Wife Impregnated by Her Husband’s Black Boss

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My husband, Ed, and I live in the Miami, Florida suburbs, and he is a resort development and management director working for a resort management company in Miami. One of the perks of his position is us being able to attend two industry conventions each year, and this allows us to meet the executives from other companies in the resort industry. My name is Marci, and we’re still young in our late twenties, and hadn’t had children yet. We have been using the rhythm method of birth control, and it has been effective so far. During a recent convention, Ed and I met the CEO of a competing company in Miami, and we had drinks and dinner with him and his wife. His name is Marcus, and he and his wife, Sandra, look to be in their early forties and they are black. They are both good looking, and he is tall at about six feet three inches and very muscular, and Sandra is about five feet eight inches tall, sturdily built with huge breasts and a beautiful big ass, but isn’t really overweight. We got along very well at dinner, and Marcus and Ed talked about several resorts of common interest, without revealing any company secrets.Marcus sat next to me, and he was very attentive and maybe even too friendly with me. He would often touch my arm to make a point and he sometimes pressed his knee against my leg. I think most people are aware of the stereotype of some black men being attracted to petite, blonde, white women, and he sure seemed to be attracted to me.I have to admit that I am good looking, being five feet four inches tall and weighing one hundred and fifteen pounds, with shoulder-length, natural blonde hair and deep blue eyes. And I have nice D-cup breasts that look huge on my small body, and a nice, tight and full ass. And I have to admit that I was also attracted to his great personality, obvious strength, and even his evident masculinity.I know that Marcus was impressed with Ed’s verbal resume and knowledge of the industry, because he invited him to come to their office the following Monday for an interview. They had an opening in one of their vice president positions, and Marcus wanted Ed to stop by to have a formal interview and to meet some of the other executives. That looked like a great opportunity for Ed at that stage of his career.He went to the interview and met the other two vice presidents, both of whom are black, in their mid-thirties, and tall and muscular men. They met separately, and then Ed had his final interview with Marcus. They offered Ed the position with a forty percent raise over his current salary and a lucrative bonus program. After a two week notice period, he was at his new job. Most of the properties managed by the new company are typical resorts, but they also have a couple of clothing-optional facilities in the Bahamas, which added an interesting twist to their business.It turned out that Marcus and Sandra are very social, and they often sponsored evenings out on the town with the vice presidents and their spouses. At first it seemed a little strange always being the only white couple with three black couples. Ed and I aren’t the least bit bigoted but have just never had the chance to socialize with black people before.We soon got used to the minor cultural differences and everyone got along very well. I was always popular with those men and when we were out they took turns dancing with me, leaving poor Ed to sit alone most of the time. The more times we went out and got familiar with one another the more liberties they took, and some of those dances got interesting later in the evenings when everyone had a few drinks.All of them pressed their big cocks into my belly and rubbed my ass and the sides of my breasts. And they always leaned in to kiss me on the lips to thank me almanbahis şikayet for the dances. As the weeks passed, they became bolder and pushed their tongues into my mouth, and I kissed them back that way, with us sucking on each other’s tongues. After several months of those outings, I was really getting turned on by those strong, black men, and I felt their strength and sexuality.It also felt good having those big, hard cocks pressed into me, and my pussy was always wet when I was with them. I always told Ed about them touching me and how they were kissing me when we got home. He just took it in stride, even when I told him that I was getting turned on by them and kissing them back. I think that he was secretly intimidated by those black men who were all taller and more muscular than him, and he sure didn’t want to cause a scene and lose his high-paying job.The men continued to escalate their sexual advances toward me, and their wives didn’t seem to mind. I knew they and everyone else in the room saw what their husbands were doing, but no one seemed to care. Sometimes I would get carried away and reach down and rub those big cocks, but the wives still didn’t seem to mind. Shortly after I finally started rubbing their cocks, Marcus arranged a two-and-a-half-day retreat for our group of four couples to one of their new, clothing-optional resorts.As I look back, he must have felt that I was ready for the next step since I was actively kissing them and rubbing their cocks. We were told that we could wear clothes and bathing suits if we felt we had to, but he strongly preferred that we support the theme of the facility by being nude much of the time, which would help the other guests be more comfortable with it.We arrived at the resort in the Bahamas on Friday evening, after the short flight from Miami. It was too late to do anything that night by the time we checked in, so we just went to our rooms, still fully clothed. The plan was for Ed and me to join Marcus and Sandra on a small, thirty feet long resort yacht for a day boating around the islands and in the lagoon, while the other two couples evaluated and enjoyed the various amenities at the resort. Marcus was qualified to pilot the yacht, which was stocked with provisions, and we didn’t need any other crew. It would be just us two couples on board.The plan was to eat both breakfast and lunch on the yacht, and then join the other couples for an evening of dining and dancing. Ed and I arrived at the dock at 9:00 am, and Marcus and Sandra were already aboard. We pulled out of the harbor and were cruising slowly in shallow water when Marcus turned off the engine, dropped anchor, and said, “Okay, vacationers, let’s comply with the spirit of the resort and get these clothes off.”Ed and I were on the back deck, and I slowly removed my clothes while Ed was hesitating. I knew that he would be embarrassed to show his little, thin, five-inch dick, which is only three inches long when soft. That was especially true after having me tell him how big Marcus’ and the other men’s cocks felt when we were dancing. But he finally took off his swim suit, as I looked in the covered pilot area for Marcus and Sandra.Marcus was standing there smiling at me as I gawked at his huge cock. It was still soft but very thick and hanging down eight inches. His egg-sized testicles were hanging down almost that far in his black, hairy scrotum, and his cock and balls swung and swayed as he moved around. Then I saw Sandra, and she has a beautiful body with tits much bigger than my D-cups, and her ass is full, firm and big.I finally realized that I was staring and looked away, as Sandra said, “Come on, Marci, let’s go out onto the forward deck to talk and get a little sun, almanbahis canlı casino and leave the boys alone for a little while.”I didn’t know why the boys needed to be alone for a while, but I followed Sandra up to the comfortable, padded deck chairs. As we left, I saw Ed trying to turn so they wouldn’t be able to see his little dick. We had just gotten seated and I realized that I was staring at Sandra’s body again.So, I said, “I’m so sorry for staring, but I’ve never seen a nude black woman before, and your body is absolutely beautiful and luscious. And if you don’t mind me saying so, Marcus has a gorgeous, muscular body, and I’ve never seen a cock and set of balls like that. My goodness, Sandra, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you handle that big thing?”Sandra laughed at my childish exuberance and said, “If you think his cock is big now, you should see it when it’s hard. He’s almost eleven inches long and over six inches around. I’m glad that you enjoy looking at us, and don’t be embarrassed about it. A lot of white men and women are enthralled with our black bodies, and Marcus and I encourage it. I’ve seen you rubbing his hard cock on the dance floor a few times, so you probably already have some idea of how big it gets, and you might be wondering how it will feel inside that pretty little blonde pussy you have between your legs. After being used to Ed’s little dick, I know that you’ll enjoy Marcus’ huge cock.”I was shocked at how candid Sandra was about the attraction that some white people feel for blacks, and already implying that I would be fucking Marcus. So I asked, “What are you talking about, Sandra? It’s almost sounds like you’ve had sexual experiences with white couples before. You’re talking like Marcus fucking me is a foregone conclusion or something.”Sandra laughed again and said, “It’s true that Marcus and I have used submissive white couples for our pleasure many times before, and I can tell by the way you were passionately tongue-kissing our black husbands and rubbing their cocks on the dance floor, that you don’t have any hang ups about being intimate with black men. Then your reaction seeing Marcus’ big cock made me think that you would gladly fuck him given the chance, and even crave it.””After seeing Ed’s little dick, and his likely desire to keep his big salary, I don’t doubt that Ed will fall right into line being passive and submissive to Marcus and me and the other two couples. It won’t even take us very long to have him sucking their black cocks and cleaning black cum from your pussy with his mouth.”My mind was racing trying to comprehend everything she said, and then I asked, “You seem to be pretty certain how our little cruise will play out. But how do you and the other wives fit into this? You really don’t mind your husbands fucking white women, and from what you said, having their husbands suck their cocks? What do you get out of it?”Sandra leaned over and said, “That’s a very good question, and it’s really pretty simple. Our husbands, like a lot of other black men, like to fuck petite, blonde white women with tight cunts and big tits like yours, without forming emotional attachments. We feel like we can let them have their fun and also control things for our benefit. And we also swap wives among ourselves, just for the novelty of it. We black women also like having white women and men being submissive to us and satisfying our needs. All of this only works if you also serve us as we desire.””You need to earn the right to fuck their big cocks by keeping us happy too. And our husbands are especially willing to take care of our pussies for us after we have let them have their fun with your white cunts. We will also use Ed’s mouth to suck our cunts almanbahis casino when you’re busy fucking our men. We can begin right now with you sucking my tits, and then sucking my wet, black pussy. I might even suck your sweet little cunt and tits if you get me turned on enough.”It’s hard to explain, but I was feeling a sexual attraction to Sandra, and I had a strong desire to please her and do as she said, even though I had never had sex with a woman. All the talk had gotten me wet with lust, and I moved over to her lounge and took her big breast into my mouth. I started sucking her long, thick nipple and she was smiling down at me and holding my head in place as she would a baby.I could tell that my sucking was turning her on because she said, “That’s it, baby, suck momma’s big, black tits. And while you’re at it, reach down and finger momma’s wet pussy too.”I moved my hand to her pussy and felt the hair on her very fat labia. It was oozing with wetness, and I felt that she has an unusually large clit, every bit as long and thick as half of my thumb. I continued sucking her breasts, switching between them, until she pushed me away and twisted my body around, until we were in a side-by-side sixty-nine position. I covered her wet pussy with my mouth as she sucked my labia into her mouth and we both started sucking. I was sucking her clit like a little dick, and she was squirming with lust.She finally rolled over on me, still pressing her thick pussy to my mouth and fucking me with her clit, as she nibbled and sucked on my clit and cunt. I was almost being smothered, but it didn’t last very long. She soon tensed up and sat up, pressing down on my face, flooding my mouth with her orgasm. She stayed on top of me as I continued sucking her pussy.Then I heard Marcus say, “Damn, Sandra, you sure got this little white cunt trained fast, and I hope that she likes swallowing your sweet juices. She’ll need her strength when she fucks my black meat for the first time.”Sandra climbed off me, leaving me on my back on the lounge. I saw Marcus and Ed standing there, and I could tell that Marcus’ big cock and scrotum were wet, probably with Ed’s saliva. It was clear that Ed had been sucking his cock and sperm-filled balls. Marcus saw that I was looking at his wet cock and he must have read my mind.He said, “That’s right, Marci, you guessed it. Your little-dicked hubby has already been sucking my cock and balls as we watched you two ladies, and he has me nice and hard to fuck your tight little blonde cunt. Don’t worry, I’ll take it slow until you get used to my big cock. Now, Ed, watch while I give your cute little wife the best fucking she’s ever had, and then fill her womb with my big load of black cum. After the other guys and I get through with Marci this weekend, she won’t even be able to feel your little dick in her pussy.”Ed got a distressed look on his face and said, “Marci, you really shouldn’t be fucking Marcus without a condom. The rhythm method has worked very well for us in the past, but I don’t know where you are in your cycle right now. So maybe we should wait until you get some protection.”Then I said, “I think I’ll be okay, Ed. I probably won’t be fertile for another few days, and I just have to feel that big cock in me now, especially since I know that you have been sucking it like his little bitch.”I moved to the other lounge and lay back as Sandra and Ed got comfortable on the other one to watch us. Marcus moved up between my legs with his big cock swinging in front of him, and he leaned down to kiss me as I felt the head of his cock start to separate my labia. We kissed passionately, and I almost felt his tongue in my throat, as he began to push more and more of his thick fuck meat into my little cunt. The attraction I felt to him and my emotions at wanting badly to please him were making my pussy very wet and helped with his insertion. He pulled his lips from my mouth and started sucking my tits, as inch by inch, he pressed his cock into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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