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Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 33 A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 33 41 Wednesday Berlin I got up at 8am and planned a day of museum visiting all in the Postdam area of Berlin. I started off at the Kunstgewerbemuseum or Museum of Decorative Arts which kept me entertained and absorbed for over three hours. After lunch, I went to the Filmmuseum Berlin which had a particularly good exhibition of Marlene Dietrich memorabilia. After a couple of hours there, I felt I had earned a drink and went to one of the bars in the nearby and spectacular Sony Centre at Postdamerplatz. I got back to the hotel about 4pm where I was glad to be able to put my feet up for a while. I lay on the bed and unexpectedly dozed off, not waking until 6.30pm. I must have needed the sleep! It was time for dinner and I found a busy restaurant nearby and had classic German food. After dinner, I went back to my hotel and then checked my phone for messages. Again, there were quite a few guys wanting to meet up. One that caught my eye was Holger, a 45 year old German with a beard and intense eyes. His photos also showed a very hairy body and a nice-sized cock. I messaged him back and he replied within 10 minutes. He suggested we meet for a drink and gave me the address of a bar near the Bernauerstrasse U-Bahn station. Looking at the U-Bahn map, I could see it wasn’t far from me, so I agreed to meet him in an hour. I showered and got ready to go. As I waited on the station at Alexanderplatz, I realized I had left my phone back in the hotel room. I decided not to go back and get it as I wasn’t going very far. I arrived at Bernauerstrasse a bit sooner than I expected and easily found the bar which was quite busy and noisy. Soon after I walked in, someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Holger, who was quite a bit taller than me. He looked even better in real life. He bought beers for us and we squeezed into a booth next to some other people. I was worried that it was so noisy I would find it difficult to converse with Holger, but it proved to be fine. Luckily, Holger spoke perfectly clear, almost un-accented, English. He told me he was from Heidelberg originally and had been in Berlin for three years working in advertising. He was interested to hear about my life and work and also about my travels so far. kaynarca escort Within twenty minutes, the bar got even more crowded and noisier and, as we had finished our drinks, he asked if I would like to go back to his place. I nodded and we got up and left. It wasn’t far to his apartment and we chatted the whole way. He was a very interesting guy who had travelled extensively around the world but never to Australia. We went up to his apartment on an upper floor of a large modern building. His apartment was small but he had furnished it cleverly so that it was warm and inviting without being cluttered. He offered me another drink and brought some beers into the living room from his kitchen. I admired some small landscape and urban paintings on the wall and was surprised when he said that he was the artist. I thought they were very good paintings. We sat together on his sofa. He kicked his shoes off and told me to do the same. The beer was cold and very nice. Halfway through drinking, he turned to me and holding his beer in one hand, put his arm around me and kissed me. It was a deep, searching kiss and I responded immediately. We both put our beers down and embraced. He seemed to be shaking with lust, which was very exciting. He pulled me down off the sofa onto the floor and lay on top of me, kissing me passionately. It was really exciting. At the same time as kissing me, he was undoing the buttons of my shirt and was soon squeezing my nipples, which I found even more arousing. He got off me and helped me up and started undressing quickly. I did the same. When he was completely naked, I admired his very hairy body and hard seven inch and thick cock. As soon as I was naked, he got me down on the carpet again and continued to kiss me hotly. Then he straddled my chest and shoved his cock into my mouth. It was dripping lots of pre-cum from the thick foreskin. His balls were also very hairy and, feeling underneath, I found thick hair all around his asshole. When I touched his hole, he moaned and shifted forward until his hole was directly above my face. I stuck my tongue out and ran it back and forth through the forest of hair and into his hole. He started to moan even louder. Then he got off me and flipped me over and stuck his tongue into my ass, too. He really gave orhanlı escort my ass a good workout and had me moaning as well by the time he stopped. Then he flipped me over onto my back again, kissed me fiercely and then worked his way down my body with his tongue until he got to my cock, which he immediately deep-throated. It felt so good and he had me so aroused I had to be careful not to cum. Suddenly he stopped and stood up. He said he would be right back and disappeared into the kitchen. After a minute or so, I heard a humming noise and then he returned. ‘Come with me’, he said, taking my hand and lifting me up. He took me into the small kitchen and I noticed that the hum was coming from the clothes dryer under one of the benches. ‘I want to fuck you here in the kitchen’, he said. ‘The noise of the dryer excites me when I am fucking.’ Well, that was a new fetish I hadn’t heard of but it seemed fine to me. He produced some lube and put it on his hard cock. Then he got me to bend over the kitchen table and slid his cock into my ass and started pumping it in and out. It felt very hot and the thickness was really nice. The clothes dryer was pumping out heat over us and the smell of drying clothes was quite pleasant. He fucked me steadily for quite a while, before turning me around and getting me to lie on my back on the table. It was a little hard and uncomfortable but I thought I could manage it for a while. He lifted my legs and shoved his cock back into me. It was good to be able to see his face now and he increased speed until he was fucking me quite hard. He was breathing heavily but he kept on fucking for about 10 minutes without stopping. He appeared to be fitter than I thought. The long fuck was very exciting and the head of his cock felt great getting so deep inside my hole. Then he gripped my arms and groaned loudly, shooting strongly inside me. It really felt good and seeing the pleasure on his face as he was cumming was exciting. Eventually he stopped thrusting and grinned down at me, asking if I was OK. I nodded and, keeping his still hard cock tightly inside me, he put some lube on my cock and jerked me off. He did it exactly as I like it and I shot my load quickly. It felt good cumming with his cock still hard inside me. It made my orgasm even more tepeören escort intense. When I finished cumming, he handed me a towel. When I finished with it and handed it back to him, he pulled his cock out of my ass and wiped it with the towel and did the same to my ass. He lifted me up off the table and tousled my hair. ‘You’re a good fuck’, he said, grinning. ‘I gave you a big load so you might want to use the bathroom’. I did as he suggested and when I returned to the living room where our clothes had been left, he was almost already dressed again. I put my clothes on and he made coffee and we sat and chatted for another 30 minutes or so. He was very good company. Soon it was time to go and he saw me to the door. ‘You remember where the station is?’ he said. ‘Yes, I remember’, I said and he kissed me good night. Downstairs I headed for the U-Bahn station. Turning the corner at the end of the street, I was surprised to find that the station wasn’t there. I was sure I had remembered the way. Holger and I had been chatting constantly when we left the bar and so I probably hadn’t been concentrating as much as I should have been on where we were going. It was not like me to lose my way. I reached for my phone to use the GPS signal on the map and then remembered I hadn’t brought the phone with me! I walked back towards Holger’s apartment building and looked around me to see if that would help. The street was quite dark and there was no-one about to ask. I tried walking in the other direction and turned at the next corner. There was still no station there. I remembered that I had a small pocket map of Berlin in my shoulder bag and I got it out. The tiny writing was hard to read in the poor light. I discovered that the small map didn’t have all streets on it and it didn’t show the street corner I was on. I headed down the street towards what looked like a brightly lit main road, feeling a bit disoriented and flustered. It took me a while but eventually I met up with a late night jogger who directed me to a different station. I had been walking in entirely the wrong direction! I couldn’t remember the last time that I had been lost in my life. It was a very disturbing feeling. I got back to the hotel at almost midnight and went to bed immediately. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. You might enjoy my story ‘A Hot Holiday In Pakistan’, too. It’s also in the ‘Encounters’ section of Nifty. Readers, enjoy the stories here but remember that Nifty needs your donations to keep providing them — fty/donate.html

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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