A Simple Foolproof Plan – Chapter 3

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The phone rang, loud and irritatingly rude, and abruptly woke me from the most amazing sleep of my life. I was warm under the covers, safely wrapped in my father’s arms. At that moment, I had no need for anything on the other side of that door. So why was this fucking phone ringing?! Finally, it stopped, only to start ringing again a few seconds later. It was closer to me, but Dad reached over me and picked it up, growling his annoyance.“Hello… oh, hey Jax… mmhmm… mmhmm… where y’all at… mmhmm… y’all seated yet… ah’ite, we still in bed, gotta shower, but we’ll be there in a minute… I’onknow… fifteen… ah’ite, bet.”I looked at him and guessed, “Jax wants us to get up and come to breakfast?”“Yeah, and the clock is ticking,” he answered. “Good morning, baby,” he added as he kissed me, his tongue slipping into my mouth.“Eww,” I giggled. “I don’t know where that tongue has been!”He smiled and reached between my legs and squeezed my quim gently, saying, “You know exactly where this tongue has been.”It was still a little sore and tender from his delicious abuse last night, making me hiss when he applied pressure. “Oooh! No, Daddy, we don’t have time right now. Plus you gotta let a girl recover. You wore my little pussy out! She needs time to heal.” He is my dad, but he’s also a man. Every man loves to hear a woman complain that he fucked her too hard. Daddy was no different. He was grinning like an idiot as he said, “Aww, baby, I’m sorry. I’ll try to be gentle next time, okay?”Flattery successfully applied, I reminded him, “Dad, you told Jax we’re still in bed.”“We are still in bed,” he said.“Yeah, but the way you said made it sound like we’re in bed together. Jax might think that maybe we slept in the bed together.”Then, with no big pronouncement, no oaths or promises, but just a shrug, my father nonchalantly said three little words that changed the whole trajectory of our lives forever: “I don’t care.”“Really?” I asked.As he got up to go into the bathroom to get ready, he just shook his head, saying, “Nah, not really. This is just the first day of the cruise. I don’t want to stop. Do you?”I shook my head and said without a hint of indecision, “No. Not at all.”As he closed the bathroom door, I heard him say, “Hell, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t figure it out.”As I heard the shower turn on, I thought to myself, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I won’t be alone. At that moment, that was all that mattered. I decided to grab another five minutes of sleep.*****We made it to the dining room and saw Jax and Marcus sitting there. Thankfully, they were still eating. Jax waved happily at us as we made our way through the full dining room to their table. Much to my disbelief, I was walking pretty gingerly. All my life, the idea of a girl ‘walking funny’ after sex was just a crude joke, or maybe a figure of speech. No woman actually had that happen, right? Well, I can tell you for sure, it can happen. My dad does not have some monstrous-sized horse-dick, the size of a Pringle’s can. He just has a decent, human-sized penis that he apparently knows how to use to its absolute fullest potential. And now, I was ‘walking funny.’ I hoped Jax didn’t notice. As we got to the table, he pulled me down in a hug, saying, “Hey, Sie, you hurt your leg or something this morning? You’re walking funny!”I shot my dad a dirty look as I said, “I must’a twisted it or something. It’ll be alright.”Marcus pursed his lips, murmuring, “Mm-Hmm.”Jax patted the seat beside him and said, “Well, sit here next to me and tell me what you guys did last night.”As I took my seat, I winced and hissed aloud as my butt made contact with the seat. Apparently, my abused tushy-hole was still filing complaints about mistreatment and a hostile work environment. Jax quipped, “Girl, are you okay?”“She’s fine!” snapped Daddy. “She was up a lot last night complaining about the pain. She’ll be okay.”I stared daggers at my father. It was HIS fault I was ‘walking funny!’ He’d better be ready to kiss it and make it better! Marcus said, “Mmm-Hmm, Mmm-Hmm.” I glanced at him and looked at me with raised Ankara escort eyebrows, clearly asking me a question. His eyes darted quickly to Dad and back, and then his eyebrows lifted even higher. I gasped, and his eyes narrowed and he looked at me, nodding conspiratorially. Fuck! We’d been on this cruise less than twenty-four hours, and my dad had fucked me until I could barely walk, and my brother’s boyfriend, who I’d met two weeks ago, knew it. What else was going to happen on this cruise?We managed to make it through breakfast without further comment on my physical discomfort. Today we were in port, so we made plans to meet at the gangway at 11:00, and go ashore together. It sounded like fun, but all I could think about was making it through the day to end up back in bed with Daddy. After breakfast, we all walked out on the deck. The weather was so absolutely perfect that we agreed that we’d all be happier laying out around the pools and drinking umbrella drinks rather than fighting the rude, smelly crowds milling around St.Thomas. We went back to our rooms to change and come back out for an early start. Back in the cabin, Daddy was all concerned.“Does it still hurt, baby?” he asked, genuine concern in his voice.“No,” I answered. “It doesn’t hurt, but I can still feel it.” Most of the pain was gone. Pussy is resilient, apparently.“You want me to kiss it and make it better?” he offered.“You sure you don’t mind?” I asked, already undressing.“Not at all,” he said, laying me back on the bed. “Anything to make my little girl feel better,” he said, his tongue slipping between my folds.He was so gentle and delicate, as if I was made of tissue paper and he thought I might tear from his kisses. He sucked my tender labia into his mouth, the sucking pressure feeling so good I quickly started moaning. He licked me from top to bottom, not hesitating to go lower and paint my back button with his tongue, caressing the tender delicate flesh. He didn’t push inside, thank goodness… I wasn’t ready again yet. Instead, he licked my ass like it was, well, delicious. Over and over, licking my asshole, my pussy, gently licking my clit, nonstop, until I winced in orgasm, coming like a gentle wave. It was so soft, so loving, I wondered for a moment if this was what it would be like with another girl. He came up and kissed me, our tongues chasing each other. I tasted myself on his lips, and that thought made me smile.I felt his hard shaft against me, urgent and needy. He began to get up, but I said, “Daddy, what about you?”“No, Sie, I’m fine. I don’t want you sore,” he protested.God! What a wonderful man! I knew from experience if I didn’t feel like it but Lucas was horny, I’d have to put out anyway. But not my father. First of all, Dad went down on me, which Lucas would never do, then he made me cum without adding to my discomfort, and then wasn’t worried about his own orgasm. Gentle, loving, considerate…“No, Dad, that’s not right at all. Lay on your back, and let’s be gentle.”He lay down, his gorgeous prick pointing up at an angle. I knelt over it, held him upright, and slowly lowered my steamy snatch down on him. It didn’t hurt at all, but I didn’t want to tempt fate. I rotated my hips in a circular motion, slowly, sensually, feeling him move inside me. I lifted up a little and came back down, up, down, around… he felt SO GODDAMN GOOD INSIDE ME!!! I leaned down to look into his eyes, but as soon as my face got close, he grabbed my head and kissed me fully, hungrily, his tongue searching inside my mouth, my tongue answering his need.He moaned into my mouth as he hunched up into me, gently, but still filled with need. Suddenly he pulled away from our kiss and looked me in my eyes, staring intently, his gaze almost manic with desire. I couldn’t look away… we soul-gazed, and then I felt it. He was spurting his seed into me, warming my very soul with his life-creating elixir. My eyes rolled back in my head as I joined him in climax, my vagina pulsing, pulling his issue further inside. It felt like he came in me for hours; Ankara escort bayan hours of nonstop pumping of his virile baby batter into me. I knew I was going to be the mother of his child… and its loving big sister.Once we returned down from heaven, his kisses resumed, deep, soulful, and filled with love. My father had kissed me more times in twelve hours than Lucas had kissed me in five years. And as I fell deeper in love with Dex Montgomery, any thoughts of Lucas Broadman seemed to fade further and further into the distance. What was I going to do?We finally got back up to the pool deck. Jax and Marcus were already there. From the looks of it, they’d been there for some time. “About time! I thought you two blew us off or something,” said Marcus, looking pointedly at me. I wasn’t wearing a watch, and there wasn’t a clock in sight.“How long have you guys been here?” I asked timidly.Jax glanced at his watch and said, “About an hour.”“An hour?!” I said. Daddy and I looked at each other guiltily. He just shrugged and grabbed a deck chair. “Welp, Im’ma work on my rich brown,” he said, relaxing back onto the chair.“‘Rich brown?’” I asked as I took the chair next to him. As I lay back myself, without thinking, I took his hand in mine. Daddy slipped his fingers between mine, and we sat there, holding hands in front of my brother and his boyfriend.“Yeah,” Daddy answered. “Tanning’s for white folks. Brothas work on our rich brown hue. Drives girls crazy,” he joked. He lay back and closed his eyes, relaxing. All was right with his world.“Then mission accomplished,” I muttered under my breath. Apparently, Jax heard me.“So ‘sup with you and dad?” Jax asked.“What?” I asked.“Sie, Marcus noticed something at breakfast,” he said. “I’ll say it nicely. Trouble walking? Sore coochie. Trouble sitting? Sore tushy. You seem to have both, and the only person who could have given them to you is our dear old dad. So. Are you and dad sleeping together?”I was speechless. Speechless and terrified. I figured I could lie, but that would mean staying away from dad for the rest of the cruise. I could admit it, and see Jax and Marcus looking at us in horror and disgust. Plus, of course, immediately telling everyone in the family. I glanced at Dad, who seemed completely chill.“Wh— what are you talking about?” I sputtered stupidly.“So you are,” Jax answered.“I didn’t say that!” I protested.“You didn’t have to,” said Marcus. “Guilty people always answer questions with questions. They’re trying to buy some time to make up a better answer.”“Who the fuck are you, Ace Ventura?!” I snapped at him.Jax and Marcus both said at the same time, “Ace Ventura?” Then they all burst out laughing. I caught dad smiling, his eyes still closed. At least I knew he was paying attention.Smiling despite myself, I said, “Sorry. I’m under a lot of pressure here and that’s what popped in my mind.”Jax added, “Well you’re the one strolling around the ship with that ‘freshly-fucked’ glow, and…““Hey!” Said Dad out of nowhere. “Watch how you speak to the woman I’m sleeping with. I care about her, so be nice.”A full minute of silence.Finally, Jax said, “Dad, would you like to explain?”“I’m your father. I don’t have to explain myself to you.” He said quietly.“Maybe,” he said. “But what about mom, and the rest of the family?”“You’d run and tell?” Dad asked, sitting up to look at his son. “Who has been there for you on this journey to accept yourself? Boy, I knew you were gay before you did, and I ain’t been nothing but supportive. When you were sixteen and everybody started asking questions and making mean, shitty comments, I shut they asses down. Who warned the family not to say shit, and let you take as long as you needed for you to tell us? So that when you finally did come out, it was painless. I did all that.”I nodded. “He did do that, Jax,” I added.“And now,” he continued, “when all we need is a little bit of discretion, you gonna be like that?”Marcus was looking at Jax like he was a total stranger. “Jackson, I told you how my fucking father threw me Escort Ankara out and disowned me when I was outed. I was sixteen!” he said emotionally. “You told me you finally told them, but all you said was that ‘they were cool.’ You didn’t tell me about all of this!”“Marc, I didn’t know!” Jax protested. “This is the first I’ve heard of it!”“You didn’t need to hear about it,” dad said. “You just needed to know I love you. We all love you, no matter who you love.”Marcus’ eyes were glittering. Jax mumbled, almost under his breath, “Well since you put it like that…”“I’m sorry… what was that, son?” Dad asked.Marcus said, rather forcefully, “He said that he loves you, too, and as consenting, grown-ass adults, whatever you and Sierra might do is entirely your business and,” and glared menacingly at his lover, “of absolutely no concern to anyone else, either on or off this ship. Right, Jackson?”“Is that what you said, son?” He asked.Jax just nodded. “Sorry, dad. Don’t know what came over me. Nobody will ever hear a word from us,” he promised.Dad was never one to hold grudges. All he said was, “Excellent! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s enjoy this vacation!”Now that the cat was out of the bag, we could all relax. For the rest of the day as well as the next, which was a full day at sea, we enjoyed the magnificent ship. Everything was sparkling brand new, and it was all gorgeous. We sunbathed, climbed the rock wall, did an onboard zip line, napped, surfed, and generally wore ourselves out sampling everything this floating city had to offer. And both nights, I fell asleep with loads of rich, creamy Daddy-cum coating my insides. We didn’t have to hide from Jax and Marcus, but we didn’t flaunt it, either. Instead, we’d just disappear for an hour for a nap. The first two days of the cruise were glorious. On the third day, we arrived in St. Maarten.*****Dad had heard about this cool beach where big passenger jets looked like they would land right on top of the beach-goers. It looked crazy as hell, but that was one of the few shore excursions he wanted to take. So we decided to leave the ship early and grab a taxi out there, and have lunch on the island. It sounded like a nice day. Jax and Marcus took a shore excursion for snorkeling. After breakfast, we all headed to the gangway.Two hours later, Daddy was like a big kid, giggling like crazy as the big planes seem to appear out of nowhere, and buzzed right over our heads as they made their landing. The runway was right there, just a few feet away from the surf line, separated by only a narrow two-lane road and a chain-link fence. We watched a couple of dozen landings, and then I got bored. I went to the little shopping area on the beach. I got a new bikini I thought he’d like, and a wooden shark sculpture for the house. Still bored, I decided to buy a new beach cover-up, and try on my new bikini for Dad. I mean, we were already at the beach, right?After changing clothes, I found him, still watching the planes. I told him there was something he needed to see at the beach. We walked to the surf, and I removed my cover-up. His eye bugged out at the risqué suit I was wearing. It consisted of two white circles on the top and really skimpy boy shorts on the bottom. I’m too furry for a thong, and the boy-short just kept me contained long enough to get into the water, where daddy’s fingers quickly found their mark. We played in the water for 20 minutes or so, and Daddy was hard the whole time. I promised him relief as soon as we got anywhere private. Meanwhile, he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off me. That swimsuit was money well spent!By this time, it was after one in the afternoon, and breakfast seemed like a long time ago. So we decided to grab a burger at one of the little hole-in-wall eateries at the beach. We found a table at a little beachfront diner. It was a good-looking place. Clean, neat, with eight tables inside and six more on the back and side decks overlooking the beach. The kitchen was off to one side, so the flow from the front to inside to the outside seating was unblocked. We took our table and waited for the waiter. The lunch crowd had thinned and there were only a couple of other diners there.The menu was pretty simple, mainly burgers and chicken sandwiches. But unlike many touristy places, the prices were actually reasonable. We ordered, cracked open our beers, shared a…

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