A Spanking from John

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A Spanking from JohnAn encounter and Education with my Fathers closest FriendRiding my bicycle home from college as I do every day is one of my favorite activities, it gives me time to think and the sensual rocking back and forth of my pussy on the leather seat satisfies my wanton desires. This particular day I was feeling particularly horny, my panties had worked their way up into my pussy and I was soaking my bicycle seat. As I rode down the street to my house I noticed a car in the driveway that belonged to a good friend of my Fathers and someone that I had a strong crush on. John Banks was an older man, white hair, tall and really good looking. As I rode up the driveway I noticed that he was alone and as I pulled up alongside him I virtually slid of my bicycle seat. He held onto my bike as I invited him into the house and as I walked ahead of him I saw him run his hand over the wet seat and then lift his hand up to his nose to take a deep whiff of the fragrance. Once in the kitchen I had John sit down while I got us some lemonade from the fridge and when I put it down in front of him I sat myself down right in his lap. I reminded him that he kept promising to take me out to a fancy restaurant and I started to tease him as to when he was going to do it, while that was happening my Father came home. He was a little surprised to see us this way but I explained that I was trying to get John to set a date for us, but I didn’t say what I had in mind. My Dad told John that we might as well go out to dinner because I would not give up pestering him. After John left my Dad asked me if I was looking for a real date with John and what my intensions were. He knew that I had a crush on John so I relented and told him that I intended on staying the night with him. My Dad was a little shocked but I explained that I would rather learn from an experienced man that I could trust and not some guy that just wanted to get into my pants. He understood and kind of agreed with me but warned me that John Banks had a reputation with young ladies and yes he had lots of experience but also had some unusual tastes. I told him that I had heard about him and that was one reason why I was interested in him.When Friday night came I was as nervous as a cat, Daddy had bought me a nice short black party dress, a lovely pearl necklace and very sexy high heel shoes. He sat me down before John arrived and asked me one more time if I knew what I was getting myself into and wanted to promise him that I would keep my senses and I promised him that I would not do anything stupid. John arrived right on time and when he came in and saw me his mouth dropped open, he then complimented me on how much I had transformed from a school girl into a stunning young lady. John drives a Porsche and as I got in and slid down into the seat my skirt worked its way right up to completely expose my legs. He took a few moments before closing the door to absorb the image that I was presenting and I knew at that moment that tonight would be special. All the way to the nightclub he kept looking over at my legs and saying how lovely I looked tonight, I also noticed that the front of his pants were looking a lot tighter and fuller than when he first arrived at the house. When we got to the nightclub he quickly exited the car and ran around to open my door, I used the opportunity to give tempobet yeni giriş him a brief view between my legs and my silky panties, pretending of course that I had no idea I had done so. The rest of the evening was perfect, we had a lovely meal did a little dancing, chatted a lot about nothing and everything and as it started to get late I took the next step and asked if we would be heading back to his place. His face lit up at this suggestion and I knew he wanted to take me back just didn’t know how to bring it up or even if it was appropriate. On the way back to his place I turned sideways in the seat so he could get a better look at my legs and I did notice that he was having a little difficulty keeping his eyes on the road.We arrived at John’s house and quickly made our way inside, I motioned for him to sit on the sofa and as he did I planted myself onto his lap facing him with my legs straddling his hips. Before he could say a word I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted a long deep wet open mouthed kiss trying to suck the life out of him. After a few minutes we both had to stop to catch our breath, I backed up a bit to look into his eyes and John started to tell me how he could not believe how passionate I was and then he used that key word saying how naughty I was and how naughty I had been earlier display my legs and panties the way I had. In a little girl voice and looking up at him I said I didn’t mean to be naughty and then added I hope this doesn’t earn me a bare bottom spanking. That of course was John’s key word and he replied, Oh yes miss Jennifer you have been a very naughty little girl and with that he slowly moved me to his left side and then positioned me face down over his lap. As He lifted my little black dress up over my bottom and slide my panties down to my knees I started to wiggle my bottom and grind my pelvis into his lap but he gave me a few quick slaps to my bum and told me to stop. The sting and the resulting warmth from those couple smacks were intoxicating, John explained that I would be punished his way and to do as I was told and then asked me if I understood what he was saying. I knew that I would have to do what was expected of me but I also knew that I wanted and trusted him so looking back at him and in a normal quiet voice I said that I would do whatever pleased him.I waited patiently for the first yummy smacks to be applied to my backside, I could feel John gently running his hands up and down my bottom and legs which caused me to spread my legs a little. Then smack smack, John scolded me asking me if I had been given permission to open my legs, I didn’t answer right away so another smack smack, did I he barked, no Sir I replied. He said again that I must do as I am told and to obey his every instruction without question, smack smack is that clear Jennifer. Yes Sir Oh yes Sir very clear Sir, I replied. He went back to stroking my bottom, feeling the young firm flesh and the solid toned muscles beneath. John asked me if Daddy had ever spanked me to which I replied no Sir, then added that he could never bring himself to strike me no matter what. Well john replied it is up to me to make up for lost time, I guess we are in for a long night. My heart was pounding in my chest with excitement and anticipation as the moment’s ticked by and then I could feel his tempobet giriş hand leave my bum and lift up into the air. I closed my eyes and then, smack smack smack smack his hand descending down onto my unprotected tender bottom. More smacks, coming fast and hard smack smack smack smack. John settled down into a steady rhythm of smacks alternating from my bum to my thighs until I was squealing and howling like a spoiled little girl. I could hear John laughing quietly to himself as I was starting to squirm on his lap but he just kept smacking away, smack smack smack smack, until I started to cry and sob loudly, that was John’s que to stop and lift me up so he could hug me. As I hugged him close, my face wet with tears I kissed him deeply, then lifting up I reach down in an attempt to undo the front of his trousers. John stopped me and lifting me up and cradling me in his arms he carried me off to the bedroom.I assumed that he would lay me down on the bed to make love to me but instead bent me over the foot board of the bed and started to tie my hands and legs to straps that were already attached to the bed posts. I looked back and asked what was going on but that evoked another couple of good hard slaps to my already sore bottom, smack smack. John then asked me if he had given me permission to speak and of course the answer was no Sir, smack smack, that’s correct Jennifer he said you were not given permission to speak, smack smack. John then explained that he was not anywhere near finished punishing me and added that the playful spanking that I had just received was just a warm up. Warm up! I thought, oh my goodness I might have gotten myself into something that I had not counted on. He sensed the fear in me and then quietly and calmly asked me to trust him, adding he knew how much I could take and from his position could tell if I had enough. John walked over to a large closet and as he opened the door I could see a vast display of whips, canes and straps, he looked at them for a minute and then selected a long thin cane that he swished through the air as he walked back over to me. He set it down beside me so I could see it and then put a ball gag into my mouth that fastened around the back of my head. John said he didn’t like it when a young lady makes too much noise while he whips her so this would muffle my screams. As he stepped back he stroked his fingers between my pussy lips, coating them with my thick wet slippery vaginal fluids, Nice he said I can see this is having the desired result. He wasted no time and after measuring his distance began whacking the daylights out of me with that awful cane. Whup whup whup thud thud whup whack whack smack smack I was trying to yell out but the gag made it impossible, the pain cut right through me and the awful heavy meaty sound it made as it sunk into my flesh was frightening. He whipped me hard and fast, I had no time to recover from each stroke before the next one struck. Whup whup whup whup a steady stream of tears poured down my cheeks as I cried as hard as I could but he continued, whack whack whack whack. It finally stopped and after untying me he placed me on my back at the head of the bed, I figured that it had to be over but instead he tied my hands to the headboard this time and lifted my legs over my head and fastened my ankles to the headboard too. tempobet güvenilirmi I was now looking up between my parted legs and in such an exposed and vulnerable position I could not fathom what he had in mind next. He was beaming with delight as he looked down between my legs at my tear stained face, he had left the gag in my mouth and was telling me it would soon be over but the most intense part of my education was to come. John selected a Scottish Taws from his collection and began gently stroking it up and down my inner thighs and through my pussy lips coating and soaking it with my arousal that was ever so present. As he did so I began working my hips trying to hump this implement that would soon create such intense feelings which made John laugh out loud. He stepped back and stripped his clothes off revealing a fit body and rather thick long smooth penis, seeing this made my eyes widen and my pussy contract with anticipation but he wasn’t quite ready. With his heavy cock bobbing up and down he began flicking the Taws at my inner thighs, slowly increasing the force and speed until he was lashing me as fast as he could. My screams were of course muffled and I could do nothing to stop the assault but when he switched to whipping me directly on my pussy it was more than I could bare. Every emotional feeling burst from me, anger, fear, incredible pain, sexual bliss, ecstasy, and before I passed out, one massive orgasm.I awoke a little while later bathed in perspiration with John beside me stroking my tear soaked hair and speaking softly into my ear, telling me how proud he was of my performance and now for my reward. He was such a gentleman as he positioned himself above me supporting himself on his knees and hands so as not to smoother the life out of me and slowly with great care, eased that python of a penis up my pussy and deep into my belly. As He slid that monster ever so slowly in and out of me covering it with my slick juices I could hold on no longer, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and began moaning and hissing like a whore. John had incredible control over his lust as he methodically kept his rhythm in pace with my orgasms timing each contraction with an inward thrust. I was in a dream world that I had previously not know, unsure of how long these blissful orgasms could continue but soon exhaustion took over me and I collapsed on the bed barely able to catch my breath. Only at this time did John allow himself to finally release his own pent up orgasm and it was worth the wait as he pumped load after load of his sticky hot cum up inside me until it overflowed and ran down my bum to pool on the bed. We layed together for some time before cleaning up and retiring to bed, I slept better that night cradled in his arms than I had ever slept before.John teased me awake in the morning with his face buried between my legs and ever so delicately licking my pussy and clit. It did not take much to get me grunting as I grabbed the back of his head, pushing his tongue into me and squirting my juices into his face. He rolled me onto my tummy gave me a few good firm smacks to my well-marked bottom as he hopped out of bed said time to get you home, your father will be wondering about you. I knew Daddy would see a new and different young woman come home and I am sure he was well aware of what John put me through plus John made it clear that he intended to continue my education for as long as it takes.I hope you enjoyed reading my little fantasy as much as I enjoyed writing it, all constructive criticisms are appreciated.Hugs and luscious Kisses, Jennifer.

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