Another Night To Remember

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Another Night To RememberThis happened about four weeks after the previous time with my sister, Ginger. It was her birthday, she turned t****e and had an afternoon skating party with 5 or 6 friends. Later, mom took them all out for pizza. I stayed home, getting a little me time. They came hour about 5:00, as mom had to be at work at 7:00. My brother Mike was spending the night at a friends, so it was just me and Ging.Another hot, summer Florida night, with the windows open and very little being worn. I was in the kitchen, making dinner for us, wearing just jogging shorts. Ging came into the kitchen, bare ass naked. I looked at her and asked, “Why don’t you put your swimsuit on or something?” She said, “No, it’s too hot. When’s dinner?” I looked at the clock and told her it would be ready in about 20 minutes. She said she was going to take anther shower before eating.A few minutes later, I hear, “DON!!” Thinking she fell or something, I ran to the bathroom and asked what was wrong. She said, “Nothing, I just need you to wash my back for me.” A little upset, I said, “Ging, I thought you were hurt or something!” She looked at me and said, “Aw, that’s sweet. You really do love me! Now would you wash my back, please?”We had a deep glass shower and I had to get into the shower to help wash her, so I dropped my shorts and stepped in. I grabbed the wash cloth and started to soap it up when she stopped me and said, “Not the cloth Donny, use your hands. I need a massage. My back hurts from skating.” türbanlı giresun escort So a little soap on my hands and I started rubbing her back. She leaned against the shower wall and moaned about how good it felt. Right then, I started to remember our last encounter, and my cock started to grow. Ginger turned around right then, looked at my hardening cock and giggled, saying, “Wow, you liked my back rub too. Can I touch it again, Donny?”I looked down at her wet, nude body, water falling off of her perky little nipples and her hairless pussy, and my mind went blank. I tried to say something when she reached out with both hands, grabbed my cock and started pumping it slowly. I took a deep breath, looked into her lovely eyes, brought her to me and kissed her long and deeply, running my hands up and down her back and butt. She got a little tense, and I realized she probably was a little scared, so I broke the kiss, started to turn and said that I had to finish dinner. She smiled and said, “OK, bye.” I dryed off, pulled up my shorts and went into the kitchen. I kept reminding myself she was not yet a woman. I had to be the grown up here and not let things get out of hand. A few minutes later, she came into the kitchen, nude again, and we proceeded to eat dinner and talked about school and stuff. After cleaning up, we went into the living room to watch TV. I kept the lights off, trying to keep the place cool. Ginger was sitting türbanlı giresun escort bayan in the recliner, with her legs hanging over both arm rests, spread eagle. I saw her and my cock got rock hard. Ginger saw it as well.She got up from the chair and came over to the sofa and sat next to me, putting her head on my shoulder. I told her, “It’s hot enough without you pressing, you know.” She smiled and said, “Well silly, if you’re too hot, take off your shorts,” and she started pulling on them. I lifted my butt off the couch, slid off my shorts and my cock sprang out. Ginger immediately grabbed it. She was rubbing it and I didn’t stop her. Slowly, she lowered her head down and started kissing the head of my cock. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back, and just enjoyed the feeling for a while.After a few minutes, she lay back on the sofa, spread her legs and stared fingering her little clit. She was so wet and I was so hot. I bent down and started kissing her legs, moving down and then licking her little slit. She gasped a little, closed her eyes tight, and came very quickly. I continued to lick her sweet pussy and suck on her clit. She must have cum 5 or 6 times, when she caught her breath and said, “I have to stop and catch my breath, Donny. That is incredible.”I looked at her and said, “Ging, you are so beautiful! You are g*****g up into a lovely young woman.” She smiled, sat up and kissed me deeply, probing my mouth türbanlı escort giresun with her tongue, like she had years of experience. I asked her where she learned to kiss like that, and she said that she practices with her girlfriends all the time. Lucky girlfriends.I stood up, picked her up into my arms and carried her back to my bed. I put her softly on my bed, kissing her all over her head and neck. She looked into my eyes and softly asked if we were going to have sex. I told her no, I could never just have sex with her. I was going to make love with her. She looked into my eyes, no fear at all, and said, “I love you so much, Donny.” We lay there, kissing and feeling each other all over. I cradled her in my arms and rubbed her clit fast and she came hard, grabbing me around the neck and squeezing tight. I licked her all over, brought her to the brink, then backing off, allowing her to catch her breath. After almost two hour of making love to her whole body, as I was sucking her clit and rubbing her hard nipples, she raised up, screamed loudly and fell back on the pillow, and passed out. She lay there breathing so hard, body shaking and jerking and she was sound asleep. I said, “Ging?” No answer. “Ging?” No answer again. “Ging, are you OK?” So softly, she said, “Oh Donny, I’m so good! Oooohhhhhhh!” I got up off the bed and lifted her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tightly as I carried her back to her bedroom. I layed her down on her bed, pulled the covers up over her and kissed her on the forehead. She smiled, rolled over and said, “Night, Donny,” and she went back to sleep.I went back to my room, covered in her young juices and had a fantastic wanking session. I cleaned up a little, and went to sleep, knowing that soon, very soon, we would be taking our love making all the way. Just not tonight. I fell asleep, smiling.

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