A Soldier’s Surrender Pt. 02

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“Michael, this is Crystal. Are you available this weekend?”

As had happened several times during our initial meeting, I was struck mute. I had desperately hoped to hear her voice again while at the same time dreading it. She had taken me to incredible peaks of joy, then left me in a valley of depression. This unexpected call landed me in a limbo of indecision.

“Michael! Are you there? Am I wasting my time calling you?”

“No, Ma’am, I’m sorry, I’m here.”

“Well, if it’s not too much effort, can you answer my question?”

The little angel whispering in my right ear urging me to hang up lost out to the devil in my left ear who wanted more: “Yes, Ma’am, I am available.”

“Good. You will be receiving an email from me before midnight. You will respond within ten minutes after it hits your inbox.”

The phone went dead. I looked at my watch. It was 7 pm. I waited. At 11:45 I received this email:



These are your Instructions for our next meeting. You are to follow these Instructions exactly as they are given to you. Any deviations will result in disciplinary actions or banishment.

On Friday, you will drive to Cannon Beach, Oregon. My address is 13666 Haystack Avenue. You will park on the left side of the driveway leading up to the house. At exactly 7:30 pm you will come in through the front entrance. The door will be unlocked. Lock it behind you. Walk into the living room. Come up the stairs on the left and proceed down the hallway to the door leading to the balcony. Go outside. I will be sitting on a chair. You will not say a word to me, nor will you look me in the eye. There will be a black leather collar on a blue pad in front of the chair. You will put the collar on, positioning the metal ring to the front. Kneel on the pad, bend down, and eat my pussy. Do not stop or speak until I tell you to.

You will be staying until Sunday night unless you give me sufficient cause to send you home earlier. You are going to be challenged during this visit as more will be expected of you. If you want what I have to offer, you will do what I tell you to do. I demand obedience. In return, you will be granted further opportunities to learn.

You are to wear a form-fitting red bathing suit. Bring your military dress uniform with you, making sure it is perfectly pressed. Pack whatever else you feel is appropriate but leave your bag in the car when you arrive. The only item to accompany you upon entering will be the bathing suit you are wearing.

From the moment you read this email until we meet, you are forbidden to masturbate. I require your being fully loaded when you come to me.

These Instructions are not open to question or discussion. Your only concern is to follow them to the letter. It is now 11:45. You have until 11:55 to respond with a return email consisting of two words: “Instructions received.” If you fail to meet this deadline, you can stay home this weekend.

I look forward to seeing you again.

That is all.



I quickly sent out the reply: Instructions received.

I looked at the time stamp on the email. It was 11:54.


I left Tacoma at noon on Friday. Google recommended four hours but I wanted leeway to account for anything that might occur. There were to be no mistakes. Ever since the call I had obsessed about Crystal. The desire was much greater than it was for the introductory meeting. Although there was no doubt I still feared this powerful woman, I was not as intimidated as my first experience gave me a more solid understanding of what to expect in a Dominant/submissive session. I craved this opportunity to be with her again for more exploration. On the long drive, I replayed scenes from our time together, feasting on the memories of the intense sex. I ached to surrender to her again, to feel the freedom of release from the bondage of self. She knew how to tear down the walls holding me inside.

I arrived in the town of Cannon Beach a little before 4 pm. I looked for the house immediately so I would be sure to know where to go at 7:30. Haystack Avenue was easy to find as it was the road closest to the beach. On the ride down the street I was awestruck by the houses. Having grown up in a working-class neighborhood in Boston, I had never been in a home as luxurious as these. I watched the numbers on the posts outside the properties. When I came to 13666, I stopped for a minute to look up the driveway leading to the residence. It was a large granite house on the top of a small hill. Because of its size and the amount of land around it, I had no doubt it was the most expensive house in this wealthy neighborhood. It scared me.

I drove off, getting back onto Highway 101. Two miles down was a public area where the road paralleled the beach without any buildings blocking the view of the ocean. I decided to while away some time walking the beach. With the temperature in the low 70’s, I ventured out in sandals, bathing suit, and a short sleeve shirt. Having never been to the Pacific Ocean, I was enthralled by the beauty of this picturesque shoreline, headlined by Haystack Rock, a gigantic kaynarca escort rock pinnacle towering over the surf. I kept an eye on the homes on the ridgeline above the beach in order to check out 13666 from the ocean side.

As I approached Haystack, the house came into view. It was almost directly across from the Rock, a proximity that no doubt increased its value considerably. The property was surrounded by a quaint wooden fence with a stone stairway leading down to the beach. The well-kept lawn looked like the greens at Augusta. As I looked on in wonder, I noticed movement in the garden near the back porch. Someone was cutting flowers. A moment later Crystal came into view carrying roses up the steps to the porch. I saw her for only a few seconds but it was enough to ramp up my testosterone level. Even from a distance, her style and beauty were readily apparent. The well-defined curves augmented by her voluptuous breasts made my mouth water. I wanted to run up there immediately to see her, but I knew that would not be a good idea. I had to be satisfied with the knowledge that in a few hours I would again connect with my lady Dom.


I left the security of my Hyundai at exactly 7:29, beginning a count to 60 which ended when I nervously walked through the front door. I immediately felt out of place in such upper class surroundings, an anxious feeling exacerbated by my being alone. I needed to be with Crystal to feel safe. After going upstairs and finding the exit to the balcony, I took a very deep breath to calm myself before walking out.

Crystal was on a reclining chair wearing a black halter top, red leather skirt, with black boots propped up on fur-lined hassocks with a space between them. I kept my eyes down as I approached. She did not acknowledge me in any way. I knelt on the blue pad on the floor in front of her, found the collar and fastened it around my neck with the silver dollar size steel ring dangling in front. After raising her skirt, I leaned forward to put my mouth on her.

The moment my tongue connected with her pussy, my fears evaporated. I planted my face between her thighs, savoring her scent, her taste, and her heat. I licked and sucked her clit, pulling on it tenderly with a light force. I felt cocooned, safe and secure, wrapped in the warmth of intimacy where my sole concern was giving pleasure to the woman I adored. I swirled my tongue around with varying pressure and suction, teasing, licking, doing everything I could to excite my lover. Her soft moans were the sweetest sounds I could ever imagine hearing. Nothing could please me as much as my pleasing her. I kept eating her, hoping that she would never tire. There was an occasional tremor, a short orgasm followed by a spray of precious fluid which I swallowed enthusiastically. At one point she pulled my face in tighter, thrusting forward to let out a larger burst which overflowed my mouth, dripping down my neck onto my chest.

I glided my left hand upwards toward her breast but she brusquely slapped it away.

“You’re not getting that yet, little boy. You want that for yourself, not for me. Eat me!”

Her authoritative command inspired me even more. I could not give enough. My tongue was straining to go faster in bigger circles. My lips pulled harder and pressed more forcefully in rapid cycles She again shoved her pussy forward, grabbing my head as she squirted a copious load of juice on me. I loved it.


I immediately pulled away.

“Very good, Michael! I have to commend you! For a trainee, you are …”

“I am learning, Ma’am.”

“I did not give you permission to speak yet.”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am.”

“Yes, I’m sure you are. Considering your efforts, I will overlook your two errors; they were minor. However, you will need to demonstrate subservience to me to make up for them. Lick my boots.”

Her designer knee high black boots with spiked heels were crafted from the softest, most luxurious leather I’d ever felt. Their strong leather smell aroused me as I licked them with delight while she watched. I felt neither embarrassment nor humiliation, but rather an uplifting sense of pride at my willingness to please my Mistress no matter what was required. I was grateful to show her my submission by being her bootlicker.

“Do the soles too, Michael. They may have a little sand on them. Lick it off. And polish the spikes. But before you do, stop for a second and grab me a beer out of the cooler behind you. I need a cold one while I supervise your work.”

I pulled a Heineken out of the ice, twisting the top off before handing it to her. There were three empty bottles on the table.

“I’m getting a slight buzz on, Michael. I hope you don’t mind. This is my fourth one without getting up. What do you think of that?”

“Very good, Ma’am.”

“I’m glad you said that. Now, go back to licking. Give me some spit shine, soldier.”

I ran my tongue over every millimeter of leather on both boots as Crystal drank her beer. I sucked the heel spikes clean twice, wiping more than a few grains of sand off my tongue.

Mistress Crystal started singing as I kept licking: “These boots küçükyalı escort are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you! … Are you ready for that, Michael?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t walk on you, I could fall and twist an ankle or something. We wouldn’t want that. But I might kick you. That would be safer. But hey, anyway, tell me, Michael, do you know what the difference between a bootlicker and an ass kisser is?””

“No, Ma’am.”

“Well, I’m not surprised, because in your case, there is no difference. Mistress needs her asshole licked. Do it!”

She lifted her legs high and back. With her hands she spread her cheeks apart, opening her hole wide. I was not capable of independent thought. Before meeting Crystal, the idea of putting my tongue in a woman’s ass would have repulsed me. But now, my only driver was obedience. I slid my tongue in and out, rimming all around the moist opening.

“Yes. Oh, so very yes! I like that feeling. It is very sensitive down there. Eat it for me, baby, gimme some sweet succulent loving.”

She kept me there for a few minutes. I found myself enjoying the sordid intimacy of pleasuring my Empress in this way.

“Ok, enough. Stop licking. I want you to go down the hall to my bedroom. You’ll see the bathroom on the left. There is a white towel on the shower floor with a vinyl pillow at the top of it. Lay down on the towel with your head on the pillow and wait for me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes after I finish this beer.”

My jaw dropped when I entered her bedroom. It was huge. The bed itself was enormous with a round mattress twice as big as a king size. The sheets were a glistening red silk with black pillows strewn all over them. There were two large windows with views of Haystack Rock and the ocean. The carpet was a thick black pile that caressed my feet as I walked. Looking up, I noticed the large mirror above the bed. I again felt out of place in this palatial estate. Even a momentary separation from Crystal made me anxious. The bathroom was larger than my apartment on post with a marble tiled shower area with three shower heads.

I laid down on the thick white towel on the floor, grateful that it was there as the tile was cold. The vinyl pillow seemed a bit out of place but it provided some comfort. I wondered what was going to happen next. Fifteen minutes went by. Finally, Crystal walked in. She stood over me, one foot on each side. A sudden ominous dread came over me.

“Ok, Michael, time for your next lesson. A submissive must have humility. A submissive must surrender his ego totally to his Mistress. Do you agree?”

Fear again gripped me, preventing me from answering. I felt my heart pounding. I wanted to run away but I was paralyzed beneath my Domme.

She placed the toe of her left boot on my balls, pressing down through the bathing suit. “Maybe if I crush your fucking balls, you’ll answer me.”

“Yes, Ma’am, I agree.” I stuttered out the words in a clearly panicked voice.

“Very good. I knew you would. You’ve won medals and promotions and lots of praise but when you’re with me, you’re nothing. And you’ll swallow anything because you want what I have so bad that you’ll crawl through the bowels of hell if I tell you to. Isn’t that right?”


“Yes, is right. Well, we’re going to annihilate your ego and your pride right now. I’m going to piss all over you, soldier boy. And you are to keep your eyes and your mouth open. Do you understand me?”

A blitzkrieg of terror descended upon me. I couldn’t answer.

“You’re such a pussy, Michael. Look at you! Scared shitless! Here, baby boy, look at a real pussy. Look right up into it. Let me lift my skirt and squat a little more so you can get a better view of it. I’m holding four beers that have been filtered through my perfect body and you’re about to taste all four of them. You better not close your eyes, because if you do, I will kick you so hard you’ll wish you hadn’t.”

The piss gushed out of her, streaming onto my chest. I gasped in horror. My body shook. The humiliation was so overwhelming that I thought I might pass out from the shock of it. Yet, somehow I maintained consciousness. As ordered, I watched as she aimed her golden shower. I watched as steamy amber droplets splattered up onto my face. I watched as her river of urine filled my mouth and I watched as she gyrated her hips to and fro to have the piss cover my face and hair. I began to cry as this all out attack on my dignity continued. She had purposefully filled her bladder to prolong my complete degradation as long as possible. I laid there numb and stupid when the yellow rain finally stopped, leaving me drenched and helpless on a stinking piss soaked towel.

“Oh shit! I got some pee drops on my boots! After all the work you put into cleaning them! Damn! Well, you can revisit them later. I’m gonna leave you here for a while, Michael. I’ll be back to take another whiz; it may take several efforts to empty out, for you know what they say: “You don’t buy beer, you just rent sancaktepe escort it.” So, lay back and relax. I’ll see you again soon!”

My spirit was broken. I was psychologically shattered. She had succeeded in her goal of crushing my ego. There was nothing left. I had suffered through the most abject humiliation I had ever experienced. It was not just a surrender, it was a total and unmitigated defeat. The tears continued to flow down my face, mixing with the urine I was spitting from my mouth. I tried to understand her actions but this was very hard to absorb. Yet, after a few minutes passed, my determination rose like a phoenix from the piss covered floor. I would survive this. I knew that sometime I would receive the gift of ecstasy she had given me in the first session. I was sure the worst was over. How wrong I was.

Crystal came back in and stood on my right, clearly not happy: “Explain your disobedience to me!”

I did not know what she was talking about so I had no explanation for her.

“Answer me, you worthless fuck!” She kicked me hard in the thigh area.

“Ma’am, I don’t know what you mean!”

“WHY IS THE FRONT FUCKING DOOR NOT LOCKED?” she screamed as I lay prostrate at her feet. Her eyes glowered with anger.

I died inside. I mentally replayed coming through the door and I remembered neglecting to turn the deadbolt. I had thought about it in the car but I was so anxious walking in that I forgot to do what had been stated very clearly in the Instructions.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”

She squatted again to piss angrily with great force directly into my face. I gagged as her wastewater flooded my mouth. When finished she stepped back to avoid the growing puddle getting on her boots.

“You got ten minutes, bitch dog. Take a shower, clean all that shit off you, and dry off. Get the collar and bathing suit off and leave them on the counter in the bathroom. I don’t want those smelly things near me. When you’re done, crawl into the bedroom. Go over to the sofa and kneel on the slab of granite you’ll find there.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You fuck up again and you’re leaving. Do you understand me, asshole?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She walked out. I immediately got up, urine dripping from my body. I turned one of the showers on full blast as hot as I could stand it. The water was a welcome relief, not only cleansing me but bringing me back to my senses. The scented soap was heavenly. I wanted to bathe for an hour but the clock was running. I shut the valve and dried off, leaving the collar and my suit, somewhat cleaner now, on the counter. I then got down on all fours to head into the bedroom.

The bedroom carpet made for some slow crawling, but eventually I made it over to the couch where I found the granite slab covered with a sheet of coarse sandpaper. I knelt on it gingerly. I did not want to move.

“Put this on!”

A red scarf hit my chest. I grabbed it and put it around my neck.

“It’s a blindfold, you moron. Put it on tight and make sure it blocks out all light.”

I wrapped it around my head, tying a knot in the back. I could see nothing.

“Move up a little.”

I slid my knees a painful inch forward on the sandpaper. Crystal leaned in close. I could feel her breath on my ear as she whispered to me in a stern tone that definitely held my attention:

“You fucked up. I will not tolerate disobedience. When I give you Instructions, you are to follow every word of them like they are Biblical writ. I told you to lock the goddamn door but you couldn’t be bothered. Someone could have walked in the house and stolen anything they wanted while you were eating my pussy and lapping my boots. You are hanging by a very thin thread. I have been very good to you, little boy. I have opened a whole new world to you. I have taken you where you could never get on your own. And what do I get in return? Disrespect and insubordination. I have no choice but to punish you. It is necessary to teach you a lesson you obviously need to learn. You will not be allowed to have an orgasm today nor will you be permitted to touch Goddess’ breasts. And now, … you are going to take a beating. Stand up!”

Although fearful, I was resigned to my fate. I understood that discipline was part of the training process. I was being molded to feel that I deserved whatever was coming. I had put an effort into being obedient to Mistress but I had failed.

She led me over to another part of the room.

“Put this on, then put your hands out in front of you.”

She handed me another collar. By feel, it seemed much like the other one with a steel ring but it was obviously a different one as it was dry. After attaching it around my neck, I extended my arms out with my hands touching. Mistress then put metal bracelets connected with a metal bar around my wrists. It was hooked onto a device which was ratcheted into the air, pulling my hands and arms upward until I was stretched out. Next, I felt clamps being placed on my nipples. I cried out at the pain which increased when she tied a string through the clamps to the ring on my collar, causing the pincers to be pulled upward on my burning nipples. Lastly, she put a headset over my ears. A low-level static white noise came through the speakers making it impossible to hear anything outside the headset. I was effectively blind, deaf, naked, immobilized, in pain, and vulnerable. I waited for what was next.

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