Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave – 7

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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave – 7Chapter OneIt’s been several months since my graduation from my Master’s Institution. Where they train men and women how to become better submissives and slaves. Upon graduating, my Master offered me his collar and I’ve become his house slave. I used to cut his hair in my salon and I instantly felt an attraction. The rest is history. Now I live in his penthouse suite in the luxurious Wilkerson Hotel. It takes up two whole floors. I live there with my Master and his wife and submissive Chloe and sometimes their big black bull slave Max. We are one happy and contented pod.Things have been going along very smoothly. I have gotten into the routine of service in my Master’s home. My days are basically divided into three areas of service. Physical – cleaning around the house, dishes, and laundry. I clean the toys and equipment after a night of play. Emotional – listening patiently to Master, Mistress, and Max, as need arrises. They all have worries and try my best to offer support and my love.Sexually – as the house slave, this includes, but is not limited to, offering my slut holes at any time to any of the pod members or anyone at the whim of Master Kesler or Mistress Chloe. (although I’ve never been asked, I would for Max too. I have a crush on his big black cock.)As I was saying everything was going along great. That is until something happened that brought my step-monster Gayle back into my life. She married my dad about two months after my Mother died. We never got along. She was always coming between me and my Father. While I couldn’t compete with her for my Father’s affection (she was only five years older than me and sleeping with him) I understood why he chose her over me, she was a very attractive girl, and my father was lonely. I left home when I was 16. Finished school the next year and got my certificate to cut hair. When my Father died the next year, he had left me some money but I wasn’t old enough to get it. Gayle offered to loan me enough to get my salon started but I would have to pay her back. It really was just her way of trying to control my life again.My salon was very successful and I was able to pay her back before I turned 21 and could receive the little bit my Dad left me. Well, long story short, she kept my money. I blew it off, thinking it was worth not having her in my life.When I recently sold my salon, the bank never sent me the money. Although I actually owned it outright, her name had been on the originally deed. So when the sale went down the bank somehow screwed up and gave her the money. I called her to inquire about it and she went off that I had never paid her back and she had already spent the money as she had fallen on hard times. She told me that she already had been reading the papers that I was some Billionaire’s booty call. (if she only knew) So she told me I didn’t need the money as much as she did. That I could just spread my legs for the Billionaire’s and he’d write me a check.She had always been very degrading towards me. I think she was jealous of me and daddy. She once told her friend that there was something sexual going on between me and my Father. Nothing could be further from the truth. I loved my daddy, we would cuddle together but it was never in a sexual way. That was when I left home.Now she was threatening to go to the celebrity magazines and tell them a bunch of lies about me and Master. With Master’s permission I agreed to meet with her and see if there was a way to get out of this situation. Master and I met her in the restaurant located on the first floor of the Wilkerson Hotel. We were there having drinks when she was brought to our table. She was still a stunning young woman of 29. She was seated and ordered a drink. I introduced her to Master. She immediately asked about my collar and I explained that I was his slave. She rolled her eyes and laughed. That’s when Master, who had been quiet up till now, told her in no uncertain terms, that if she didn’t give back the money, that he would contact his lawyer and sue her for every penny she and her current husband had. She started to cry, saying that she married her current husband for money and he had fallen on hard times and lost everything. She explained that she had spent the money to stop the foreclosure of their home. Gayle told Master that if he tried to sue her, she would go to the gossip rags and spill all his secrets if he didn’t write her a big check today.I was crying. Master sweetly touch my face canlı bahis and wiped my tears away. He told Gayle that if she would come upstairs to his penthouse, he would write her a check. I squeezed his hands because I didn’t want him to do that, but I didn’t say anything because I figured he didn’t want our lifestyle made public.Master made a call upstairs, I had assumed it was to let Chloe know we were coming up. But when the elevator to our floor opened up, Michael, Master’s driver, was there with a black bag and quickly placed it over Gayle’s head and she was dragged into the penthouse.Master and Michael restrained Gayle to a chair in the den and removed the bag. I still didn’t know what was going on. Gayle was screaming that she was going to press charges for k**napping. She was calling me a slut because I was now naked except for my collar. When Master started to talk with Gayle, he explained that what she had done with the money from the salon, she could go to prison for a long time. That she would lose everything she had, including her home.Master said that he would agree to write her a check for $1,100,000 but on one condition that was not negotiable. Her ears perked up when she heard that figure. Master told her that she would have to submit to him for the next three days, from Friday until Sunday. She would be his personal slave and would have to do everything he requested without hesitation.She was quiet, mulling over his offer. I was still lost. Did Master want her to become part of the pod? Was he attracted to her? When she agreed, my heart sank. I ran to the room and fell on my bed. Chloe followed me, She told me to trust Master. That he was in control of what was going on. When he came into my room, he sat beside me and ran his fingers through my hair. He dried my tears with his thumb, and lifted my chin with his finger. He looked into my eyes. He told me to trust him. He was going to make sure that this ended here and now. He would make sure that Gayle never bothered me again. I kissed his hand and told I’m sorry for my momentary lack of faith. He kissed me sweetly and left the room.Chapter Two(Gayle’s point of view)What have I gotten myself in to? Yeah, I had made a mistake in taking Amy’s money but I didn’t think I would go to prison for it. But I can’t afford to pass up this deal. This money would get Hal and I back on track, hell maybe I could just split with the money and never go back. But if this Kesler guy thinks he can get over on me, he’s got another thing coming.I’m still tied up to this chair when Kesler comes walking up. He’s a good looking man, I have to give him that. But I’m not to bad myself. I take care of my body. I have long “bottle” blond hair. I’m not a skinny chicken like the girls in the magazines these day, but I have some curse and I’m proud of them. I still turn the guys heads with my 34-24-38 figure. My pillowy natural DD boobs have always been my best asset, that is, next to my big bottom. I haven’t had a ticket since high school.Kesler comes and sits down in front of me. He says nothing at first, just stares at me. He’s checking my body out. I give him a little twirl of my hair and bat my eyelashes at him. When I lick my lips, he stops me cold.“Save it Gayle, your seductive powers are useless on me.”He reaches over and squeezes my breast. His strong hand feels nice. as I bite my lip. He stands and walks around my chair, stalking me. I’m still restrained, as his hands gather my hair and he pulls it into and ponytail and secures it. His warm hands touch my neck, encircling it. I feel his breath on my neck and ear.“Am I getting you wet Gayle? Is that cold as ice cunt of yours waking up?”I’m taken aback by his crude language but I do have to admit I feel something stirring in my core. I would never tell him this, but I feel my body starting to heat up.“No, nothing yet Kesler,” I lie.His hands slipped beneath my blouse, then into the cups of my bra. His strong hands squeezed my soft mounds. My nipples crinkled under his palms. He pulled his hands into my heaving chest, flattening my peaked tips, sending a charge down between my legs. I was biting my lip, as my body was beginning to betray me. I could feel his breath, as his warm soft lips nipped on the back of my neck, sending chills down my spine. “Your body tells me different sugar. Your breath is ragged, and your nipples could cut diamonds.”His hand moved up my chest and wrapped around my throat. His wet lips found mine. His warm tongue parted my lips and claimed my bahis siteleri mouth. His thumb and finger grasped my turgid nipple and teased it, twisting. His tongue delving further down my throat. I was losing control. I could feel my folds leaking as this man claims me. When I was about to give myself over to him, he stopped.“Wh….what did i do?”“Nothing sugar. I just think you’re overdressed.” I saw his lip start to curl. He left the room and returned with a pair of scissors in his hands.“Wait, what are you going to do?”“I’m going to rectify your clothing issue.”With that he began cutting my blouse down the front. Once it was halfway, he just ripped it open. My chest was heaving as he slipped the scissors between my globes and snipped my expensive bra.“Hey you idiot! You’re going to pay for that.”“That would be a matter of opinion.”After he cut the rest of my blouse away, my mams are on display for him. He tweaked my hardened nips. Then started to undo my pants.“Hey, let me just take them off for you, don’t cut them.”“Alright, you’re going to be a good girl right?”“I promise.”He unsnapped the restraint that held me to the chair. I rubbed my wrists and gave him an angry look. I attempted to covered my breasts and he slapped my arms away.“First rule sugar. You never cover your self from me. I own your body for three days. Understand?”“ OK. OK. I get it.”He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back. His eyes look right into my soul.“ Second rule. When I ask you a question or give you a command, the appropriate response is always yes Sir or no Sir. Now do you understand?”“Y…..yes Sir.”“Now stand and remove those pants. I want to see what you’ve got to offer me.”I stand up and just look at him, trying to be bratty. I hesitate just enough that it must have tried his patience with me, because he grabbed both my wrists and pull them behind my back. He forces be down over a sofa. Holding both my wrists with one hand, his other works the snap of pants. They’re wrestled down to my ankles. “Put your hands behind your head Gayle.”“Y…yes Sir,”I comply as he grasps the back of neck and holds me down. His finger slips into the elastic of my panties and pulls them down below my rump. I am bent over his sofa, naked from the waist up, and now with my pants at my ankles and panties down to my thighs. I feel so exposed, He now knows his effect on me, because my panties are soaked through.Chapter ThreeMy breath is ragged as he holds me bent over his sofa. This man doesn’t play around. He kicks my ankles to get me to spread them farther apart. “I going to punish you Gayle. Do you know why?”“What….I mean no Sir.”“When I told you to stand, you didn’t acknowledge my command and you’re acting like a little brat.”“I’m sorry Sir. I’ll be good now.”“I doubt that, but I am going to make sure that you remember not to test my patience again.”Without warning he brings his large hand down on my upturned ass. In rapid fire succession. He gives each side of my fanny several hard smacks. I haven’t been spanked in my entire life. I could always flash my puppy dog eyes and my Father could never punish me. Neither of my husbands would dare. I was much younger than them.He gives each cheek several more smacks. I yelp out and try to get up, but he just pushes me down harder. His hand rubs my hot behind. I feels soothing, until he slips between crease, down between my legs.“OOooohhh….”I shudder as his fingers rub between my slick folds. His fingers pass over my erect clit. I find myself pushing back against his hand, trying to gets some relief. When he presses his fingers at the opening of my slit, I try to squeeze my thighs together and he removes his hand and smacks my red rump again.“Never deny me Gayle. This is my body. Not yours.”With that he lifts me up and brings my arms behind my back as his arm wraps around me. My hands are at his crotch and I feel his hard bulge through his trousers. My god he must be huge. I feel a my pussy flood juices to my folds.He brings his hand up and slaps my breasts, alternating between them. My fleshy mounds wobble and sway under his ministrations. He cups my breast and kisses the side of neck. I exhale and I reach for his cock and squeeze it. “You find something you want Gayle”“Yes Sir. Please, I want you inside of me.”“Then kneel.” I’m not sure what he has in mind but I drop to my knees.“Yes Sir. Are you going to fuck me?”“You’ll have to earn that sugar. Now unzip me and remove that cock you want so bad.”I unbuckle his belt and find his zipper and pull it down. güvenilir bahis My trembling hand reaches into his boxers and grasp his ridged handle and released it from it’s confinement. My hand could barely fit around its girth. It was the perfect balance of size and length. I could see why Amy would be slave to this man.I spit into my hand and started stroking his cock. I cupped his heavy ball sack and squeezed his meaty helmet and some pre-cum leaked out. I don’t give head, it’s not my thing, but my mouth was watering to taste it.“I wouldn’t waste that if I were you.”“I don’t do oral sex Sir.”“I’m sure you got out of that with those plump tits of yours, but your mouth is mine and I intend to use it in any way I see fit. Now open that mouth Gayle and take what you know you want.”“Y…..yes Sir.”I wet my lips and put the head of his cock in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the bulbous mushroom. His leaking juice tastes of brine. I slowly start to move up and down in short strokes but mainly working his cock with my hand. I’m torn between my desire to please him so he will fuck me and still trying to find a way out of this mess.“Put your hands behind your back Gayle. I want your mouth to do all the work.”Removing him from my mouth, “yes Sir.”Returning him to my wet mouth, I lock my lips around his shaft and start bobbing my head in earnest. My head pistoning back and forth on his thick pole. I want to get this over with and move on to something else. He stops on the quick….“Slow down Gayle, you’ve got all weekend.”He reaches down and squeezes my breast. I moan on his shaft and slow down, taking him as far down my throat as I can. “There you go. I’ll bet all the guys used to worship those fun bags of yours. How does it feel now that the tables have turned?”He holds my mouth on his cock as I struggle to mumble my reply around his staff.“That was a rhetorical question. Keep going, you’re doing better. By the time you leave on Sunday, you’ll be a pro at this.”His hand’s still playing with my tit-flesh but his other hand moves to my head and starts to give me the rhythm that he wants. He’s forcing his cock to the back of my throat and I start to gag. My eyes tear up but he gives me no relief and continues to piston in and out of my mouth.“Gayle, I’m going to cum. I want you to be a good girl and swallow it all.”I look up with questioning eyes but he doesn’t care. I’m going to have another first when I take his spunk down my gullet. His breathing hitches as his shaft swells. He stills my head as his seed erupts into my mouth. I try to keep up but end up gagging and it blows back up my nose and out the sides of my mouth, dribbling down my chin and onto my heaving breasts.“There you go sugar. That feels good. Keep it in your mouth now and just hold it there and don’t forget to thank me for using your mouth.”I swirl my tongue around his pulsing head, still dripping small amounts of fluid. “Thank you for using my mouth Sir.”I would have never believed it but the simple act of serving him gives me some sense of pride and I smile.“Now you’ve earned your release.”I let his cock slip from my lips.“Thank god, I need you inside me.” “Oh no Gayle, you’ve just earn an orgasm. My cock is quite another thing altogether.”I lower my head in frustration, “Yes Sir.”He fists his cock, “now lick my balls while you use your fingers to get yourself off.”I pout, “yes Sir.”My hand moves between my thighs and I run my finger through my leaking folds. I cup my breast and catch my nipple between my thumb and finger. Still laving on his balls, I tease my clit with the slickness from my pussy. I moan into his scrotum as I diddle my engorged nub. I am so close. The tingles I have felt since he restrained me to the chair, have morphed into spasms that are racking my body. I’ve never felt like this before. I’m right on the edge as I jam two fingers into my pussy, splitting my sopping labia. I twist my erect nip, as my hand is a blur between my thighs. I hear my juices as my fingers work my slit. I pull on my nipple and thumb my clit as I approach my climax.“Cum for me Gayle like the slut you are.”“Oh god….yes”His calling me a slut really does something to me. “Tell me you’re a slut Gayle.”“I’m a slut Sir.”“Tell me you’re my slut. ““I’m your slut Sir.”“My dirty cum slut.”“Oh god….I’M YOUR DIRTY FUCKING CUM SLUT SIR!”And my orgasm crashes over my body. The spasms touch my core to the deepest level. I’ve never cum this hard in my life. Never felt this dirty and this satiated. “Good girl. Now I want you to get those wet panties off and go take a shower. You’ll be sharing Amy’s room for the weekend.”I rise slowly and pad naked down the hall. This is going to be an eye opening weekend.To be continued…….

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