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Subject: Zak Adventures 11 Thanks for reading this series . I try to build a fun story with twists and turns along with some erotica. I strive to write better with every story. Hey Nifty is a great place ! Share a Coin to keep this place available to all, please! Zak Adventures 11 I woke and felt his arm over me and his sour breath Drifting across my nose. His boner was firmly in my crack and I was raging hard too. His fingers twitched on my chest . We had spooned so many times over the years. The boner was not new but the size was. I eased up and out of the bed and he settled quickly. I made sure he was covered. I slipped on some sweats and after the bathroom essentials went to make coffee. Mom and Dad were both gone. I went up to their room and dads bag was still on the bed. I sipped coffee and pondered what was up with the folks. I made orange rolls from the freezer. The phone rings and it has blocked so I ignore it. The fourth time it rang in I picked up the phone and just listened . A voice used our given name and asked to whom they were speaking. I replied who are you? The voice kept an official tone and he said Captain Jones with the sheriffs office. I asked what was up? Who’s this he asked ; Zak I replied. Can you come to Metro hospital or do we need to send a car? I asked why and he said there’s been an accident we need you to come down here. Are you ok sir? He asked ? Yea I guess so I will head that way in a minute or two. I hung up and went downstairs and woke up Adam and said brush your teeth and get dressed the cops called said there’s been an accident we got to go to Metro Hospital. Adam looked shocked and bewildered asking me questions I couldn’t answer. We arrived at the hospital and a deputy was at the desk. He walked right to us and said please come with me . Dad had lost control of the car and it had rolled many times. He was traveling at an really high speed . The doctors were like he’s not going to make it . There’s too much kütahya escort wrong. We are hoping you will consent to some donations. I was in shock and overwhelmed and Adam was just sitting crying. We held hands . Rico passed by and he looked at me and I looked pleadingly at him. He held up a finger and walked away then came back. He quietly spoke to the Doc and then they walked out then Rico came back in. He asked the deputy to leave and stared at him. He sat with us and said I’m sorry but your Dads only here because the machines are running. They believe he has organs that may save some folks but you will need to make up your mind soon. I broke down and he held me and said quietly that it would be a good thing. Adam yelled out where is our mother and why isn’t she here. Captain Jones came in and asked who our mother worked for. We told them and he left. A few minutes later Jones and three more cops came in . Along with a preacher. The preacher asks do we have a church. I mumbled that when we go it’s to the Methodist one. Mom and the guy were found dead in a motel room. There was a fire. They were both dead . I signed the papers to let them do the donations thing. Rico and Adam were sitting together when the cops questioned us. We knew little. Dads brother was career military overseas in Japan . Moms brother and sister both lived on the west coast. Well folks crazy times family flying in and flying out . Funerals and cops . Cops and cops and questions . Six weeks later things settled and I was trying to get adam back on track with school. We well me and Adam had to chase away the family. They tried to make us move away to live with them. Seems that the wills left it all to us and since I was 18 I became Adams custodian. We were far from wealthy and if we managed well we would be fine. The detective came by after the custody hearing and said that the case had been closed by the Chief. That the fire was ruled accidental but suspicious lara escort and that they deemed our fathers wreck an accident , tire failure. We had them cremated. There were plenty of awful rumors. The school worked with us both and Adam passed . I graduated and both Adam and Rico were there. Some things changed some didn’t. Rico wanted to begin a relationship but I had responsibilities and well he was firmly against drugs . So we just got together and fucked often. Out of the blue one day I get a text asking me to come to the garage. I was pretty high and texted back sure . I had some time before Adam had to be picked up anyway . I jumped into the shower and washed up properly. Dressed in sweats and a hoodie and hustled my ass through the woods. I opened the door and he was sitting on the stool stroking that beautiful cock. He had several empty cans of beer on the counter. I slipped out of my sweat pants and turned my back to his and sat my little ass on that big helmet head. Had Rico not trained me to take big meat this would have been painful. I fucked him way more than he fucked me. I would have thought that drinking he would have lasted but in a couple moments he was cumming inside me. I tried to keep riding him but he softened and sorta fell out. He was guzzling beer and said thanks then mumbled a sorry bout your folks and all that . I slipped on my sweats and left. I hadn’t been at all satisfied by that cheap fuck. I headed through the wood to the bathroom and went into a stall. I let his load out and was fingering my ass and stroking my dick. After a while I left my balls bluer than a Carolina Sky. My phone buzzed , it was Adam asking me to pick him up. He piled up in the car and said why are you all frowning. So I explained my predicament and left out the names of the player. We get home and he showers and I showered up again. We ate some casserole I had heated up. He came down in loose sweats his hair still lara eve gelen escort damp. He says I think Susie is gonna come over soon if that’s cool. Let’s go through your homework while we eat . I was cleaning up when the door bell chimed. They went to his room and I went downstairs. I had gone to bed but wasn’t asleep when his shadow broke the doorway. Usually I woke up to him in my bed. It was pretty rare that he came into my room so early. He sat on the bed and said I’ve got them bad now. I said got what? Susie was on the rag and had to go home. I smiled and said it will be ok. Go watch some porn and jerk off or something. Yea he said and walked out of my room. Go to bed I said school tomorrow. Fuck you dipshit was his reply. Anytime was my reply. I was doing some online stuff to compliment my computer classes in high school. We found and bought a used pickup for Adam. That’s what he said he and dad had decided he was going to get. We had our moments but all in all we did good . I didn’t try to be a parent and Adam was way more business minded and had street smarts. Adam worked with the investment folks and was doing really well. His side business took a hit from some competitors during our crisis. He had streamlined some of the workings . Removed some of his minions and well we were flush with cash. I had never heard of a safety deposit box until the banker told me we had one. Well actually we had four but one was his and our mothers . She had one and a bank account and dad had two boxes in two different banks and accounts with both. I was at our main bank and met this mid 20’s well dressed college boy banker. He carefully flirted with me with super careful respect. His name tag said Vince and he has a wonderful smile and gleaming blue eyes. He led me to the safe box and when I was done stuffing packs of cash in it he asked me to go to lunch. He drives a huge up in the air loud truck . He takes me to a little place in the Fan and we sit and eat. Small talk and well he’s sweet and nice and It feels like a date. I’m a mess of awkwardness. We go back to the bank and he walks me to my little car and says how about we go out for some dinner tonight and your brothers welcome to come too. I’m gonna end this one here!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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