A Family Three-Way (The Sequel)

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After what had happened a week ago, Sandy was finding it hard to look at her two kids the same way. While her husband had been away on one of his regular business trips, she had been caught by her son as she masturbated on the couch, after convincing him to join her, Casey, her daughter had also come home. She had also joined. The three of them had agreed not to tell Tom, her husband. Every time Tracy thought about that night, a blush spread across her cheeks along with the feeling of lust-filled arousal, still not believing what had taken place. Unfortunately, Tom had returned early the next morning from his business trip and she hadn’t been able to follow up on her actions. But tonight he was finally going away again, just hours away from leaving. Thinking back on the way their three bodies had been entwined she felt a small smile creep across her face. Neither of the kids had mentioned what had happened so far, her husband always having been lurking nearby, but now that her husband was once more away, she wanted to play again. *** Casey and Harry are walking home together, Harry having gotten off at the bus stop first then waiting for his sister. They both walk in silence for a while. “Dad’s going away again tonight,” Casey says softly, breaking the silence. “Yeah,” Harry responds, a smile touching his lips. He and his sister had talked about their night with their mother a few times now, speculating about if it would happen again. “Think Mum’s gonna do anything?” Casey asks her brother, a small escort blush creeping across her cheeks as she feels herself moisten at the thought. “I dunno… maybe,” says Harry. He pauses a while. “Though… even if she doesn’t… we could always…” Harry leaves the unspoken suggestion hanging in the air, feeling his cock twitch at the possibility of a hot session with his sexy sister. Casey stays silent for a moment letting her imagination run wild, the dampness between her legs under her skirt moistening further. “I’d like that…” she whispers softly. “Me too,” says her brother under his breath. Nothing more is said on the topic as the two of them walk up the front driveway, both pairs of eyes flickering to the Blue Hyundai still sitting in the driveway. “Hey Mum, hey Dad, we’re home!” Harry calls out as the two of them step into the house, dumping their bags and shoes at the front door. “Oh, hey kids,” Tom says as he hurls a large worn suitcase down the stairs. “I was just heading off, hoped I’d catch you before I left.” “How long are you gone for this time dad?” asks Casey giving him a goodbye hug as he reaches the bottom of the stairs. “Um, it’s a long one this time, two weeks, they’re sending me to Canada this time.” “Canada? Wow… Well see you when you get back I suppose, stay safe okay?” Harry says as he hugs his dad goodbye too. “Will do, now where’s your mother?” “I’m here!” says Tracy in a sing song voice. “Have a lovely trip dear, let me know when you arrive safely okay?” Tracy kisses her bayan escort husband goodbye and the three of them watch as he stalks to the car with his suitcase, and throwing it in the back, pulls out of the driveway. As soon as he is gone, the tension between the three of them rises as they stand there looking at one another. Feeling awkward Tracy walks back to the kitchen to prepare dinner as she thinks up naughty scenarios she can force upon her kids. Casey and Harry look at each other with raised eyebrows as their mum walks away from them, not having said a word. Harry shrugs and the two of them head to their rooms with their bags. Walking down the hall, Casey knocks on her brother’s door. Almost immediately he opens it, as if waiting for her. He has changed out of his earlier clothes and now stands in just a pair of loose shorts, his toned upper body in full view. Casey feels the arousal from before well up inside her once more as she admires her brother’s body. They lock eyes for a moment and Harry steps aside to allow his sister in. Closing the door after her, Harry watches his sister as she walks to his bed and sits down on it, a look of nervous desire on her face. Walking over to her, he leans down pressing his lips softly to her supple lips. Shocked but not against it, Casey kisses him back, letting her mouth open giving access to his tongue. They stay like this for a while as their tongues explore each other’s mouths and their breathing becomes harsher as their heartbeats accelerate. escort bayan They hadn’t been game to do anything while their father was still here, but they had spent most of their nights instant messaging each other from their separate rooms, talking about what they would like to do to each other. Breaking out of their passionate kiss, Harry begins to lift Casey’s shirt over her head. Once it is on the floor he turns back to her and trails kisses down her neck sucking softly on her fair skin. Casey lets out a moan and reaches behind her to undo her bra, which Harry helps her out of as his kisses leave a hot trail on her skin, leading towards her pert left nipple. Harry pushes Casey back onto the bed so that she is laying down and crawls on top of her, his mouth going straight back to her nipple. He sucks on it gently and as she moans, starts to tease her other nipple with his hand. Grazing his teeth against the tender flesh of her nipple, he runs his other hand down her body to her skirt. Casey squirms in pleasure as her brother sucks and teases her nipples and slips a hand up under her skirt to her bare pussy. Harry smiles against her nipple as he realises that she came in here without her panties on. Feeling her brother’s finger push up into her wet pussy, Casey lets out a satisfactory moan. Harry begins to finger his sister relentlessly as he kisses his way back up to her mouth. Their tongues combine again as Casey squirms underneath her brothers expert touch. Harry can feel himself fully erect now, gaining much more pleasure from fingering his sister than he thought he would. He draws his finger out of her and begins to tease her clit making her gasp and squirm, breaking the contact between their mouths.

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