After The Swim

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I follow you into your bedroom. We had just finished swimming in the pool. Our hairs wet, and we have towels with us. You’re wearing a blue and white bikini, and I’m in my swim trunks. You tell me you want to change. You give me a look like you want me to stay. I feel like I want to leave you to change, I’m a bit shy and never been in this situation before. I take a look at your sexy body, your small pert breasts and your nice ass. I turn for the door and pause. Instead of leaving, I shut the door and I turn back around, willing to take a chance.

The smile on your face tells me I made the right decision. We had been playing around in the pool for a while. My thoughts went back to wrestling and goofing around, and how nice her smooth, soft skin felt. On a few occasions, her breasts rubbed closely against me, and I remembered how I liked it. And to the few times I had grabbed her by her thighs and once by her ass and she didn’t mind at all.

She walked up close to me and asked, “Will you help me?” She turned around and held her hair up over her head. Her bikini was tied around her neck and she wanted me to untie it. So I pulled on the string. It fell loose down her back. “And the other one she asked?” I knew she was talking about the string that was tied around her mid back. I paused a moment then pulled on the blue string that held the last portion of top together. It fell loose exposing her naked back to me. She pulled it slowly off and let it fall to the floor.

I was already aroused, but now I was hard. She covered her breasts and turned around to face me. I watched as she lowered her hands to her side. I tried to look into her eyes but I was fixated on her now bare, milky white breasts. Pink, hard nipples stood at attention upon my gaze. A sight I had dreamt about for a long time.

I really didn’t even know what happened then. The next thing I knew we were kissing. My tongue entwined with hers, my arms running up and down her naked back. I could feel her warm breasts rubbing against my naked chest. I could feel her hips rubbing hard against my hard cock. I was in ecstasy.

My hand slid into her bikini over her ass. She let out a moan as I gripped her butt and pressed my hard dick against her thigh. She sighed as I licked her neck Macunköy Escort and then she put her thumbs over the straps of her bottom and pushed them down. I was near frozen as we kissed while she was naked rubbing against me.

Her hand went down for my hard cock. She caressed it and rubbed it over my trunks while we kissed. I wanted more but I didn’t know what, so I slid my hand over her firm breasts. Our kisses got faster and deeper as my palm rubbed her hard nipple. Feeling her naked breasts was making my cock ache. I slid my hand down past her smooth belly and for the first time in my life, felt the soft hair between her legs. At this point she didn’t mind where I touched her and I felt the soft folds of her lips. Her hips slowly pumped my hand, legs slightly spread.

I felt her pull the tie strings on my swim trunks, and pull the waist band loose. I must admit I was anxious as her hand slid into my shorts and she took a firm grip on my hard cock. “Oh my god” she said, “It’s fucking huge” Having never compared it to another cock, all I could do was moan. We kissed more as my fingers worked their way into her wet pussy and she single handedly stroked my hard cock.

Our lips parted as she fell to her knees in front of me. She smiled at me as her hands went up to the waistband of my trunks. I stood there speechless as she pulled then down to my ankles. My hard cock an inch from her face. She ran her hands up my thighs and over my ass, around my hips till both of her hands gently gripped my raging hard on. Pre cum was oozing out of my hole and she ran her index finger over it and spread it down my shaft. I was so excided at that point I thought I was going to cum right there.

“Does that feel good?” she asked as she caressed my rock hard cock and gently caressed my balls.

“Oh my god, YES!” I replied, my breathing getting erratic. I had only masturbated before dreaming of what it might feel like having someone else touch my cock.

She leaned forward with her tongue out and slowly licked my cock from my balls to my head. “Yummy,” she said as she sat back and licked her lips, “Want more?”

“Oh hell yeah” I muttered, my cock ready to bust.

She licked her lips a few times then moved forward. Macunköy Escort Bayan With one hand at the base of my cock and the other on my thigh, she opened her mouth and put the head of my cock between her warm soft lips and slowly started sucking.

“Oh godddd!” I moaned, as she went deeper with each bob of her head. Stroking and sucking she made her way down just past half way over my raging hard on. I felt the head of my cock against the back of her throat. Her eyes were closed and I noticed that her other hand was now messaging her left nipple. I was in fucking ecstasy and about to cum.

She sensed this and the stroking and sucking became more rapid. My ass cheeks tightened and my hand grabbed the back of her head. The spasm started at my toes and went up causing my legs to start shaking. As this warm rush shuttered my body, a huge explosion in my cock unleashed a torrid of cum. Years of waiting flowing into the mouth of the girl, who just an hour ago I was swimming with. She choked a little but kept on stroking and sucking like she had done this before. Four solid jets of cum where milked from my cock. All I could do was moan as she swallowed it all. As I was catching my breath, I watched as she twisted her head back in forth, cleaning up every last drop. She pulled away, again licking her lips and smiling.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked smiling up at me.

“Oh my god yes. You are the first girl who has ever done that. You were amazing” I felt like I owed her something so I knelt down beside her.

“I enjoyed it as well.” She said.

I kissed her and gently pushed her down on her back. I went down and started licking her nipples, kneeling beside her. My hand went up her thigh and her legs parted invitingly. I started rubbing her clit and found her pussy soaking wet. Two fingers went inside her waiting cunt. I was fingering her feverishly as I licked her hard nipples. Moaning and sighing she was defiantly enjoying my first endeavor into a woman. Her juices were churning into a white cream over my fingers. I was getting hard again.

She stopped me and looked me in the eyes. “I’m a virgin.” She sighed.

“So am I. You are the first girl I’ve ever been with.” I replied.

“I Escort Macunköy don’t want to be anymore.” She said rather sexily. “I want you to be my first. I have ever since I first meet you”

“I had no idea you felt that way” I said rather shyly.

“Does that scare you” she asked.

“No, I just had no idea.”

She rolled me over on my back and straddled me.

“Will you be my first? Will you please?” she whispered.

I looked down her naked body. Her firm breasts and hard nipples. Her open wet pussy, an inch from my hard again cock. I had never dreamt that I would be in this position. My hands slid over her tight ass and up her back. I looked back into her eyes.

“Yes” I softly whispered.

She mouthed the words “Thank you”. With that, she leaned forward and we started kissing. Our tongues entwined in deep passion. I felt her wet pussy press against the side of my cock. She moved her hips up and down, lubricating my throbbing cock with her juices. Our lips parted and she sat up. She reached down between our legs and gently guided the head of my cock between her soaked lips till it found the opening of her hole. Then slowly eased herself down over my entire cock. A giant moaned escaped from her lungs.

Oh my god, I was in heaven. Her tight pussy felt like velvet around my cock. I held her hips as she slowly rode up and down my raging hard on. Gyrating in slow circles, she arched her back and I cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. Her small tits were so firm I couldn’t believe it. Then the gyrating turned to bouncing. I matched each bounce with a trust from my hips, watching our virginity disappear like my slick cock into her soaking pussy.

“YES, YES, GOD YESS!!” we both chanted in our sexual fury.

Without taking my cock out, I rolled her over onto her back. Her legs wrapped around me, I leaned over her and pumped her as hard and as fast as I could. I felt my orgasm building inside. Moments later I erupted again. As I filled her pussy with my cum, I felt her pussy clamp around my cock and gush over my hardness. A scream of pleasure filled the entire apartment, and I’m sure other people heard it.

Exhausted, I fell gently on top of her. My twitching hard on still in her. We kissed passionately. Without saying much more we got up. My limp cock was covered in cum and her pussy lips were still open and leaking juice. As we got dressed we kissed between each article of cloths we put on. I know we each wanted to do it again but her mom would be home soon. I hoped we would go swimming tomorrow.

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