A Halloween Adventure.

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A Halloween Adventure.One year on college I went to a Halloween dance. It took place in one of the male residence dorms.I was a “friend” date, running interference for a female friend of mine who had a boyfriend but wanted to go out. I was not in costume. I stood by her side, chatting her up when she was not dance with her female friends. That was, until, Batgirl caught my eye.She was shorter than me, Jet black hair, shoulder length. Straight. The dance was dark, I couldn’t see much else. I watched her dance, she was sexy.She saw me watching her. She just smiled and continued. She was wearing the black minskirt type Batgirl costume. She had the mask too.After some time had passed I summed the courage to talk to her. I walked over.”Hey.” I called at her, the music was loud.-“Hey yourself.” She replied.”I couldn’t help but notice you, you’re stunning.” -“”You think so? I couldn’t help but notice you notice me.””Want to grab something to drink?”-“Sure.”I put my hand on the small of her back and led her to the drink hiltonbet giriş area, where an assortment of soft drinks were laid out. I asked her what she wanted and made it for her.We chatted for a while, watching people, dancing a little, we were very close b the end.”I have an idea.” She said and led me out of the dorm. She took me by the hand and led me to an adjacent dorm. She had keys so I assume it was her dorm.She told me to be quiet and we snuck up to her dorm room. She lived on the second floor. She unlocked a door and went inside, it was dark. Instead of turning the lights on she ordered me directly to her bed. I Wasn’t to sure what would happen. She kicked off the flats she was wearing at the dance. Her toenails were painted black.She was a tall thin girl, pale skin. She kept the mask and costume on. I sat on her bed in the dark waiting for anything. I hear her walk over, then before I realize anything, she is kissing me. I lean back on her bed and let her lay on me, but hiltonbet yeni giriş she sits up. “Nuh huh.” She mutters and drops to her knees on the floor.”Stand up” she ordered. I followed. She began to undo my belt and pants, pulling them down to my calves. She then hooks her fingers int my waistband of my boxer briefs and pulls them down too. I am still limp, I was not expecting any of this to happen.”Oh no, This will help.” She said, then grabbed my flaccid cock and put it in her mouth, then began fondling my balls. I grew hard almost instantly.I sat back down on her bed, she continued her activity. Head bobbing in the dark, tongue swirling around the head of my penis. It was amazing. Then she stops.”Lay on the bed,” She said “And put your hands on the head board and don’t let go of the head board. Got it?” She commanded.”Yes ma’am.” I agreed. I did as she ordered. I layed back, pants still around my ankles, hands holding tightly onto the headboard. She stands and I watch as she hiltonbet güvenilirmi reaches up under her skirt and pulls her panties down.She tosses them aside and then gets on the bed. She places a gnetle kiss on my lips then turns around. She gets on my, sixty nine position, then started sucking my cock again, all the while her pussy, inches above my face, is being fingered by her. I can watch, see, and smell her, but cannot touch, all the while she is bringing me to the brink with her mouth. She stops once again. “I want to cum first.” she said, “You can let go.” I follow orders. She then has me sit up and then places herself in front of me, doggy style. She never takes the costume off. I am going to doggy fuck batgirl. I use my hand t find the hole and then use my other to guide myself in. I begin fucking. I left her skirt so I can watch her pussy and ass as I fuck her. “This is it.” She says, ” I’m cumming….ahhh.” She lets out a muffed moan into her pillow. “You can go now.” She said.I pull out as I was close already and begin spraying her, cum coating her anus and dripping down her pussy crack.She instructs me to find her a towel. I do, she wipes herself then hurries me to get my clothes on. I have to be out before people wake up or else we get caught breaking rules.Happy Halloween for me.

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