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Subject: Bad Uncles and Dads Chapter 17: Air Force Dad Pt. 5 Please donate to Nifty. Any amount helps. Keep this site and the availability of the wealth of erotic material free as the volume of stories increases and the cost to maintain it does as well. ************************************************************************** This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locations is entirely coincidental. The sexuality of all characters is entirely a figment of the author’s imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. If you are offended by male/male material, or it is illegal to view such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time. This story may contain scenes of a graphic nature between father and his sons, or under age boys and adult males, which may not be legal in your area. If you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please leave now. By continuing to read on, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story. In addition, neither you nor any family members are employees of any type of government, law enforcement, or investigative entity. Moreover, you are either not performing any type of research in preparation for any forms of legal action, directly or indirectly, affecting the contents of this site. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any con- sequences of you viewing or downloading the story. —————————————————————————– Bad Uncles and Dads – Chapter 17 Airforce Dad Pt. 5 Dad’s strong grip on my chest eased and I realized I’d been up on the balls of my feet to match the taller height of his cock even with his legs braced wide. I sucked in a quick, deep, and surpised breath when he shifted his weight to be- gin taking the three steps to reach the bathtub after locking the door behind him. Dad’s heavy cum began drooling down the inside of my thighs and left me enthralled with the thought of the gallons still bathing his cock inside. Carefully nudging my now sleepy and relaxed body inside, he closed the clear glass door. He bent us both forward, thick meat still solidly up inside me, to spin the hot water knob and test for a comfortably warm temperature. Changing the direction of the water to the showerhead, the soothing warmth began raining down on us both. Dad’s hands moved to my thighs and then slid slowly up my smooth young body while he straightened his and pulled me back against him. Those big rough hands circled my chest and stomach, and reached down past my still hard prick and tight balls. Strong fingertips made small stroking motions where Dad’s fat adult meat lay gripped inside my tight hole. His head bent down and even teeth grazed and nipped at the skin of my shoulder and neck. I felt his cock flex and widen within me, and automatically pressed my body harder back against his…soaking in the feeling of his coarse body hair scraping into my soft skin. Big strong hands moved to slide down my sides to my hips at the same time as Dad straightened to his full 6’7″ height. He held me still and began very slowly easing that thick majestic cock out of me. “Oh, oh, oh….” I whispered with suddenly wide eyes at the taunting, teas- ing, and sexually charged sensations of inch after slow inch of increcibly bulky eleven inch horse-dick rode torturously through the internal tunnel of my ass and across my now rapidly clenching ass-ring. My hips and head began swinging in slow arcs from side to side as the sensually thick glide of steely gristle and bulging veins set my tender abused hole on fire once more. A million wildly dancing nerve endings sent sparks racing down the back of my legs and up into the base of my skull. Farther and farther, Dad’s hard thick cock eased it’s hulking width and road- map of tormenting veins along its dragging exit escort kocaeli through my ragged hole. My head fell forward and one hand jerked up to the bathtub wall in front of me when the wide powerful head sent a flash of mild erotic pain up through me as it widened my hole further and then slipped from inside. My breathing turned to ragged pants. My shoulders rocked forward and back while my body struggled with its sudden emptiness and my mind replayed that final jolt of sensual torment over and over. My brain began to slowly surface, and with that came the quiet realization I was hunching my sensitive hole on and off just the tip of Dad’s cock. In my lifting haze, I found I not only wanted Dad back inside me…I also wanted that short flare of soft pain that seemed to emphasize the thick width of the cumber- some head topping that monster cock between Dad’s strong hairy legs. His hands went slack on my hips and he began to pull the broad head of his cock away. What came from my chest was half a desperate sigh and half a ragged whimper. Tears stung my eyes and wet my lashes from the overwheming raging need to have him in me again. Between short abbreviated breaths, I spoke a single word in a hushed exas- perated plea. “Dad……..” He hesitated. I didn’t see it or hear it, but I felt it. Between heaving frantic gasps, I pleaded in a barely audible whisper again, “Dad….” I was nearly crying. I can’t explain why. I might never fully understand it. I didn’t need to, though, and still don’t. All I knew, then and now, is that it was almost more than I could take to stand there in front of him achingly empty of him filling my body inside with his own. The head of his cock moved slowly back up in between the cheeks of my ass. I sucked in an expectant breath and waited. Tense and hoping, I was about to turn my head and look imploringly into his face when he slowly began pressing against my hole. With the shower now raining down on my chest and not my back, Dad’s big cock and my ass were both still heavily coated in his thick load. My asshole widened as the pressure at its small puffy opening increased. Still, I held my breath for the feeling of having my ass breached again. I began breathing in short clipped breaths again as Dad’s broad spongy head opened and unfurled my cum dribbling hole until it was sliding over the wide slop- ing flesh. A shuddering wave of electric pleasure partnered with erotic pain rolled over me as the wider crown forced my hole to widen farther and then slip snuggly behind. My torso dropped forward as I pushed back to sink his entire thick length back into me. A strong arm slid around my waist and pulled me up and back to crush my ass-cheeks against his hips and force the colossal base of Dad’s big cock up inside. He held me there while I stood in front of him with nothing to focus on but the quiet awe of simply having his huge bull-meat over-filling and crowding my insides. I felt bloated with his cum and that huge column of male beef deep in- side my body. The hand not braced on the wall in front of me reached up to slide over the top of my head and toward the back of my neck…forward again…from one side of my head to the other. My head rolled and pressed back into my roaming hand as I stood simply letting the feel of Dad’s huge cock stuffing my body pulse through me. When he began slowly easing that big brutish cock backward, I felt a brief flicker of disappointment at him having broken the spell of diving deeply into the feel of him filling up my body so very completely. But, that whisper of disappointment faded quietly with the long, drawn out exit of Dad’s stretching girth rippling slowly across and through my sensitive and enthralled hole. The movement was slow, affectionate, loving, and yet still mind and body melt- ing. I felt all the strength falling from my body. Though I wanted nothing in the world more than to stay right where I was, I felt myself sagging and sinking toward the floor of the tub within the heated fog filling my brain and body at Dad taking my ass so slowly and smoothly. I could feel myself losing my balance izmit anal yapan escort and falling forward when the strong arm around my waist tightened and another came up to lift my chest up and back a- gainst Dad’s. What felt like three feet of massively thick cock slid back up deep inside my stomach like a fat invading snake. Dad’s hand on my chest left and quickly batted the showerhead to rain water down the tile of the bath rather than down on us. Eyes closed and soaking in the feel of Dad’s tall hairy body against the back half of me and filling my ass and stomach from the inside, I felt him turn us toward the back of the bath. Long legs bent and eased us nearer to the floor of the tub. A big hand planted itself between my shoulders and urged me farther down. I found myself rolled easily onto my back, the hard fat cock inside me twisting and skewering inside me. I gasped as my head rolled drunkenly from side to side. “Beautiful…” It was barely a whisper, and full lips closed on mine. Thick tongue softly swept in. Strong arms slid under my thighs, coarse hair rasped across my skin. Those big arms moved back up my sides, and large rough hands moved to grip my chest. My hips were raised almost to the top of the tub and Dad eased back to draw his huge meat from me as his kiss quietly deepened. He pushed back in, spreading my hole wider as veins and rippled skin scoured their way through my tight hot-wired ass-ring. I felt as if half my mind shut down against overloading, the gentle easy movements of Dad’s big cock and tall strong body felt just as overwhelming, if not more than, as when he’d been piledriving that bull-meat in and out of my ass. It felt as if the huge size of Dad’s thick massive cock was emphasized and exaggerat- ed…the veins, ridges, and textures intensified wildly. Everything else blurred and fell away with the feel of Dad hauling that thick veiny column of thick adult meat back out from my tender hole. I felt as if my whole body became nothing more than a glove for Dad’s huge cock…as if his hands on my chest were instead pressing against the outer walls of the tunnel inside me hugging his slowly retreating mighty girth and eleven inch length. Nothing existed but taking Dad’s bulldozer cock in and out of my worshipping ass. There was no bathtub, no running shower, no other part of my body. Being the clenching hugging sheath for his incredible meat became my entire world. Then, strong thumbs flicked across the nubs of my chest. I jerked, and the rest of my body came back into sharp awareness. Thumbs and forefingers smoothly rolled the sensitive nipples of my chest in between them. Dad’s kiss heated with my body arching suddenly in his arms. Fat cock pushed back in me, spreading and agitating my ass with Dad’s agoni- zingly slow re-entry deep into my insides. Electricity seemed to vibrate across my young hole a the same time as my mind melted inside my head. I writhed and bucked in his strong arms, silently begging him to fuck me fas- ter and harder. I needed it. The slow torture of Dad’s incredible cock taking its easy time of riding up in and back out of me was driving me crazy. The control was all his, though, and it didn’t seem that what I wanted mat- tered in the least. Even as my tongue darted and struck out against his feverish- ly, Dad’s own stayed at its warm leisurely pace of slowly devouring my mouth with his thick mustache brushing and taunting the skin of my face. His mouth pulled away from mine. I opened my eyes to see Dad’s handsome face moving down above my body. When he reached my stiff prick, he dipped his head and captured it within his full firm lips. I bucked at the unexpected wet warmth en- veloping my rigid pole and brought forgotten hands up to grab his strong hairy forearms. Dad’s huge cock stroking its veiny surface across my soft sensitive hole, his strong fingers rolling and twisting the nubs on my hairless chest, and, now, his hairy mouth suctiong my young prick left me straining against crying out and struggling against the firm grip of his strong arms to plunge myself gebze escort on and off his hard adult meat. Yet still, he held me firmly in place for his slow lazy ride in and out of my struggling body. Changing the position of his upper body also changed that of his lower body. Now, all thick eleven inches were angled straight up for the tunnel of my ass that lay perpendicular to it. When Dad drove in slowly on his next upstroke, his fat cock hit that place inside me that sent shocks through me just like when the wide crown of his cockhead forced its way to or from my hole. As it punched past and continued upward into me, the muscular wide length rode inch after inch of mas- sive hard cock heavily across that mysterious place. The new angle also left Dad’s bull-cock pressing outward inside my body in a way that seemed to ruggedly rearange my insides in a new and different way. I heard Dad grunt and felt his suction harder when his big cock hitting that place left me feeling a brief spurt of cum forced up and through my flexing prick. He began pulling out of me again, that slow provoking retreat left me dig- ging my fingers into the strong muscle of one hairy forearm while the other hand became a fist and began urgently hitting Dad’s other forearm repeatedly in erotic anguish. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. The new angle and pressure, the changed rearrangement of my insides, the powerful veins and ridges of Dad’s cock scorching my hole and insides, the slow drive in and out, the mouth moving ex- pertly up and down my raging hard-on, and even the strong grip of Dad’s big arms holding me posessively in place left me climbing out of my skin. Dad’s head plunged down on prick sending it into his throat, and then he pulled back to just head throwing his strong tongue sround and over the sensitive knob while his thumbs and fingers tightened their pressure against the sizzling flesh of my nipples. He dove down again and sent my prick into his tight warm throat, then jerked back to just the head. I slammed my wrist into my mouth to keep from groaning or crying out while I writhed on Dad’s slow driving cock and felt my eyes roll back in my head. He terrorized the head of my prick with his talented tongue and then swoop- down to the base a third time. The twisting and rolling grip on my nipples doubled until the fire racing through every part of me left me unable to think. I didn’t know if I was groaning, yelling, hitting, bucking, or anything else. As if hearing the words from someone else in another room, I heard my own voice moaning quietly, “ohhhhh, goddddd…” Everything inside me clenched down and I felt as if my body instantly melted to liguid and exploded out through the head of my prick. I lay there exhausted and unable to move my own limbs as wave after wave of teenage cum burst out from my prick and into my father’s mouth. He lapped, licked, and nursed my young shaft while he swallowed and continued his huge cock’s lazy reaming of my now ragged asshole. When the last bit dibbled from the head and my balls relaxed from being trap- ped up against the base of my prick, Dad eased his mouth a few inches off me and stayed there. I opened dazed eyes to find his body rigidly still except for his heaving chest. Warm strong exhales blew down across my prick balls and crotch. With his massive meat completely still and deep inside me, the blank expres- sion on his face changed with his eyes clamping shut and his thick brows drawing together. With no movement whatsoever from his hips, Dad’s thick bull-cock began jerk- ing, jumping, flexing, thrashing, spewing, erupting, gushing, and exploding deep within me. I could feel each powerful jet splashing into me and filling me further. I felt so full of thick cock and spewing cum, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had started to rise up through my throat and gush into my mouth. I slowly closed my eyes to sink into that incredible feeling of all that hot thick adult cum flooding into my body with my last sight being Dad’s big hairy muscular chest rising and falling in heaving breaths. (To be continued.) Other stories: Discovering Uncle Tip http://www.//gay/incest/discovering-uncle-tip/ Teddy’s Discovery http://www.//gay/incest/teddys-discovery/ Hay Baling and Uncle Buck http://www.//gay/incest/hay-bailing-and-uncle-buck/ Bad Uncles and fty//gay/incest/bad-uncles-and-dads/

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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