Anchors Away!! (Pt. 02)

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I awoke the next morning with very mixed emotions.

On the one hand, I was feeling like I had a new lease on life. Here I am, on board the ship of my dreams, traveling around the country, without a care in the world. Plus, I have a VERY attractive deck hand, who, last night, gave me the most incredible blowjob I have ever experienced… in my entire life!

On the other hand, my family feels like I am being selfish for ignoring THEIR wishes…and living out a life-long dream and traveling without them! I gave them MANY opportunities to come with me, but they were all too tied up in their own lives, to stop and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime with me! So, Sorry, not Sorry!

I DO feel rather guilty about what happened last night with Bob. In all the years of marriage to my wife, not once have I ever cheated on her. Yes, there were occasions when the thought did cross my mind, but I always stayed true to my vows, despite the temptation.

In my defense, if I had been “with it” last night…and had known what was about to happen. I like to think that I would have put up a bit more of a protest. Not sure that I wouldn’t have caved and let it happen anyway. But I would have at least gone the ..” Stop…Don’t….Stop…Don’t…Stop….Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop…route. Instead of just allowing it to happen.

My wife and I haven’t really engaged in any kind of meaningful sexual relations, for several years. She was abused sexually as a young girl, and never received any kind of counseling because of it….so she has some issues with sex, and so sex has never been one of her favorite sports,

Not saying that when she is in the notion…that she doesn’t have fun and can’t express herself sexually…because she can! Only problem is that those moments are very rare….and have become even more rare as we have got older. Think menopause might have something to do with it…but she refuses to even talk about it…because that means she has to admit to getting older!

At any rate, I am telling myself that the experience last night, was a one-time thing. Fun while it lasted, But, something that must never happen again! At least that is my story, and I am sticking to it!!

I throw the covers back and sit up on the side of the bed, eager to get dressed, go topside and get the ship underway once again.

As I start to leave my cabin, I glance over and see that Bob is already up and gone. Her bed is neatly made and all of her belongings stowed away. So, I quickly go back into my cabin to make my own bed and tidy up a bit…can’t have her doing her part…and me not doing mine.

As I pass through the galley kitchen area…I see that everything has been neatly packed away…except for a bowl, a spoon and a box of bran cereal. Under the box is a hand-written note, that read ” Sorry, told you I ‘m not a good cook…was going to fix you some ham and eggs, but didn’t know how black you liked them burned! “

I put the bowl back inside the cupboard, grab a big soup mug and fill it with cereal, add some sugar and milk, return the cereal to its cupboard…grab the spoon and make my way topside, figuring that I can eat a few bites here and there…while preparing the ship, to get underway.

Just as I take the first spoonful into my mouth…I turn around and see Bob working away …polishing the brass and chrome…wearing the skimpiest yellow string bikini that I think I have ever seen! I nearly chocked on the cereal when I saw her!!

Yes, all of her “Naughty bits” were covered…but not by much! There was very little left to the imagination….and her movements as she rubbed and polished those fittings put every womanly body part she had into a mesmerizing hypnotic motion. It was a sight which any guy would have had to be dead…not to enjoy!

“Morning Captain” Bob called out as soon as she noticed me standing there… “Glad to see you finally dragged your old bones out of the rack and decided to join me on deck” she teased.

“How long have you been up?” I asked

“Since right before daylight” she replied “It’s just so peaceful and quiet here on the river, that I just couldn’t sleep any longer. Sarıyer escort bayan Just had to get my buns moving….and get out here and enjoy every moment of it! Makes me feel like I have died and went to heaven!”

“Yes” the scenery can be breathtaking on the river’, especially on a cool clear morning like this” (in the back of my mind I am thinking… “and seeing you in your bikini just adds to the effect!)

“Figured that if I got my shit done early, I could lay out on deck and get a little sun…if that is alright with you. Been a while since I have had a chance to just be lazy and relax”

“Help me to get the ship underway…and you can do whatever you please, I will call out, if I need help with anything” I said

She just smiled and nodded her head… and began to do each task as instructed. Soon, we had the ship moving back out into the deep channel…bow pointed down river….and off on our adventure we go.

I Checked the Charts and saw that we had just passed by Glascow Missouri….roughly the halfway point between Kansas City and Jefferson City. Figured that barring any problems we should be passing by the State Capital Dome in Jefferson City by noon or shortly after.

Thank goodness, there was no barge traffic today. So I could relax a bit…and get back to enjoying piloting the old ship down the river.

Travel this morning couldn’t have been more Idyllic….there were big blue Herons wading along the edge of the river. eventually catching a frog or a small fish….and then flying off to feed a young brood somewhere. Every once in a while, a big fish would spring from the water, catching a bug, and making a huge splash before going beneath the surface once again.

As if that wasn’t enough, to make an old man like me, feel glad to be alive. There was this creature of absolute beauty…laying on a blanket on the deck, directly in front of the wheelhouse.

Bob in all her feminine glory…was laying flat on her back, her exposed skin glistening in the sun, from the fresh coat of suntan oil she had just applied. The fabric of her bikini top, stretched to its limit over those beautiful breasts, it was trying to contain. Even from this distance, I can clearly see her nipples trying their best to poke a hole through the fabric. Damn, this girl has a nice body!


“FUCK!” I exclaim as we strike a buoy and it rubs along the side of the ship!

Bob instantly jumps up….and hurries to look over the side…to see what we had hit!

“Looks like one of those green floaty things” she calls out

“Yeah, I got distracted and didn’t see it in time to avoid it.” I say sheepishly

“So, Capi-tan when you going to start teaching me how to drive this thing/” she asks. with a big smile across her face. as she made her way back to the wheelhouse.

“Guess there is no better time than the present” I reply

The area around the ships wheel is a bit cramped at best…it was designed for efficiency, more than it was for comfort… and was certainly not designed to have two people squeezed in behind the wheel. But squeeze in we did!

This was done out of necessity, understand… I COULD have stepped out of the way, and let her take the seat. but I figured that this would be the best way for me to show her all of the controls…let her get a feel for how the ship handles…while at the same time, be right there, so that I can quickly take over if we begin to get ourselves into a predicament.

Bob didn’t hesitate even for a second. She moved right in between me and the wheel. I spread my legs and she gets in between them and hops up onto my my lap. She was definitely eager to learn, and hung on every word I spoke, as I gave her a short coarse on navigating the ship. I showed her the GPS and switched on the electronic chart system…so that she could see in real time…exactly where we were in the river and where we needed to be, to stay in deep water.

She quickly noticed, by looking at the chart, how we had veered off course a bit, when I had struck the buoy. “So how did you get way over here” she said pointing to Silivri escort the map… and miss seeing that big green buoy thing? she asked with a grin

“I told you, I got distracted, and just didn’t see it”

“So, what could have distracted you…Captain Sir” she giggled

“Well,” I said ” it’s not every day that I have a near naked woman laying directly in my line of sight, while I am trying to pilot a boat. I was too busy looking at your tits, to notice the big steel buoy floating in our path. There, I admit it, Happy now?”

She giggled and wiggled her butt….and laughed as she said ” Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t decide to lay out in the nude, like I had thought about doing…you would have sunk us both for sure!!”

She wiggled her butt against me again…and I laughed and said ” Better not do that…or I might try to sink something else!”

She just laughed,.. and said “Promises, Promises old man…don’t be making threats you don’t intend to carry through on”

“Hey” I said ” i might be old, and not as good as I once was… but like the song says…I’m as good once, as I ever was” I teased

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ve heard that line before. Snow on the roof but a fire in the furnace…or some bullshit like that. I need proof of action old man. Put your money where your mouth is… hows about you return the favor I did for you last night”!

“Oh, so we are into blackmail now, are we?”

“Girls gotta do, what she gotta to do to get by” she said… So, you think we can tie this thing off some place and see if you really are a man of your word” she says with a grin.

Against my better judgement… I say “Challenge accepted” then I look at the charts to see what looks like a good place to anchor the ship. I find what might be a good spot, just about a mile up ahead. So that becomes our new destination. We find that it is a little cove area…where we can get the ship out of the main channel…and drop anchor without any problems.

Just as I am making sure that the anchor is going to hold…and that the ship is securely moored…I turn around just in time to see that Bob has already removed her bikini top and is bent over sliding the bottoms down to her ankles.

“OH MY GOD!” I say to myself, ” I could die right here and now…and still be a very happy man. Bob is absolutely beautiful!! Great figure, perfectly sized tits with nipples that could poke a man’s eye out, totally clean-shaven pussy mound with just a hint of pussy lips showing!

I start to head down the stairs, when she calls out “HEY, Where the fuck you think you are going? You’ve got a promise to keep, right here…right now… right where God and everybody can see you doing it!” Then she sets herself down on the edge of the Captain’s chair spreads her legs wide… uses her fingers to hold her pussy lips open and says” How about we see how well you can navigate this little channel”

I quickly move away from the steps and begin to kneel down in front of her…when she says ” Oh, no, no no mon Capi-tan.” She chided ” You done told me, whoever is behind this wheel, is in charge. So right now, that is me….and I say STRIP MISTER! Show me that DAD BOD you been hiding”

I quickly strip off my clothes and kneel down before her…I can see signs of moisture forming in her pink folds. I reach between her thighs and grab ahold of her little ass cheeks and begin to gently kiss all around her vaginal mound… then begin to lick to wet pink puffy lips… saving her clit for last. I feel her hands pressing against the back of my head…as I flick my tongue back and forth over the fleshy little button…the more I flick…the harder she pulls on the back of my head Until she screams out… ” Get in there and tongue fuck the shit out of me GODDAMN IT!!

So I dive even deeper into the depths of her dripping pussy, using my tongue like a fleshy battering ram between those sweet lips…pressing my nose hard against her clit.

Moments later, I begin to feel her ass cheeks tighten and feel them tremble and quake, as the first waves of orgasm wash over her.

“Oh… my… fucking… Escort Topkapı GOD!” she cried out ” That feels SO fucking good! Fuck, FUCK ..FUUUCK I can’t stop cumming!! She screams as an unbelievable amount of sweet/salty fluid suddenly fills my mouth!

” Oh my god, I just squirted!! Fuck, I have NEVER done that before! EVER!! ” she cried out as another wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her body.

Suddenly she began to grab and pull on me frantically, as she yelled out. “Give me some of that sweet dick! Fuck me, Fuck me right now goddamn it, Shove that hard cock of yours deep inside me…do it, do it….do it, right fucking now!!”

So, without any hesitation, I did exactly as this beautiful young woman asked.. I position my hard cock in her vaginal opening, and thrust inside as deep and as fast as I can! She let out a blood curdling scream that could have been heard for miles up and down the river then cried out ” YES, YES YES Pound my pussy, Pound my pussy hard….and don’t you dare stop until you have filled my pussy with your hot sweet cum!

Not willing to deny the woman what she wants…I did exactly as she requested…. I worked my cock in and out of her wet pussy at an increasingly faster pace…until my ass was simply operating like a machine on autopilot! I could feel the tension building in my balls each time they slapped up against her asshole and felt the tingling of an approaching cum building up with each passing second. I was past the point of no return, I couldn’t have stopped slamming my cock into her pussy, even if I had wanted to!

Suddenly, I felt the first wave of my orgasm hit me. Wasn’t sure if my old heart was going to be able to survive…but at this point I didn’t care! I had my cock buried clear to the balls in some of the sweetest and tightest pussy I have ever experienced and it was shooting shot after shot of creamy white hot cum.. deep inside of her vagina. If I died right then and there…I didn’t care…I couldn’t be happier at that particular moment!

For a millisecond… the image of my wife standing there…handing me divorce papers flashed across my mind. Then, as I pulled my wet cum covered cock out of this sweet, sweet pussy…I thought to myself…” Show me where to sign Bitch” This is the life I choose to live now!”

About that same time…I was violently snapped back to reality…when I heard a boat airhorn sounding… then heard a man’s voice call out “AHOY…Is everything Okay on board?”

I quickly slip my shorts back on….and lean over the side of the boat to see a water patrol boat had pulled up along side.

“Everything is fine officer, just stopped to take a little break” I call back to him.

“Awesome” he says “just wanted to make sure you weren’t having trouble…. just need to see some paperwork, and I’ll be on my way”

I quickly grab the ships registry, my drivers license and my ships operators license and hand them to him over the side.

The officer quickly looks them over, and hands them back to me saying ” looks good, have a nice rest of your day!” Then back into his boat he went….and on up the river.

I turn around and see Bob hunkered down in a corner, at first I thought she was crying. then I realize that she is laughing hysterically at the situation. “I was doing good” she says ” right up until you leaned over the railing….and I could see your cock hanging down below the edge of your shorts… still dripping cum…..and I lost it!! That was suddenly the funniest thing I had ever seen in my life, for some strange fucking reason….and as I tried to keep from laughing out loud… I glanced down and see that I have a whole river of your cum dripping out of my pussy and forming a small pond on the floor…and that was it. I couldn’t hold it in any longer… but the really funny part and strange part was…I was laughing so fucking hard.. that I couldn’t even make a sound! All I could do was sit there and shake like I was having a seizure and try to catch my breath, every now and then! Think I might have snorted a couple of times… and that just made it even funnier.

This got me laughing too,,, and I couldn’t help but wonder if the officer had actually stopped to see if we were having mechanical problems…or if he had heard us up here fucking like a couple of animals…and had decided to “investigate”.

Note to self, try to be more careful about where and when we let our URGES get the best of us!

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