A Cup of Salt

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One ordinary Sunday morning I was beginning to cook something. I checked if I had everything I needed and yes, nothing was missing. Well, except some salt. I could swear that I had enough the day before. Maybe some ghost, or one of my roommates had taken it. I was pissed for a few moments, then reasonable me kicked in: Maybe I just knock at my neighbors door and ask them, if they could spare some.

I began on the first floor and worked myself upstairs. For about ten doors no one opened up or they just didn’t bothered to share. I grew more and more desperate with every door. But then, finally, on the fourth and last floor, I hit gold.

One of my neighbors opened her door. I knew her from running into her in the hallway. She was in her mid sixties and was living alone. Her husband has been two decades older than her and had already passed away. She seemed to be nice. I liked talking with her when we ran into each other. So well, I hoped that she would spare some salt.

And she said yes. Twenty six year old was more than just happy. Finally, after ringing at ten doors, where no one dared to give a shit about me and my problem, I was lucky. But she told me, that I would have to do something to earn the salt. I shrugged my shoulders, then I followed her into her apartment.

She guided me into her living room. She offered me a seat at a small coffee table she had standing in front of the windows. Then she disappeared. She told me that she would be back soon. I was hoping that she’d bring me my salt. But no, she came back, with two cups with steaming hot coffee in her hands. She also brought some biscuits.

Then she began to talk. She told me about everything that was going on in her life. That she felt lonely from time to time. About her deceased husband. And so on, and so on. By the looks of it, she just wanted to talk. Nothing wrong with that. And the nice man I am, I just listened. Asked her some questions.

The conversation was very nice. Talking with her had something. She had lots of interesting stuff to tell. So time flew by. And her behavior changed. She got more seductive. She began to flirt with me. It took me a while to get what she was doing, and when I did, single me had no problem with it at all. Because I was single, horny for the bigger part of the day and she was a hot one.

Once she realized that she had me on the hook, she changed towards a more direct approach. She just Haramidere escort asked: “Wanna do some naughty things together?”

A smile appeared on my face: “I’d love too.”

“Then undress. Show off your beautiful body.”

I stood up and did as she told me. I carefully placed my clothes onto her sofa. While I undressed myself, my dick got rock hard. She watched me, and the hard one between my legs, clearly caught her attention. She was licking her lips when she saw what was going on.

Once I was naked, she asked me to come over to her. Again, I did as she told me: “You like to obey orders, don’t you?”

She got a short “Yes” for an answer. Again, a happy smile appeared on her face: “Good. From now on you call me ma’am. And you confirm everything I ask you to do with yes ma’am.”

I knew exactly what she was up too. And it was — and is — something I am clearly into. So I confirmed her order with: “Yes, ma’am.”

A very pleased expression appeared on her face. Then she gave me my first order: “Please put away the dishes. And when you are in the kitchen, please wash all the dirty dishes you find over there.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Then I did what she told me. I headed towards the kitchen, with my still raging hard boner pointing me the way. Once I put everything away, once I cleaned all the silverware, all the cups, all the plates, all the pots and pans I found in her kitchen, I went back into the living room. But it took me some time to full fill my task.

When I came back into the living room, to report back, my elderly neighbor was still in the living room. Or better said, she was in the living room again. She clearly was dressed in a different way: She was wearing some high heeled leather boots, some short leather skirt and a leather to. Her hair was knotted on the back of her head. And she had put some red lipstick on. She looked hot, gorgeous and gave me an instant boner. Because doing dishes made my boner go away.

When she saw me and my boner, she smiled. Then she ordered me to come over to her. She told me to sit down next to her. No, not on the sofa, on the floor in front of it. Once I was sitting next to me, she called me a good boy. Then she ordered me to turn around. Offering me a perfect view on her damn hot pussy: “Dig in, you deserve it.”

A few moments later I was eating her out. She tasted great. I stuck my tongue as deep İkitelli escort bayan inside her as I could. I played with her clit. Soon after her moaning was filling the room. Then she moaned her next order: “Bring in some into the game.”

I confirmed her orders and slid a finger inside her pussy. Then a second one. Then she demanded a third one. In the end, four fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy. While my tongue was working on her clit. It didn’t took long and she had her first orgasm.

But she wasn’t pleased. She signaled me to keep on going. Totally ignoring my rock hard dick all the time. I worked her towards her second orgasm. This time, her legs were shaking. Her body was trembling.

Once she was herself again, she told me to stop. To sit down next to her again. And to wait for some new orders. Again, I did as she told me to do.

Her next order was a nonsexual one. She sent me off into her kitchen, to prepare some lunch for the two of us. She told me to be creative with the food she had in her fridge. And I was. The result, well, she liked it. She told me that it wasn’t the best food she ever had, but she was pleased. After cleaning I would get another reward.

Once I reported back, she gave me my reward: “You have already cleaned out one of my holes, now clean out the other one.”

Then she bent over her coffee table. Exposing her delicious dirty hole for me. Horny me made me dig in within a few seconds. I tasted awesome. Eating out her asshole made my dick rock solid again. It made me even hornier that I even was before. She enjoyed my doing. No, no orgasms for her. She just licked the sensation of me licking her dirty hole clean. And the fact, that a young man was eating her elderly ass.

After some time, she told me to stop. Horny me wanted me to go on. So it took some will power to get my tongue off her asshole. But I had too. She gave me an order.

To my surprise, she pulled me towards her after she had stood up and turned around. Then she gave me a passionate kiss. She clearly wanted to taste her own dirty hole that way. Once her tongue was out of my mouth, she gave the next order: “Now it is time to take care off your needs. Bend over the coffee table.”

Moments later she was eating out my dirty hole. She clearly was into that kind of stuff. It felt great. It made my dick even harder. I was spitting pre cum. I was Escort Çapa horny. Really fucking horny. And I got more and more desperate for a relief. Any sort of a relief.

She ate me out for about ten minutes. I enjoyed every second of it. Moaning escaped my throat. But then, she just stopped. She ordered me to go over to the sofa. To lay down, on my back. To get comfy. I did as she told me.

She joined me in son after. Now her hand was sliding up and down my dick. It felt awesome. She knew the right spot to hit. She knew how to squeeze some balls. I came closer and closer to an orgasm every time her hand was sliding up and down my cock. It all felt nothing but awesome. Horny me was looking forward for some relieve.

But she played with me. She kept me on the edge. She brought me close and closer, but she never let me jump over the edge. My horny level was through the roof. I began to beg her to finish me off. My begging, it put a smile on her face. The biggest smile I head seen on her face so far. She loved to tease. And to be in control.

Ant then, she ruined my orgasm. My balls emptied themselves without giving me any relieve. I nutted my load over her hand. Once my balls were empty, she stopped. She made me lick her hand clean while she told me the following: “We are finished for today. Your horny is cured. Your balls are empty. Get dressed. And well, we can play again, next weekend?”

I was still horny beyond anything. A ruined orgasm gives you no relief. And she knew that. That was why she had a very pleased, satisfied expression on her face. Horny me immediately told her that I’d love to play with her again, on the next weekend. Then she we hugged, she gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek and then I left.

While walking down the stairs, something popped into my head. I had forgotten something: Salt. So I headed back up again, knocked at her door again, and luckily she opened up, wearing a bathrobe, being somewhat surprised that I was already back: “I think we forgot something, the salt.”

“Oh, my fault. I get you some. One cup okay?”


About a minute later she was back. With a cup filled with salt: “Here, have fun cooking. And see you next Saturday.”

The last thing she said with a huge smile on her face. It but a smile on my face too: “Thank you for the salt, and yes, I am looking forward to the next Saturday.”

When I arrived downstairs, when I came back into my place, I put the cup of salt on the kitchen table then I went straight into my room, to relieve myself. To give me an orgasm. To cure horny. And fuck, it came great. My whole body was shaking. As soon as I was done, I cleaned myself up and went to the kitchen, to cook lunch, that was now dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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