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“AN UNEXPECTED ADVENTURE “It all happened after our sailing practice. We had tough weather conditions and three out of five boats capsized, including ours. By the sunset, when we returned back to port, it was already really cold because we were soaking wet. Still we had to pull out the boats, wash them and cover them, a routine that takes almost an hour. I was shivering. A young girl from another crew who saw that I was soooo cold and had got out of the sea earlier, told me to go to the locker room and have a shower in order to warm up. There was hot water she said. I thought it was a good idea so after I finished with all my duties, I went to have a shower. The locker room at the club has an external door only. The toilets and the showers have no doors. Anyway, I entered the lockers with my stuff and started taking off my wet clothing. I realized that someone else was in the showers. Well, I took my towel and naked as I was I walked towards the second shower which was free. In the first one was having a shower a young guy, in his late twenties, from another crew. Passing by I could see the back of his body. I said: “hi, tough situation today. You capsized too!” and I entered the shower and started washing myself with hot water.We kept on talking about the happenings of the day. At sometime he told me: “do you need shower jell?” I said: “yes of course, thanks”. And I stepped out of my shower and went over to his to take it. This time he had turned around and I could see all of his nakedness. Well, it was a right beautiful sight. A young man with a nice figure, normally fit, nothing in excessive. My eyes went spontaneously down on him and he noticed that canlı bahis immediately. He had a regular penis, meaning by that, nothing like the ones you can see in porno films. It was not erected but it was, maybe, half erected. “Nice mast you’ve got there” I told him while I got the shower jell. He smiled and said “thanks man”. Well, the right thing to do at this moment was to turn around and go back to my shower and mind my business, washing myself. I didn’t. I just stood there, like hypnotized, watching his penis which under my sight was getting harder and bigger. It was obvious he enjoyed me watching him insistently down there. His penis got its final size and it was a quite beautiful thing to see. It was light pink, very nicely built, with a little pubic hair around it, with two medium sized balls hanging beneath it. The head was rather thick and seemed very smooth. With a few words it was a very nice cock. I took a few steps and got into his shower never stop looking at his penis. I bent and I gently took his beautiful organ in my hands. He moaned and leaned back until he touched the back wall. I was stroking very slowly this handsome piece with my one hand and gently squeezing the lovely balls with my other hand. After a while, which seemed like eternity, I leaned over and slowly and very tenderly I started kissing his cock and running my tongue up and down to his balls. His moaning became deeper. I was so excited and aroused. Every time, after a tough practice in sailing, I feel excited; even horny. Maybe it is because of the adrenaline. Anyway, the sense of touching his penis with my lips and tongue was exactly as I expected. It was a feeling bahis siteleri of kissing and licking a very soft, tender, silk like surface. Soon I found myself opening my mouth and welcoming this beautiful creation into it. I started slowly, very slowly going up and down on him, trying same time to keep my teeth out of the way. He really seemed to enjoy it. I don’t need to point out that by that time I was so hard that I felt I would explode. So I took my erected organ in my other hand and started stroking it gently, just to feel a little relieved. In the meantime, the young man, whose name, by the way, was John, took my head with his two hands and started to move himself in and out of my mouth; in a way like he was fucking me orally. In a minute he became more aggressive and I found myself feeling uncomfortable. I placed my other hand on his hips and slowed him down and said: “not like this. Let me do it my way!” At this point I could see and I could taste some small drops of clear liquid which came out of his cock. I eagerly swept them with my tongue. They were very tasteful and made me feel even hornier. I started sucking and stroking him faster and harder, as I also did with my own cock. After another couple of minutes, probably he was ready, so he tried to pull himself out of my mouth. I tightened up my lips and I nodded with my free hand, like telling him: “no, I want you to deliver your juices in me, in my mouth”. He understood what I was trying to tell him so he continued moving his hips, gently this time, driving his penis in and out of my mouth. By the time he was ready to ejaculate, he gave me several hard strokes digging his cock as bahis şirketleri deeper in my mouth as he could get. In a few seconds I felt a stream of hot liquid filling up my mouth, but I kept sucking on his cock. More and more of this precious, vivifying juice was coming out, overflowing my mouth, so I had to swallow it. I found it quite tasty, not sweet, not bitter, not salty. Something like all of these qualities together! But what I loved the most was that his sperm was so thick and so warm! It was like drinking a balsam for a sore throat! By that time I was also ready to pour my juices too. So I did. A big load of hot semen launched from my cock, whilst I was still having the beautiful penis in my mouth, licking it clean from every drop of its sweet juice and feeling it getting gradually softer. When everything was concluded, I stood up, I said to him : “can I have that jell now” and went back to my shower. After a while a heard him open the external locker room door and by telling “see you around” he left the place. I kept on washing myself, still having the taste of his sperm in my mouth and trying to realize what had just happened. Suddenly I thought to myself: “ Jesus, what if someone else entered the locker room to take a shower or change clothes, whilst I was sucking this gorgeous cock” … and at the same moment I realized that beyond everything else, that particular possibility was exactly the reason that made this experience so exciting ! At the same evening and after returning home, each and every scene of this unexpected adventure kept coming through my mind. I could still feel the tenderness of his gorgeous organ going in and out of my mouth; feel his balls touching my face, taste the delicious juice with which he finally served me, right in my greedy mouth. I had to masturbate twice that night, before I be able to ease my restlessness and fall asleep.geocal

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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