Yorkshire Incest Chapter Two

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Mary stood up and taking Rosie by the hand said. “Come with me sweetheart, we have a new world to explore.” With that, she led her niece to the bedroom she shared with her husband and stood by the edge of the large double bed.“Time for this to go,” she said and slipped out of her housecoat. Then reaching out to lift Rosie’s nightie off over her head. “Now two women as nature intended. No need to be shy, we both know what we want, and now is our time.”Rosie offered no resistance as the older woman directed her to lay on her back in the centre of the bed. “Just relax sweetheart and let auntie take you to a new world.”Rosie was fascinated to watch her aunt move to the bottom of the bed and stand there looking at the naked teenager laying before her. Like her sister, Rosie’s mother, she had large breasts, a belly that was starting to show the girth of middle age. And her pubes were almost black and thickly covered her cunt. A cunt Rosie knew she would soon get to know intimately.Mary studied the young body lying before her. The small tits, nipples already hard in anticipation. The flat belly with its cute belly button. The raised pubic mound, the soft, almost invisible down that covered it. The puffy, pink, cunt lips just waiting for her attention.“Just close your bayan escort beylikdüzü eyes, my angel, and let auntie give you more pleasure than you have ever known,” Mary whispered.Rosie lay back and closed her eyes as told and waited, she knew her aunt was intent on making her cum, she was hoping she was right and it would be the best in her young life, and the next three weeks would see her move into full womanhood.Mary took hold of Rosie’s feet and gently squeezed them. She then moved her legs apart, smiling as the fresh young cunt came into full view. Slowly she slid her hands up and down the smooth slim legs. First as high as the knees, then halfway up Rosie’s thighs. Then inch by inch stroked closer to the soft teenage sex slit and its hidden pleasure button.For Rosie, laying there, eyes closed. The anticipation of the first touch to her sex was increasing by the second. An audible gasp escaped her lips when her aunt’s skilled fingers came within an inch of her cunt lips.Mary knew exactly what she was doing, and how to build the sexual tension. Many times she had been the subject of what she was now doing to her niece.When her fingers were almost touching the pink lips she moved her position to lay between the outstretched escort bayan beylikdüzü legs, her face inches from the, now glistening, moist centre of her attention.Rosie kept her eyes closed, but felt her aunt change position. The tension she felt was almost unbearable, part of her wanted to scream for a release. But another part wanted to prolong the sexual longing. A bittersweet moment she would remember and learn to treasure.Mary knew exactly how to use her fingers and tongue to give the most pleasure to another female. Using both hands, she gently parted the young cunt lips to expose the little boatman between the pink folds.Rosie’s whole body jerked as if an electric shock had passed through it as her aunt’s tongue touched the tip of her clit. She lay, eyes closed and allowed the waves of pleasure to flow through her. The feeling was nothing like she had experienced in the past, this was ten times better.As the young girl shook and twisted under her slippery tongue Mary pushed first one, then two fingers into her wet cunt and rhythmically finger fucked her niece.“Oh God, auntie, make me cum, that is so good!” Rosie gasped as her first climax started to build.Mary was relentless in the seduction of the teenager kayaşehir escort and controlled the pace to perfection. She knew the telltale signs as Rosie pushed her hips forward and face fucked the older woman.Mary felt the warm cunt juice flow from Rosie’s cunt and drip from her china’s she strove to swallow as much as she could. She had had many a woman cum on her face, but was amazed at the amount that poured from such a young cunt. She knew as Rosie grew to maturity she was going to be a squirter.When her climax burst Rosie was taken to a level of sexual ecstasy beyond anything she had ever known.As Rosie lay back slowly recovering from her orgasm Mary lifted her face from the dripping cunt and moving up over her niece’s body knelt with her cunt above the teenager’s face.“Eat me out darling, make your old auntie cum in your lovely mouth,” Mary said and lowered herself down.Rosie looked up at the moist, hairy cunt above her and reaches out with her tongue to repay the pleasure she had been given. She had sucked pussy before, but never one as hairy and mature as the one now above her.The feel of the young hot tongue running between her cunt lips and over her clit was quickly bringing Mary closer to her own climax. One thing Mary had always enjoyed was to have her arsehole used. Not sure of Rosie’s reaction she slid herself up so the teenager’s tongue slid from her cunt back to the little-puckered hole.Feeling her aunt move above her head Rosie found her tongue was now touching the mature arsehole and had no hesitation in pushing it into the small warm, tight hole.

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