40th Reunion. Unexpected Surprise

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This story has some bi oral associated with so if that’s not your bag, just wanted to warn you.

I just had my 40th reunion and it was a bigger surprise than I expected.

Most of the people from my class I hadn’t seen since high school since I moved away from that small town and never looked back, right after graduation. I didn’t make it to any of the other reunions either since it was to far to go or I was too busy to get away.

This year when I got the letter, I figured what the hell and decided to go. It was also going to be their first multi-class reunion.

I got to my hotel the night before the reunion and had booked a room at a nearby town since all the hotels in my hometown (All three) were booked. I slept pretty well and wondered who would be there tomorrow.

I arrived at the high school for the afternoon “tea” as they called it and was surprised that there were so many there. They gave me one of those stick-on nametags with a name and year graduated. I started to wander around seeing if there was anyone I recognized. After 40 years, there wasn’t one face I recognized. Not that the years hadn’t been kind but there were a lot of old people there. After all, I hadn’t been in the school in 40 years. It dawned on me that now I was one of those old people.

Finally a man approached me with outstretched hand, and looking at his nametag, it was Randy A, a guy two years younger than me and a friend of my sisters from her year group. We chatted a while and he offered to introduce me around. He was still a local guy and had kept more or less in touch with some of the alumni and was one of the organizers for the event. It didn’t take too long before I recognized some of the people from my class and started up the normal chit chat of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to for the last four decades. All in all, I was having a pretty good time.

People kept arriving and there were more who I recognized more by name than anything else. Karen, a girl one year junior to me and I hit it off pretty well. She was just your average looking farm woman but had a great smile. She said she was still local and had married Jerry, a kid from a nearby town and now they farmed a few miles outside of town. He was in another town a couple hours away getting some machinery parts but would make it for the banquet later that evening.

As we chatted longer, I realized that the chatting had turned into flirting and we found ourselves walking through the hallways of the school, reminiscing over the old days. I was surprised when she made a confession to me. She said she’d had a crush on me her sophomore year. I didn’t know what to say and just laughed. It was a laugh of delight and embarrassment and she caught on right away. I was surprised when she looked around and then raised up on her toes and kissed me soundly for a brief tow seconds before she released me and laughed. She said she was sorry but just had to do that.

We talked some more and wandered the halls a little longer before we made our way back to the main cafeteria area. I still wasn’t sure what to think. One thing I was thinking was that I didn’t want to get shot by a jealous farmer.

We separated and I continued to mingle, chatting with old friends and acquaintances until four, when the tea ended. All in all, it was a good afternoon. I still couldn’t forget that kiss though. It was one of those lingering kisses. Walking out to my SUV, I noticed her saying goodbye to someone in the parking lot and she waved. I waved back and she walked over to me with a light step and that smile.

“A karataş escort penny for your thoughts?” she asked.

I told her it was probably better that she didn’t know. She just smiled again and laughed. This time it was more of a wicked little laugh. She asked me if I had any plans before the banquet and I told her no, that I was just going to go back to my hotel, shower and change. She asked where I was staying and was surprised I was 1/2 hour away.

She said since Jerry wasn’t home and she had nothing better to do, would I mind if she came along for the ride. The first thing that happened was feeling my cock give one of those I’m awake twitches but quickly put that out of my mind. A little surprised, I said sure, why not.

We had a great time chatting and before I knew it, we were at my hotel. We continued to chat for almost an hour until I told her I better hurry up and take a quick shower and change. She turned on Tv and I went into the bathroom with my clothes and started a quick hot shower. I was pretty surprised when the curtain was pulled back and Karen climbed into the shower with me. There were no more words. Le locked in a deep kiss as her breasts pushed up against my chest. Her hand reached down and started stroking my cock which was hard as a rock at this time. It wasn’t long before we were out of the shower and on the bed with my face and tongue buried deep inside her pussy. I love the taste of fresh pussy and hers was delicious. Before long, she was bucking and cumming, almost breaking my nose with the intensity of her thrusts. This was just raw animalistic lust. She grabbed what little hair I had left on my head and pulled me harder against her as one orgasm swept into another.

My face was drenched by the time I made my way up the bed and slid my cock all the way into her in one thrust. I continued to thrust and it just felt so right. Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer and emptied myself deep inside her.

There was really nothing to say at that point as we just lay there soaking up each others warmth before realizing I had to get her home so she could get ready for the dinner. I quickly showered and dressed. She declined to shower because of the time we had and said she’d take a quick one at home.

We continued to chat all the way out to their farm which was a shorter drive that it was back to my hometown. She said she’d pick up her car later and waved goodbye to me as I drove out of the yard and headed to the dinner.

I continued to have a great time and finally met Karen and she introduced me to her husband Larry. I felt a little awkward but the way she just smiled, I was soon at ease. Jerry made his way off to talk to some others and Karen leaned up and whispered in my ear.

“Jerry was home when I got there and he was really in the mood. He ate me to a great orgasm right after I got home.”

Then she just smiled and went off to mingle. I was a little dumbfounded for a few seconds but started to mingle once again. I don’t know when it hit me that Jerry had just eaten her shortly after I’d cum in her. Again, I felt that little twitch. Dinner went well and after chatting with many of my old schoolmates, the reunion started to break up and people were saying their goodbyes. I decided it had been a lot of fun myself and started saying my goodbyes as well. I saw Karen and Jerry and walked over and told them goodbye and walked out the door to my car. It had a pretty good day.

As I was unlocking the car, Karen came up behind me and thanked me for a great reunion. I smiled and told her it was pretty special for me as well. She hesitated for a few seconds before looking me straight in the eye and asked if I might be interested in coming out to the farm for a nightcap.

I was a little uneasy about that and Karen continued to look at me and said that Jerry knew what had happened earlier. I felt my stomach start to tie up before she had the chance to add that it really turned him on. Talk about mixed emotions. I was filled with them. After a little more coaxing, I agreed. Karen said she’d be right back and went back inside for a few minutes and then came back out. She said she’d ride with me and Jerry would be along shortly. She could get her car tomorrow.

I the car, heading to the farm, Karen said she had a few secrets. I asked her what those could be and she told me. Back in High School, a former girlfriend of mine had confided to Karen how much I loved eating her pussy and how good I was at it and Karen had been curious ever since. She also told me that Jerry and her had a lot of kinky fantasies over the years but living in a small town, they had no outlet to explore any of them. Now the kids were grown so…..

Jerry had experienced on of his fantasies earlier today when he got to eat another mans cum from Karen. Karen got the fantasy of fucking me and having her pussy eaten afterwards. I was wondering what other fantasies they could possibly have.

It wasn’t five minutes after we arrived at their home before Karen was in my arms and was removing her clothes. I asked her what about Jerry. She said he fantasized about walking in while I was naked and in the arms of someone else. What could I say to that?

It wasn’t long before Jerry did walk into the room and smiled as he sat in a chair across from us kissing and me playing with her breasts on the couch. I watched for his reaction just in case I needed to make a dash for the door but he was just sitting there smiling. After some time, he took out his cock and started playing with it while he watched.

Karen whispered in my ear that she wanted to go to the bedroom and she was soon leading me down the hallway and onto a king sized bed. She removed my clothes as I finished undressing her. We were playing around when Randy entered the room naked. His cock was standing at attention and was huge. It wasn’t long until he joined us on the bed and started sucking Karen’s nipple. Before long we were both kissing and sucking on various parts of Karen’s body. Finally she got into a 69 position with Jerry. I watched as they pleasured each other orally when Karen looked at me and motioned me closer. Then she mouthed the words, Fuck Me.

I moved up behind her and watched as Randy’s tongue was darting across her soaked clit. I moved closer and watched as Randy laid his head down on the bed and I slowly entered her, little at a time. She was going crazy sucking Jerry’s cock by this time and I was wondering how he was keeping from cumming. I noticed that her mouth was too small to fully take that cock in her mouth.

As I began the rhythm of sliding in and out of Karen, I felt Jerry down there licking on Karen’s clit again. All in all, it was feeling wonderful as her pussy contracted around my cock. I was surprised when after a while, I felt Jerry licking the underside of my shaft as well. Before I could react, it just felt so good I decided to just go with the flow. Then Jerry started to massage my balls. My thrusts started getting deeper and longer. Now and then my cock would come all the way out with a plopping sound. We all laughed at that. The next time it plopped out, Jerry took me in his mouth for a second before I went back inside Karen. I noticed the dresser mirror and that Karen was watching everything. Finally I couldn’t hold back and shot my second load of the day deep inside Karen’s quivering pussy. As I pulled out finally, I was surprised as Jerry once again took me in his mouth and sucked my cum off my shaft. Karen was watching and out of nowhere, she started to cum again. Jerry lost no time in clamping his mouth over her pussy and sucked all my sperm out of her. I don’t think he left a drop.

I guess it was time for a break because Karen got up, left the room and returned a minute later with a few bottled waters. We all chatted a while, and laughed. We talked about what had happened and if any of us had any regrets. There no regrets on this night. As we talked, I found out because of his size, there were certain things that were too difficult for them to do but they’d done about everything else two people could do.

Finally Karen asked me if I was ready for round two. Who could say no. Karen and I started kissing as Jerry watched, turning them both on. I could get a faint taste of Jerry’s cock while I was kissing Karen and just smiled at what a great night of firsts this had been for me and them. If you’d like to comment on my story please email me at oldwolfcolo@yahoo.com here in Colorado.

Somehow, Karen and I ended up in a 69 with her on top when I noticed Jerry coming closer with his huge cock. I lay my head down on the bed and watched as his cock stretched Karen’s pussy and slowly entered. Meanwhile, the blow job she was giving me felt great. After being mesmerized watching the rhythm of their fucking, I took a chance and started to lick Karen’s clit. She immediately moaned a long contented moan. It wasn’t long before I got into it and found myself licking along Jerry’s shaft as he’d done for me. He started taking longer strokes and from time to time, his cock came out. I decided to go for it and the next time it slid out, I took it in my mouth. I don’t know who was more surprised, Jerry or me. This was the first time I’d had a cock in my mouth and it was huge. I sucked him into my mouth a few times before returning him to Karen.

It didn’t take long before Jerry was getting close. I just wanted to make something special for this couple so next time Jerry pulled out, I again took him in my mouth and fondled his balls. He yelled out for me to be careful or he was going to cum. I figured what the hell and sucked him harder, trying not to gag too bad as he started thrusting in my mouth. It wasn’t long till I felt spurt after spurt of hot cum filling my mouth. Surprisingly, it tasted sweet like a cream, nothing like what mine tasted like. I just kept swallowing spurt after spurt. He must have spurted 8 times. From Karen’s reaction, she must have been watching because she lost all control, clamped down on my cock with her lips and started sucking me like I’ve never been sucked. I let Jerry’s cock slip from my mouth and started concentrating on Karen’s pussy. Just as I was about to cum, I felt Karen’s mouth remove my cock and I knew Jerry’s mouth had replaced hers. I kept up licking an sucking Karen and out of nowhere I started to shoot my load deep into Jerry’s mouth. I heard Karen ask Jerry if I was cumming and I heard him go uh huh. At that point it was as if someone had opened a water valve over my mouth as Karen not only came but spraying her juices everywhere.

Afterwards, we just lay there, too tired to move. Finally, we all laid on the bed and just chatted for hours, reliving and talking about what had just taken place. We all agreed it had been a mind-blowing experience and one we’d like to try again another time. And another time, we did.

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