A shemales revenge

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A shemales revengeI had been heartbroken for weeks ever since Paul and I had ended our relationship. We had been dating for about six months and it was the best six months of my life. We did everything together and there was nothing I couldn’t tell paul. But even with such comfort in our relationship there was one secret I had been keeping from Paul that I knew eventually had to come out so on our usual “date night” one week I finally decided it was time to tell Paul the truth about me. He was nervous of course as I told him over the phone that there was something I needed to tell him and that I had been keeping a secret from him. He tried his best to get me to tell him over the phone but I just kept telling him it was best I told him in person. So later that night Paul arrived at my house and immediately began questioning me about my secret. His first assumption was that I had been cheating on him which I suppose would be the normal suspicion in a situation like this but I assured him that wasn’t the case. Was I breaking up with him? Was I in love with someone else? Did I just not love him anymore? All these were the questions he assualted me with before I even had a chance to explain what I needed to tell him. So as I got him to calm down I sat him down and sat beside him taking his hand in mine. I was so nervous to tell him my secret but I knew I had to tell him. Then I just said it…I was born a man! Of course his first reaction was that I was fucking with him. After all, I was only 5’8″, weighed about 145 with a very slim figure, long blonde hair, and even had a boob job so I was sporting a perky pair of C cup tits. I didn’t even need to take hormones since I was naturally feminine looking. Put a little makeup on me and I made one very convincing woman that people, even Paul, couldn’t recognize as being male. By the look on his face as I told him my secret I could tell he was searching his memories for any indication I was laying. Sure, I had given him many blowjobs but we had never actually had sex. I never even let him see me in panties because I was afraid my large buldge that was very difficult to hide sometimes might give me away. He quickly pulled his hand from mine and moved away from me as the look of betrayal consumed his face. “You fucking rize rus escort fag” he screamed at me as he got up to leave. I tried to explain that I loved him and didn’t want this to come between us but he just told me I was a disgusting freak and to never contact him again. Then he was gone leaving me alone with my broken heart…Knock knock…The noise at the door awoke me from my daydream of that day. I had just taken a shower and was only wearing a skimpy thong when the knocking grabbed my attention so I raced to put on my red silk robe to answer the door. I opened it up and there stood Paul with his head down and he asked to come in. I had no idea what he was doing here. I just figured he must of left some stuff at my place and was stopping by to collect it so I opened the door to allow him in. “I’ve missed you and wanted to come by and say I’m sorry,” those words hit me like a brick as they came out of his mouth. “I know I overreacted but please understand I just wasn’t ready for a situation like this” he tried to explain as I just stood there shell shocked by his apology. The hurt he had caused me was too severe to be displaced by mere words so I asked him to leave and give me some time to think about all of this but instead of leaving he dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around my legs begging me to take him back. He pressed his head against my stomach as he pleaded with me to understand what made him act the way he did that day. My head and heart was filled with so much emotion I had barely noticed my cock was beginning to become engorged with the excitement of having Paul so close to it. It had been so long since it had been pleasured and with all the heart break of the past few weeks even I had been neglecting it. As I began to fill it grow i tried to pull Pauls face away from it but he wouldn’t let go and then as if it had a mind of its own it twitched and brushed against Pauls chin. He felt it but didn’t know what to really say. All he could bring himself to say was “but i’m not gay” of which I responded “don’t worry baby, i’m all woman except 9 inches of me.” The look of shock on his face was priceless. Having given Paul several blowjobs I knew his cock was only about 6 inches and that my lady rize rus escort bayan dick would easily dwarf his manhood. He had always been a little a insecure about his cock size. The question would always come up if he was big enough for me and of course I’d say size doesn’t matter. But I knew size does matter and it was the perfect time to show him what a real dick looked like. I untied my robe and let it slide off my shoulders down to the floor until I was standing before him with nothing but my tiny thong on. By now my cock had swollen as much as my skimpy undies would allow but even under it’s covering Paul could tell how big my dick was. I had it tucked between my legs when i had opened the door so as it grew it was trying deperately to break free of it’s cage and in the process formed the perfect downward buldge while pulling the front of my panties away from my body. The gaps created by the strain of my throbbing cock pushing out on the fabric gave Paul a glimpse of the sheer size of my meat. He pulled in close as he took down my panties and my raging member sprung free and bounced off his chin. “Damn, you were’t k**ding when you always told me you were a big girl” he giggled as he starred in amazement at my now fully erect cock. My cock was throbbing in all it’s glory in front of his face now. I was so horny your could literally see the viens that ran up my shaft pulsing with blood flow as my big mushroom head leaked clear precum. “What do I do with it” he asked with his mouth opening just long enough to make the perfect target for my eager schlong and I took the shot. I grabbed the back of his head and and guided it down on my rock hard cock while mumbling “let me show you” as waves of pleasure washed over my entire body. He tried to pull back, shocked from the invasion of the first dong to ever be inside his mouth but I held his head firm. Slowly his resistance turned to sloppy sounds of submission as he devoured my rod as deep as he could while stroking the thick shaft that was pertruding from his mouth. My head swirled with emotions and pleasure as the reality sunk in what was happening. The man that had left me, the man who called me a fag, the man who called me a disgusting freak was now on rus rize escort his knees before me worshipping my big cock like some slut I picked up at a bar. The power of knowing his submission to my dick drove me crazy and I started fucking the back of his throat as I looked down at his lips stretched around my meaty shaft. “Damn, you suck good dick for a noob” I grunted which in turn made him pull my saliva covered dong from his mouth to reply but before he could utter a word I shoved his head back down on my engorged member. “shut up and suck that dick” I commanded while watching my shaft disappear down his throught. I could feel my balls begin to tighten as sperm and semen started mixing like cement inside my testicals for its eventual release. Paul had to have tasted my precum for as horny as I was and in anticipation tried pulling it out of his mouth. “No you don’t bitch” I moaned as I held his head poised to finish the job he had started. Knowing this was Pauls first time I guess I should of been nice and let him just jerk me to a finish. He had never experienced this before and clearly was trying to resist the orgasm he was about to bring about. Fuck that I thought as the memories of what he had said and how the break up afterwards hurt me so. Paul was about to get what he deserved. He took me to brink and just as I felt my cock start to spasm in orgasm I pulled out and launched my thick load straight on his face. Load after load of pain and frustration came flowing out of my cock in thick succession as my dick maked its territory. What a beautiful sight it was to see this man that had mocked me now beneath me covered in my cum as it hung in thick clumps off his chin. He looked up at me and said “do you forgive me now” with thick strings of my cum connecting his lips as he spoke. “we will see what else you can do to earn my forgiveness” was my reply as I slapped my deflating cock on his face smearing my cum all over him. Paul stayed the evening that night and tried so hard to earn my forgiveness. His mouth wasn’t the only thing that got a feel for my cock over the next couple hours as I took turns destroying his mouth and then his virgin ass. That boy is going to have some explaining to do at his next prostate exam when the doctor sees his stretched out asshole. But in the end I sent Paul packing like some skank I used just for a fuck. No man is going to talk to me like that and expect my forgiveness. He wanted me back but all he got was turned into my cock slut for a night. Turns out all I needed was a good grudge fuck to make my heartbreak go away 🙂

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