Wifes week away with black co-worker – Homecoming

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Wifes week away with black co-worker – HomecomingI was just getting ready to get off of work when the skipper came in and said that one of the second shift MP’s just called and said he was rushing his son to the hospital and he asked if I could stick around for a little longer until he arrives. Since Kelly wasn’t home yet, I agreed. Kelly had told me that her and Marcus would stop in Santa Ana to get dinner before heading home. I was at work until about 10 pm and finally, I was relieved and headed home. I didn’t bother changing like I normally do. As an MP living off base, they suggest you change on base so that no one knows where you work, but I figured, I will pull in to the garage anyway, so who cares how I am dressed? When I got home, Kelly was still not home yet. I figured that even stopping to eat, she would still beat me home, I walked in the house, grabbed a beer and sat down to unwind. About ten minutes later, Kellys car pulled into the garage. She walked in and gave me a big hug and kiss and said she missed me. Marcus was walking in the door just as Kelly asked “Are you going to work?” I told her no and she said she wondered because I was dressed for work. I told her that I just got home.I think it sort of startled Marcus because he didn’t know I was military police and he is now seeing me with my uniform, badge and gun belt on. I felt that I was making him uneasy wearing my uniform. After all, he has been fucking my wife all week and I am armed! I took my gun belt off and put it in the closet. I asked them how their week went and Kelly walked in front of me and pulled her shirt tight to her waist and said “Look what Marcus did! He fucked me every night and now, I am so full, I can’t even button up the jeans I took with me!” Marcus looked uneasy, but I finally broke the ice and looked at him and said “Good job! I get jealous when she wears those jeans in public.” Marcus smiled and said “It’s cool with you right?” I told him I was fine and said that Kelly had asked me before they both left if she could. Marcus said that he had better get home and maybe this weekend, we could go out to dinner or something. Kelly went over to him and reached her arms out to give him a hug and she pulled him to her and gave him a very long kiss. When she pulled away from him, she said “Thank you for such a great week!” Marcus said the pleasure was all his and came over and shook my hand and then he headed to his car and Kelly opened the garage for him and he left and she backed her car from behind me and pulled into the garage and closed it.When she came in, she started to head for the stairs and I stopped her and asked her to come in and sit with me and tell me about her week. She asked me to follow her upstairs first and she will tell me, but she has to do something. I followed her upstairs and she nearly ran to the bathroom and grabbed her birth control pills and pulled one adiosbet yeni giriş out and swallowed it and grabbed the glass from the sink, she gulped some water with it. I was standing at the doorway and said “A little late for that don’t you think?” She said “I sure hope not! After this week, if these don’t work, I’m in big trouble!” I said that she had been flushing and if all went okay, she should be okay and Kelly said “Remember I told you we were stopping for dinner after we landed? Well, we did a little more then that.” I asked her what she did and Kelly told me they did stop for dinner, but on the way home, they made another stop in a secluded parking lot and climbed in the backseat. Kelly said “I had to have his cock one last time before he went home!” I asked her how that worked out and she said he was sitting and she straddled his lap and rode his cock until she started to cum. She said “Next thing I knew, he was filling my cunt up with his cum! God that guy has the hottest cum ever!”I asked her about her and Marcus and the two guys. She said “Babe, that was the scariest thing ever. But, that made it exciting too! Having one guy fucking me while I am giving head to another. And then when both of them get off inside of me, I get another one in my mouth and the one I was giving head to started fucking me. This went on all night long and I don’t know how many times I got off and lost count of how many times they were getting off in me.” Her voice was still a little hoarse and she said it was from giving them head all night and she kept taking each one down her throat and getting her mouth filled with cum. She said that she didn’t lose her voice until after she deep throated Marcus. She said “He was so fucking big in my mouth and I took it all the way down. He kept jamming it down my throat and then when he started cumming, I barely had a chance to get some air and he held my head and shot his cum down my throat. It was so hot, but damn, it tasted so good!”I said “So. Tell me about the other two guys last night.” Kelly said “Damn babe! I can’t believe I took all three of them over and over! Frank was cute. He’s married and lives in Portland. David is from Phoenix and he’s divorced. Check this out! His wife was pregnant and about 2 months before she was due, she told David the baby wasn’t his and then she moved out and moved in with some other guy.” She said his cock was not real small, but wasn’t as big as I was. She said “But he made up for it with his huge balls! He hasn’t had any sex for so long, and when he fucked me, he really flooded me! He wasn’t able to go in me as deep as Marcus or Frank, so a lot of his cum gushed out of me when he pulled out. But damn babe, his cum was so thick!” She said “He’s the one that fucked me in the ass. And then he filled my ass too. This was after me giving him head a couple of times and he still had adiosbet giriş a shitload of cum!” She asked me to give her a minute to go change clothes and she would be right back down. When she went upstairs, I took all of my clothes off. I was going to fuck her and didn’t want to waste time undressing later. Kelly came back down wearing just a long t-shirt. I said “Hmmm. You wear skimpy teddys for Marcus and all I get is a t-shirt?” Kelly lifted the short to show me her swollen belly and said “I have been fucked so much this week and I am still full of cum. Look at how puffy I am?” She sat next to me and reached over and grabbed my cock and said “I see somebody missed me!” I told her I have been picturing her all week with Marcus and then with the other two guys and I have been dying to fuck her too! She reached for my hand and pulled it to her cunt. I started to rub her cunt and she said “It’s a little sore babe, but stick your finger in me and you will be able to see how much Marcus gave me tonight.” I stuck my finger in Kellys cunt and felt hot, warm goo. Kelly started to moan and said “That’s it baby. Do you feel it? Do you feel my lovers cum in your babys cunt?” I told her it felt more like a white mans cum. She gave me a weird look and I said “Maybe it was from last night still.” She said that it was Marcus because he was the last in tonight.I asked her if her ass was still full of cum and Kelly said “Well, I went to the bathroom earlier and some of it came out, but I think there is still a lot more in me. He got off hard in my ass and very little has come out so far.” I asked her how it felt getting fucked in the ass for the first time. She said that it hurt when he first started pushing it in but she thought it was just her muscles were tightening up on him. She said that once he was all the way in her ass, she said it felt pretty good. Not as good as being in my cunt, but it felt good. I said “So next, are you going to let Marcus fuck you in the ass? He’s the one that asked you first and then you go and let some stranger fuck your ass before him.” Kelly said that when they pulled into that parking lot to fuck, she said that he asked her if she would let him fuck her ass sometime. She said she told him she would, but just not at that time. She said “David was smaller then you, so I can imagine how it’s going to feel with Marcus trying to stuff his big fat cock in my ass!”I told her that I bought some more movies and she asked me to show her and put one in the VCR. I did and we were kissing and rubbing each other and I had my finger inside of her cunt, swirling it around and feeling the big deposit of cum from Marcus that she was carrying around. The video was playing and Kelly leaned over to show me her hickey and said that Marcus drover her crazy when he was kissing her neck. I looked toward the TV and seen a threesome on the screen. I told adiosbet güvenilirmi Kelly to look. When she looked, it was a girl that had one guy in her mouth and she was sitting on another guy that had his cock in the girls ass and the other was fucking her cunt. “Kelly said “All three holes? Damn! How does that girl do it?” I told Kelly, if she thought about it, she had one in her mouth and one in her cunt and even had a guy in her ass. She said “Yeah, but not all three holes at the same time!” I stuck two fingers in her cunt and really started to work her gooey cunt over. A little bit of cum was flowing out of her and the more I was working over her cunt, the more she was focusing on the video.She reached down and grabbed my balls and squeezed them pretty hard. Then she looked at me and said “I’ll bet you would like to fuck me with Marcus fucking my ass wouldn’t you?” I told her I wouldn’t mind that at all. Then I said “But who is going to be in your mouth during that?” Kelly said “One thing at a time babe. Let’s work on you and Marcus first. You have only seen Marcus and I in bed. Now, we have to get you in the bed with us. I want to fuck both of you! I want to make him cum deep inside of my cunt and then I want to fuck you. I want you to feel his hot cum deep in my cunt and I want you to fill my cunt too. Maybe I will have Marcus fuck my ass while you are fucking me. I will make you both cum at the same time!”Kelly leaned over and took my cock into her mouth and started giving me head. I knew I wouldn’t last very long and I slowed her down some. She lifted her head and said “Don’t you want me doing this?” I told her that any other night, I would be in heaven, but I wanted to fuck her so bad!” She jumped up and took her t-shirt off and wiggled her ass and said “Here I am! Well fucked and ready for you now!” When I slid my cock into her, I could feel all of the cum she had from just a couple of hours earlier. She was so slippery and hot and it made me harder and hotter thinking about her fucking Marcus. She latched her legs around me and screamed “I’m cumming! Damn. Make me cum. Give it to me! Give me your hot cock and cum!” I couldn’t hold back and started flooding the inside of her cunt with my cum. It felt like my balls were being squeezed even though Kelly had both arms wrapped around me. It took me a minute before I was just about empty. I just laid there inside of Kelly and we started kissing. She told me she loved me and I said “I love you too.” And then I said “Just think baby. Marcus might have already gotten you pregnant this week. And if he didn’t, you had two others to help him plant a baby inside of you last night. What will you tell him if you are?” Kelly said “I just hope I’m not! I wish you wouldn’t talk like that! And if I am, all I can do is just say ‘Hey Marcus. I’m pregnant!’ What else can I tell him?” And then she asked me not to talk like that because she was already scared as it was.By the way… She had her period a few weeks later. But not before having Marcus over a few more times. Once with all three of us together, but that’s another story!Comment if you would like to hear more about Kelly and I.

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