell me,” she heard her say.”I’m not sure Mistress.” Valerie said there were a lot. (Fearing repercussions, from any of the guys who had fucked her!) Her Mistress then faced the man holding Val’s leash. “Then you better tell me she said.”The guy immediately knelt down. “Mistress it was me who whipped her but I was made to do it.” “Get of your fucking knees and face me.” how dare you ruin the back i had plans for,” She heard her Mistress say.When he rose he was cruelly kneed in the balls by her Mistress. “Now then I want a list of all who have fucked my slave today, all you hear. You poor excuse of a man.” As he scuttled away saying. “Yes Mistress.””Come to me MZ73 let me see you. You been a good girl today I hope, took all your fucking’s as you should. Never ever complain and I see you took that whipping as well again with any complaints. Too bad they marked your back I hand such a yummy design for that, but it will have to heal first.So I am going to punish the one who did the whipping and the ones who made him do it.””Yes my Mistress thank you.” Valerie tried to say but to her amazement her Mistress kissed her full on the mouth tongue right down her throat Valerie had never felt like this before , no matter how bad her Mistress could get she knew she loved her, and would do anything to please her.”I like you MZ73 keep that head shaved and do my bidding simple isn’t it.””Yes my Mistress it is,” Valerie replied Valerie.She watched as her Mistress paced about kicking sand up now and again, unsure whether to carry on standing or kneel, she thought it best to kneel noting her Mistress looking at her .She then saw four black guys approach her Mistress. “Come here MZ 73,” Valerie of course did as was asked of her. “Now look at these men tell me who fucked you.” “I’m sorry mistress I did not see who fucked me.””Good girl always tell the truth MZ 73. Then I will pick three of these men to punish for ruining you back, the back I had yummy designs for, you think that right MZ 73?””Yes my Mistress whatever you say I am a lowly slave and have no say in the matter.” Valerie replied.”Getting to know your place MZ 73 good.” But tell them all to strip naked.”Mistress pleases,” Valerie said she also saw the cold look in her Mistress’s eyes. “Would the four me who marked my back today, please remove their clothing.” Valerie blurted out fearing yet more repercussions.She then heard her Mistress shout out ZIAD. “Yes my love” came the reply.Valerie was learning Ziad might be the money behind all this, but his wife was in control.”Here my love and bring your whip, take a look what they have done to the back I was planning on designing.”Oh dear my love it does look bad such a shame to ruin it so early and like you said before your design.””Their cock and balls my love.” Ziad asked.”Yes and I want nothing left of them either, they will never ruin a slave again without my strict instructions.” Came her reply.Valerie cringed as she heard the men scream, even felling a little sorry for them. “Come with me MZ 73 no one will fuck you till your back is healed.” Valerie hoped that would be very soon.Valerie sat in the shade of a tree, shielding her back from the glare of the sun. Still totally naked of course as she was allowed no clothes, her cunt and ass throbbed after the fucking she had received. Lamenting the loss of her hair she touched we’re it used to be. Sadness filled her heart, her brother in law finding out about her! And her wimp husband agreeing with all he had planned for her. In fact she felt betrayed if hubby had fucked her properly she would never had strayed, vanilla sex was not what Valerie wanted. She had lost her home and c***dren to end up in a place like this where she was treated like nothing more than fuck meat.Yes she did enjoy the black cocks that took her regularly but felt it did no one any harm, just a bit of fun Valerie thought. How she wished for her old life back even if hubby beat her for cheating, better than this.All the time Valerie sat there people both male and female looked at her with disgust, some said obscene things to her but thankfully most just looked but walked straight by.It was then she heard the voice of her Mistress. “Here MZ73 here little piggy,” Valerie crawled as fast as she could towards the sound of her Mistress. Approaching a large thatched house she saw her Mistress sitting surrounded by men. “There she is” she said, “to me piggy let me check your back. Valerie crawled to her Mistresses feet were she stopped. Still seated her Mistress said “closer piggy” then opened her legs giving Valerie the sight of her bald open black cunt with a gorgeous red slit showing, Valerie salivated and Mistress saw this.”Like what you see piggy,” her Mistress asked. “Yes Mistress I like it a lot,” Valerie replied (daring to say otherwise).”And why is that piggy thought you liked cocks,” you’re not lesbian are you, her Mistress questioned.Valerie knew her Mistress had set out to humiliate her.”No Mistress I’m not lesbian,” Valerie said in a quiet voice.”So little bi piggy why are you salivating at my cunt tell me, or is it because it’s black.”Yes Mistress it’s because it’s black,” Valerie answered.”So we have here black adoration have we piggy. Let everyone here know. Shout it out white piggy (how Valerie hated that name) then I will open my legs and let you lick your Mistress cunt.””Oh yes Mistress thank you, may I rise to my knees,” Valerie dared to ask, “You may piggy” came the reply.”Sirs and Misses this girl adores blacks whatever sex shape or size. Please forgive us for the wrongs we have done to you in the past.”Mistress opened her legs wide. “Well said piggy in you get. Now I see why you only like black cock in you, is this a form of reparation?””Yes Mistress for what little I know of this,” Valerie replied.”Then let me explain piggy, reparation is a “get out” by white people in monetary terms for the wrongs they did to us. Even though you ****d us, beat us, sold us like a****ls, and treated us like trash. But we don’t want your money what we want is to treat you like trash, beat you, **** you and as you now see, sell you like a****ls. Debase the white race that is our thoughts.””Yes Mistress thank you for telling me.” Valerie realized how far her Mistress hatred of white people was.”Now little piggy tell me do you have a daughter. What would you say if she were to fuck black cock, would we have the right to own her as well would that be OK to you?” Her Mistress asked laughing.”Mistress if my daughter prefers black cock to white then of course, but owning her I’m not sure. Mistress I do feel sorry for the wrongs done to you but surly there is a better way.”Valerie felt her Mistresses finger’s dig into her back “Name and address of your c***d piggy we shall see.” “But Mistress she is only 11,” Valerie dared to say.”And how old do you think black c***dren were owned from, let me tell you from fucking birth piggy answered that,” she shouted out.”Sorry Mistress but I can’t,” Valerie replied.”Geo come here fuck this white trash in her ass till I cum on her piggy white face make sure to push that face right in,” her Mistress demanded.For once even though Valerie was taking black cock and licking black cunt, tears ran from her face thinking of the future of her only daughter and it was all due to her cheating. God she hated her brother in law.”Oh you crying little piggy,” she heard her Mistress say. “Get used to it it’s your entire fault this is your life now.” Valerie cried even more.It seemed a long time till Mistress emptied her cunt into Valerie’s mouth a mixture of cum and pee.”Good piggy,” she heard her say. That back does need attention though get someone to rub some oil or cum in. “Yes Mistress thank you,” Valerie replied. Valerie turned to see men standing with erect cocks jerking to what they just witnessed. Wondering if Mistress meant for her to go over to them Valerie stopped for a short while, but as her mind was full of concern about her daughter she carried on crawling.She returned to the tree she had been sitting under wondering what other humiliation her Mistress was conjuring up.It was then she saw one of the men who had fucked her the day previous, he approached her stood over her so she could see the extent of damage that had been done to his cock. Look at this bitch he said all this for fucking white trash, it might not be able to fuck white cunts for a while but I have a lot of friends willing to gang fuck you from another tribe who don’t give a fuck for your Mistress better keep on eye open cunt. “But Sir,” Valerie tried to say. “I didn’t name you or point you out please you have to believe me.” “Believe you cunt I don’t give a dam as he started choking her, just know this you white cunt, trash you have to pay and pay in mind what has been done to me. Because will be done to you, only worse and if you ever tell your Mistress your life will be over.”He tightened his grip round Valerie’s throat till she could not breathe dug his thumb nail into her nipple till blood started to flow. “You think this is pain cunt we aint even started.” She was then flung to the floor Valerie clutched her neck trying to breathe gasping for air as he pissed in her mouth. “Keep an eye out cunt we won’t be long believe me,” he said Valerie under the tree she sought for shelter found herself retching up pee and saliva. Hating her brother in law more and more, for forcing her into this. Valerie was scared her wide open eyes showed this, when would this ever end. Valerie slept very little that night, deciding against going back to the “sty” as Mistress called it, as she knew they would look for her there. Instead she sought cover in a thicket of trees hoping they wouldn’t find her. Hearing a noise she turned and was met by a wooden club aimed at her head. She woke to find herself tied by four ropes, hung up with arms and legs spread wide. With two men pissing in her face. Looking down and around she did not recognize were she was, all she saw were men with whips and women with what looked like clumps of weeds.Stood In the center the man from earlier. “See cunt we found you,” he said. “Now we hear you felt for us blacks in the old days. Well now you gonna know and from first hand feel what it felt like to be a black. When white massers beat and ****d us, believe me you won’t be walking or crawling back, you will be carried back like the white pig you are.Valerie then heard a thwack and felt this horrible stinging on her ass, she looked to see at least a dozen women hitting her with the weeds they carried, now knowing they were some form of stinging nettle but much worse. Soon her body was bright red, tiny white blebs appeared on her body all the time the women were chanting themselves into hysteria.PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS NOOOOOOOOOOO… OOOOOOOOOOOOO Valerie cried out as some were forced into her open cunt and ass. Oh how she begged but still they carried on. Unable to touch herself to try and ease the pain, she bucked and weaved as much as the ropes would allow, until at last she was drained and just hung there accepting it. She saw the man before her he said, “Beating, whipping, then fucking cunt and we will carry on fucking you after you have passed out. All here both sexes will please themselves on you before you are taken back. Just remember, you don’t know who did this to you. Know what it’s like to be black.” It was then Valerie saw and felt the first of many cruel men whipping her body with what looked like vicious barred whips. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she cried out as the cruel whips hit her. Each whip stroke left marks on her body soon her body was covered in marks. Tits, back, ass, legs, even her cunt. Her body soon took on a look that only her tormentors admired then one vicious whip to her cunt, NOOOOOOOOOO… OOOOOOO NOOO NO, NO, NO, she couldn’t believe it, she was actually Cumming as they hit her. She sobbed. This carried on until she felt blood flowing from her body she was just a piece of meat hung up for their pleasure if this was being black she didn’t want it.In a daze she felt herself being cut down and laid out, looking up she saw all looking back down on her. Then she felt that familiar stab in her cunt as the first of many started fucking her. Valerie surrendered she had no fight left, she let them do unspeakable things to her; she was there’s to do with as they pleased, Valerie prayed to pass out. Soon she felt her body being abused cocks in her cunt fucking her. In her mouth taking both cum and pee, nipples being pulled to the limit then twisted, god how she suffered. Screams and shouts of all the people using her was the last thing Valerie heard before she passed out.Valerie could tell it was daylight as the sun beat down on her, but it was so hard to see. She raised her hands to her eyes to find them covered in cum my god what had they done to her last night. She tried to move but was in so much pain she stopped even trying. Every inch of her body ached. She looked down to her body and was shocked, what she saw bore no resemblance to the body she knew, this a bloated mess of flesh covered in whip marks dried blood and god those blebs still hurt. It was then she heard “PIGGY” her Mistress was calling. Valerie tried to move but could only drag her body along inch by inch until she finally reached her Mistress.”What the fuck do you look like;” she said “Is this your idea of fun you fucking whore.”No Mistress,” Valerie said.”Explain yourself my piggy,” her Mistress demanded.”Mistress when I woke this morning I found myself like this I have no idea what happened.”Her Mistress kicked her in the mouth. “Fuck of pig you expect me to believe that you go to sleep and wake like this and youuuuuuuuuuuu don’t know what happened get fucking real.”No Mistress I was knocked u*********s,” Valerie pleaded.”And you don’t know who did this then.””No Mistress no, you have to believe me.” (Valerie feared for her life!)Her Mistress walked away to one of the many med standing about saying something to him, he scurried away. “Beside me MZ piggy on those knees,” her Mistress said. Valerie dutifully obliged. A short time later she saw the three men her Mistress had punished approach all knelt before her. “Look at those faces MZ73 tell me if you recognize anyone concerning last night.” Valerie looked up saw the stare in one man’s eyes. “Mistress I only know these men from the fucking I received from them on my first day here.” Valerie said.”You sure her Mistress asked,” “yes Mistress I am,” Came the reply.”Dismissed,” her Mistress said. The men walked away one smiling.”Ohh get away from me MZ73 you even smell like a pig you disgust me get yourself cleaned up. It will be a while until I get to decorate that body of yours but breed you I will MZ73.”Yes Mistress,” Valerie said.”But know this MZ73 the litters you produce will be taken from you as soon as you deliver. These will be sold of course to people who can afford them. You see MZ73 your nothing more than a breeding machine.”Yes Mistress,” Valerie said with a lump in her throat.”Ziad my love she heard her Mistress say,” “The breeding stool please. MZ73 is going to be bred, gather the men around.”Valerie’s breeding Get cleaned up then report to me she heard her Mistress say. “Yes Mistress ty,” replied Valerie.Valerie went to her hut and tried as she may, it was difficult to remove all the dried cum from her badly beaten body. Three times she washed herself till no more could be seen.Replaying over and over in her head what was done to her last night the terrible beating and fucking that was done to her, she was starting to think being a black cock slut did have its downside, oh how her body ached.Not having a mirror to look through, she felt all over her body for more dried cum when she touched her cunt it sent shock waves through her whole body.It was then she noticed her left nipple was just hanging on, badly torn with a deep cut still bleeding as she washed herself. Patching that up as best she could she stood in the sun to dry as she had no towel, naked as usual with everyone looking at her this no longer fazed Valerie as it was now normal to be like this in front of others.When fully dry she made her way to her Mistress’s palatial home. Approaching she went on all fours to show her respect and called out her approach “Mistress MZ 73 wishes to be inspected,” cried Valerie.”Approach piggy cunt stand before me and turn” she heard her Mistress say.”Yes Mistress of course” replied Valerie.For the next five minutes her Mistress inspected her body “Arms up legs wide open piggy cunt” her Mistress instructed.Valerie obliged doing as instructed, knowing others were watching her.”Well cunt you look and smell a lot better than the last time I saw you.””Thank you Mistress” replied Valerie. “Feel between your cunt MZ 73 what do you feel” her Mistress instructed. Valerie gingerly felt below her cunt fearing the worst, she felt cum leaking out of her from last night.Her Mistress then sent her reeling onto the floor as she was struck in the face sending her tumbling backwards. “What a waste of a good whore you are MZ 73 can’t you do anything right, as long as you get black cock in you that’s all that matters isn’t it. Just pure white trash aren’t you” her Mistress screamed. “Please Mistress nooo I’m only here to please you nothing else please don’t hit me again your cunt is begging you” cried out Valerie Valerie stood shaking fearing her Mistress would hit her again. “Wipe that cum away cunt and turn again.” Her Mistress said with anger in her voice.”Let’s see what damage has been done you your fucking white ass,” her Mistress demanded.”A few bruises MZ nothing more, give it a day’s rest need to tattoo that ass before your breeding.” Her Mistress stated.”What do you think of pictorial tattoos MZ piggy? Need to cover all those nasty remarks on your ass. Fucking idiots who did it.”Valerie smirked knowing it was her husband who demanded it.”Yes mistress your little piggy would like that a lot.” Valerie said with glee in her voice.”MMMM let me see what about a pig sty on your ass lots of hay all trodden down. Mommy pig that being you, feeding her little piglets to show your breeding. With daddy pig his snout going in your wide open cunt that I do like,” she sniggered. “On the other cheek a pictorial of you on your breeding stool MZ Piggy above your head, with lines of black guys ready to fuck you. What do you think of that my piggy cunt?”Valerie’s heart sank, but blurted out, “Yes Mistress whatever is your wish.””At times my little piggy cunt I could kiss you for being so obedient. You will be fucked soon enough.””Yes my Mistress,” Valerie said. Knowing she was beaten by this black goddess who had control over her but at the same time a urge came over her to to eat out her Mistress black cunt.Give that ass two days rest want it nice and smooth for your tattoos. Do try not to get it fucked you hear me piggy hard as that is for you. All this because she loved black cock, was it worth it Valerie now had her doubts.The next two days for Valerie felt like murder apart from guys coming to her to pinch and slap her tits all it seemed were under instructions not to fuck her or mark her ass anymore.Ohhh how she wanted black cock in her again but the thought of her impending breeding managed to cheer her up, she would get more than enough then.On the third day her Mistress called for her. Valerie requested permission as entering without would mean a beating. “Approach MZ piggy,” she heard her Mistress say. How Valerie hated being called that.”Come let me look at you bend over show me your ass,” her Mistress ordered Valerie did as requested.What do you think Si that white piece of meat good enough to tattoo? “It will be my pleasure came the reply.” Valerie meets Si your tattooist this will be done using tribal methods. Needles “We have progress from thorns” she giggled. Ground up black rock with resin applied with bone hammer. What do you think of that MZ piggy?”Whatever is your wish Mistress” Valerie replied, cringing at the thought.”Approach me now my little piggy face on,” she heard her mistress say.Valerie turned to face her Mistress took the three steps towards her expecting another slap across the face but when she reached her Mistress she was rewarded by a kiss from her that went on and on. At the same time her mistress stuck two fingers right in her cunt Valerie immediately wanted to cum but daring not to.Ohh my little piggy cunt what a good girl you are pleasing your Mistress by agreeing to everything without question. What a fine black cock whore we have here, I think the best we have ever had. Wanting black cock all the time aren’t you girl. “Valerie blushed.” Her mistress then stopped kissing her withdrew her fingers and turned Valerie around. ” See that roll of cloth piggy lay on it just above your hips spread those white legs wide so Si can see your cunt and ass so he knows were to begin, he is a perfectionist.” She giggled more. “This will hurt my little piggy show me want a big girl you are no tears please.”Approaching the roll of cloth Valerie lay on it as instructed spreading her legs wide open sweat begging to flow form her body.Your tattoo piggy will take a few hours Si will start at you cunt first want that snout right in giggling more. When he has done with you two more days rest before that ass and cunt are used without mercy got that my cunt. Can’t wait to decorate rest of your slut body.”Be a good girl and take the pain piggy” she heard her Mistress say. “Yes my Mistress,” was all Valerie could utter. As she waited for the terrible pain to be inflicted on her. “Let me know when finished Si,” she heard her Mistress say. “Of course Miss,” came the reply.Valerie gritted her teeth hard in anticipation as she readied herself for the first blow, knowing tears would surely come.The first blow landed right on her cunt. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKINGG HELLL escaped Valerie’s mouth. She bucked and weaved. Si said “hold still you piece of white trash whore this is how we do it here.” OMG not on their cunt lips surely not. Could anyone survive this agony? Valerie prayed once more to pass out. But still the hammer struck time and again each one sending a shock through her whole body. Cum started to leak from her open cunt as it was hit repeatedly. Slowly the snout grew out of her cunt and the pain started to get more bearable. Slowly as the pain ceased the tears dried from Valerie’s face four hours later one cheek had been done. She felt Si stretch her other cheek and began to work on that, the needles driven into her did hurt but with no bones in her ass cheeks it was bearable.Finally after six hours she head Si say. “Stay right there you cunt your Mistress will need to see.Valerie lay there in anticipation hoping Si had done a good job and it pleased her Mistress no matter how demeaning it looked.Valerie heard her Mistress approach. “Ohh yes Si a gorgeous job daddy pig with his snout right in her cunt pawing at it with that trotter wonderful she said. Just a little more hay and make daddy pig black and the piglets black but not so dark and I think you’re done. Did my piggy cry at all? “She asked. “A few the beginning when I was right in her cunt,” she heard Si say.Valerie lay there waiting karabağ escort bayan for Si to start work on her ass cheeks again not daring to move. But at least Mistress was satisfied with the pig snout in her cunt so no more terrible pain.Call me again Si when done we need to show it off to everyone.” Valerie heard her Mistress giggle intensely.Next moment Si began driving those dam needles into her ass once again. “Not a lot more to do cunt then your all done your Mistress seem pleased.” Si stated. “All done cunt,” Si stated. “Stand over there bend over and let your Mistress inspect.MMMM good job Si I like it, Val heard her Mistress say. “Open that cunt up piggy want to see that snout inside.” “Not like that you fucking whore I said cunt.” Slapping her legs! “Don’t you dare cover those tattoos with your filthy hands?” One final hard slap to her legs! stinging now.Now my little piggy I see over twenty men wanting to see Si’s work bend over in front of each one and open up your cunt so they can see the work in its entirety.Valerie of course dutively obliged going from one man to the next opening her cunt for each one. Some fingered her some spat in it one got up to fuck her, looked at her Mistress then declined to do it as Mistress shook her head.Valerie then heard her Mistress say. “Good girl piggy now come over here, tell me how far are you through your cycle. “I’m mid-way through Mistress,” Valerie replied.”Perfect give those tattoos two days rest then your breeding will begin. One thing I’m sure you’re looking forward to piggy eh,” she said laughing. “All the men in this village and some from surrounding ones will fuck you to make sure parentage is not known. As there are well over 100 men in this village alone I’m sure it will be a success. This will be done in stages piggy fucked for four hours then rest for four, then so on and on for two days in total. If you thought that slutty cunt of yours took a lot of cum in it before you came here your about to get more than you imagine oh yes piggy all holes will be used remember guys need fun as well.” “Do you agree with that piggy” her Mistress inquired.”Yes of course my Mistress,” Valerie replied “Though you would piggy. Oh yes little piggy I’ve decided on how to cover your body with tattoos. It will be a pictorial event from when my husband bought you, the fucking you received there and you your trip over and since. What do you think of that piggy,” she said smiling.”Yes my Mistress piggy thanks you.” Valerie knew better than to argue with her Mistress as it would only turn out much worse for her.””Now go rest that ass. Have to prepare your breeding stool piggy, two days remember.””Yes my Mistress,” Valerie replied The following two days for Valerie did nothing but drag no one even approached her. All Valerie could do was play with herself which she did on show of course. It seems even the protocol of fucking was observed in this hell hole. But it at least gave time for her body to heal soon the marks began to fade. The days drifted by until she saw something that looked like a torture rack being assembled this consisted of what looked like a human body being stretched out in a spread star fashion. Broader planks at the bottom set at 160 degrees thinner ones at the top set at 140 degrees connected by a thin spar all this sunk into the ground tilted forwards.Valerie masturbated madly looking at what she was about to be strapped too. Thinking of all that black cock she was about to take until she came and came.The following morning Valerie found herself strapped to it. Legs and arms spread wide. Ass and cunt raised into the air. Not giving a fuck who saw her tattoos now. Head and fuckholes, at perfect height to be taken and used, at last after four days of no cock now she would get plenty. Ohh, her cunt throbbed in anticipation.Her Mistress stood before her; black pussy just inches form her face. “You ready for this piggy” she inquired.”Yes my Mistress of course,” replied Valerie.”Piggy you are set like this for ease of breeding all holes at perfect height to be used over and over. If a cock is presented to your mouth you will of course suck on it. Master Ziad has given a few of his slaves to aid you in this part but only for sucking purposes nothing else this is your breeding not theirs.”Her Mistress then parted her skirt, and then pushed her black pussy close to Valerie’s mouth. “Suck on your goddess black pussy my little piggy need that whore white mouth, to make me cum if you are successful I have a little treat for you.” Valerie did it with no thought about the treat she just wanted to please her Mistress she needed to do this. “God yes my piggy get that tongue in deeper let them all see you pleasing your Mistress come on you fucking white whore lick that black pussy of yours out, at the same time she was slapping her back with her hand .” Moments later her Mistress came in Valerie’s mouth Ohh my piggy you’re so good, I love you. Sooner have that mouth round my pussy that anyone else’s piggy.”Oh dear piggy Mistress has marked your back all red now, but looking at it has given me an idea.What do you think of a white cow, that being you, being milked by a black with a huge grotesque cock and you with milk titter cum, cumming all over it?Mmmm I will see Si during your breeding what a wonderful idea, want it covering your entire back. Say good idea Mistress piggy.”Good idea Mistress” Valerie mumbled, with her face full of black pussy. But thinking can’t be any worse than having a snout right in her cunt. “Now than my little piggy here is your treat,” holding before her was a clump of white, fat stemmed grass of some kind. “You are about to be fucked by hundreds of men over and over. At first you will enjoy but as they keep fucking you the pain will start my piggy. By chewing on this and taking only the juice from it into your mouth along with my pussy juice the feeling of pain will be diminished keep some in your cheeks to chew on while being fucked. But piggy do not eat it at any cost or you start to trip out. You are here to be bred piggy not to have fun.” Mistress was right of course as the fucking started Valerie couldn’t get enough she was savoring every cock that entered her no matter what hole was used. She wanted all they gave as they filled her cunt they moved to her ass then onto her mouth when that was overflowing. This carried on for hours it seemed to Valerie she was enjoying it so much. At last she was being used as she wanted to be, just pure wild sex with black cocks how she loved it. She even looked round to see at least four white slaves sucking the cocks of black men as they queued up to fuck Valerie.Then it happened a sharp hot stabbing in Valerie’s cunt, as another black cock parted her cervix not painful yet but she did feel it. She decided not to chew on the grass just yet as it might get worse.The pain in Valerie’s holes got steadily worse now she saw why she was strapped it this contraption.as she bucked and weaved. At times it made her grimace at some thrusts. Her Mistress watched and smiled at Valerie’s discomfort.Valerie then saw her Mistress approach. “Well done my little piggy cunt your first round of fucking has been done let’s hope you have a black baby inside you now! You may now rest those aching holes for four hours then it will begin again and because I saw no tears you will get more pain deadening leaves.” “Thank you Mistress.” Valerie managed to say as she stumbled away from the breeding stool with cum leaking from her holes.Valerie could not sit or lie down for over an hour each time she tried the pain shot through her.But such blessed relief when she finally could. She tried to sleep but the sound of her Mistress calling come my piggy woke her from dreams of black cock.Looking up she saw a new line of black men with hung cocks waiting to fuck her. At this point she decided to chew more on the leaves provided by her Mistress.Rising Valerie was once again strapped to the breeding stool. “Be a good little piggy again my girl.” She heard her Mistress say.The fucking, breeding of Valerie was underway once more. She knew more black cock would enter her holes than she ever thought possible and this only round two of twelve, would she be able to sit ever again. As the fucking tempo increased so did the pain but Valerie was determined not to cry as that would mean no more leaves.Over the next two days Valerie passed from conscientious to u*********sness. Her poor holes all feeling as if on fire, but still Valerie did not cry, not even one tear.At the end of her breeding Valerie could not move she had been fucked raw by countless black cocks wishing at times no more would enter her. It dawned on her that any a****l could just walk up to her and use her in any way it pleased. Thankfully she saw her Mistress approach. “Oh my little piggy cunt are you some form of fucking machine I’m so proud of you. You are the first girl that has ever took so muck cock without crying. Yes I have the best slave in this village for certain!” “Now go rest my little piggy, no more cock for you for two days but before that someone will come for a pee sample just to make sure. But if not little piggy back to the breeding stool for you I’m afraid.”‘Now thank your Mistress for breeding you piggy.”Yes my Mistress. “Your little piggy slut thanks you for breeding her.” Unable to walk Valerie crawled back to her hut. Mistress called out. “Make way for my wonderful piggy,” she said, “at the same time look at the sight of her. Not a pretty sight with cum leaking all down her legs.”she laughedValerie just need rest, hopefully sleep will come soon. Valerie was woken thirty six hours later by a foot kicking her night tit. “Wake up you idle bitch,” she heard the man say.Valerie woke up to see a black man with a bowl in his hand.”Mistress says you have to piss into this.” He said. “Open your piss flaps bitch straddle this bowl and piss in it,” he said and held the bowl beneath her. He looked at her in contempt as Valerie did as she was told.”Not be long before you get fucked again.” He said “and seeing you’re a dirty bitch I will be one of the first to take your cunt.Valerie thanked him as he left showing her subversives to blacks. Valerie’s cunt and ass still ached as she tried to move about; slowly feelings began to return to her legs. Thinking back how the hell she managed to get though all those cocks fucking her she will never know, but feeling proud she did.All this because of what her brother in law had done to her, thinking she was not a good wife to his brother. In some ways she owed her brother in law a lot.A few hours later she saw Mistress approach.”Good news my little piggy it seems you have a black baby growing in side you. You will be allowed to hold it and offer your tit to it before it is taken from you and sold on to parents of mine and Masters choosing. Never to be seen by you again.” “Strange don’t you think that baby will fetch at least twice what my husband paid for you? Kind of puts you in your rightful place just a breeding machine.””Yes my Mistress.” Valerie mumbled.Tomorrow morning piggy you will allow black cocks to enter you once again. All have been told not to mistreat your body with that black baby inside your much to valuable and that my piggy means I can decorate your body at will.Thank you my Mistress,” have no fear I will bring no harm to the baby I have inside me. Your piggy slut thanks you for breeding her.Such a good little piggy such a darling little piggy you are, with that she left.The following morning once again Valerie was flat on her back with black cocks queuing to fuck and use her body.Over the next three years Valerie gave birth to Four black babies’ three boys and one girl, each time after two or three days they were taken from her.During the same time Mistress continued to add tattoos to her body until she looked more black than white, all depicting her slavery even i*****l beatings she took although none had been done to her since she was bred.Valerie often looked at the tattoos she could see and thought, my god have I gone through all that.Valerie woke the following day to expect more of her usual fucking but was informed by a man she had a visitor and was told to crawl to her Mistress.A visitor who could that be thought Valerie was Mistress about to sell her on, her mind was in turmoil but doing as the man said she started to crawl to her Mistress.As she neared her Mistress Valerie made out the figures of what looked like white men. Darkness descended on Valerie she was about to be sold to these people.But as she got closer, these men looked like her husband and brother in law. What the hell was going on Valerie stopped not wanting her husband to see her covered in these tattoos.”Come little piggy you have visitors,” her Mistress said.Valerie’s husband turned to look at her, eyes widening as her saw the tattoos on her, “what the fuck,” she heard him say.Her Mistress then parted her skirt, saying. “You know what to do piggy.” Valerie was about to be humiliated in front of her husband.Valerie of course started to lick her Mistress’s pussy without further question.”Say hello to your husband and brother piggy they have made a very interesting offer. But first I want you to make your Goddess Mistress cum and swallow all the juices my piggy,” she ordered.After you have done that stand turn and show all the beautiful art work adorning you dirty slut body. Valerie nodded as her Mistress didn’t like her talking into her pussy.God yes my little piggy whore your Mistress is about to fill you. Mouth open wide piggy, Mistress then parted her pussy lips and squirted straight into Valerie’s mouth both her husband and his brother looked on in amazement. brother looked on in amazement. “See gentlemen this slut not only likes black cock now but black pussies as well.” She laughed.”Hello Brain hello To,” Valerie spurted out.”Turn around my little piggy I want to point out all the interesting tattoos I have had done on you.”Mistress then looked at her brother in law. “Tom is it,” she inquired “yes he replied,” “Yes Mistress! show some respect just because I’m black doesn’t mean you can disrespect me.”Sorry, “yes Mistress,” he amended. Valerie smiled inwardly as her Mistress put her brother in law into place.”Well Tom across her tummy you will see a pictorial of the gangbang you set up for her, there she is walking back home naked.” She sniggered. “Open your legs slut.” Valerie did as instructed. “Inside of her right thigh you see her in front of her husband being questioned with that dirty writing all over her which you had done. I hated that so have covered it in pictorials. “Above her cunt you see property of Mistress Ziad and her slave number. Same appears above her ass cheeks with name of piggy which I gave to her due to her color and her slave number.””Along her left leg and thigh, things you have not seen, this was her transportation by boat which shows her being fucked in and out of her cage and being pissed on. No room for it all on that leg so some transferred to her right leg.””Now you see across both tits something which I am not proud of. This is a pictorial of a beating and fucking she took in another villagewhich I hasten to add was nothing to do with me.” “This was due to a beating she took the previous day with a whip across her back her own fault she refused to say who did it.” “The beating with the whip is on her right shoulder my revenge on one of the men who did it is on her left shoulder see me kicking him in the balls.” She laughed.”But as you can see I am always dressed while piggy has worn no clothes for over three years now. Which of course, aids you in any future plans you have for her?””Turn around now little piggy,” her Mistress said. “Valerie did as instructed,” once again to hear a sharp intake of breath.””This gentlemen is beautiful don’t you think. Its shows piggy’s first breeding. Mommy sow, that being my little piggy, with little piglets. While daddy boar (oh some unknown black man) has his snout were all men here have been. Right in piggy’s cunt I’m so proud of this.””On the other ass cheek you see piggy strapped to her breeding stool with lines of black men wanting to use all her holes. All holes were then cleaned in piggy’s mouth. Such a good brave piggy she was, never a tear escaped her eyes.” “See out of her cunt and ass Si has tattooed cum leaking from her, this is how piggy looked as she crawled away unable to stand.” “On piggy’s back you see her as a white cow with udders showing being used by a man with grotesque cock, the milk signifying piggy leaking cum all over that cock. Si certainly has some good ideas.” “That gentlemen concludes the tour of piggy’s tattoos, others you see are different fuck positions she has took to please most black men in this village some rather grotesque if I may say, naughty piggy.””So what do you think?” Mistress demanded.”Mistress you have done a wonderful job covering her body is obscene tattoos a sign of a true artist.” Her brother in law said.”I agree.” Valerie’s husband said” it shows her as the fuck whore she is.” “Right my little piggy sit legs open please.””Your husband is about to tell you of his future plans for you.””Valerie,” he started to say.Mistress held up her hand. “Please Brian show some respect that is not her name till you get her home, while she is here she is my piggy my breeding sow.” “Sorry Mistress” her husband said. Another wry smile escaped Valerie’s lips.”Piggy,” he then stated. “You’re not coming home as my wife this cock will never enter you again. I’m fucking other women now, some black women as well.” “Instead you’re coming home to be the mother of our c***dren not a day goes by without them asking about you. So in front of them you will be my wife I say speak to you as such all other times you will be silent.” “So tom came up with this idea were you could be their mother again whist still making money out of you.””As soon as they leave for school you will strip naked and be that way unless you have to go out, no matter who calls you will be naked even if friends of yours call let them see you for what you are.” “I may at times bring women I am fucking to be serviced by you seeing you enjoy cunt now as well.” “Tom will set up some gangbangs for you with black men of course. These will be sold private as with pictures of your tattoos. In time some may find themselves on mainline porn sites of course but what the hell.” “I have agreed with your Mistress to pay back half of what her husband paid for you. You will make that up, using your depravity for black cock.””So what do you think of that my little piggy?” Her Mistress said.”Piggy thanks her Mistress but what about all the tattoos covering my body how would I hide them.””Come walk with me piggy we need to have a chat.””Look I know you don’t want to leave your Mistress but if I am honest with you I was close to selling you over three months ago to theses slave traders. You see dear little piggy that cunt of yours is getting so stretched only the biggest black cock in the village gets any satisfaction from fucking you now, so what will it be like in another three months.” “Plus the fact I know those tattoos will soon be whipped from your body. But if you go back to your husband not only will you get to see your c***dren, but they are to continue paying me royalties for my artwork on you 25% piggy of what they get from them. Far better than being a whipped slave dragging a plough, because that is all you will be worth in six months’ time, if I sell you on to them. I have spoken to Master Ziad and he is in agreement.” “As for you clothing I’m sure we can find you a long sleeved shirt and some jeans to wear on your way home. Don’t you agree piggy.” Valerie looked quizzical; she didn’t give a dam about the tattoos covering her body. Or the fact that at last she was to get out of this hell hole at last. Or even her Mistress the only thing she would miss about her was feeding on her black pussy. She knew she would get more black cock in her and the odd cunt to lick out.No all Valerie wanted was to see her c***dren again; it sent a warm glow through her heart when her husband said they had asked over her every single day. After having four babies taken from her, who could blame her for that.No Valerie was delighted back to normal living and oh my god sleeping in a bed again. Washing what hair would grow on her hard again Valerie found it hard to keep her Mistress in suspense until she said.”Yes Mistress you are right of course. I will agree to go back and continue earning for you.” “Ohh my little piggy I love you so,” her Mistress said. “Now just a test for your husband before I free you and you will be on your way.”Valerie walked at the back of Mistress and returned to her husband.”Right then gentlemen.” Good news. “My piggy had agreed to return with you.” “But first I will ask the husband if it is true, you will continue to use my piggy the way she is now accustomed.””Yes Mistress it is.” Replied Valerie’s husband. “So you are not taking her back to be your wife again and show her freedom.””Not at all Mistress I will use her as stated. She is a wife to me only in name in fact I detest her. This is only for my c***dren’s sake.” “Come on in men, “said Mistress. All turned to see thirty hung black men walk into the room.”To me husband,” Mistress demanded. Valerie’s husband did as she asked this made Valerie smile.”Piggy will be placed over the stool in front of you. In turn all men her will fuck her mouth, cunt and ass. This will show your commitment to me and all in here. You will first open her cunt wide open take the freshly sucked cock take hold of it an plunge it right into her cunt with as much force as you can muster. After that do the same with her ass hole, want to see it gape this will be filmed to start your collection off.” “As this is the last time I will see piggy fucked I want it to hurt, maybe a tear will flow but after her showing on the breeding stool I doubt it just make sure she feels it husband. If you agree to this humiliation, signal for the first man to fuck her mouth.”Valerie smiled as she saw her husband wave the first one forward. First of all Valerie felt a man with a huge cock go deep in her mouth making her choke on it. She struggled to put a bit of a show on, but not enough that Mistress would change her mind and keep her.Taking it from her mouth with drool hanging from it her husband took hold of it opened her cunt right up and plunged it into her as hard as he could. Valerie yelped to add more effect knowing then that her husband really did detest her. She then felt her husband fingering her ass hole growling at the same time, then taking the cock buried in her cunt, he again plunged it right to the balls in her ass hole saying, “yes you bitch fucking take this.” Valerie shuddered to add effect forcing her mouth deeper down the next cock to fuck her. Knowing Mistress wanted to see her suffer. She was playing them at their own game and winning. She was about to see her c***dren again all that mattered to Valerie.The fucking continued for over ninety minutes cunt ass her husband kept plunging it in with increasing force. Mistress often screaming.”YES FUCK MY LITTLE PIGGY MAKE HER FUCKING SCREAM, MY BITCH FUCK HER GOOD MAKE HER FEEL HUMILIATED.” Valerie smiled she had won at last. Going back home to comfort instead of a hut but continuing to fuck black cock, with not only her husband knowing, but setting the fucking’s up as well. Ooh she was so happy.As the last man drained his balls into Valerie’s ass her Mistress walked up to her kissed her on the cheek saying, “I know what you’re up to piggy bitch.” Valerie’s heart stopped for a moment. “To me husband.” Mistress ordered. “You did a good job there I trust you will keep piggy as I have, never give her an inch and she will serve you well. Handing her husband a piece of paper she said, “take her she’s all yours.” Valerie breathed a sigh of relief.Tom said. “Some clothes for you in the car whore; put them on before we get to the airport.”Valerie turned to see her Mistress and Master standing there before they were hidden by the dust as they sped away. Ziad turned to his wife. “Good slave you had there,” “yes I know husband. Did you see the act she put on just to see her c***dren again but she deserved it. Think she was fooling me did she! More black than white that one now.Far to willy for those two wimps. She will take them for all there worth and then more. But I wonder if she realizes this has all been set up to get her and her daughter here as well. A fine young slave she will turn out to be if anything like her motherDon’t worry in a couple of years when her cunt has tightened due to less cock, I will get her back along with that sweet daughter of hers. Take them by force if you have to. The bitch thinks she is free never in a million years she and her daughter are mine. Set the ball rolling husband in eighteen months dear.” “Yes my love anything for you.” Mistress smiled.

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