All Thanks to Sandy Pt. 01

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(Author Note: Hello to all you wonderful people! It’s been way too long since I wrote something but I’ve been building a story (loosely influenced by some real events) for a while now. So this will be a new series based on that. It will have a good amount of cheating so if that’s a problem, you can avoid this one. My plan is to write upto 5 parts if this is received well. So do drop a good rating and comment if you wish for this to continue. Either way, feedback is appreciated as always! Assume all characters are above 18, fictional and bear no resemblance to real people. I’ll also keep locations and surnames hidden to avoid revealing any nationality, religion, ethnicity etc. With that out of the way, hope you enjoy this!)

Ch. 1 – Access Approved

My name’s Vince. It’s been 3 years since I got married to Tina. We were together for almost 7 years before that so you could say she was my childhood sweetheart. We met in college and fell instantly in love and have been inseparable for most part. The marriage felt like an obvious step. Tina was pretty good looking. She was what most people would describe as cute upon the first glance. Her face was strikingly pretty and felt drawn to perfection almost like an anime or Disney character. She had short, dark, brown hair that just reached her shoulders – basically a bob cut with straight hair. She had what you would call pretty pecan brown skin. She was short – around 5’1″ but her biggest appeal was her curvy body. At least that’s what got me hooked when I met her. I wasn’t a fan of thin girls and Tina’s curvy figure and well-rounded ass floored me the first time we met.

I myself wasn’t too bad-looking. I was used to playing an insane number of sports since childhood. I was skilled at tennis, football, basketball, badminton and table tennis and was naturally fit and well built as a result. I hated gymming and weight exercises in general so I’m definitely not what people would call jacked up or even muscular but I was fit enough. Tina always joked that I’m naturally fit and didn’t need exercise. While my sports involvement has now reduced thanks to work, I still pass off as fit for a 31 year old. I was 6′ tall, had black medium length hair, fair skinned, preferred to be clean shaven, had a well-built frame but lacked proper abs or any highly muscular components.

Our sex life wasn’t great. At the start, we obviously found each other attractive and enjoyed making out a lot but as time passed the fun really dropped. A large part of the issue was the monotony. We never tried anything new. We only did it in our bedroom and usually at night. Tina doesn’t enjoy trying new places. Even our living room felt odd to her – public places were out of the question. She disliked rough sex so our sessions were quite vanilla. She hated wet sex so doing it in a bathroom or shower or swimming pool was a big no. She liked missionary the most so we stuck to that. She never enjoyed giving blowjobs so after the initial few years, that almost stopped. We literally had a routine to the point I knew exactly what we would do, where we would kiss and what time we would finish. Over time, our intensity reduced and we barely do it a few times a month now. I kept telling myself it was just work and I’m sure she did too. Other than this aspect, our lives were great though. We were each other’s best friends, joked around a lot, told each other everything and were super trusting of each other. My friends would often comment on how cool we were with our partner talking and flirting with others. Tina trusted me a lot – maybe a tad too much.

Tina’s best friend was Sandy. They worked together at an entertainment website. Tina was a web developer while Sandy handled digital marketing. They were quite close and I had heard so many stories about Sandy I felt I knew her as well. Sandy was also in a marriage with her childhood sweetheart but they had much bigger issues. Sandy had openly told him she wasn’t attracted to him anymore and they were going through a complete breakdown in communication. She was going through with a divorce during the start of the events of this tale.

Tina often commented on how good looking Sandy was – almost as if she herself had a mini-crush on Sandy. I never paid much attention to it at first but I started noticing Sandy in pictures Tina would send me of their office parties and trips. Sandy was a looker. She was decently tall – 5’10” I estimated. She had black, straight long hair that came to her waist. Her skin colour was what you would call a peanut butter truffle tone. It was an amazing shade of brown that I found attractive. But it was her figure that blew me away. Tina did mention that Sandy was very big on working out and followed many fitness routines and exercises. Her body shape was perfect. She was fit but not thin and weak-looking at all. Neither was she too muscular and big. She had the perfect frame. Her most jaw-dropping feature was her breasts. She had perfectly shaped boobs that looked just slightly bursa escort large compared to the rest of her frame. They stood out – in a good way – prominently grabbing attention in every picture. And it was clear Sandy knew this as well. She wore clothes that accentuated them. Most of the pics would involve her flaunting her cleavage or wearing tight clothes that highlighted them – or maybe that’s just how I was reading it. I wouldn’t lie that I was blown away by how hot she was and started looking forward to the pictures Tina would send me, hoping for more angles and dress combinations.

The tipping point came when Tina went on an office trip to the beach. That day, she sent me a selfie-shot of her and Sandy in their bikinis. I didn’t even realise how wrong it was that my eyes completely ignored my wife in a bikini and darted towards her best friend in excitement. Sandy was wearing a white strapless bikini that was tight-fitting. It had a tied string between her breasts which felt like it was barely holding together the parts that covered her breasts, which also felt like they were barely doing their job as they revealed most of her curves. I could see her cleavage clearly thanks to the flimsy string and thin strap. The lower part of the image cut off at their waists but this was enough for me. I had a huge hard-on and before I knew it, I was massaging it furiously from the outside of my shorts. I came inside my shorts within a minute much to my own surprise. A few seconds after I caught my breath back, I felt guilty and slightly disgusted. I did save the image on my phone though – just for future reference.

I was a content creator and worked with digital firms on a freelance basis. This meant I spent a lot of time at home working on my laptop except on the rare occasions I visited a client’s office to get a new briefing or present something. I had gotten pretty bored of porn and rarely used it to get off except the occasional urge. I found myself using Sandy’s images more often that I would like to admit. Other than the ones sent by Tina, I befriended her on Facebook and ahd access to all her pictures since graduation. She loved taking pictures and had a huge collection of herself in various outfits. A part of me was really interested in meeting her while another part just wished the current status quo of a few masturbation sessions using her photos remained as it is. For better or worse, Sandy’s team had a requirement for digital content and Tina decided to meet us up after office.

It was one of those days when both of them worked till pretty late, which had happened a lot recently. Additionally, Tina had an early morning call with a client on the other side of the world. So, it was going to be a super short meeting during the time I would pick Tina up from her office. I met the girls on time and tried hard to look at and approach Tina first. I didn’t want to make the beach photo mistake in person. I ignored Sandy for a few seconds as I hugged my wife and asked her how her day was. Once I convinced myself that enough time had passed, I turned to Sandy. She was wearing a black turtleneck that did not help in any way to not accentuate that mind-blowing rack of hers. Her skin looked even more alluring in person and her straight black hair complimented her beautiful face perfectly. Her outfit was rounded off by black office pants that complimented her long legs.

“Wel well! We finally meet. This has been long overdue,” exclaimed Sandy as she pulled me in for a tight hug.

I reciprocated the gesture and couldn’t help feeling a little turned on as her soft breasts pressed against my chest. I was wearing a thin white t-shirt and blue jeans, so it felt much better than I expected.

“I know! It’s been a while. No idea why we never met until an actual business opportunity came up,” I quipped back while looking at Tina.

“Seriously girl, he’s right! You have not even called me to your house a single time,” Sandy continued reprimanding Tina, as we broke off the hug.

“I did last month! It just didn’t happen, okay? Now both of you don’t gang up on me. I’ve had a hard day and I have an early call tomorrow too. I have to go and get some sleep,” Tina cribbed in her usual trying-to-be-cute way.

Me and Sandy spoke for about 10 minutes. She gave me a general understanding of the job. The conversational was professional from her side. I couldn’t help but check her out a few times as we spoke. I realised that her insanely perfect body upheld its promise even below her waist, which was a part I didn’t have much of an idea of thanks to most of the images getting cropped at her waist. Like her arms, she had long legs that were neither thin nor muscular. Her body reminded me of football or tennis athletes which were fine and well-built for endurance but also lean for agility. But, just like her breasts, her ass stood out. It was curvy and caught attention immediately, yet seemed firm and tight. Tina ate a burger as me and Sandy spoke at bursa escort bayan the canteen in their office. We decided to continue the rest of the discussion over messages as Tina had to rush home.

“Here… And here! I’ve sent you both each other’s numbers. You can message all night after I reach home. Now let’s go, V!” Tina pulled me towards the car as I waved goodbye to Sandy, who waved back with a devilish smile and a wink. Maybe I imagined that last part.

Tina was in energy-conservation mode during the ride back home. After we reached home, she asked me to manage my dinner and promptly changed to her night clothes and headed to bed. I changed into my shorts and prepared and ate dinner as I watched some TV. We had a living room, dining room and 2 bedrooms at our place. The second bedroom was usually used when guests came over. I hadn’t gotten any messages and it was already 11pm. I was almost considering going to bed when my phone vibrated. It was Sandy.

(Ill denote Sandy with “S” and me with “V” for the text messaging from here on)

S- “Sorry about the delay. Had a stupid fight with my husband after getting back.”

I remembered her situation and proceeded to ask rather bravely:

V- “No issues. How’s the divorce plan going anyway? Tina told me everything.”

S- “Oh right, you guys tell each other everything don’t you! It will happen soon. Just some paperwork pending last I heard. Will have to tolerate this idiot for a few more days. Anyways I’ve changed and come to the other bedroom now, so I’m all yours now! ;)”

I smiled to myself at that last line almost wishing for more before snapping back to reality.

V- “So if I could have more details of the campaign, I could suggest more options”

S- “I’ll send you the details tomorrow. It’s too late to talk about work. I’m just tired and in a mood for some fun. I’m already in bed. What about you?”

I had wrapped up everything for the night and was deciding what to do. I made my way to the guest bedroom and lay myself down, phone in hand, as I replied.

V- “Me too. In the guest bedroom else Tina will wake up with the phone’s screen light. So I’ll just sleep here for tonight i guess”

S- “So honest and straightforward! I really like that. It’s such a turn-on. On that note, did you like my clothes today? Picked something nice since we were to meet.”

The usage of the word “turn-on” and knowing she picked that turtleneck just for me started to excite me a little. I forced down that feeling and continued texting assuming she’s just being friendly.

V- “Yeah you looked great. You’ve always had great dressing sense. I’ve seen some of the photos of your office parties and trips. You always look the best in them.”

I hoped I hadn’t crossed a line as I waited for her reply.

S- “Why thank you! I do take effort in that. Did you just put me ahead of Tina as well? Haha. just kidding. I’m glad you mentioned photos. I’ve seen so many of yours too. You look super hot in all of them. I don’t think your dressing sense is great to be honest but your body totally makes up for it.”

It was hard not to get a little excited now. I was just called “super hot” by a super hot lady.

V- “Thanks! I try to keep fit. But it’s nothing compared to you. Your figure is perfect in every sense. Fit like a supermodel but curvy where it needs to be too”

S- “hmm… It feels so good to hear you say such things. Kinda exciting. So… What are you wearing right now?”

At this point, I knew we were crossing a line for sure but it could still be classified as harmless flirting that I could explain to anyone.

V- “Just loose shorts. Football shorts. The kind that’s airy and gives me room. Nothing else really. I like to sleep light. What about… You?”

S- “ooooh sexy. I’m imagining your sexy body right now. Me? I’m wearing a short black playsuit. It’s got a v-neck with thin shoulder straps and ends at my thighs. It’s open at the bottom. I’m not wearing anything underneath this. You know… For easy access 😉 “

I could feel the bulge in my shorts rise at this point. Imagining what she described was making me wild. She knows i would be imagining her cleavage by now. The “easy access” after mentioning where her dress ends got my mind racing. Was she going to masturbate? Is this going to go further?

V- “God this is getting hot. Easy access huh? So… Are you accessing it now?”

S- “Haha. Not yet. But maybe I will. What’s your favourite photo of me? Do you have one saved?”

It’s almost like she knew it. It was scary how she could read me like that. Scary but exciting. I sent her the white bikini photo.

S- “Ah yes! I was willing to bet it was this one. I actually urged Tina to send it to you that day. I somehow felt excited knowing you’d see me in this and get turned on. You did, didn’t you? Did you jack off to this?”

Now a line was surely being crossed. I could still stop it. It would escort bursa be fairly simple to say “no” and divert this train of thought. Replying “no” and calling it a night wouldn’t be rude at all. Replying “no” could still leave enough room to justify everything else as casual flirting.

V- “Yes. That day and a few times after that too”

A horny mind rarely sees logic.

S- “Oh yes! That’s so turning on. Knowing you fapped to me, a few times as well, is turning me on so bad. I AM accessing it now. I’ve got my hands between my spread legs. I’m damn wet. What about you?”

I had gone beyond a point where I was thinking between messages. I wanted to reply as fast as possible. There was no stopping this now.

V- “I’m hard too. I’m stroking the bulge from outside my shorts.”

S- “Show me, now.”

This was crazy. But I didn’t hesitate a moment. I turned my phone’s camera towards the bulge on my shorts and clicked an image. It wasn’t too clear in the darkness but the distinct shape of my excited hard-on was clear. I sent her the image.

S- “Oh my God, you are so big! It looks so hard. You’re making me finger my wet pussy now”

I received an image. It was a selfie image of the top of her body. She was lying on the bed with one hand holding the phone above her, while the other got cropped on the image below her waist but clearly looked like it would be between her legs. Her playsuit was even sexier than I imagined. The straps were so thin I could see her smooth shoulders, collar bone and chest clearly while the V-neck was so deep I could see most of her boobs clearly. Her nipples were barely covered by a thin strap. I now let my hand slide inside my shorts and clutched the base of my cock excitedly.

V- “Oh fuck. You are so fucking hot. You’re making me jack off right now.”

In reply, I received another image. This time it was a shot from her rear camera of her whole body. The phone seemed to be placed right below her neck. The background contained her legs which were raised and spread with her hands between them while the foreground contained her huge naked breasts. She had removed her playsuit off her shoulder and raised it from the bottom as well so that it was bunched up around her waist. I could see the top of her cunt being fingered as well as her excited nipples clearly. I began sliding my hand along the length of my cock faster. I took it out from the shorts to let it stand up in full display and mirrored her technique by taking a body shot with my rear camera. She could see my chest, waist and hard erect cock clearly in this image. I sent her the image.

I waited what seemed like an eternity in the context of things, though it may not have been more than 30 seconds in reality. Was she not going to reply? Was this it? She was just waiting for a dick pic and now she’s going to masturbate, sleep off and never reply again? Was it going to end like this?

My phone suddenly vibrated in my hand and it slipped and fell on my face. I recovered and saw the screen. Sandy was calling me. My heart was beating fast but I picked the call.

“Errr…hello?” I greeted apprehensively.

“Too much to…type…when I’m fingering myself…this hard… Talk to me, baby” Sandy replied in between sensual moans.

Hearing her clearly turned on and moaning in my ear took me to cloud nine.

“Sure Babe… I’m jacking off my excited cock here. You can hear it?” I asked knowing full well the slight precum oozing from the tip and my aggressive shaking motion was making the fapping sound audible.

“Oh fuck yes! I can hear you fap so fast. God… Can… You hear me… Fingering the fuck outta my wet… Pussy. Can you?” she asked almost panting in excitement while moaning louder than before.

The noise of her Pussy being entered was even louder than my jerking off as I heard her wet fingers make clear, sticky and almost splashing sounds as she fingered herself while moaning loudly. I increased my pace to match hers as we moaned in unison.

“Fuck fuck fuck! I’m so… Hard…I’m gonna cum Sandy,” I moaned as I took her name.

“Fuck! Yes baby, yes! Cum with me… Im Gonna cum… Too!” Sandy barely managed a reply as her moaning and panting got taken over by screaming and shrieking.

We both screamed at the same time as we heard a release from the other side. I lifted my shorts at the final moment to release my semen inside them. I didn’t want to make the bed dirty. I heard Sandy out of breath on the other side. She sounded like she was flat on the bed with the phone beside her face.

“You okay… Sandy? How was that?” I asked

“Fuck. That was the best… phone sex I ever had for sure. And the best… masturbation session. We should do that… every night,” Sandy replied with joy still catching her breath as she spoke.

This is the point where sense and logic starts to dominate the brain. Like the last time I maturbated to Sandy, a dash of guilt also overcame me. I tried to tell myself that it would be best if I could limit this whole issue to one solitary phone sex session. At least I could argue that I never did anything physically. This was still a good time to back out.

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