Adult Emporia Pt. 02

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Larry and Tina wanted to add more flavor to our gatherings and find another female to join us. Since we stay in touch, we passed around a few ideas on how and where we could meet someone.

While Tina was looking for another female, I made a few visits to the Adult Emporia video store. As usual not many interesting people showed up. One Sunday morning around 10 am I stopped there since I was going to a specialty meat store, and saw and interesting pair of guys.

They were both looking for someone who would suck their cocks and when I saw the size of their cocks, I was the guy they were looking for.

Jerry and Fred were nicely dressed, clean cut looking guys and both had very large shaved cocks and shaved balls. After minor introductions, I learned they were brothers.

I took Jerry’s cock in my mouth and slowly worked it down until I was able to get most all of it down my throat. It was the largest cock I ever got that far down my throat. Jerry’s cock and balls were really soft so slid his cock out of my mouth and licked down until I could lightly suck on his balls while masturbating his cock, then go back to deep throating his cock. After a few minutes of sucking Jerry’s cock, I took Fred’s cock down my throat a little at a time and caressed his balls. I alternated sucking their cocks and balls and even tried to fit both in my mouth at one time to no avail.

A while went by and another guy came in and started sucking on Fred’s cock. It was cool to watch as I was sucking on Jerry’s cock right next to them.

It wasn’t long and Jerry grabbed the back of my head lightly and said, “I am about to cum, do you want it down your throat?”

I kept pushing his cock as far down as I could take it.

Jerry fucked my throat and I felt his cock harden and then felt his cum shooting down my throat. I was lucky and had been able to take a good breath before he unloaded and let it just shoot down my throat.

Fred, knowing his brother just orgasmed, followed suit and shot his load down the other guy’s throat.

They thanked us and left.

“Damn, that’s the first time I ever sucked a guy off to completion like that,” he told me.

“Yeah, I like the feel of a guy’s cock shooting loads,” I told him.

“Can I suck your cock?” he asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

He was really good at sucking a cock. Some guys just suck a cock by moving it in and out their mouths and you barely feel it. Some guys know how to make a cock feel like it’s being sucked properly and use their tongue to massage the head of your cock while sucking it. He fell into the latter category.

My cock felt great moving in and out of his sucking mouth and just into his throat. I could feel his throat constrict when the head of my cock went in and it wasn’t long before I had the urge to orgasm.

“I am about to cum,” I told him.

With that, he throated my cock until I erupted down his throat.

I returned the favor and left to do my shopping.

Later that day, I talked to Larry and found out that Tina posted an ad on Match and had some interesting replies. As usual, she had the rift-raft that thought they were being cute or wanted crazy stuff, and she weeded them out quickly.

Tina had trimmed the list down to three possibilities and invited each one to meet with us at an agreed-on location. We put safety measures in place just in case of wackos.

The first person we met was Louise, she was a real looker. She was 5’7″, about 140#, and had a body she kept well-toned.

We met at a local restaurant that had a lounge away from the eating area that was fairly spacious.

Tina made the introductions, “This is Larry and Mike and I am Tina, we are bisexual and love the company of each other. We are looking for a female that can fit in and join the fun. The only rule we have is to respect what the other person likes or don’t like. We are not into heavy pain, drugs or Beylikdüzü Escort bickering. We meet to have an enjoyable evening of sex.”

Louise thought for a little while and said, ” I am really more into female-to-female sex, so maybe this is not for me. I do have a friend who you might be interested in. She is the CEO for a large firm in town and discretion is going to be her big request.”

Tina replied back, “Give her my name and phone number and have her call me if she is interested. Thank you for meeting with us.”

The second possibility, Janis, was another nice-looking lady that dressed to kill. She was 5.2″, around 115 pounds, light blonde hair, green eyes, very shapely legs, perky breasts, and a beautiful heart shaped ass.

Tina went over the same introduction and let the chat flow from there.

“I like what you are doing,” Janis said, “I love to have sex with both men and ladies. The problem now days is finding people you can trust to be clean and safe.”

“This is why we are meeting with potential sex partners. I had at least 20 wackos answer my ad.” Tina said.

“I do have a condition if you agree to have me join your parties,” Janis told her. “My boyfriend will only let me join if he can.”

“Actually, we are just looking for a single lady right now. I will let you know our decision in the next few days. We are not in a hurry and plan to have multiple outings with the person we choose before we invite them into our home and bedroom.”

The third person to interview Jeri, she was a tall, skinny lady who had multicolored hair and looked unkept. Tina was polite and told her we already had someone in mind but wanted to meet her. We did have a nice lunch with her.

After Jeri left, Tina said, “She looks nothing like the photo she sent.”

A few days passed and Tina’s phone rang, “Hello,”

“Hello, my name is Clair, Louise gave me your name and phone number and told me what your interests are. I would like to meet you and see if we can make it happen.”

“We would be glad to meet, to save trouble let me tell you what we are looking for.”

Tina explained the type of person they are looking for and Clair said it was perfect for her, so they agreed to meet.

Tina called me and said we were all going to meet at the Capitol Club Thursday evening and meet with Clair. She explained who Clair was.

Thursday evening came and the three of us met with Clair and had dinner and a few drinks.

Clair was 5’8″, 135#, short dark brown hair, striking blue eyes, and was well proportioned. She had very large firm breasts and a very nice saddle shaped ass. She looked like a Tigress.

Tina made the introductions and we sat around for a few hours just getting to know each other having dinner and a few drinks. We all felt comfortable together and had a few good laughs. It clicked.

We agreed to meet again Saturday evening back at the Bayside Hilton for drinks and a light dinner.

Tina did get back in touch with Janis and they talked more about meeting. She told Larry and Mike that Janis’ boyfriend had to be there and that he would even be interested in joining, so she arranged a meeting with them.

Saturday evening arrived and we showed up at the Bayside Hilton together. Larry and I wore casual slacks and light shirts and Tina, wearing a very short sexy red dress that barely covered anything, looked radiant. Clair had just walked in and was wearing a colorful wraparound dress that showed as much as she wanted it to. Clair and Tina had heads turning with their looks. We made our greetings headed to the lounge for light snacks and a drink.

Clair and Tina were getting along very well and had even kissed a few times. It was definitely getting warmer inside the lounge.

“I thought tonight was going to get adventurous so I took the liberty and got us a suite for tonight. Is it okay if Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan we go there and further explore all the possibilities?” Clair asked.

No one said anything and got up from the table and laughed because it was done almost in unison.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she laughed.

When we got into the suite and undressed, Clair became the tigress she looked like. She immediately started kissing Tina and held Larry’s’ cock in one hand and mine in the other. She wanted to be fucked from behind by Larry first while sucking my cock. Larry had her kneel down then pushed his large cock in her pussy and started fucking her, when I pushed my cock in her mouth, she had an instant orgasm. During her orgasm she swallowed my cock and tried to put my balls in her mouth at the same time. Tina got behind me pushed me down a little and started tonguing my ass while Clair was sucking me as deep as she could. I never felt so great during sex.

I pulled out of Clair’s mouth to avoid Cumming so soon and soon had Tina bend over in front of me so I could tongue her pussy and ass then started fucking her hot, dripping pussy when my cock settled down. We had an explosive four-some going on.

Finally, Clair moved over to Tina and they just started a slow seductive dance with each other, kissing and letting their hands softly explore each other. They laid down in the bed and Larry and I sat back and enjoyed watching them taste each other’s bodies and make passionate love to each other.

I got down in front of Larry and sucked his cock to completion and he returned the favor to me while the ladies were enjoying each other.

We woke up the next morning and Larry fucked Tina while I fucked Clair, then we had breakfast and parted ways. We all agreed this would not be an only fling.

Wednesday evening Tina and Larry met with Janis and her boyfriend. She was interesting to say the least, but her boyfriend was a very dominant type of guy. He was the type that needed control over everything. It became a little annoying but Tina and Larry stayed calm. They did enjoy a light dinner and had good conversations about expectations, but in the end, Tina explained that they were not looking for another couple at this time.

As they left, Janis came back to Tina and apologized for her boyfriend’s behavior. Janis was very much interested but Tina told her the boyfriend was not the type person they wanted. Tina said she was scared his dominance would lead to problems. Janis understood.

Mike and Larry came up with the idea of having a foursome at the Adult Emporia if the ladies would agree to it. Tina was all game and she sent a message to Clair to se if she would be interested. Clair was extremely interested but due to her position at work and in the community was reluctant to do participate. Larry solved that problem when he said Mardi Gras was only 8 days away and they could wear masquerade masks. Game on.

Mardi Gras weekend arrived and the four of them showed up at the adult emporia at 8pm. They all wore Toga’s and masquerade masks so it would be easy to undress and put on a show anonymously. There were 8 guys inside the video room that gave them wondering looks as they walked into the video room.

Mike grabbed the two benches and put them in the middle of the room, asked if anyone of the guys would video the event.

“I do videos on You Tube,” one guy said and Mike gave him his phone to shoot the video, and the show started.

All four dropped their Toga’s and the ladies dropped to their knees and started sucking Larry and Mike’s cocks. All eight guys surrounded them in the video room to watch the show.

Mike laid Clair down on the bench and started fucking her while Tina straddled her face so Clair could lick and suck on her pussy. Larry moved in behind Mike and using a bottle of lubrication, started fucking Mike in Escort Beylikdüzü the ass. By now the crowd had grown to 10 people in the room; one was the owner.

The four alternated with each other until both men finally had their orgasms.

Every guy in there had jacked off and most all had shot their loads.

When they finished, the owner took Mike’s phone the show was recorded on, connected it to the TV and played back the show. It was really hot. The guy taking the video was very good and even did panoramic shots to show men masturbating and shooting their loads.

The ladies put on one more show for the guys to watch. Clair and Tina made passionate sex for a good 15 minutes with pussy juice flowing all over each other.

It was a night to remember and one they all agreed would happen again. The exhibition had been a major turn on for them all.

2 weeks went by and Tina received a call from Janis. She had dumped her boyfriend and wanted to know if she could still join in with the group. Tina accepted her immediately and after conferring with Clair, invited her to a dinner and a party at the Hilton Hotel. Girls’ night only since Larry would be out of town and Mike was visiting his mother.

The three ladies met and after a drink and light dinner went upstairs for a night of female sex.

They took turns undressing each other and exploring each other’s bodies before they climbed in bed and had sex with each other.

Janis, although short, had a very beautiful body. Her skin was amazingly soft and her pussy was like touching fire. It was hot and wet.

Tina could not believe how good a pussy could taste and Clair agreed. Janis was in heaven having two ladies treat her body like a goddess.

“Do you have a strap-on?” Janis asked. “I would love to have one of you fuck me.”

“I have two,” Clair said, then turned to Tina. “I bought them as a surprise for our next meeting, but now is a good time to try them out.”

“I agree,” Tina concurred.

Clair put on one of the dildo’s and after licking Janis’s pussy wet, moved up her body until she was fucking Janis. Tina had never seen anything like that for real and was turned on like she had never been before. She fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit in pure heat watching Clair fuck Janis.

“Oh my god, that is so hot!” Tina exclaimed. “Please fuck me like that.”

Clair moved off of Janis and had Tina get on top of her and ride the dido. Tina kept having orgasm after orgasm while being fucked and just kept kissing Clair.

Janis, strapped on the other dildo and moved in behind Tina, lubricated Tina’s ass and the dildo then started rubbing Tina’s anal button with it.

“Oh, hell yeah!” Tina cried out loud. “Fuck my ass please.”

Clair stopped moving and was about to pull out and Tina stopped her. Tina then moved her ass in position to be double fucked by the two ladies, and Janis slowly pushed inside her ass until the dildo was all the way inside. Clair started moving in concert with Janis.

“Oh FUUCCKK,” Tina screamed. “Don’t stop!”

Tina’s body started shuddering and the release of her orgasms just about made her pass out.

Clair, watching Tina’s face, saw the white of her eyes as they rolled back and Tina’s mouth was gapping open.

“You, okay?” Clair asked.

“Oh god yes. This is so awesome.”

Tina cried out to stop as her pussy and ass were worked over like they had never been, got off Clair and laid on the bed satisfied as possible. Her body was on fire with lust.

She watched Clair fuck Janis again, then watched as Janis fucked Clair.

It had been a long session of the hottest sex Tina could imagine and ended with all three in the shower hugging and kissing.

Mike, Larry, Tina, Clair and Janis made another trip to the Adult Emporia wearing the same Toga’s and mask. The owner videoed the event for them and replayed it for everyone to see.

This became a ritual every two months and the owner even enlarged the area and had a special bench put in just for sex shows. He thanked them as his business picked up because word got out about how the video room became a stage for sex acts and people wanted to perform in front of others.

Life is good.

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