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Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 147 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 147 By Rob Williams IN THIS CHAPTER: In Nate’s fantasy Adam is on the plane in uniform. “The handsome flight attendant, shirtless, orders Nate, `On your knees boy’.” Eddie is double-teamed by two black bodybuilders, master and boy, “their magnificent bodies rising and falling over him, impaling him.” Adam takes brutal revenge on Zack. “The black muscle-god’s magnificent body was hanging limply in bondage, whipped, humbled and degraded.” *************** A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – Chapter 147 “Nate’s Fantasy; Eddie’s Adventure; Adam’s Revenge” It was a busy day in the house. For starters, Darius had just initiated Eddie as his boy in a wild sexual marathon with Pablo. “So that’s it, kid,” Darius said. “You’ve just been fucked for the first time in your life. How does it feel to be my boy?” “Better than anything I’ve ever felt in my whole entire life, sir.” While that was going on in the basement, upstairs in the garden there was a joyful reunion. Nate was wrapped in the arms of a man in airline uniform … Adam, who had just arrived from Sydney on a three-day visit to see his boy. They were eager to relieve the intense lust that had built up in his two-week absence and Adam said, “So what are we waiting for, mate? Let’s go up to your room.” But just as they were leaving a deep voice interrupted, “Don’t forget about me, stud.” Adam looked up and saw Zack standing at the gate shirtless, his muscular torso gleaming in the sun. Adam tensed. “Don’t worry, big guy, I’m aware we have some unfinished business. Later, man.” And he took his boy upstairs. Soon after that, Bob dropped into the kitchen to talk to the twins about dinner. “Looks like a full house tonight, guys. Adam’s here, as you know. Hassan is coming over to spend the night with Adam and Nate. And Eddie will still be here … it’s his last night before going back to Palm Springs. Where are the other boys, by the way?” “Oh, Nate’s still in his room with Adam,” grinned Kyle, “making up for lost time.” Kevin added, “Darius is across the street with Zack … said he needed to discuss something with him. Jamie’s up in the office and Pablo is down in the gym putting Eddie through another workout.” “Jeez, so many boys,” Bob mused. “And so much going on. Gonna be a busy day…” **************** When Nate and Adam reached his room Nate’s excitement was tinged with an initial shyness. He was Adam’s boy alright but he only saw him when Adam worked a QANTAS flight to L.A. which he did about twice a month. The rest of the time Nate was Hassan’s boy, an arrangement they had all worked out the last time Adam was here. That was a couple of weeks ago so they were both in heat, dying to get reacquainted in the way they knew best. Adam had come straight from the airport so he was still in his black QANTAS uniform. That of course is how Nate and Jamie had first met him, on the long flight from L.A. to Sydney. As they had watched the gorgeous flight attendant walk up and down the aisles of the cabin, both boys had fantasized about his body and mentally undressed him. Well that fantasy was about to become a reality for Nate and he was alive with anticipation. Charged up as he was he still didn’t fail to notice a subtle change in Adam … more dominant, somehow … more authoritarian than before. And Nate loved it, especially when Adam said, “Let’s make it even more special this time eh? Remember what we did here that one time?” He inspected the bed posts and said, “Well, I guess you do remember … the ropes are still here. OK, boy, I think you know what to do. Adam stood with his arms folded across his chest, watching his boy, who was trembling with excitement. They had got into bondage just once, when Adam had tied him to the bed, and it was that image that Nate jerked off to when he thought of Adam, which he did a lot. And now it was happening again. Nate quickly pulled off his T-shirt and dropped his shorts, standing naked before him still wearing his sneakers, a look that he knew turned Adam on. “Good boy,” said Adam. OK, next…” Nate fell on his back on the bed and stretched out his arms and legs in a spread-eagled position. Adam walked round the bed rubbing the crotch of his uniform pants as he surveyed his boy. “Oh, yeah, that’s what I remember … my naked boy waiting for me to fuck him.” He leaned across Nate to tie his wrist to the bedpost with the rope. Nate gasped as he remembered the first time Adam had leaned across him on the plane. He had also been in uniform then, of course, reaching across him to give Jamie his first cocktail. Nate always remembered that beautiful face coming close to him, he remembered the contours of his chest shaped by the crisp white shirt under his jacket. And now here was Adam again, in his uniform, stretching across him. But this time Nate was not in an airplane seat looking up at the handsome flight attendant serving drinks. Now he was naked, and the same man was tying him to the bed. His cock was rigid but his excitement was tinged with a frisson of fear as he pulled at the ropes and realized he was entirely at Adam’s mercy. Again he recalled how he and Jamie had watched Adam on the plane taking off his uniform jacket and how Nate had laughingly whispered to Jamie, “Wish he’d take the shirt off too.” Adam guessed that Nate’s thoughts were running along these lines and he said, “Let me show you what I do when I get home after a trip.” Nate held his breath as he watched Adam remove his jacket and fold it round a hanger in the closet. He loosened his tie and pulled it off, then slowly he unbuttoned his shirt from the top and Nate saw that he was wearing a white T-shirt underneath. Adam opened the shirt, pulled it from his waistband, shrugged it off and draped it round the back of a chair. Stripped down to his T-shirt Adam knew exactly how to excite his boy … and he was in no hurry. He picked up one of the beers that Nate had brought to the room for them, twisted off the top and took a deep swig. Nate pulled at his restraints as he gazed at the spectacular man, his finely etched features, short dark hair and hypnotic brown eyes. The tight T-shirt hugged his torso, showing off his perfect body underneath … broad shoulders, the slabs of his chest, lats tapering down to the slim waist and the elegant uniform belt. Nate’s cock was shuddering and he had to touch it. “Please, sir,” he said, “may I have one hand free to touch my cock, just to touch it, sir.” “No!” The curt response surprised Nate. Adam sprawled in a chair with his beer and gazed at his boy. “First I need to see how bad you want me. Did you miss me when I was gone? Did you fantasize about me? Come on, boy … tell me.” Nate was taken aback … he hadn’t expected that. But it wasn’t so hard to obey … his fantasies had been so real and he had often jerked off to them. He gulped and began. “Well, sir, I had a dream about you. It was real vivid, and since then I’ve fantasized about it a lot.” “Good … so tell me about it … make it good … turn me on, kid.” “Well, sir, it’s like … like I’m back on that plane on the flight to Sydney. One of the flight attendants is so gorgeous in his uniform he takes my breath away. I see him take off his jacket and I can tell he has a great body under his shirt. He looks so hot walking around the cabin and while he works he keeps glancing over at me. When he looks at me my cock gets hard.” “I’m so turned on by him that I know I have to jack off so I go to the lavatory and pull out my dick. But in my rush I forgot to lock the door and it opens and the flight attendant comes in and locks the door behind him. He pushes me against the wall and I watch as he takes off his tie, unbuttons his shirt and pulls it off. He’s wearing a T-shirt underneath, over his muscular body.” Adam put down the beer, stood up in his T-shirt and uniform pants and stretched his arms out sideways. “Does he look like this?” “Yes, sir, exactly like that. Well, then in my fantasy he suddenly reaches behind his neck and pulls up on the T-shirt and slowly it rises over his washboard abs, over his chest, over his shoulders …” “Like this?” said Adam, slowly pulling off his T-shirt exactly as Nate was describing. “Yes, sir,” Nate said hoarsely, “exactly like that. And he stands in front of me, stripped to the waist, and his body is spectacular and I’m sure he has a bulge in those uniform pants.” Adam stood shirtless before him, looking magnificent, flexing his muscles and rubbing his hand over his bulging crotch. “Does your flight attendant look like this, boy?” “Yes, sir.” Nate was spinning between fantasy and reality as he continued his story. “But then the plane hits turbulence and it shakes. Usually I hate turbulence but this time I hardly feel it. The flight attendant orders me to kneel in front of him, and then I know the bulge in his pants is real, `cause it’s a few inches from my face. He pulls my wrists up and holds them against the lavatory wall above my head. Then he presses the bulge in his pants against my face. Adam jumped onto the bed and knelt, straddling Nate’s chest. He gripped his tied wrists and pushed the bulge in his uniform pants hard into his face. “So this gorgeous, shirtless flight attendant has you trapped against the wall and you can feel the hard cock under his pants grinding against you. You can almost taste it. Is this how it feels, boy?” He pulled away and Nate gasped, “Yes, sir. It feels just like that.” Nate was in a frenzy now, his voice getting louder. “Then suddenly he zips open his pants and pulls out this huge cock, and it’s hard as a rod.” “Like this?” Adam unzipped his pants and yanked out his rigid cock. “Yes, sir,” Nate shouted. “Then the turbulence gets worse and the plane shakes even more and I’m about to yell out in fear but he gags me by stuffing his big cock into my mouth …” “Like this, boy?” and Adam plunged his cock deep into Nate’s mouth, making him gag. Adam had fucked his boy’s face before but never like this. It was a ferocious fuck, hammering his cock deep down his throat, choking him as he tried desperately to breathe through his nose. Tears started flowing from his eyes as he gazed up at Diyarbakır Escort the magnificent body heaving above him. The bed was shaking, Nate was gagging and then he heard Adam yell as cum poured into the back of his throat, and he felt his own cock explode all over himself. He was close to suffocating, when the cock pulled out and he heard Adam’s voice. “Is that how the flight attendant fucks your face in your dream, boy?” “Yes, sir … well not quite as hard as that, sir, but he makes me come all over the lavatory floor. But that’s not the end of my fantasy, sir, `cause then he pulls me up off my knees onto my feet, turns me around and pushes me against the wall, face first. He yanks down my pants and I hear him unbuckle his own pants and drop them, and I know his cock is still hard `cause I feel it pressing against my ass.” Adam jumped off the bed, kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants. He knelt between Nate’s legs, pushed them up high and pressed his cock against his hole. “Is that how his cock feels? Do you know what that flight attendant’s gonna do to you now? He’s gonna fuck your ass. Is that what you want? “Yes, sir, I want it real bad. I’ve wanted him to fuck me ever since I first saw him on the plane looking at me. Then suddenly the turbulence gets real heavy and the plane is bumping all over the place, and it’s then that his cock plunges into my ass, sir.” “Like this boy?” Adam yelled, and drove his cock deep and hard into the young ass. Nate screamed, “Yes, sir. That’s how he fucks me, sir. He has me jammed against the lavatory wall and he’s fucking my ass with his huge cock. He’s pounding my ass, and it hurts, sir!” Having just cum in Nate’s mouth Adam’s fuck lasted a long time, and Nate had never felt it this hard. He gazed up into his master’s brown eyes and the sight of his body bucking over him lessened the pain. He would do anything for this man, even take the merciless rod impaling his ass like a piston. Nate was ecstatic … and scared. Adam had never been this rough before and he wasn’t sure how much more he could take, when finally Adam spoke again. “Does the guy pound your ass like this against the wall? While the plane bounces and rolls, do you feel his body pressed against your back? Do you feel his cock getting bigger, harder, do you hear him yell as he shoots another load deep inside your ass … like this …?” “Yes, sir,” Nate screamed. “Exactly like this, sir.” Their screams filled the room as they both exploded in a second orgasm, Adam deep inside his boy’s ass and Nate in a high ribbon of cum that splashed on his master’s chest. Nate was mesmerized by the handsome face staring down at him as he felt the last of his juice draining into his ass. He gasped as the cock pulled sharply out of him and he heard Adam speak again. “What happens next in your fantasy, kid?” Nate struggled to recover his heaving breath and stammered, “In my dream the turbulence is still bad and suddenly the “Return to Seat” light flashes on. The flight attendant dresses quickly and says, `Go back to your seat now and fasten your seat belt until I tell you it’s safe to move around the cabin. And be careful when you next use the lavatory. There’ll probably be turbulence again’.” *************** As Adam looked down at Nate’s eager, innocent face he was suddenly overcome with remorse. Quickly he untied his wrists, pulled him up onto his feet and folded him in a loving embrace. “I’m sorry, mate,” he breathed in his ear. “Jesus, I was rough on you. I kinda got carried away … I didn’t mean it to be like that. These last couple of weeks in Sydney I’ve thought constantly of making love to you, gently, showing my boy how much I love him. But now I do this … talking rough to you, ramming my cock down your throat, brutally pounding your ass.” “But I didn’t mind, sir. Making my fantasy come to life was totally awesome. And anyway, I’m your boy … I would take anything from you.” “But you shouldn’t have to … not that rough … that wasn’t me, kid … that was some demons inside me that I’ve got to get rid of.” Suddenly Nate’s cell phone rang. It was the twins, apologizing for the interruption and asking when Nate would be down to help them. “Right away, guys. Oh dear,” he said to Adam, “I took an hour off work to be with you, mate … to say hello, kind of …” Adam smiled, “And our hello has taken a couple of hours. Then off you go, mate. Hassan will be here soon and later I’ll show you and your sweet ass the real me … the gentle one.” When Nate had left the room Adam folded his clothes and took a hot shower. He scrubbed hard at his flesh … he was mad at himself. Sure Nate had loved the sexual fantasy but Adam had been much too rough with him. He knew he had been trying to prove how tough and macho he was… and now it dawned on him why he had done that. As he stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel round his waist there was a tap at the door and Hassan walked in. “Hey, man, Hassan said with a broad smile … well aren’t you a sight for a weary soldier’s eyes?” He took him into a tight bearhug, then gazed at him at arm’s length. “Jesus, I always forget how spectacular you look … especially wearing nothing but a towel. Nate told me you were up here … had a glow about him … great sex I assume.” “Yeah, well it was, but …” Hassan heard the hesitancy. “Hey, what’s up buddy?” “Shit, man, I was so fucking rough on the kid, yelling at him, banging my dick down his throat then jackhammering his ass. I guess I was trying to prove what a stud I was … but I was proving it to the wrong guy.” Hassan saw his body tense and his fists clench and he said quietly, “Is this about Zack, buddy?” Adam’s eyes blazed, “Hell yes! It’s about the guy who has dominated me ever since I met him here, the guy who tied me up, whipped me, broke me, made me submit. Shit, when I tied Nate to the bed just now it all came back … how Zack had done the same to me that time when he became the first man ever to fuck my ass. He demolished me, man. He pissed on me, made me lick his boots and I crawled through the dirt begging him … `I need your cock in my ass. Please man, I’ve gotta have it’.” Adam was in a frenzy, pacing the room, clenching and unclenching his fists. He whirled round, dropped the towel and faced Hassan naked, his arms stretched out to the sides. “Hell, man, look at me … do I look like a fucking slave, a man who crawls naked through the dirt and begs to have his ass fucked? I can’t get over how he took my manhood away from me, man, turned me into a fucking slave. That’s why I have to prove my strength again, my masculinity … and that’s why I subjected my boy to rough sex. Shit, I was trying to prove I’m still a man!” “Hey, hey,” Hassan said soothingly, pulling him down into a chair. He sat facing him, leaning forward and looking deep into his eyes. “Don’t be so tough on yourself, buddy. Man, you are one of the most beautiful alpha males I’ve ever seen … a man’s man. Shit, they all wanna submit to you, man, to get fucked by you. Do you think for a minute that I would be here now if you weren’t that kind of guy? Or that Nate would be so thrilled to be your boy?” Hassan shook his head, “No, these demons are all in your mind, Adam, and you’ve gotta wrestle them to the ground. And the only way to do it is to confront Zack … and soon.” Adam looked into Hassan’s slanted dark eyes and smiled for the first time. “Thanks, man, you’re a real pal. I needed to hear that, especially from you. You’re right … now it’s between just me and Zack.” ****************** As it happened, right at that moment Zack was very much in the role of master, having a heart-to-heart with his boy Darius in his house across the street. Now that he had made Eddie his boy Darius had come for advice to his master while Eddie was in the gym with Pablo. “So, kid,” Zack said proudly, “you’ve finally got a boy of your own … you’re a master. You fucked, Eddie, right? You were the first?” “Yes, sir,” said Darius proudly. “It took a while for him to let me into his ass, but I guess he needed it real bad so he gritted his teeth and took it?” Zack frowned. “Hm, that tough, uh? But you spent time loosening him up first, didn’t you?” “Well, no sir … I just kinda got right down to it.” “What kind of lube did you use?” “Lube? I didn’t use any, sir. I just spat in my hand and rubbed it over my cock.” “Shit, boy, a young guy like that, a virgin ass, no foreplay … and you dry-fucked him with that huge tool of yours?” Darius was a bit taken aback. “Well, yeah, I guess I did.” “Shit, it’s partly my fault. I should have prepared you better. Still, it’s done and he’s your boy.” Just then Eddie bounced into the room, flushed from his workout session with Pablo. Seeing Zack and Darius together he stopped short, but his eyes were still shining, his breath heaving. Zack grinned at him. “Looks like Pablo gave you a pretty tough workout, uh kid?” “Yes, sir,” Eddie said shyly, intimidated as always by the black muscle-god, Darius’s master. “Just like my boy here did when he pushed his big dick in your ass. You know, Eddie, we’ve got a brand new situation here. See, Darius is your master and he’s my boy … so in a way that makes you my boy too … once removed, kind of.” “I … I guess so, sir.” Eddie’s brow wrinkled and he blurted it, “Does that mean you’re gonna fuck me, sir?” Zack laughed. “Well not if you don’t want it, kid. Do you want it?” Eddie’s frown deepened as he gazed at the magnificent black master, shirtless in black jeans, his muscular torso gleaming in the golden light of the afternoon sun coming through the window. “Well, I … I have fantasized about it sir … what it would be like … ” “… but that first time it hurt a lot and you think I might ream that sweet ass of yours and hurt you bad.” Zack flashed a quick glance at Darius. “OK, Eddie, let me show you that you can get fucked with no pain … nothing but pleasure. Strip off that gym gear and get on the bed, kid. I won’t do anything you don’t want and if you say stop, I’ll stop, OK?” “Yes, sir,” Eddie said, hurrying to obey his master’s master. In seconds he was lying naked on his back on the bed, gazing Diyarbakır Escort Bayan up at Zack, his eyes wide with anticipation and a hint of fear. With a shock he noticed for the first time that the ceiling was mirrored and he could hardly believe the sight of the naked boy gazing up at himself, waiting to get fucked. Zack ripped open his pants and let them fall to the ground. Eddie gasped as Zack stood naked, his ebony muscles flexing, the huge black club swinging between his legs, growing as it slowly stiffened. Zack knelt on the bed and leaned over the awestruck boy to open a drawer in the nightstand. He pulled out a jar of lubricant, unscrewed the top and, pushed two fingers into the thick cream. Then he moved his fingers between Eddie’s legs and up against his ass. Slowly, gently he rubbed the greasy tips of his fingers against the boy’s hole, pressing a bit harder until he was greasing the inside of his sphincter. Seeing Eddie’s eyes get wide with wonder Zack smiled, “How’s that feel, Eddie?” The boy found it hard to speak. “It feels … wonderful. Sir, could you go in a bit deeper?” “If you insist,” said Zack, winking at Darius. And he eased both fingers gently inside the ass, stroking the warm membrane inside. When he began to massage the prostate he heard the boy gasp and moan with pleasure. Eddie’s cock was now raging hard, and he was gazing longingly into the steady gray eyes. Zack smiled. “Tell me what you want, Eddie.” “Sir, it feels so good … could you … would you … put your cock in my ass, sir?” “Thought you’d never ask,” grinned Zack, as Darius gazed down in awe at the master at work. Zack pulled out his fingers, dipped them again into the lube and greased up his stiff black rod. He hooked Eddie’s legs over his shoulders and pressed the head of his cock against the hole, already relaxed and waiting. The cock was so greasy that Eddie hardly felt the head pass over his sphincter, until if came to rest just inside him. His ass closed round the hard head and he whispered, “Thank you, sir.” He was getting used to the head of the warm cock just inside him … when suddenly it pulled out. Eddie looked up in alarm, “No, sir, please, put it in again, sir. Please fuck me, sir. Please …” “OK,” Zack grinned and said again, “if you insist.” Darius watched with admiration the masterful way Zack was working on Eddie. He was teasing him now, making him want his cock so badly he was begging for it. Far from pushing back, Eddie was pleading for it to push inside him. God Darius loved Zack … he couldn’t wait to get the same treatment as Eddie. As before Zack pushed the head of his cock just inside Eddie’s ass and then stopped. He was driving the boy wild. Eddie pleaded again, “Please, sir, I want it all … I want your cock right inside me, sir. Please fuck me, sir… fuck my ass … please …” Frantically Eddie reached forward far enough to grab Zack’s hips and with one desperate heave pulled them toward him, driving Zack’s cock into his ass. “Yes…!” Eddie heaved a deep rapturous sigh as he felt the long grease-slicked pole sliding smoothly inside his tender young ass. Fire surged through his body as he wriggled his ass farther onto the huge black club, clenching his ass muscles round it, squeezing tight. He had wanted Zack’s cock so desperately he had done it himself, pulled the long rod deep into his ass. “Wow, your ass feels great, kid,” Zack said. “That’s it, take my cock, boy.” He pulled all the way back and plunged it in again, watching Eddie’s face writhe in pure ecstasy. The feeling in Eddie’s ass was exquisite. He looked up at the muscle-god rising and falling over him and he pressed his hands against the massive chest, digging his fingers into the hard pecs. He stared up at the ceiling and saw the reflection of the wide, V-shaped back, the slim waist and the narrow hips pushing against his ass, driving the piston inside him. Zack looked at Darius and nodded down at Eddie’s face. Darius grinned, knowing exactly what to do. He stripped naked and knelt on the bed, straddling Eddie’s chest. Eddie was startled as he looked up at the massive ten-inch cock above his face and he began to drool. “Are you going to fuck my face, sir,” he asked. “Damn right I am, boy.” Learning from Zack’s gentle technique Darius pushed the head of his cock slowly into Eddie’s mouth. Eddie was the expert here, sucking in the long black cock, inch after inch until it came to rest deep in his throat. Slowly Darius pulled out and, smiling into his boy’s wide eyes, eased his cock back inside. From then on Eddie hurtled into a world of carnal excess where he was overwhelmed by the power of these men, a master and his boy, and their huge black cocks. The image in the mirror above him was a total fantasy … two black bodybuilders working on him, one pounding his ass and the other his mouth, their magnificent bodies rising and falling over him. His ass was on fire, the big iron rod working it like a piston, while another shaft was pounding his throat. He was being impaled on two huge black cocks and he was quickly spinning out of control. Somewhere in the distance he heard Zack’s deep voice. “OK, Darius, this is it. Let’s baptize our boy!” Eddie was struggling not to pass out. He wanted desperately to feel this incredible sensation… and he did. He screamed into the gag of black meat as one cock exploded in his ass and another in his mouth. Desperately he gulped down the streams of cum that poured from his master’s cock while he felt Zack’s huge club blasting hot cum deep inside his ass. His body was shaking, ablaze, as if lightning was streaking through it. And somewhere in the midst of the fire he felt his own cock erupt in the most spectacular orgasm of his life. *************** For a long time Eddie lay happily on his back between Zack and Darius recovering from the most exciting sex he had ever had. He gazed up at the reflection in the ceiling and thought for the first time in his life that he didn’t look half bad. Of course it helped that he was between two gorgeous black muscle studs who had just got through fucking him, in the mouth and up his ass. His mind was wandering … but suddenly out of the haze a memory jolted him and he sat up. “Sirs, I forgot. After I left the gym Nate asked me to give a hand to him and the twins in the kitchen … kind of get to know them better. Is it OK if …?” “Sure it is,” said Darius. “Go upstairs to my room, take a shower, then go see Nate. It’s a good idea for you to get familiar with the other guys. You’re gonna be around here a lot, kid.” Eddie quickly pulled on the gym clothes he had been wearing and as he was leaving he turned and said, “Sirs, thank you for … well for …” But he couldn’t find the words and ran out. Zack and Darius grinned at each other … and then they heard another voice in the garden. “Hi, you must be the Eddie I’ve heard so much about. We haven’t met … the name’s Adam. I’ll see you later, at dinner.” “Yes, sir,” came the awestruck voice. “Thank you, sir.” Zack leapt to his feet and pulled on his black pants just as the door opened. In walked Adam, wearing blue jeans and a loose tank top that did nothing to hide his muscular physique. The two men stood face to face, their eyes penetrating each other’s like lasers. Nothing was said … the look said it all. But at last Zack spoke. “Beer?” He nodded to Darius and led Adam out to the garden. They both glanced at the two trees between which Adam had been tied, spread-eagled, whipped and ass-fucked by Zack the last time Adam was here. They sat at the garden table and Darius brought out their beers. He turned to leave but Zack said, “No. You’re my boy … you stay.” Darius sat tentatively on a bench a short distance away, his body quivering with anticipation, his fantasies already racing ahead. The men drank in silence until Zack said, “So, I suppose you’ve come to settle the score.” “Something like that.” Another silence. “Shit, man, it can’t go on like this. What you did to me … what you made me do … ” “What you begged me to do to you …to fuck you …” “Yeah, yeah … well it has to stop. Man, I know what kind of guy I am. I’m every bit the tough, dominant stud that you are. I’ve got my own boy now, and he worships me. I’m his master and I won’t be a slave to any other guy … least of all you, in the same house. I’ve gotta have a chance to prove my strength, to show I’m as tough as you are.” “Agreed,” said Zack decisively. “So what’s it to be … we fight? … wrestle? … arm-wrestle?” “Whatever you say, man. Like the old dueling days … choose your weapons.” Zack thought a while, stroking his chin. “Fighting’s messy. Be dumb for one of us to get injured.” He grinned. “Wouldn’t want to mess up that handsome face of yours. No, what we need is some kind of trial of strength.” Another silence. “Tell you what … Hassan was telling me the other day how the military tests the strength of its new recruits. You’d be surprised how they do it. Dead-weight pull-ups. Yeah, the guys hang from a bar and pull up, dead weight, chin up to the bar, see how many they can do. Sure separates the men from the boys.” “Chin-ups,” said Adam skeptically. “A bit lame.” “Nah, we’ll make it special. We’ll do it together and the guy who drops first is the loser. The winner can do whatever he likes to him to make him submit. Anything … no rules … no holds barred. Darius here will be our witness. There’s the challenge, stud. You up for that?” “Bring it on, man,” Adam growled. They stood up and so did Darius, quivering with excitement … a brand new fantasy. And he ran into the house to get his camera. *************** Each of the twin trees in the garden had branches running from them parallel to each other almost eight feet from the ground. They were thick enough to bear a man’s weight but thin enough for a man to grasp. Zack stood under one branch and, facing him a few feet away, Adam stood under the other. They gazed hard at each other, Adam with clenched jaw and Zack with a slight arrogant smile. Adam reached behind his head and pulled his loose tank up over his head, tossing it to the ground like throwing down a gauntlet Escort Diyarbakır challenge. Stripped to the waist, barefoot, the rivals faced each, flexing their muscles like stallions sizing each other up before battle. With a confident smile Zack leaped up, grabbing the branch underhand. Adam did the same and they hung there, feet clear of the ground, arms stretched straight up, shoulders bulging, lats flaring as their muscles took the strain. The sight was too much for Darius. He couldn’t hold his camera still for this so he set it on a tripod stand, trained on the contestants. He pulled his cock out of his pants and stroked it as he watched the trial of strength begin. Everything was smooth at first as the men flexed their muscles and easily pulled themselves up so their chin touched the branch. Again and again they rose and fell, their eyes locked on each other like lasers. It was an equal contest. Zack’s sheer strength was superior but his body was the more heavily muscled so he had more weight to pull up. And what he didn’t know was that Adam had the advantage of performing this exercise almost every day at the gym … it was his specialty. As the contest continued, their bodies began to gleam with sweat, their breathing became heavier and their faces grimaced with effort. For Darius it was a spectacular fantasy that even he had never conjured up … two spectacular muscle-gods, shirtless, barefoot … one ebony black in black jeans, the other a sun-tanned Australian in blue jeans. Exerting all their strength in a challenge for supremacy their muscular bodies, already superb, were now displayed in all their incredible beauty. Their muscles flexed, veins bulged as sweat poured down their faces, down their chests and abs, pooling into wet patches at the bulge in their jeans. Their breathing became moans, then grunts and finally howls, like bodybuilders in a gym lifting heavy weights. Their faces were contorted in pain, their arms and shoulders racked with pain, muscles cracking under intense strain Darius stroked his cock as he watched the incredible sight of the two shirtless bodybuilders hanging from the trees, like they were stretched on the rack, then incredibly pulling themselves up once again, torturing their muscles beyond all limits. They were staring wildly at each other, each willing the other man to give up. They were both way over their pain threshold, beyond endurance … and suddenly one gave up. Both were hanging in stretched torment from the tree, all strength depleted, and they knew this would be the final pull. From somewhere they found the last ounce of strength and began the slow agonizing rise. Adam was groaning, knowing he could last only seconds more. He gritted his teeth, but he knew this was it … he was finished … once again Zack had beaten him. But then, through a haze of pain, he saw Zack drop to the ground. It took seconds for him to realize that Zack had crumpled to his knees and he, Adam, was still hanging from the branch. He felt a burst of triumph, adrenaline pumped through his tortured body and, from somewhere deep down, a last reserve of energy flashed through him. While Zack gazed up at him with defeat in his eyes Adam yelled, “YES!” and pulled himself up to the branch twice more. He dropped to his feet, triumphant, and stood motionless, watching. Already on his knees Zack fell onto his stomach and dragged his broken body painfully through the dirt. When he came close he reached forward, grabbed Adams leg and pulled himself to him. The black muscle-god raised his rugged face … and kissed the victor’s feet in a gesture of abject defeat. ************** But Adam wasn’t finished. He needed to hear Zack submit, to beg … and he needed their witness, Zack’s boy, to hear it. He recalled what Zack had done to him in this very place and he set to work. A few minutes later he was standing back with a look of triumph and a thirst for revenge, gazing on his beaten rival. He had tied the broken man in the same position Zack had once inflicted on him, bound between the trees by wrists and ankles, spread-eagled, wearing only black jeans, his superb ebony body gleaming with sweat. Zack knew how to accept defeat and had not resisted. Besides, he knew Adam could never make him submit like this. And so when Adam picked up the whip that always lay by the house Zack’s arrogant smile was back. And it never left his face as Adam applied all his strength, whipping the muscular black chest, lash after lash. He heard Zack growl in defiance. “You know you’ll never break me like that, stud.” Adam stopped and walked forward, his face inches from Zack’s. “OK, big guy. You made the rules … no holds barred, you said. Good, then see how you like this!” Adam turned round. “Hey you, boy … take this.” And he threw the whip to Darius. Darius caught it mechanically and the truth dawned on him. But he hesitated, looking desperately at his bound master. Zack’s eyes flashed defiance. “Do it, boy. Do what he says. Do it hard … no holding back.” Darius had to obey. He looked at the beautiful black body spread-eagled in bondage, stripped to the waist, his handsome face defiant, jaw clenched. He looked spectacular and unbelievably Darius felt his cock get rock hard, still hanging out of his pants. He raised his arm and began to whip his master’s chest. Obeying Adam’s command and Zack’s own order to him Darius applied all his strength as he whipped the man he loved. He watched his master flinch under each lash, saw the stripes on his chest and the pain on his face. It was an incredible sight, the magnificent muscle-god bound spread-eagled, writhing under the whip, humiliated as his own boy thrashed his master’s helpless, naked body. Darius lost all sense of what was happening … all sense except one … lust. As he whipped blindly he felt his cock shudder, he stared at the gleaming muscles under the lash and he screamed, “I’m cumming, sir. I can’t help it … forgive me!” And his cock exploded in a long stream of cum that splashed on his master’s chest. Darius was sobbing with an overwhelming feeling of guilt. But he kept whipping the gorgeous black body … he had to … had to obey. In his delirium he heard Adam shout to Zack. “You can stop this man. You know how. You once made me beg you to fuck me. Now you have to beg. Submit, man, you know you’re finished. Look at your boy, thrashing you. Release him. All you have to do is submit. I’ve broken you, man … submit!” Zack groaned in agony as he saw the tears streaming down his boy’s face. He screamed, “OK, I submit! You’ve beaten me. I submit to you, sir. Please, sir … fuck me. Please, sir, I’m begging you. Fuck my ass … let me feel your cock in my ass, sir.” “Enough!” Adam’s shout made Darius drop the whip. “Kneel!” Darius fell to his knees in front of his master, his huge club inches from his face. Adam went behind the bound man and pressed his cock against Zack’s ass. He breathed in his ear, “It’s called revenge, man. I’ve beaten you, and now we’re equal. I’ve done everything you did to me. Except for this …” Zack’s scream echoed round the hills as Adam plunged his cock deep into his ass in one long brutal thrust. He pulled back and slammed it in again, the start of a savage revenge fuck. Zack’s hips arched forward in a futile attempt to lessen the pain. His magnificent body writhed as he pulled desperately against the ropes binding him, and his handsome face thrashed from side to side. Dimly he heard Adam’s voice in his ear. “You can stop this too, man. The final submission. You can make the pain stop.” Zack gritted his teeth and suffered the torture as long as he could, but finally his magnificent body surrendered. He sobbed in defeat, “Please, sir, I can’t take any more. I beg you, cum in my ass. Let me feel your juice in my ass. You’ve broken me, man. Take my ass.” Again he screamed as Adam slammed his ass one last time and blasted his load deep inside him. He pulled back and pierced him again with another load of hot semen. Zack howled once more, this time when his own cock exploded, slamming a stream of cum into his boys face. And even Darius was not aware that he himself shot a second load into the dirt. Adam pulled out his cock, picked up the whip and tossed it contemptuously away. Then he stood before the two men, his legs astride, arms folded over his chest in an attitude of supreme triumph. He smiled as he gazed at the defeated black muscle-god. Zack’s tortured face was pouring with sweat and tears, his chest striped by the whip, splashed with his boy’s cum, his magnificent body hanging limply between the trees, humbled and degraded. And at his feet knelt his boy, his face smothered with the semen of his broken master. ************* Meanwhile, in total contrast, the atmosphere across the street was one of domestic serenity. Bob was checking on the twins’ preparations for the big dinner. “Think you can cope, guys?” “Of course, sir,” said Kevin. “Don’t we always, sir?” added Kyle with a cheeky grin. “Hey, I think you guys could feed an army if they came trooping through here.” “Men in uniform? Kevin smiled. “We could sure handle that, sir.” Bob laughed, though a blip of concern nudged at the back of his mind, a thought that had been troubling him for some time. The twins were crazy about him, he knew that, but he was afraid that they didn’t get as much excitement as the other boys. After all, a `business executive’ didn’t have the same ring of fantasy as Randy the construction worker, Mark the cop, Zack the leatherman or Hassan the Marine. `Men in uniform’ huh? Bob thought. When did the twins ever get to live out their fantasies? Hell, he wasn’t even sure what their fantasies were. Yeah, he’d have to work on that. But, as it turned out, he didn’t have to. Events kind of took over and the twins got their taste of fantasy alright… with shattering results. ****************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” … Chapter 148 Hi guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. I always reply. ALSO, I urge you to visit my Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, all the many chapters, with extras, including pictures and biographies of all the characters and some other great artwork. Click on the `Our Story’ tab to read the current chapter, or click on the green button to browse all the chapter synopses. Enjoy! Rob Williams

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