A Chance Encounter

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Adam swivelled his chair and watched the sun dip down from the brilliant orange sky. The week had been pressure filled and the last touches had been completed on Monday morning’s presentation.

Normally, he asked his wife to review his presentations, but she was out of town on business and wouldn’t be home until next Wednesday. MMA was on Pay-Per-View and the card for tonight’s action looked very decent. Instead of going home, Adam decided to go to Minchi’s for dinner and to watch the fights.

The bar was busy, but there was a table for two and Adam ordered a Scotch on the rocks. He delayed ordering dinner and was sipping his second Scotch when the waiter asked if another single man could share my table.

Adam nodded, stood and shook the hand of the man before him.

“Hello, I’m Adam.”

“Tim,” the man said.

His grip was strong, matching his broad shoulders and muscular arms. His black hair was short and curly and his brown eyes were warm and exuded confidence.

“Have you ordered dinner?” Tim asked.

“Not yet. Just winding down,” and he lifted his glass.

Both men ordered. Ribs and a potato for Tim and chicken fingers and fries for Adam. After eating, they exchanged business cards. Tim was a junior partner at the law office of Hadley and Donavon and Adam was an accountant at Simon and Williams Investments.

Sports highlights ended and the MMA fights began with two welter weight fighters. Adam bought a round of drinks and Tim followed. As the fights progressed Adam knew he had reached his limit and for the next hour, sipped ice water.

“My neck is taking a beating, mind if I shift closer to get a better angle on the TV?” Tim asked.

“Sure,” and Tim slid around the table, closer to Adam. They were almost side by side and several times during the evening, Tim shifted his knee, touching Adam’s leg.

Adam had moved his leg away and thought nothing of the touch and then decided to maintain the touch, to see if this touching was being done on purpose. Their knees touched and they maintained this, Adam feeling slightly awkward, but his mind was more on the fighting than a little touch.

During the final match, the noise level in the bar was at rock concert level and the air sparked with energy. A flurry of punches were exchanged and Tim leaned and whispered.

“These guys can take a punch.”

Adam nodded and leaned to Tim. “I thought Estivez was going down on that last one.”

The next three rounds went at a frenzied pace and both men had to lean to each other to be heard. Tim moved his arm onto Adam’s leg and it remained demetevler escort there until the last horn.

Both men remained standing and the outcome was up to the judges. The crowd favoured Estivez and a deafening cheer erupted as the cards were read and Estivez’s arm was raised in the air.

Tim raised his hand and they slapped palms, ending up clasping their fingers together and raising their arms in the air.

They celebrated with one more drink.

“I had a great time,” Adam said.

“Me to. I thought it was going to be a one man night and you made it a night to remember.”

Adam stood. “I’ve got a thirty minute drive ahead of me, so it time for me to go.”

“Whoa, cowboy. You got a little waver going on and if you passed a breathalizer, it wouldn’t be by much.”

“I’m fine. Really.”

“Look,” Tim said. “My condo is two streets away. There are two bedrooms and in the morning I’ll take you to the best breakfast place in town.”

After a bit more coaxing, both men left the bar and walked in the cool night air.

“This is a little weird,” Adam said. “Maybe I’ll just call a taxi.”

Tim laughed. “Nonsense. Here we are.”

“Okay. Just promise you won’t seduce me,” and Adam snickered.

Tim turned to Adam. “Why? Would you want me too?”

“You’re kidding. Right?”

Tim laughed and raised his arms. “I plead the fifth.”

The elevator zoomed to the top floor and moments later, Adam was looking at the miles of sparkling city lights and their trails to the suburbs.

Tim mixed two drinks and Adam moved to the couch, while Tim sat on a leather chair beside the fireplace.

They talked about the fights, hobbies, favourite foods and movies. Adam talked about his wife and Tim about his last girlfriend.

“She was very liberated sexually and on one occasion, arranged a three-some,” Tim said.

“You lucky guy. I’ve always imagined a three-some, but my wife just shakes her head and laughs. Two girls and a guy, isn’t that every man’s dream?”

“Most men, I’m sure. But this was with her, me and another guy.”

Adam almost dropped his drink.

“Shelly was a great sucker and this guy was amazing. I admit it was nice to have a white guy suck me and I even returned the favour.”

Adam looked like he had been thrust into the twilight zone.

“As a kid. You must have experimented with a friend,” Tim said.

“There was one friend. We masturbated together a few times,” Adam replied.

“Did you jerk off yourselves or one another?”

“For otele gelen escort the first few times we rubbed ourselves, but after that I rubbed him.”

“And you haven’t done anything since with another guy?”

“No. Scouts honour,” and Adam laughed nervously.

“You did like doing it with your friend though?”

“Yeah, I did.”

Tim smiled. “How about one more drink?”

“Sure. Great idea.”

Tim refilled the glasses, lowered his zipper, pulled out his cock and walked to the living room.

Adam turned, seeing the two glasses and a dark skinned, soft, uncut cock.

“I saw the look in your eyes, Adam. Don’t be embarrassed. This has happened to thousands of guys and it goes like this. Thoughts of your friend drifted away when you started high school, university, work and marriage, but that feeling never really left and every once in a while you imagined being with your friend again.”

Adam felt his cheeks warm and watched as Tim’s cock engorged into a full erection.

“Touch it, Adam. Don’t deny the desire you’ve felt for so long.”

Tim’s cock was thick around and six and a half inches in length. The head remained covered and Tim’s cock twitched at the touch of Adam’s fingers.

Adam’s fingers remembered the silky smooth skin of a cock and his fingers slipped around, feeling the delicious heat that he had missed for all these years.

He touched the skin at the tip, pulling back gently to reveal the tip of Tim’s cock. A drip of clear fluid formed at the slit and Adam rubbed his finger around the tip, gliding over the slickness.

He pulled the skin back further, surprised to see how smooth Tim’s cock head was and how it glistened. His fingers moved back and the skin slipped around the tip, showing the outline of the crown.

Adam shifted on the couch and moved his fingers to the base of Tim’s cock and gently played with his curly, black pubic hair. It felt soft and he drew in his breath, and caught the scent of a man.

He moved his other hand to Tim’s ball sac and caressed his balls with both hands. They were large and a warm shiver flowed from the tips of his fingers to the tips of his toes.

Like an insect drawn to a light, Adam was drawn to the magnificent cock before him. He broke his momentary trance, realizing that he was kissing the cock before him.

This was new to him and in the moment, he knew that he wanted to please this cock and this man. He whimpered as his tongue slipped out and for the first time, tasted another man’s cock and pre-cum.

It balgat escort was delicious and he licked the slit over and over, trying to coax more of Tim’s nectar out of him. His tongue swirled inside the foreskin and tasted the scent that Tim was exuding.

He pulled the skin back and his lips slid down until they captured the head in his mouth.

“Good boy,” Tim whispered. “Take more.”

Adam took more of the black cock into his mouth, inch by inch until the first gag made him pull back.

Tim smiled as Adam took him again into his mouth and tried going deeper.

“I will teach you how to go deep later. For now, suck and lick the head.”

Adam obeyed. Switching from sucking, to licking and back to sucking. One hand caressed Tim’s balls and the other hand began to stroke his new friend’s cock.

Tim’s breath became laboured and his hips moved in rhythm to Adam’s sucking.

“I’m going to cum,” Tim said and moved his hips to pull back.

Adam leaned closer, sucking and rubbing harder. His underwear was becoming wet and he felt Tim’s cock head flare larger. He heard Tim’s grunts, even though they sounded miles away and he felt the first hot spurt of cum hit the back of his throat.

The second spurt followed and Adam became aware of a salty and slightly bitter taste. He tried to swallow as the third and fourth spurt filled his mouth. He thought of another man’s sperm alive in his mouth and he whimpered as his cock spurted his seed into his underwear.

The final spurts were winding down and Adam realized that large fingers were slipping through his hair, caressing him with their touch. He gently rubbed the balls that had been drained of their life giving sperm and licked the slit for every drop offered to him.

Tim smiled, knowing that if he didn’t move, his cock would never be released.

“You’re a natural cock sucker,” Tim said.

Adam was still on a sexual high and he loved the compliment. He blushed, slipped from the couch, onto his knees and licked a strand of shimmering cum that was about to fall from Tim’s slit.

Tim was amused and his smile showed his pleasure. “Have you ever heard of a top or a bottom?”

“No,” Adam replied.

“What about a dominant and a submissive?”

“I’ve heard of those.”

“Well, I’m a top and I would wager a year’s salary that you’re a bottom.”

Tim offered a hand and assisted Adam to his feet.

“I do have two bedrooms, but only one is going to be used.”

Tim took Adam’s hand led him to the bedroom and slipped off Adam’s clothes and then his own.

Adam was slightly shorter than Tim and tingles flowed through him as two large arms wrapped around him.

“Adam. Several men have sucked my cock and a few of those refused to accept a kiss from me. I never saw those men again. Would you allow me to kiss you?”

After a momentary hesitation, Adam tilted his head and nodded. “Yes. Please kiss me.”

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