A night at Eugene’…

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A night at Eugene’…My c***d hood friend, Eugene and, I had been best friends since I can remember..When ever our folks were out of town we would stay at each others home. Upon one occasion, both our folks were traveling to a nearby town for a basketball game.Eugene’ brother, Wayne, was to watch over us. Wayne took this time to invite a few of his football team mates over. About seven o’clock the three of them arrived and Wayne preceded to get Eugene and I ready for bed, in about an hour we were in bed. Out side a strong storm had begin with lightening and thunder.Eugene and I pulled the covers over our head and soon I was off into dream land. Sometime latter I became aware of a conversation between Wayne and Eugene. Eugene was telling Wayne ‘…I don’t want to it hurts too bad…’ and Wayne replied ‘…it only hurts for a little while and then you like it so come on don’t act like you don’t want to…’I drifted back off…but I awoke a little while latter when there was a loud clap of thunder. Startled I jumped out of my sleeping bag and into bed with Eugene, only Eugene wasn’t there. Searching the room I remembered the conversation and went looking for Eugene and Wayne.The house was dark, all the lights were out. I found my way down the stairs and to the basement door. There was a weak light coming from under the door, I eased it open and slowly went down the stairs. When I reached a spot that I could see into the basement I peeked around tomarza escort and there I saw what was happening.Eugene was on his knees Wayne was behind him having sex with him, two of his friends were kneeling in front of him and Eugene was busy sucking their penis’. I watched as Eugene was used by the three of them. Each one entering Eugene’ butt and having sex till they exploded in his tender boy bung hole. I watched for a while longer till I decided to ease back up stairs and to my sleeping bag.I had made my way back into the room and was about to slide back into my sleeping bag when the fourth one grabbed me by the neck. IT was Billy that pulled me from my sleeping bag and held me by the neck. ‘…So you like to watch people fucking do you. You gonna let Eugene handle all the hard work while you sneak around and spy on him…’I started to stammer that I wasn’t watching only to here Billy say ‘…if I take you back down stairs all of us will have to fuck your little spying ass. Eugene has done his share of satisfying us so you would have to catch up. But I tell you what, you let me fuck you here right now and I’ll pretend that I never saw you…’Billy eased me back down and said ‘…think about it, do all four of us and just do me here and now…’ I stuttered ‘…you want tell no body what we did…? Billy said to me ‘…pinky swear, you suck my dick and let me fuck you and I want tell no one, but you have to start now or I’m gonna call Wayne…’Before I could answer, Billy dropped me and took hold of my head and pulled me to his crotch, my face was smashed into his pubic hair as his rigid penis poked my neck. Billy pulled my head back and took hold of his hard penis with his free hand and guided it to my face.When Billy’ penis pressed against my lips I opened them and started to suck slowly on his throbbing penile glans. Billy moaned and encouraged me to ‘…suck that dick, suck that dick just like that…’ Billy kept my head tightly clutched in his palms as he had sex with my mouth, just as I thought he was going to explode in my mouth Billy pulled my mouth off his penis and said ‘… on your stomach and be quick…’ I turned to my stomach Billy was on my back before I could turn completely over.Billy bent down and parted my buttocks with his face and spit into my buttcrack. Using his tongue Billy spread his spit across my anus and stuck his tongue deep into my anal opening. I admit it felt good as he did so, Billy quickly slide his tongue uo my buttcrack and my spine till he was at the back of my neck.Billy kissed the back of my neck and started to probe my anus with his rubbery rock hard penile glans. With a quick thrust Billy’ penis slid in half way, I started to cry as Billy whispered ‘… don’t make a big deal or you’ll have to fuck all four of us…’Billy rode y butt for at least twenty minute before he stiffen and I felt him explode in my rectum. My bung hole was filled with his thick sticky substance as Billy grind and hunched intoprostrate body. When Billy had finished he whispered ‘…hope no ones looking for me…’ I laid there whimpering as Billy eased back out of the room.It was near morning when I heard Eugen ease back into the room and look at me to see if I was still sleeping. I didn’t move a muscle as Eugen wiped his eyes and climbed into his bed, I heard him whimpering as he softly cried his self to sleep.I went back to sleep only to wake up an hour latter, I eased up and went into the bath to clean myself up. As I finished and exited, Billy was standing at the stairs stroking his flaccid penis ‘…every ones asleep but you and me, So come on back in here and suck my dick some more…’Billy pushed me back into the bathroom and I knelt down and begin to suck his mammoth penis again till it harden. Billy pulled from my lips and turned me around whispering ‘…hope you didn’t wash all my sperm from your little tight ass hole. But don’t worry when we finish you’ll have a perfectly good boi pussy ready for fucking…’Billy bent me over the toilet and pushed his penis into my bung hole and begin to slide it back and forth till he exploded and his seed dripped down my thighs before he pulled out a\nd had me lick him clean. I left the bathroom and went back to Eugene’ room and slide down into my sleeping bag.Eugene came over to me about twenty minutes latter and said ‘…David, wake up I’ve got something to tell you, you want believe it but it’s true…’A night at Eugene’…

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