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Subject: A Trial of Strength – Part 3 Here is the next chapter of the story of Randy and Bob. As I always say, I love feedback. Please let me know what you think and what you would like to see next. Story ideas are always welcome. Email me at aol. But most of all, enjoy the trip. Rob Williams *************** A TRIAL OF STRENGTH � Part 3 Previously… The tension between the two beautiful, muscular straight men had intensified. Randy had already beaten and humiliated Bob and left him a piss-soaked wreck of a man. But two such dominant, tough men had to have a reckoning, and the storm broke in a brutal fight for supremacy. Bob got the upper hand and brutalized Randy until the construction worker submitted and begged him to stop. But suddenly the tables turned when Randy viciously kicked the other man’s balls and he collapsed, beaten Randy had never been humiliated like this and his rage was intense. He now knew it was payback time, a revenge Bob would not soon forget. Bob was soon tightly secured. Bent back over the side of the bed, his arms stretch straight upwards and secured under the bed to his feet, Bob was on the rack, immobilized, and Randy twisted the ropes until the stretched, agonized muscles were helpless. Randy reached down to the heaving chest and began the torture… ********************** PART 3 Slowly at first, then more and more intensely Randy began to twist his captive’s tits brutally. The hooded head swung violently from side to side as the beaten man screamed soundlessly into it. Bob had known what was coming but still the pain was something he had never experienced in his life. He forgot the torture in his stretched arms and shoulders and was aware only of the searing agony in his tits. It reached an unbearable pitch … and then, suddenly, he didn’t feel anything. He had passed into another state, a state of ecstasy where his chest and his tits were on fire and he loved it. He groaned in delirium, and his last thought was of his handsome master before he passed out. When he gradually regained consciousness he at first thought that the torture was continuing, as his tits were searingly sore � on fire. But the punishment had stopped. He lay there, no movement, no sound, even though he was sobbing and his eyes were streaming with tears inside the hood. He was aware only of the agonizing pain in his stretched muscles and his burning nipples. But on another level a part of him knew that Randy had not finished with him. He remembered the look in the construction worker’s face when Bob was pinning him and pounding his gut. The fury was intense and he knew Randy had to reassert his dominance. What had started as a casual acquaintance between two tough, straight, dominant men had become a test of wills � with no holds barred. The big, muscular man had been bound, whipped and humiliated. He had begged the other man to piss on him, to punish him to his limit and he had been left soaked and sobbing in a pool of piss and cum. But he had not been broken. Much later he had come to his senses and when Randy slapped his face he had lost control and fought back. And he had nearly won. He had pinned the big sweaty construction worker on the floor, tortured his arm, stomped on him and punched his gut until Randy had screamed in pain. If Bob had won he would have left and never come back. But he had lost and he knew the price he must pay. A man like Randy would never be humiliated without exacting a terrible revenge. Now, sweating, sobbing, racked with pain, Bob waited for more. **************** Randy looked down at his helpless, heaving captive and was having similar thoughts. He had never been thrashed and humiliated before as Bob had done to him and he knew he had to break this man, this big, muscular, straight guy who had already taken such a beating. He looked down at the naked body stretched helpless before him, the chest heaving and pouring Eskişehir Escort with sweat, the arms, shoulders and biceps stretched to their limit, the bulging muscularity on agonized display. He had to admire the man’s beauty and his strength. He had taken a thrashing like nobody else, and he was still not broken. The construction worker was in no hurry. He stood up, took a breather and prepared slowly for the finish. But first he needed to see the agonized face, so he quickly unfastened and whipped off the hood. The handsome face was twisted in pain, pouring with sweat, tears streaming from his eyes. He looked up helplessly into his tormentor’s face his eyes implored him to stop. Randy taunted him. “You worthless piece of shit. Asshole. You’re nothing! You think you could beat me and make me beg? Well, maybe you did, but now it’s my turn. And I’m gonna thrash you until you break. You fucking bastard. You’re big and your tough, but we’ll see how much more you can take.” His final revenge would be more fitting. He remembered the beating he had taken and now began to give like for like. Bob felt a hand move over his face and grab his neck tightly. He thought this was the end, that he would choke, but then the hand released and moved down his chest, grazing the torn nipples. It came to rest on his stomach, and Bob suddenly he realized what was to come. Randy started to punch the beautiful abs lying helplessly before him. Stretched to the limit as they were they could not move, could not avoid the blows or absorb them in any way. Randy pounded the gut unmercifully, first with one fist then with both. In his mind saw himself as he had been, pinned to the ground and taking the full force of the other man’s strength, and he became more angry than he had ever been. The pounding continued. By this time Bob was beyond thought or feeling. He was aware only of the searing pain in his stomach as the construction working pounded his gut, exacting his revenge. But, as before, the pain began to disappear and that feeling of ecstasy overwhelmed him. All he knew was that his master was giving him the thrashing he deserved. He was being destroyed, his strength, his masculinity, his very manhood was being demolished. The man was his master. This beautiful, muscular, tortured straight man was finally becoming a slave. Again remembering how Bob had attacked him, Randy began to viciously knee drop the helpless muscles � first the arms, then the chest and finally, agonizingly, the muscular thighs stretched over the side of the bed. He looked down at his slave and became like an animal. He picked up the belt and whipped the man’s chest again. He was in another world. As he looked down and saw the whip lash the beautiful body it was as if someone else was doing the beating. He gazed mesmerized at the tortured man. Randy was not aware that he too was streaming tears as he saw this man whom he had admired so much take the beating of his life. The two men were sobbing uncontrollably. In the fog of his delirium Bob became aware that his cock was rock hard. He had no idea how long this had been happening, but he felt it now because all the intense pain … in his racked body, his torn nipples and lashed chest, and in his agonized gut … all the pain went into his groin and he was intensely aware of his cock. He felt it moving, something was stirring deep in his gut. He was about to break. He started to scream obscenities. “Fuck you, asshole. Thrash me … whip me … torture me. Is that all you got, you cocksucker? Harder … harder. I’m your slave.” His cock trembled, his body shuddered and he felt the explosion coming. He went totally rigid and his orgasm erupted, all over his bruised gut and chest, up over his beautiful face. The hot cum poured out of him, again and again, as his obscenities intensified. His whole body convulsed as sweat Eskişehir Escort Bayan streamed off him. Then he collapsed in silence. He was demolished, destroyed, broken. He was Randy’s slave, and would be forever. Exhausted, spent and amazed by the sight of the beautiful cum-splashed man Randy collapsed sobbing on top of him. Their faces side by side they wept together in a wild delirium. They were bound by the most intense, intimate and electrifying experience they had ever shared with another human being. All thought vanished. There was only sensation, the acute sensation of two beautiful, exhausted bodies pressed together with sweat and cum. ************ They lay like this for a long time, chests heaving against each other until their sobs subsided and they luxuriated in the feeling of maleness as the two bodies became one. Randy was unaware how long his cock had been rock hard, but he felt it now throbbing against the leg of his prisoner. Slowly he raised himself up on his arms, his hands on either side of Bob’s face. He grasped the sides of Bob’s head tightly so it was trapped. The two pairs of eyes burned into each other, the men’s intensity undiminished. And they both knew absolutely what was to come next. Randy moved up so that his big, thick cock was pointing ramrod straight down at the captive’s face. Bob opened his mouth wide and Randy lowered himself slowly. The gorged head of the cock entered the slave’s mouth and paused. The wait seemed endless until slowly the thick shaft sank deep into Bob’s throat. Bob tried to gag but his mouth was completely filled. Again there was no movement as both men savored the feeling of this exquisite moment. Then Randy pulled back the shaft until it came out of the mouth for a second, then plunged back in. The pounding began. Still stretched taut as he was, his face in the vice-like grip of his captor, Bob was aware only of the huge rod plunging into his mouth and down his throat. He gasped air through his nose and watched as his tormentor continued the torture. Randy’s cock was on fire. He’d had blow-jobs from women before but never anything remotely like this. He looked down at the handsome, rugged face as it got brutally fucked. He had never seen anything as beautiful as this broken man, eyes streaming with tears, hair matted to his forehead, face soaked in sweat, his gaze riveted on the big, swarthy construction worker heaving above him. As the hammering continued Randy felt the fire rising slowly up his legs and into his groin. He knew he couldn’t hold back much longer. As the two men locked their gaze together he felt the hot liquid rising, and he screamed obscenities as his cock burst and the creamy liquid poured into the open mouth and deep into the throat. Bob tried to thrash wildly but was held in Randy’s vice-like grip. He swallowed again and again, tasting the hot, bitter liquid as it poured into him. Randy finally pulled out, but not because he was finished. He felt a second wave of cum rising and he pointed his cock straight at the wide-eyed, pleading man’s face. A stream of cum spurted into the face, over the hair, eyes and cheeks, mixing with the sweat and tears. Bob was in another world as he felt his master’s juice pouring over him. Randy stopped, paused, and then plunged his still-hard dick back down into the throat. He fell forward onto his prisoner, the rod spearing his face to the bed. ************** After a long while Randy pulled off, stood back and looked down at the trembling, shattered, muscular body stretch tight before him. “That’s it man. You’re finished,” he said. “You’ve lost. You’re beaten, broken. You’re no longer a man. You’re a fucking animal. What do you say?” Bob looked up at the man who had taken such a brutal revenge and knew he was destroyed. “I submit, sir. You are my master. I’ve never felt…I’ve never…” And he started to sob, Escort Eskişehir in total despair and humiliation. The big handsome, confident, arrogant straight stud was reduced to a sniveling wreck of a man. He was broken. Randy stood over him and folded his big, laborer’s arms across his chest. He looked magnificent in victory. “Now you know. I am your master. You came in here, arrogant, proud of being your own tough, beautiful, straight man. You fought, but you lost and I took my revenge. You have been tortured, humiliated and destroyed. You will do everything I order you to do. I own you and will do whatever I want to with you. You are my property, so I can pass you around to my buddies, sell you to them, if they want to use your body. Is all this clear?” Bob’s strangled reply was simple … “Yes sir!” “OK. Here’s your first test as a slave. When I work on your tits again your chest will be on fire. The pain will be unimaginable. But you are to make no sound. You will look into my eyes as I inflict the ultimate pain and you will not utter a sound. And with that, he lowered his fingers to the ravaged nipples and began to twist harder than ever. He was right. Bob had never felt such pain in his life. His eyes widened, pouring with tears but still riveted to the face of his master, and his mouth opened in a soundless scream. He passed into another state of existence. The pain was so intense he didn’t feel it. Instead he was dimly aware of only one sensation � his cock was becoming rigid again. He reached the point where he knew he had to scream out loud, but Randy knew his slave well and the torture suddenly stopped. The muscular body shuddered and heaved as the pain began to subside, until finally it was still ************ Randy stood back and again the two men gazed at each other, trying to come to grips with this extraordinary situation that neither of them could have dreamed of. Eventually Randy leaned forward and finally began to loosen the ropes that had stretched Bob’s beautiful muscles so agonizingly for so long. Bob felt some semblance of life returning to his bruised and battered muscles. Some kind of normal feeling returned to his tortured body, battered and aching as it was. Randy released the rest of the ropes and ordered his new slave to stand. The two men stood upright, face to face and looked at each other without a word. No words were adequate. As they looked at each other they sensed an immense intimacy. They had just gone through something that few people ever experience. Randy picked up the leather collar from the floor. Holding it up, like a trophy, he ritualistically fastened it around the big man’s muscular neck. Then he took hold of the collar and led his prisoner into the bathroom. “Sit!” he ordered, and Bob instantly sat down on the john. Randy reached down and quickly fastened Bob’s hand behind him and tightly to the pipe behind the toilet. Again, savoring the moment, he stood back and started down at the handsome, muscular man sitting bound before him. Again, they both knew what was coming. Randy took hold of his dick and pointed it at his prisoner’s face. A trickle of liquid started to flow and quickly became a stream of hot, rancid piss. It gushed over the stud’s face, into his hair, his eyes, flowing down his nose and cheeks and splashing onto the straining muscles of his magnificent torso. The piss kept coming in a steady torrent, soaking the man, making his muscles gleam as his shoulders bulged, pulling against the ropes behind him. Then everything was still, the only sound being the dripping of hot, stinking liquid from the strained, muscular body. Bob’s head fell forward in a finally acknowledgement of total submission. Randy stepped forward, grabbed Bob’s hair and pulled his head up tight. He gazed down one last time at this beautiful face that he had so humiliated, streaked now with sweat, cum and stinking piss. Bob looked up and saw that his master was grinning down at him. Randy’s gaze pierced Bob’s eyes as he said, “And that, my friends, is a broken man.” He let the face fall, turned his back and strode out of the room. ************** TO BE CONTINUED IN A Trial of Strength … Part 4.

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