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Subject: A Father’s Perdition part 17 (gayincest) This story is completely fictional any references to names, places, situations are made up. If you enjoy the stories posted here please support fty/donate.html ———————— Feel free to contact with comments and suggestions. I enjoy hearing what everyone thinks. Email: ota Wickr: lucasdwyer1 If you would like updates on when I plan to post new chapters feel free to follow on twitter. Twitter: lucasstories ———————— Author Note: I wanted to add a little backstory to Henry as well as some prep work for another story I’ve been working on, it’ll be a shorter, Mark centric story but a lot of what Henry talks about (his job) will play into that story. We’ll also get to see if Mark shows up or is on the run. Hope you enjoy this chapter. -Lucas ———————— We finish breakfast so I send Oliver and Kyle into the living room to watch some cartoons while I talk with Dan about Mark. I don’t plan on telling him of my little surprise but I do want him ready when Mark arrives to give the young man the best day of his life and prepare him for his future. Once the boys are out of earshot and engrossed in a show I begin to explain to Dan what has transpired to date. “So remember a few years back, that kidnapping of billionaire Darien Rutherford’s son?” Both Eric and Dan nod while Dan says “hard to forget when your boy is a hero.” I smirk a little then say “well I worked the case as you know and yes I rescued his son but there’s a lot you don’t know too.” The Dan’s proud smile fades slightly and he asks “is it something you should even tell us?” “I trust both of you to know to keep your mouths shut besides it sounds so far fetched that most people wouldn’t believe it anyway.” “Okay now I’m intrigued” Dan says while Eric nods in agreement. “The whole thing seemed off from the start and then when a forensic accountant found a large cash withdrawal from an account that serves one of his shell companies, I questioned him” I see Dan grin, getting the idea where this is headed “well I meet him and he’s not what I expected. On TV he seems reserved and quiet but extremely smart. In person he exuded confidence and was extremely smug. His looks though, same on TV as in person, tall, thin almost gangly, he looked fit but his clothes were a size too large so it was hard to say, he wore glasses that sat on the tip of his nose; his overall appearance, bookish. So I question him and he gave me the worst possible excuse, like he thought we wouldn’t figure this out and didn’t prepare.” I look at Dan with a slight grin “you know I don’t have a great poker face so of course he could see my skepticism, well when I was on my way home for the evening with full intent of bringing this to my superiors in the morning I get a phone call, from Darien, wanting to meet. He tells me where so I head there, when I arrive I’m greeted by three of the biggest muscle I’ve seen. Well I fucked up and didn’t have backup but tried to cover saying this meeting was being monitored but that just made him smirk and remind me that his firm AEROtech has multiple contracts with the government and of course he has back doors built into our surveillance equipment and he’s assured our meeting is solely between us.” “Dammit Henry didn’t you learn from my mistakes” Dan asks, to which I shrug and say “guess not.” “So what I end up finding out is that Darien loves his son dearly, and I mean he loves him dad.” I see he catches my drift so I continue “well he paid some people to kidnap the boy and then researched everyone on the investigative team to find his man… me.” “Oh my God Henry! Is he blackmailing you?!!” Eric exclaims. I grin and say “nope quite the opposite, I’m working for him on the side as a lead investigator for his new foundation. But as I was saying what he needed was a hero to rescue his son from the kidnappers and the next day he fed the agency a tip which was directed to me, I called and let him know I would be going to investigate which gave him the opportunity to be in the area when I called in that I found his boy. Well, you saw the news, there I was walking out of a shitty run down two flat with his seven year old boy clinging to my neck. I hand him over to his father who of course is overjoyed and I guess you can figure out the rest.” Dan shakes his head then says “he used that kidnapping and the ensuing sympathy as a platform to run for and win a US Senate seat.” Eric is sitting there shaking his head “so his tough on crime platform…” I shrug my shoulders and says “mostly bullshit, I mean yeah he’s tough on crime to a point but that’s how the wealthy operate.” “So then why are you working for him” Eric asks and I get that he’s more concerned for me than questioning how I could work with someone like this. “He’s not a bad man Eric, he gets away with a lot more shit by having money but in the end he does want to help people, people like us who hide in the shadows. That’s why he created this foundation, where I now work… and I’m not gonna lie, the money is amazing” I say this with a resigned shrug “Oliver is the most important person in my life and as it stands right now will never want for anything, I’ve taken steps to ensure his future is bright.” Eric sits there quietly nodding his head then Dan interjects with his own questions “alright Henry, lot of questions but I guess for now, how does this kid Mark fit in to all of this?” “I was getting there dad…” I say with a huff. “So Darien created a foundation, Project AERO, which stands for Adolescent Exploitation Research Organization and what we do is monitor social media for posts for child exploitation, child pornography, trafficking, etc. So of course you know Darien has his own social media company AERObot which is the biggest out there…” Dan shakes his head, “what’s the dudes obsession with naming everyone AERO something or another?” “Branding dad, the consumer knows they’re all connected” I say with an eye roll. “So anyway Project AERO is şişli travesti staffed with like minded men like you, me and Darien. We track individuals who are deep into some bad shit, they’re on law enforcements radar and are going to get themselves caught soon. Darien also likes to keep close tabs on who we are tracking, as well as the treasure trove of files we get from individuals computers…” when I say this Dan and Eric look shocked, so I smirk and say “oh yeah, we have people who can crack pretty much any computer or device.” “Jesus” Dan groans, “guess I’m going off the grid.” Both me and Eric laugh “so one day Darien calls me, wants to discuss a particular case, Mark Miller. When I get to his office he begins going into the details of what we have on Mark, pictures of boys in bathtubs, at the beach, running around naked at home. We have screen recordings from his camera of him jerking off to these pictures and then there’s the writings. This guy has some fantasies about these boys I’d never dream of doing with Oliver.” Dan raises his eyebrow so I say “the level of brutality in this guys mind is stunning and it’s what Darien loves; the more depraved and brutal the harder the man cums.” “In one story the boys are both Oliver’s age, he has them tied up getting off on their crying as he fingers one of the boys and forces the other to watch what will happen to him next. The boy is begging him to stop, pleading with him as Mark drives three fingers to the hilt. The boy screams and when he does Mark backhands him in his little ballsack.” Dan has unconsciously begun to stroke his cock through the underwear he’s wearing, I know from experience he loves this kind of treatment and this will get him off, which is why I started with this story. “That just causes the boy to cry harder, pleading with him, `Uncle Mark you’re hurting me.’ He just laughs then flips the boy over so he’s face down. He drops his shorts then walks in front of his nephew showing him his nine and half inch cock. The boy is sobbing, `Uncle Mark’ but that’s not going to stop him. He walks around behind the boy and spits on his cock, sliding his hand over his length until it’s barely damp then presses his cock head at the boys virgin hole and with a powerful push gets his head into the kid.” Both Dan and Eric have pulled their cocks out and are openly stroking them now, I check the other room to see the boys engrossed in their show so I go back to the story. “The kid is a screamer too and who wouldn’t be getting opened up by a huge cock with barely any lube” I look at Eric and grin remembering his first time when he passed out while getting ripped open on an eleven inch piece of horse cock. Before I can continue Eric stands up, cock sticking straight out he turns walking into the living room he grabs Oliver by the hand and pulls him off the sofa tugging him along until he’s in the dining room. Dan orders Kyle to “get his hot little ass in here.” Both boys look shocked and unsure what’s going on then Eric lifts Oliver up and bends him over the edge of the table. Eric looks at me and says “I don’t have any lube Hen” but I just smirk and say with a wink “you have spit.” He gives me a wicked smile, spits on his cock a few times then presses it against Oliver’s hole. As his hole is stretched open by Eric’s thick meat, I begin to see the panic in our boys eyes, his arms flail around the table looking for anything to grasp onto in an attempt to pull away. “Fuck babe he’s still so fucking tight” Eric groans as he pushes more of his cock into our boy. As Eric is pulling his cock back then thrusting forward, getting deeper into our boys tight cunt with each thrust, Dan has wasted no time burying his full length into a screaming Kyle. “In this story Mark is just giving it to his little brother, destroying any resistance in the boy may have had with each violent thrust, the other brother, being forced to watch this is curled up in a corner crying; Mark is a beast though and he won’t stop.” Dan groans hearing this then himself violently slams his cock into his sobbing son. I’ve been watching both boys looking across the table at one another as if trying to comfort the other with their teary eyes. I stand up continuing the story but stepping behind Eric and watching over his shoulder as he sinks his thick cock into Oliver’s tiny boy hole. “That’s it babe, fuck our boy, don’t hold back.” He pulls back to the tip then rams his cock deep into the boy causing him to let out a scream. I look across the table, tears are streaming down Kyle’s cheeks but getting fucked by an eight inch monster of a cock without any lube would do that to any man let alone a ten year old boy. He thrusts his arm out reaching for Oliver who grips the other boys hand “its okay Ollie” he says with a shake in his voice, to which Oliver replies “it’s makes them feel good.” Kyle squeezes Oliver’s hand and stutters “th-that’s r-right buddy.” Oliver grips Kyle’s hand tight as Eric squeezes his small waist and pulls him back into each thrust. I’ve lost my train of thought on the story and give up instead running my hands over Eric’s smooth abdomen and up to his toned chest. “You’re so fucking sexy babe, even sexier with your big cock in our boy.” I press my muscled chest to his back, my hard cock sliding between his ass cheeks I moan “fuck him babe, open him up for his daddy.” Eric finally burying his full eight inches inside Oliver, he starts to pound the boys ass harder causing him to yelp and squeeze Kyle’s hand tighter. “That’s right, fuck him good, show him how his daddies enjoy his tight little hole.” He grunts and groans with each thrust, “fuck babe, look how stretched our boy is.” He starts fucking Oliver even harder, ramming his cock in the boy, pulling it out completely before ramming it deep again, “fucking take it Ollie” he groans. Oliver, for his part, is gripping Kyle’s hand as tight as he can, tears rolling down his cheeks as Eric’s body slams into his. I release Eric, crouching down next to Oliver I ask “are beylikdüzü travesti you okay sweetie?” He turns his head to face me, his eyes reddened from crying, tear stains on his puffy cheeks he says “y-yes, d-d-daddy.” I wipe the tears from his eyes telling him “you’re doing great buddy.” I look over at Kyle who is really getting his ass beat up by Dan, the boy is definitely a Parker, gritting his teeth, trying to hold back tears while taking one of the most brutal fucks imaginable. Dan looks across the table at Eric, “I want to get up inside Ollie, ready to swap?” Eric grins and says “not really but for you I will” then both men reach across the table and like a tag team match they high five before ripping their cocks out of the boys holes and moving around the table to the other boy. I see the look in Dan’s eyes, that intensity I saw when I was a boy then whisper to Oliver, “I’m sorry son, this is going to hurt a lot but daddy will be here with you.” He shakes his head and tries, with little success to pull away as Dan positions himself behind the boy, gripping his waist and pulling him back to the edge of the table. “Where do you think you’re going little man” he growls. I look into Dan’s eyes, that fire is raging and Oliver’s about to be fucked like never before. I’m hit by that sudden urge to protect my son, having been in this position before I know what’s coming and I want to spare Oliver from this pain but when Dan looks at me, seeing that plea in my eyes he’s unmoved and shakes his head; at that moment I know all I can do is help my son get through this. Dan is about to fuck Oliver then stops, looks at me smiling then flips the boy on his back and pushes his legs back to his chest thrusting his little ass in the air. “I want to see his face while I destroy him” he growls, then surprises me by climbing on the table, crouching down and like a porn star drives his cock down into Oliver’s ass. “Ahhhhh” my son cries as he’s penetrated repeatedly with such force the table begins to flex. “DA-DA-DADDYYYY” he cries louder “IT HURTS!!!” I’m turned on and pained by my sons pleas and crying, it’s hard to watch so I close my eyes then lean over and kiss Oliver deep in an effort not just to silence his cries but to show how much I love and care for him. From across the table Kyle groans “you got this Ollie” also trying to comfort my son, having just been through a serious fucking himself. Still holding Kyle’s hand, with his other Oliver grips my arm tight, I break our kiss “it hurts daddy” he whimpers softly even as Dan slams his cock down into the boys hole with such force I’m worried the table may soon break. I stroke his hair and ask “do you want him to stop” but he shakes his head “I’m a big boy daddy.” I force a smile and say “I know you are son.” A few more powerful thrusts and Dan lets out a roar as he drives his cock as deep as it will go and begins to cum inside Oliver’s guts. “Fuuuuck” he growls and I can see his cock flexing with each discharge of cum. I lean back in kissing my son gently on the lips, he lets go of Kyle’s hand and wraps his small arms around my neck, pushing his tongue into my mouth. We continue kissing as Dan slowly draws his cock out before sliding it back in, continuing this until he’s soft and his balls empty. I break our kiss and look into his bloodshot eyes, wiping his remaining tears from his cheeks I tell him “I’m so proud of you sweetie,” then watch as a gentle smile forms. Dan looks across the table at Eric who is picking up speed now fucking Kyle, the boy grunting with each thrust and moaning “cum in me.” “Fuck” Eric grunts as he slams his cock deep and begins to cum. Kyle closes his eyes, a smile forms as he feels his insides filling with Eric’s warm load. As Eric finishes, Dan picks Oliver up and carries him to the living room setting him on the sofa then kneeling in front of him. He wipes his damp blonde hair from the boys forehead and says “I mean no disrespect to your daddy but you took that a lot better than he did when he was a little boy, you really are a big boy now Ollie.” I don’t take what he says as a slight and Oliver beams at the praise, hearing that he was able to do something better than his daddy distracts him from the pain he must be feeling after that. I look at my watch and it’s almost noon, Dan notices and asks with a smirk “so you think Mark will finish telling us about that story he wrote?” I laugh and say “maybe, or maybe we can find something else to do with him.” Kyle comes in and sits down on the sofa next to Oliver who leans his head against the older boys chest. After a few minutes I suggest maybe the boys lay down and take a nap. When Dan looks at me confused I just wink, then follow them down the hallway to the guest room where Oliver had been sleeping. They crawl into bed together and I give both boys a kiss on the forehead then close the door as I exit. Back in the living room Dan and Eric are both drained, it was amazing watching them get so horny and fucking the boys senseless. We sit together talking, Dan remarks a few times at how surprised he was that Oliver didn’t beg him to stop. I was pretty surprised too and as we’re talking the doorbell rings. I jump off the sofa and make my way to the door realizing, as I’m at the top of the stairs, I don’t have a shred of clothes on. I run into the laundry room grabbing a pair of shorts, pulling them on then bouncing down the stairs flinging the door open. On the other side stands Mark wearing a tank top that shows off his lean muscular arms, mid thigh shorts that show off his tanned muscular legs and flip flops. The look on his face is full of apprehension but I just flash him a wide smile then look to his side. He brought his brothers, Jason and Evan and they are absolutely fucking adorable. Both about Oliver’s age and height but a little smaller build than him, short brown hair and eyes, tanned skin also wearing tank tops, shorts and flip flops. I lead them upstairs and when the boys come into view I hear istanbul travesti Dan mutter “holy fuck” as I introduce Mark. “This is my dad Dan Parker and my partner Eric.” Mark looks them up and down seemingly shocked they’re both naked but also, for his age, Dan is still pretty fit and Eric has a nicely toned body too; now both of their cocks are hard as steel seeing these two small boys standing in the living room. The surprised looks on the boys faces tells me they weren’t given any pep talk for what they were about to walk into and seeing two men with steel hard cocks pointing in their direction must be some indicator of what’s about to come. **** I seriously could not believe my eyes when Henry walked up the stairs and Mark came into view. Handsome young man with an insanely tone physique, but then my cock sprang to life when two of the cutest little boys came into view. I even heard Eric groan “fucking hell” when he saw them. Then after Henry introduces Mark he looks me dead in the eyes and says “pick one dad.” My cock throbs at the thought, then I look to Mark and see him staring at my cock, an expression filled with both lust and fear. I look over the boys again, Jason is maybe a tad taller than his brother. Jason looks nervous while Evan looks downright scared. I step over to the boys crouching down in front of them, my focus now solely on Evan. “Evan right?” He nods his head “why are you shaking?” He lowers his face to the floor and says “I’m s-scared m-mister.” “Hmmmm” I hum softly as I run my finger over his cheek, down his chin, neck and the front of his tank top. When I get to his waistband I pull it forward taking a peek inside, “cute undies” I say huskily. “Th-th-thanks mister” he stammers. Both boys are now looking to Mark who himself looks to be on the verge of passing out. I watch him momentarily, he occasionally licks his lips, his panting loud enough for me to hear “so what do you think Mark, ready to have a little fun with your bros?” Based on the tenting of his shorts I gather his answer will be yes but also that his cock is likely as large as he describes in his story. When Mark looks down at me I can see his eyes are slightly watery so I stand, gripping Evan’s head firmly and pulling the boys face into my groin. “Get a whiff of what a man smells like” I growl, feeling little hands pressing against my thighs. Mark is no longer panting, instead his chest is heaving as he watches me manhandle his little brother. I can hear Evan’s voice, muffled, “m-mister…” but I ignore him, instead begin to rub his face into my pubes which are probably still damp from cum, ass juice and sweat. His little hands push harder against me, he keeps trying to get away so I intertwine my fingers into his hair and grip tight. Jason is now shaking as Mark stands behind him with his hands on his shoulders, forcing the boy to watch. I stare into Mark’s eyes as I continue to manhandle his little brother; he shifts focus between me and Evan, his cock occasionally flexing beneath his shorts, he’s now taken to rubbing his hand over it. I loosen my grip on Evan’s hair then push the boy to the sofa telling him to sit down, when he does he begins to say something but I glare at him saying “keep your mouth shut boy.” Henry and Eric have taken a seat together across the room, watching as I introduce Mark to his new life. I approach him, placing a firm hand on his shoulder I ask “can you do this?” I feel his body shaking but he nods his head so I tell him to undress and take a seat next to Evan. When he peels his tank top off I lick my lips as his abs flex and his full upper body comes into view. I can hear both Henry and Eric’s moans from across the room, also liking what they’re seeing. Mark grips his waistband then looks at me hesitant, I flick my head down, signaling that I do expect him to completely undress. He tugs his shorts down slowly, nervously until I can see his well trimmed pubes and the base of his cock. It looks like a thick fucking sausage already, as he slides them down and more comes into view, the veins protruding make it look menacing and once his beast of a cock is free not only do his little brothers both gasp but Henry and Eric as well. He lets his shorts fall to the floor then stands there looking slightly embarrassed, I step closer to him, taking his cock in my hand and feeling its weight, I stroke him gently causing him to softly gasp. I lean in close and whisper softly in his ear “beautiful piece bro, I can’t wait to see you shove it into little Jason’s tight ass.” He groans then says “I’m too big” but I softly laugh and say with a wink “you can make it fit, don’t you worry.” His eyes widen as I step back, wickedly grinning while nodding my head. I tell both him and Jason to sit on the sofa, when they do I walk back over and grab Evan by the hair pulling him back to his feet. He’s only waist high which is perfect because he’s getting a face full of cock right now, I shove him back into my pubes “smell a real man” I growl, his little hands pushing against my hips now. Jason has pressed himself close to Mark, the older brother wrapping his strong arm around the scared boy, holding him tight. I chose Evan because it was easy to see he was the weaker of the two, the way his whole body trembled, his slightly smaller stature than Jason, even his musculature gives the boy a more frail look. I spend a the next few minutes with Evan’s face buried in my pubes, forcing him to inhale the scents of cum, ass, and sweat but also enjoying his attempts to get away; that is what makes my cock leak like a faucet. I pull his head back and kneel down in front of him “how do you feel boy” I growl. He’s panting, his face reddened, he’s trying to regain his composure so he doesn’t answer right away. I grip his hair tighter and pull his head back “I asked you a question boy” my tone now authoritative. “D-dizzy m-mister” he whimpers softly. “Smelling a real mans will do that to a boy.” I lean in closer “open your mouth” I demand and when he does I drop a gob of spit into it. His little eyes widen but I keep holding his head back “swallow it boy.” He closes his mouth and gulps, his face shows me he’s petrified now but I feel almost assured that anything I tell him to do from this point forward, he will do with little hesitation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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