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And there I wasMy niece was playing with the cat when she picked her up for a wee cuddle and then passed her to me. As my hand went around the cat the back of my hand brushed her boob. She made a joke about pulling the cat away from me and as I mad a joke about pulling the cat back towards me 3 of my fingers had slipped down her T shirt and were brushing against her boob.I now had the cat cradled in my arm but as she moved away we both realised were my hands were and her boob was bared and a gorgeous nipple fully exposed. We were both a little embarrassed and to try and ease the awkward moment I sad “lovely. Very lovely. Would love to see more of them.” She said, “you like them then?” I just said “Oh yes” and she just pulled her top up to expose both boobs and after a few seconds she pulled the top up and over her head and stood there with her hands on her hips saying, “Your turn.” I just pulled my top off and stood there topless just like her except her nipples were getting hard and erect.She pulled the belt of my trousers and said, “no no not your top, silly. Your trousers.”  Her boops bobbled as she laughed. I undid my belt and dropped my jeans and stepped out of them. I now said, “Your turn.” She quite quickly dropped her tracky bottoms and panties and stepped out of them with her hands on her hips and her legs slightly apart. She stood there as sexy as fuck. I needed no prompts but my boxers were down by my ankles and over the room in a flash. My cock was standing up and hard as were her nipples.We stood casino şirketleri there admiring each other. She then told me that she’d seen me wank, pee and get a BJ. Said she’d been well and truly turned on watching and seeing me getting naked. When I asked how she said the door was always open a bit, once or twice I thought she was out when in fact she was in and a few times she’d saw me pee followed by a cummy wank and once she watched as a young lady and I had spent a good hour licking and sucking and peeing on each other before cumin twice and the young lady cumin a few times and all the time she was watching she was fingering and playing with her self and wondering how she could get me nude and naked.   I admitted I’d seen her nude and naked and fingering herself. She said she knew. She’d left her door open several times in the hope I’d come in. She also knew I’d wanked and cum while watching her.I reached out and stroked her pussy lips. with the back of my finger. Felt good. She closed her eyes and took a short intake of breath. My other hand reached out and with just my fingertips I stroked her boob always downward and towards the nipple. I swear that nipple grew twice as fast as the other. She reached ut and gently grasped my hot hrd throbbing cock. Now it was my turn to close my eyes and take a short intake of breath. She was so gentle with my cock. We took a short step towards each other and kissed. Gently at first but it grew harder and deeper. She took my hand and lead me through casino firmalari to the bathroom and into the shower. I asked her if she knew what she was doing and she replied with a smile “Oh yes” She pulled on my cock a little and a little dripple of pre cum ouzed out. She bent down and licked up the pre cum and slipped my cock into her mouth and I could feel her tongue running around the smooth head of my cock and the tip slip into my wee pee hole. Heaven. She then said pee wherever and whenever you want. I love pee. I then said she could do the same with me. “I know” she said lolI then tried to pee but as most know its bloody hard to pee with a hard on lol. She then stood on the side of the bath and was now standing above and over me as she pulled her pussy wide. I couldn’t resist giving her open cunt a kiss and a lick when she trickled out a little pee. I stayed where I was and her trickle become a stream and then a flood. I drank what I could but was happy to let her golden rain  run down from my mouth to my chest, stomach and over and around my cock and balls. I was hoping she’d never stop and she seemed to be doing a grand job. I was soaking and as her pee cooled its caused my hard on to reduce a little. When she was finished I licked and suckled her clit. She came lol I had to catch her. She told me it was my turn to piss on her. She asked I piss on her cunt as she opened wide for me and direct my pissing stream up and onto both her tits and nipples and with whatever was left into her mouth. güvenilir casino I always do what I’m told. Afterwards we both stood up and kissed long deep and hard. I could feel her tits on my chest and the heat of her belly on my cock and balls. She whispered in my ear, “Fuck me please just fuck me” She turned around and slipped my cock up her wet tight cunt. I reach around and fingered her clit while she slipped a finger in and up her beside my cock. She came and about 2 seconds later so did I. Fucking messy lolWe went into the bed room and went straight into a 69. We sucked and licked and cleaned each other up. I came again and so did she. She then went onto finger herself while I watched. She watched me wank and jerk but there was no cum to be had for the moment. For the next few hours I kissed licked and sucker every inch of her. It was so horny watching her cum so often. I jerked over tits and nipples and ate my own cum from her erect nipples mmmmmmmmm fucking lovely. We shared my cum and shared her pussy juices and while I was running my tongue up and down her pussy lips she pee’d. Right into my face and into my mouth mmmmmmmmmm perfect lol.That night we went to sleep but the next day we did not dress. We pissed whenever we wanted to and together. We jerked and fingered ourselves and each other. I jerked over her tits while she ate a sandwich lol. It got so bad My cock was as hard as fuck but there was nothing left to give. My hard on was actually sore and at one point I had a dry cum lol  She used whatever she could find to fuck herself with – Brushes, toothbrushes, floor brush and fruit lolShe has told me she has a friend who’d love to have a three sum with us but I know nothing. Don’t even know if its a he or a she. Watch this space  lol       

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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